Hey Reddit, I'm Laura Jane Grace. I'm the lead singer of the band Against Me! who recently released a new album titled Transgender Dysphoria Blues. You can check out this recent performance if you've never seen us live. Ask me anything. I'll be answering questions starting at 10am PST / 1pm EST.

Update 1: Proof
Update 2: Thank you Reddit. We'll see you soon.
Update 3: We just announced a tour and released a lyric video for the song "FUCKMYLIFE666".

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RevJarrod904 karma

I'm an episcopal priest in Georgia and have been a huge fan since getting a copy of Reinventing Axl Rose. I just wanted to say, "thank you"; for your openness, your honesty, and your integrity. Listening to this album and the lyrics have broken my heart several times as I cannot even begin to imagine the struggle - but it has brought me closer to understanding my transgendered brothers and sisters in my community. You are an inspiration and I, for one, am lucky to have your music.

LauraJaneGrace420 karma

I appreciate that. Thank you so much for listening.

hedgecore77326 karma

At an Against Me! show in Toronto years ago, some kid wanted you to play Burn but was told "We don't play it anymore, if you really want to know why meet me by the bar and I'll grab you a drink and tell you."

I always wondered why, so... why? (If it's not something that really needs to be aired in front of the whole internet, that's cool too. I'm just curious.)

LauraJaneGrace571 karma

The lyrics to the song "Burn" were never finished. I just kind of mumbled something different at the end of the second verse every time we used to play it. The time and place to finish the song has kind of long since past so I figure it's best not to play it. Don't want to fake the funk.

HouseofFools213 karma

Hi Laura,

My wife and I are enormous fans, and since she isn't a redditor, she wanted me to ask: have you considered bangs?

LauraJaneGrace396 karma

HA! Lately I've been having trouble at shows. I'll go to start singing and suck hair down my throat and start choking. So yes, I have thought about bangs.

Wolfyyyy198 karma

Hey Laura, I was wondering if you have any advice for young trans? And also, If you have any music suggestions?

LauraJaneGrace490 karma

Advice for young trans? Don't take any shit from anyone. Keep your head up. Don't feel like you have to go from Box A to Box B. Surround yourself with people love you for who you are and accept you without judgement. Music suggestions? What are you into already? Hit me on twitter. I could go on forever about music.

keithtbarker180 karma

Laura Hello! New album is perfect. You guys killed it!

After yesterday's tweets from "Riot Fest", How likely do you think it is that we will see a collab. album from you and Frank Turner in the future? I think that would be something truly remarkable!

LauraJaneGrace228 karma

I would do it in a heartbeat. Stephen asked for my email address so who knows, maybe it actually could?

harshrealm666140 karma

First off, you changed my life. Second, have you ever considered writing a memoir? Also, are you going to do more talks like the one scheduled at Oneonta?

LauraJaneGrace272 karma

I am currently working on a book. Actually, I should be working on it right now but I'm procrastinating by doing this AMA. As for the speaking gig at Oneonta, not sure. We'll see how this one goes. I've never done anything like it.

CHODEBOSS136 karma

Hi Laura! Thanks for doing this. AM! has been my favorite band for a while now.

1) Are there plans to release the b-sides to TDB like you did with New Wave and White Crosses? Or demo versions like with Total Clarity and Original Cowboy?

2) How is Total Treble Studios doing? Is it back to normal after that tree incident? How do you typically choose bands to work with in your studio?

3) After Andrew left, you said you would have hung up the Against Me! name if TDB wasn't such an important record. But, now with Inge and Atom in the band, it seems like one of the strongest line-ups AM! has ever had. Are you still considering retiring the Against Me! name after the TDB touring cycle ends?

4) Are there plans for AM! to play Fesy again?

As a side-note, at Warped '08 in Denver I caught a drum stick from your set. You all happily signed it and were really awesome to talk to. It was fucking rad. Teenage me was stoked for weeks, so thanks for that.

LauraJaneGrace144 karma

1). There are a couple unfinished songs from the TDB sessions that we plan on finishing but not alternate demo versions like with the last records.

2). The studio has been abandoned. The tree that fell through the roof destroyed the building. I've moved to Chicago and hope to get a set up going here but have been busy with touring and band stuff.

3). Andrew leaving was just a real shock. Those are some big shoes to fill. Andrew brought a lot to the band. I just don't ever want to feel like Against Me! has become less than it used to be as a live band. James and I are really lucky to be playing with Inge and Atom. They're an incredible rhythm section.

4). Haven't been asked.

korsnesse134 karma

Hey! I just wanted to say that iv'e been a huge fan for a long time and that your music has had a huge impact on me. Are there any artists that have had a significant impact on you?

LauraJaneGrace260 karma

So many artists have had a strong impact on me. So many bands define periods of time in my life. Madonna inspired me to want to be a performer. When I was 8 I was obsessed with Guns And Roses. When I was 12 I was obsessed with The Doors. The punk band Crass forever changed and shaped the my politics and the way I approach music. The Mountain Goats have been one of the biggest influences on my songwriting. For the past year the only album I've been able to listen to is Roland S. Howard's Teenage Snuff film. I'm leaving out a lot here. Just shooting from the hip.

Disorientedpossum116 karma

Hi Laura! Let me start off first by saying that although I’ve met you several times already, it’s always a joy to come in contact with you again—although this is my first time addressing you as Laura. (My most memorable meeting with you was on the streets of Corpus Christi right before a show back in ‘06/’07).

Anywho, I’ve been following AM! since ’02 and have seen over 13 shows (including the one back in Sam’s Burger Joint when Brigg almost duked it out with the bouncer), so I’ve seen you grow, just like myself over the years. Like you, when I was young, I believed in a power of younger people—the kind of power that could start a revolution. In my height of beliefs and everything I stood for, the band that I always closely identified with was AM! I have a huge AM! tattoo on my right forearm dedicated to “the cause.” Fast forward ten years later, and I’m an Executive for one of the largest companies in the world, and you’re a living, breathing rock goddess.

My question to you is this: Did you ever throughout the course of AM! realize that you were headed in a direction that you never thought would happen? How did that make you feel?

I’m just an old punk having to “conform” and sometimes, just sometimes, I think about when we were young and wanted to set the world on fire.

Congrats on having the courage to be yourself Laura. You are truly an amazing, old soul. Thank you for everything.

Love, An Iron-Fisted Champion, an Iron-Willed Fuck up

EDIT: word

LauraJaneGrace92 karma

I guess the best way I can answer that is to say that the twists and turns that life takes never cease to amaze me. Just when you think you've got it all figured out and know which way things are going to go the ground falls out beneath your feet and everything changes. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. No, when I started this band I never thought that in 2014 I would be living out as a trans woman. It's fucking mind blowing.

Thanks for listening for all these years. I remember the Sam's Burger Joint show well. Brig rules. Heading to Austin soon. Hope to see him.

AFistfulOfVinylKXLU107 karma

Hi Laura (or Ms. Grace. Goddamn I'm nervous).

My name is Alec, and I'm a long-time fan of Against Me! and heavily involved in the folk-punk scene. I'm really excited to have the opportunity to ask you just a few questions that I've always wondered.

  1. Against Me! Seems to have pioneered the folk-punk genre, insofar as many folk-punk artists today cite the earlier albums as inspiration. Can you speak a little about that style of music, the culture surrounding it, and who you took influence of in its pursuit?

  2. It is no secret that the punk community's response to your gender transition has been overwhelmingly positive. Going back a couple years, before your news was made public, how did you think people in the punk community would react?

  3. How much do you think the personality of an artist should affect the fans' appreciation of their art? If the two are separate, how do you compartmentalize them? If not, what factors do you consider in forming a balanced opinion?

  4. What's on your personal playlist right now? Which artists do you feel have yet to garner the appreciation they deserve?

  5. This one's a stretch (breathe, Alec). I, and my friend John, do a folk-punk radio show on a college station in Los Angeles. We're volunteers (everything is DIY), and we try to be a public voice for the folk-punk scene and their culture. Would you be at all interested in letting us feature you on our show? I know you've gotten a lot of attention, and we're much too small to warrant a that kind of buzz, but I'd kick myself forever if I didn't ask. Anything from a performance to a simple program/station ID would make me giggle uncontrollably. We're called A Fistful of Vinyl on KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles.


Thank you so much for doing this, and for providing us all with your art.

edit: Please feel free to skip any of these questions that you've already answered :-)

LauraJaneGrace167 karma

1). When I started Against Me! I was heavy under the influence of english peace punk bands like Crass, The Mob, Omega Tribe, Poison Girls, Chumbawamba, Honey Bane, etc. Chumbawamba in particular had a real acoustic slant to some of their early material (and later) which I loved. There was a band called The Apostles too that had a real hippy/punk vibe that had a lot of influence on me. But if there's anyone who deserves credit for starting acoustic punk it "SETH!" I still have the tape. He was the originator of the sound in my opinion.

2). It's not that I expected a negative reaction but I just didn't know what to expect. But yes, it's been overwhelmingly positive.

3). I think it's okay if an artist is an asshole to some extent (I have a hard time excusing racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc, of course, but am okay with someone being crotchety) They don't owe you anything other than their art. Hell, I'd rather an artist was an asshole than a Scientologist. But that's why I never really want to meet most of my hero's. I'd rather not know them personally and just enjoy whatever it is about their art that speaks to me.

  1. What's on my personal playlist? Shovels and Rope -"Birmingham", Robyn Hitchcock "New York Doll", only two songs I've been able to listen to for the past month.

  2. Sure, why not. Hit me on twitter and we'll figure it out.

XanderSnave101 karma

What's it like being a punk rock parent?

LauraJaneGrace188 karma

I don't know it any other way. Being a parent is being a parent.

reinventing-axlrose87 karma

Hi Laura! You’ve said that some of your songs prior to coming out still dealt with the feeling of gender dysphoria, just less explicitly stated. Aside from “Ocean”, which other songs address those feelings?

LauraJaneGrace183 karma

"Searching For A Former Clarity" with the line "Confessing childhood secrets of dressing up in women's clothes. Compulsions I never knew the reasons to."

Both "The Disco Before The Breakdown" and "Tonight We're Going To Give It 35%" are about gender dysphoria.

"Pretty Girls", pretty much all of "Searching For A Former Clarity" is about it I guess, except for the obvious anti-war songs. At the time the band was facing intense scrutiny from the punk scene about the politics of what label we were or weren't on. That album was me saying "I don't even care about these things. Do really want to know how it feels on the inside right now and what I'm really thinking about?"

beldel14285 karma

Hey Laura, first I wanted to share what an inspiration you are for me, though you probably get that a lot. My best friend has been bugging me for a few years to listen to Against Me and I kept saying I would. Than last Thursday I finally listened to her and listened to you guys. The first thing I listened to was the most recent album Transgender Dysphoria Blue, and the album spoke to me, it was enlightening. You see I am also transgender and just beginning my journey. I listened to that album on my first day of therapy, the beginning of my steps into womanhood. It was synchronistic, as if planed by some outside force that you can't explain. Since listening to that album I have become inspired to finish coming out and take on the world. So thank you for that. No since this is an AmA I have two questions 1- how much of the Transgender Dysphoria Blues album was inspired from your own life? 2- any advice for a fellow trans girl? Thanks again Laura

LauraJaneGrace121 karma

1). The album is completely autobiographical. I've never been good at writing fiction.

2). Advice? It's good that you're talking to someone. Just hearing yourself verbalize what you're feeling is a tremendous step, regardless of what's said to you in return. Transition at your own pace. Don't feel like you have to measure up to someone else's standards of how quick you should be moving or where you should end up.

laikahero79 karma

Hey Laura! What bands are you listening to at the moment?

LauraJaneGrace135 karma

For the past couple weeks I've listened to two songs on repeat every day... Shovels And Rope - "Birmingham" and Robyn Hitchcock "New York Doll".

unicornlover6975 karma

What was it like recording Reinventing Axl Rose? It seems like it was a lot of fun, especially the sing-along part of We Laugh at Danger where you all break out laughing.

LauraJaneGrace108 karma

It was fun but we were all nervous. It was our first time making an album. We had two days in the studio booked. The first day we recorded everything and then realized that we played it all way too fast (Warren always played too fast when he was nervous). So the second day we recorded everything again and then mixed it.

phat_blah74 karma

Hey Laura,

What has been your thoughts about each of Against Me!'s albums as you as you went through your life changes? Do you look at them differently now?

LauraJaneGrace139 karma

Totally look at them differently now. It's hard to have perspective on something while you're making it. Usually takes me about a year to hear one of our albums the way every one else does. Each one of our album's feels like a chapter in my life though and looking at back at them continues to take on different meaning and significance.

LastnameWurst71 karma

Recently Fat Mike was on here and was talking about recording your recent record with you and how he enjoyed it. Who would you say was your favorite artist to work alongside and write and/or record with?

LauraJaneGrace138 karma

Making records with Butch Vig changed my life. I've never had more respect for another artist. He's one of the most honest and genuine people I've ever met and has had my back when I've needed it most.

Writing with Joan Jett was a fucking phenomenal experience. She exudes cool and has been nothing but supportive to me. I wish I could just hang out with her everyday.

Ian Graham from Cheap Girls is probably my most favourite song writer I've ever worked with though. Mother fucker makes me laugh harder than anyone I know. I love Ian to death.

FrozenbagofMicrowave71 karma

If you could be in any band, other than yours, which would it be and why?

LauraJaneGrace248 karma

I'm not sure which band but I just want to be the bass player and I don't want to sing. 4 strings of responsibility, that's all I want.

Zoeywolfe71 karma

Do you ever get tired of your trans fans reaching out to you?

LauraJaneGrace296 karma

No. I need the support and want to know that I'm not alone as much as they do.

mclain1164 karma

How are Warren and Andrew doing? I hope ya'll didn't lose touch!

LauraJaneGrace115 karma

I haven't talked to Warren since he left the band. I haven't talked to Andrew since April. I hear they're both doing fine though. Andrew's playing in a new band called Human Parts and Warren (in addition to runnning his restaurant Boca Fiesta) is playing in a band called Sunshine State. Check them out.

sun0agun64 karma

Hi, Laura. I just wanted to say Thank You for giving so many people such confidence and inspiration as well as an immense amount of hope. Your music has been very relevant in my life and extremely influential in my own creative endeavors. One of my favorite Against Me! songs is "Borne On The FM Waves Of The Heart". What was the inspiration behind the lyrics and what was working with Tegan Quin? Originally did you plan it to be a duet? Also, you should consider a show at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, NJ. A year ago you were going to open for Bad Religion and then canceled, but please come back! There are a lot of people in the area who love the Band. Stay beautiful, and strong! Love from New Jersey <3 - Tui

LauraJaneGrace109 karma

I wrote that song the summer I fell in love with Heather. I really didn't want to be in a relationship with anyone and I was fighting it. I wrote the song with Tegan's vocal in mind. I wanted her to sing on it from the start. She was incredible to work with. Really enthusiastic and really fun to be around. Would love to come to Montclair, NJ. Did you know my Mom bought her wedding dress in Montclair?

butthole_hello59 karma

On Transgender Dysphoria Blues, you've got a few songs that feature coffins/caskets. Is this just romanticized imagery or does this stem from thinking about your own death a lot? Or something altogether different entirely? Thanks so much.

ps- My boyfriend wears his watch all day every day! He loves the shit out of you guys, but doesn't really understand reddit. pss- Please ignore my username. Hello.

LauraJaneGrace102 karma

I've spent a lot of time thinking about death over the past couple years.

rawfishh54 karma

You've evolved so much since I first heard Reinventing Axl Rose. (I saw a reddit comment on a video of that recent Letterman performance saying that "the only thing that hasn't changed about Against Me! is the color of their shirts.") I am definitely struggling through the fangirling to write anything remotely coherent right now, but what has helped you to grow as musicians and has it been a struggle to retain the same punk-rock heart (that's such a cheesy way of putting that, but eh) of your first releases?

LauraJaneGrace85 karma

Well, what's help me to grow as a musician has been continuing to play. We've played 200+ shows a year for like the past 15 years and then we've practiced when we weren't on the road. You'd hope that you'd get better at playing your instrument after all that time. What has never changed for me though is my love of music. I play because it's what I've always wanted to do. There's never been a doubt in my mind. I want to spend my life playing music. If I'm lucky enough to do that in front of a couple 100 people each night then great. If not, I'll stand on a street corner and busk for change. I don't care. That's why it's never been an issue of selling out or not for me. Selling out to me always meant trading my guitar for some kind of soul-sucking job that I hated that didn't have anything to do with music.

Fatmike4250 karma

Hi I love you as an artist and are my favorite by far

1 where did you get the phrase walking is still honest and the meaning

2.do you have social anxiety, I do and the song pretty girls from clarity describes me to a t. I'm just wondering if you suffer from it and hoe you deal with it being constantly asked for pictures or your time.

  1. Any plans on a heart burns two cd or another we"re never going home DVD

Thank you if you answer I gave to go to sleep because I work nights. I love all your Records including the new one and also own most on vinyl and cd

LauraJaneGrace122 karma

1). I wrote "Walking Is Still Honest" when I was 17 or 18 years old. I had just moved out of my Mom's house and was living on my own for the first time. I hated so much of what I saw in the world and was pretty angry. I walked all of the time, everywhere I went. It felt like the one true thing I could still do. There was nothing corrupt about it.

2). I have terrible social anxiety, sometimes crippling. Being on tour helps. I'm comfortable in a show environment when it's my band's show. I don't mind taking pictures or talking to people, whatever. There's a sense of control still. It's when I'm not on tour, when I'm alone that it's really bad.

Rob_Saget46 karma

Hey Laura!

  • What has been your most surreal moment on stage?
  • How was it working with Fat Mike on Transgender Dysphoria Blues?
  • I host a podcast that has musicians (Andrew WK, Brendon Small, etc) come on a nerd out with us. Would you be interested in being a guest to talk audio?

Thanks for this AMA and look forward to your responses!

LauraJaneGrace69 karma

1). Most surreal moment on stage? 2005 opening for GreenDay in Giant's stadium. GreenDay was the first show I ever saw. Standing there on stage in Giant's Stadium and turning around and seeing the guys in Greenday watching from the side of the stage, seeing the Bouncing Souls guys standing there (Bouncing Souls were probably the 3rd show I ever saw), it was almost more than I could handle. Really proved to me that you do anything with your life if you work hard enough.

2). Mike's a hero and he really added to the songs he played on. The bass line he came up with for Unconditional Love made that song. We've still got one more song finished, mixed and mastered that he played on. We'll do something with it eventually.

  1. Would love to be on your podcast. Hit me up on twitter.

kylepierce1143 karma

I just wanted to say thank you. I grew up super conservatively under religious parents, and slowly came to realize I am transgendered. Years of self loathing later, I find out the lead singer of one of my favorite bands is like me. It was like a weight off my shoulders in a way.

With your new album, you have put into music what I never could with my own words. I wish I could think of an excellent question, but all I can really say is thank you.

LauraJaneGrace38 karma

Thanks for listening. Take care yourself.

reinventing-axlrose43 karma

Canadian tour this year, yes or yes?

LauraJaneGrace64 karma


[deleted]42 karma

What are your feelings on The Fest in Gainesville and do you have any interest in headlining it again?

Seeing Against Me! headline the Florida Theater/Venue at Fest 10 was literally the most fun I've ever had in my entire life. We pretty much had an entire balcony to ourselves, went up there just to sit because the lower levels were empty, turns out it was empty up there and we had our own dancefloor. The pictures are not flattering.

Do you feel like the press is treating Against Me! any differently than they were three years ago? Are there any negative experiences you've had with people in the music press industry?

Thank you for having a profound impact on my life.

LauraJaneGrace46 karma

Would love to play the Fest again, just haven't been asked. Fest 10 was a lot of fun for sure.

No, haven't really felt any different treatment from the press. Same as it ever was. Not all journalists are created equal. Not especially negative experiences to speak of though.

Thanks for listening!

leodicaprio41 karma

Hey, Laura, longtime fan here. I've listened to you guys for years and have attended 11 shows now- most recently in Virginia Beach. First of all I want to tell you how much I appreciate Against Me!s dedication to widespread tour schedules- I rest assured that nearly every tour I can come out and see my favorite band. I've got a twofer on questions though: #1 I saw y'all at a benefit show with Ted Leo at the black cat in 2008 and Alec Mackaye sang a song with Ted. Any recollection of what it was? I would also like to ask what "35%" was written about. It's been a favorite for years, and I've always wondered. Thank you so much for years of fantastic tunes!

LauraJaneGrace113 karma

1). Shit, no I don't remember what song he sang. But I do remember the show being fun. Sorry.

2). I wrote "Tonight We're Going To Give It 35%" in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The line "We drank bottled water together and talked business..." was about Anti-Flag. They were trying to sign us to their label at the time and took us to their warehouse space. We drank bottled water together. A lot of the song is about touring and the person you miss back home. It's about trying to reconcile your politics with the choices you're making. It's also about shame and gender dysphoria "Can you live with what you know about yourself when you're all alone?" I wasn't ready to address the things I knew about myself back then when I was all alone.

kaiserbigbear38 karma

Hi Laura! How are you enjoying living in Chicago this nasty winter?

LauraJaneGrace70 karma

I'm not so into the winter weather.

liamlikesgrapefruit32 karma

  1. My girlfriend wrote you a letter in an envelope I made with dinosaur paper. Any chance you got that?

  2. Any shows coming up in Chicago?

  3. Not really a question but I'm in a Chicago-area trans meetup group and you should totally come and hang out with us some time. /r/transchicago

LauraJaneGrace60 karma

I did get the letter. Thank you.

No shows currently planned for Chicago, but soon.

I'd love to come to the group. Can you hit me on twitter to tell me when and where?

cosmiclobster31 karma

Hi Laura! Currently, what's your favorite song to play live?

Love the new album!!!

LauraJaneGrace74 karma

Love playing FUCKMYLIFE666 and Black Me Out. Those are probably my two current faves.

doowopthehop29 karma

Hey Laura, thanks so much for changing my life with your music.

I wanted to know why you chose to distance yourself from anarchism in your later work (specifically, "I was a teenage anarchist").

LauraJaneGrace62 karma

I didn't see that song as a snub to Anarchism. But I felt like those who interpreted as such kind of proved the point. I'm 33, well past a teenager so that's why the song title is in the past tense.

thedoorkeep28 karma

I love anytime you collaborate or play with Chuck Ragan or Brian Fallon, any plans to do so again in the future?

LauraJaneGrace27 karma

Would love to!

stayclose27 karma

hey laura, big fan. i am of the hugely unpopular opinion that, up until TDB, new wave was your best record. [but i mean, i'm down with all of it.] as a fan and a member of the dark order of the trans sisterhood, thanks for doing this ama!

my question is, early on, when speaking about transgender dysphoria blue, you called it a 'concept album about a trans prostitute'. i was just curious, do you still feel that way about the progression of the tracking on the record? is/was that story metaphorical for your experience or was it more of a ruse in service of an outlet? do you feel like it still exists in the final product?

also, what are your views on sex work? i had some friends feel a little weird about some of the language on 'black me out'. were you more interested in the 'control/oppression' aspect of how bad it can be?

anyway, thanks again for doing this. i'll try and say hey next time you're in brooklyn! hope you're well!

LauraJaneGrace42 karma

Saying it was a concept record early on was really more of a ruse because I felt nervous about the songs I was writing. It's an autobiographical record. I have nothing but respect for sex workers, especially trans sex workers. I think they are true fucking heros and true revolutionaries.

d4nRicks25 karma

Hi Laura! HUGE fan, some of the best moments of my life were singing through Reinventing Axl Rose at the top of my lungs with a car packed full of friends.

As an artist, or more specifically a musician, how do you feel about meeting the expectations of so many different types of fans you have attracted over the years and throughout the band's history? Does that ever come into your head when recording new music?

LauraJaneGrace36 karma

I try to avoid meeting people's expectations of me, often times to a fault. If I feel like someone is expecting something from me I'll usually be inclined to try and do the exact opposite.

rachmarneb23 karma

Aside from the announcement that you're transgender/transitioning, what is something you are most proud of?

LauraJaneGrace49 karma

All the places that I've traveled to in life.

Maccas7523 karma

Love your work and the new Transgender Dysphoria Blues album Laura, what made you opt for a more lo-fi homemade recording sound this time round as opposed to the very slick, polished sounding, White Crosses?

Hope you have a great day! :)

LauraJaneGrace54 karma

What you hear is really just the extent of my abilities as a producer currently. The album is more stripped down but the goal wasn't to strive for lo-fi. The goal as always was to make the best sounding album we could given what we had to work with.

brduk22 karma

How do you feel the punk scene has reacted to your gender change? as well as your family?

By the way HUGE fan! I love your music so much! Big influence on my band

LauraJaneGrace47 karma

I've been humbled by the amount of support that I've received.

britnee9021 karma

Would you ever consider writing an autobiography about your experiences with Against Me! as well as coming out as a transgender woman? I think that you’re such an inspirational individual, and your story would help so many people who are struggling with acceptance in general. I love that you are not trying to “fit the mold” of what society believes a transgender woman should look and act like; you just do what you want, which makes you completely badass.

LauraJaneGrace47 karma

Currently working on a book. Suggestions for a title?

Hooptie_Hilda21 karma

What's you favorite Madonna Song?

Thanks so much for doing this!

LauraJaneGrace44 karma

Damn, that's a tough question. Can I name 3?

1). Material Girl 2). Express Yourself 3). Justify My Love 4). Hung Up

Oooops that's four! Oh well.

SlieyF20 karma

First of all I just want to say that I love your work and think of you as a very inspirational person for anyone who's living in some kind of fear, trying to overcome it.

My question is: Are you aware of the whole Dr. V story that surfaced on Grantland a couple of weeks ago and what are your thoughts on how they handled it?

LauraJaneGrace26 karma

Not aware of the story but will look into now that you've mentioned.

sirthicksalot19 karma

First I want to say thank you for making some amazing music that I will forever enjoy.

I wanted to know if you had any plans to do more solo stuff anytime soon?

LauraJaneGrace26 karma

No current plans but I wouldn't rule out the possibility

BenH8sYou19 karma

Did you find yourself more relieved or anxious after writing such open, revealing lyrics on the latest album?

LauraJaneGrace34 karma

Absolutely relieved.

Tonypajams18 karma

How was it working with a punk rock legend like fat mike? I know he said he was kinda nervous to do the bass lines. Also he said he tried giving you tips on putting on lipstick? Is there a funny story behind that?

LauraJaneGrace54 karma

I've known Mike for over a decade now. Of all the labels that AM! has worked with Fat has been the most transparent and fair. I have nothing but respect for him. NOFX was maybe the 2nd or 3rd show I ever saw live. So even though I've known Mike for years there's still a 14 year old fan-kid inside of me going "OH MY GOD YOU'RE FAT MIKE! OH MY GOD YOU'RE FAT MIKE! OH MY GOD YOU'RE FAT MIKE!"

gericks17 karma


LauraJaneGrace38 karma

Deciding to transition has been really liberating as an artists, especially on stage. I feel like it's just okay to be me and I don't have to measure up to some popular perception of what a "front man" does. Which before had been extremely dysphoria inducing. The hardest part of transition? The changes have taken place in my personal life and in my personal relationships and knowing that it will be a long time before the full extent of those changes have been realized or worked through.

internetiseverywhere17 karma

What is your favorite album of all time?!

LauraJaneGrace21 karma

Rowland S. Howard - Teenage Snuff Film

tbamom15 karma

I would like to have a cup of tea with you if you ever come back to Ottawa. My friend Geo from Australia said you showed up at her gig as promised. You are very generous to your fans. Thank you

LauraJaneGrace34 karma

I'll take you up on the cup of tea. I remember Geo and her show, it was at the Cherry Bar.

midwrestless14 karma

Hey Laura! I know you recently moved your family up to Chicago. What was the reasoning behind the move? How are you liking our currently frozen city? And what sort of effect will this have on AM?

LauraJaneGrace22 karma

It was just time for a move. I like the city, could do without all of the snow. What effect will it have on the band? We're all pretty spread out at this point. I'm here, James is in Jersey, Atom's in LA, Inge's in Norway. We're making Chicago our base though for now. This is where we practice before a tour.

FNTasteyCakes14 karma

I'm a huge fan! I want to know when you knew for sure that you were transgender? It must be such a hard thing to find out about yourself.

LauraJaneGrace44 karma

I knew I was trans before I knew the word transgender.

copperhawkk13 karma

Hey Laura, What was your first guitar and what is your favourite guitar as of today?

LauraJaneGrace26 karma

My first guitar was a Harmony acoustic guitar bought out of a Sears catalogue with money I saved mowing lawns. My favourite guitar is my Rickenbacker 370. That guitar is my soulmate.

bonannophone13 karma

Super impressed with the new album. However, being that the band has gone through some pretty significant changes in personell, I'm curious if it has been difficult finding new members that share your vision for what the band is becoming?

LauraJaneGrace23 karma

I've always written the songs in AM!, that's never changed. As far as a "vision for what the band is becoming" goes, the only vision there's ever been is to be the best live band out there. It's not hard to find people who say they are willing to go for that but it is hard sometimes to find people who can actually bring that live. At the moment I can't believe how lucky me and James are to be playing with Inge and Atom.

ronen211 karma

One more question, what is one musical influence or love that you have that NOBODY would ever suspect or know? No judgment!

LauraJaneGrace22 karma

I love INXS. Does that count? I love all Australian 80's pop music.

patchesmccubes11 karma

Hi Laura, long time fan. I was wondering which of your older songs still resonate with you and if there are any you feel particularly detached from? pre-New Wave, but especially pre-Cowboy. I'm especially curious about hearing about your politics. Thanks!

LauraJaneGrace31 karma

If a song doesn't resonate anymore then we don't play it. But a lot of the time that has more to do with the music and less with the lyrics. My personal interpretation of my lyrics constantly changes. I'm always surprising myself thinking "oh, that's what I really meant by saying this", just cause often I write really stream of consciousness style. The only way my politics have changed over the years is that I used think that I knew everything and now I know I don't know anything at all.

alphabetizing-11 karma

Hi, Laura!

Three questions: What is your favorite song to play live? What was the hardest song to record? And who is your biggest musical inspiration?

Your music means a lot to me, thank you so much for what you do!

LauraJaneGrace14 karma

Favourite song to play live? FUCKMYLIFE666 Hardest song to record? Osama Bin Laden As The Crucified Christ Biggest Musical Inspiration? Too many to choose from

Frajer5 karma

Hi Laura from what I've seen people have been very supportive of your transition have you found that to be the case?

LauraJaneGrace12 karma

Yes, very much so!