Tournament titles - WPBA San Diego Classic – 2005, 2006, 2007 US Open 9-Ball Championship - 2007 WPBA Pacific Coast Classic – 2008 Tournament of Champions - 2009 Women's World 10- Ball Championship - 2011 Women's World 9-Ball Championship - 2012 China Open - 2012 Amway Open - 2013 Tournament of Champions - 2013

These are just the pool titles. I won numerous snooker titles prior to these.

I'm off to teach a lesson. Thanks so much to everyone for your questions and support. Look forward to catching up with you all again :)

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roloy15 karma

Hello. You rock.

Who are your pool heroes? Major influences?

Your dream match?

KwikfireKelly18 karma

Thank you!

Allison has been a good influence on me. She's always been an inspiration to me, from a very young age.

My dream match would be beating Efren Reyes in a final for a million dollars ;)

JaktheAce9 karma

Hey Kelly make sure to stop by /r/billiards before you leave Reddit.

Who do you think is the best player that ever lived?

KwikfireKelly14 karma

Ronnie O'Sullivan. He is the most talented cueist I've ever seen.

drh1314 karma

If you watch enough pool (which i'm sure you do) there is a pretty distinct difference in play styles between the men and women. I feel like I am pretty knowledgable in pool with shot selection and patterns and I see the benefits and disadvantages to both styles but very few people see to try and take the best of both worlds. One woman that has surprised me in seems to try to play to the strengths of both styles is Xiao Ting Pan, and she has been really successful with it.

Have you noticed this difference, and what do you think about it?

KwikfireKelly18 karma

I agree that that there is a difference in the styles between men and women, but I haven't seen it Xiao Ting Pan's game, to be honest.

The men seem to use a lot more spin, so therefore their patterns a little different. And they are more aggressive players.

I would say Vivian is more of that style.

drh137 karma

Vivian does I agree. I also agree Xiao Ting Pan doesn't use a lot of the same patterns, but I guess what stands out in my mind is she seems to like to shoot balls more, vs rolling them.

Do you feel like somewhere in within this major style difference, that there is an optimal style of play?

BTW I am a fan and really appreciate you doing this AMA

KwikfireKelly6 karma

Thank you:)

I think everybody is unique, but I like to be more aggressive than defensive overall

dbbost14 karma

How can I consistently get a good break in 8 ball?

KwikfireKelly20 karma

first of all I would suggest you break from the box or even the headspot. Hitting the head ball as full on as possible, aiming just below center on the cue ball, trying to create a stopshot to control the cue. This will give more consistency.

inf3st10 karma

With the state of pool the way that it is. Do you think that a pro player will still be able to make a career out of playing pool 10 years from now?

KwikfireKelly14 karma

I bloody hope so.

It seems to be growing in China, and if that continues it may even be more lucrative than it is now

inf3st6 karma

So do you think we will begin to see pros moving to China to play because of the growing popularity?

KwikfireKelly7 karma

Based on the cultural differences it would be hard to live in China for a westerner, so I think you'll most of us will travel

Jints4889 karma

what was ur biggest winnings in a tournament?

KwikfireKelly10 karma

$40K for 9 ball world championship

Derpin_Around8 karma

Hello. 1) When did you start playing?

2) When did you decide to start taking billiards more seriously and how many hours a week did you start playing?

3) What exercise helped you improve?

4) When you're having a bad day, what do you do?

KwikfireKelly15 karma

2 - I was still in school, so I had to play in the evenings. I roughly did about 3 hours per night, and up to tens hour a day on weekends.

3 - I think it's important to do a lot of solo practicing drills

4 - if I'm having a bad day I just pack my cue away because bad practice is more harmful to your game. I'll just come back fresh tomorrow

mjspring1117 karma

What is the simplest piece of advice for a novice billiards player to improve their game immediately?

KwikfireKelly13 karma

work on getting a good consistent technique. Technique is everything

jbideas7 karma

if you really tried and had a solid backer do you think you could hang with most of the top men players in both tournaments and in match play?

KwikfireKelly6 karma

Yeah...there is no reason to think not. I think I could beat any of them on any one given day.

However, I do realize there is a difference in standard and that would be a tough feat.

Jruff19846 karma

Karen Corr tends to mix it up with the guys. Any chance we'll ever see you at a tourney like Derby City?

KwikfireKelly3 karma

Sure. I've just always had something on at the same time as the Derby. It was often visiting my family in the UK for the holidays.

Maybe I'll play next year

Grosssen5 karma

At what age did you go "Aah fuck it, I'll become a billiords pro, casual jobs suck.."?

KwikfireKelly5 karma

Once I began to play serious, my goal was to be number 1 in the world. I was never very good doing the whole schoolwork revision thing, and I started playing so young, I never really thought about doing anything else. I actually use to take Mondays and Fridays off from school for tournaments, and my dad had to speak to the headmaster to get me off.

birdentap5 karma

Favorite color ball to hit? Idk just curious

KwikfireKelly19 karma

the 9 ball, because that's what wins me the money

bozwood5 karma

Did billiards choose you or did you choose billiards? In other words, did you have to play? At what age did you start to get serious?

KwikfireKelly8 karma

I started playing when I was very young. My parents had a bar and I played english 8 ball for fun. I was into many sports and never thought I would choose billiards. However, a coach, my coach today Lionel Payne, got ahold of me and suggested I continue in this sports. I started to get serious from the age of about 13 really. That's when I started to play in competitions.

bozwood5 karma

Did you really develop more of a passion for the sport only after you started to get serious?

KwikfireKelly5 karma

yes, because then I started to have goals and ambitions, which gives you the passion

woozie1924 karma

What's the kind of dedication you have to put in to be a professional athlete? What's your daily routine on a regular practice day as well as on match days?

KwikfireKelly8 karma

It's very easy to get lazy after playing for so long, so you have to be disciplined and keep to a good routine.

An average day, wake up and breakfast, go practice solo for 2-4 hours, then go to the gym. Come home and relax for the rest of the evening.

Tournaments try and keep in a good routine, getting up early like normal, eating sensibly, working our a little, then preparing for my match.

drop1804 karma

Hi there, I have been playing Snooker for the last three years and one of the biggest problems I face during the game is that sometimes I miss three or four easy shots altogether and this really throws me off my game. I guess this is a pretty common problem though. You start to get nervous, this impacts your line of aim and before you know it, the thought has settled in your head that this game is lost. And then you lose the next game, and then the next. Since you're a world champion snooker player, can you tell me a way how you can retract from this line of thought to keep your self calm and focused on the game. I guess my question is, how do you keep a clear mind and eliminate outside noise during the game?

KwikfireKelly2 karma

Firstly you have stay in the moment. Easier said than done, but try and stay positive and wait for your next opportunity. Focus more on what your gonna do next time your at the table rather than what you've already missed or what they are doing.

Eliminating the outside noise purely comes with experience and developing your focus.

inf3st4 karma

Do you have your own table at home? If so what kind? If not what would you want to have?

KwikfireKelly6 karma

I do and it is a Brunswick metro tournament edition

inf3st4 karma

Who do you think the best player in the world is?

Edit: Also who do you think the best up-and-comer amateur player is?

KwikfireKelly6 karma

the best player in the world is supposedly me right now lol :)

No, I would say Allison has won everything there is to be won!

JMizzo4 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA. My question is why did you leave Carolina Custom who use to make the Kwikfire brand to Fury? How do you think the playability stacks up?

KwikfireKelly4 karma

I played with a Fury prior to the Kwikfire brand, but just fancied trying my own brand out.

It was a lot of hard work to promote and try to do by yourself. I wanted to focus on my game so I decided to step back from doing the Kwikfire cues, that's why we came up with the Kwikfire by Fury brand.

Perfect mixing the two together

lotrouble4 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA!

Favorite pool cue to play with, and any sentimental pool cues you own but don't play with?

KwikfireKelly9 karma

Fury because I've been playing with them from the beginning of my pool career in 2004.

The most sentimental cue I'm happy to say is the one I'm playing with now because I won my first world championship pool titles with it. And I hope to win more :)

lloyd60774 karma

what did you feel after your first big achievement (as teenager) and how did other "kids" in college/school treat you :D? you were the cool one or more like an outside?

best regards!

KwikfireKelly6 karma

I've always been cool, it just elevated my status lol :)

TongueDartTheFartBox4 karma

Most memorable match you've ever played in?

KwikfireKelly8 karma

I've got a few

First one was 1998 world ladies snooker championship final, where after losing to Karen Corr solidly for over a year I beat her 5-0 to win my first world title.

Second one is US Open final against Allison Fisher in 2007, where I made the 8 then the cueball clipped the 9 and scratched to win the title

Lastly the 9 ball world championship final 2012 beating Fu Xio Fang

SoYppah3 karma

Hi Kelly, been a fan of yours. (Wondered if Allison was your sister for a year before finding out the answer). What do you think is the reason for the lack of a professional wome snooker scene?

KwikfireKelly5 karma

It was, and always has been, a very male dominated sport in the UK.

It's nickname is the gentlemans sport

Gabe6813 karma

Hi Kelly. I dont have a specific question but thank you for doing this AMA. I just recently started playing pool and even joined a team in a local league. I'm loving it so far.

PS. I have a match tonight, wish me luck!!!!

KwikfireKelly3 karma

Good luck kick some butt!!

Bat_turd3 karma

Do you earn a living through your sport?

Are the competitions lucrative?

Nice AMA! :)

KwikfireKelly6 karma

yes, I am very fortunate and do earn a living from the sport.

Some competitions are more lucrative than others, and if you win you can do okay. Although I wish the payout was like tennis :)

[deleted]3 karma


KwikfireKelly5 karma

Unfortunately when the economy hit we did lose a lot of events in the US. I'm really optomistic and feel that we can grow the sport back to where it was if not better.

jmoney733 karma

What's your biggest piece of advice for an amateur player?

KwikfireKelly5 karma

Set your goals and work towards them. Play in as many competitions as you can.

Jruff19842 karma

What it would take to get you to match up with Chris Bartrum

KwikfireKelly4 karma

I would play him...but preferably he'd give me some weight

Liquidicity2 karma

Hi, What do you think about American Rotation as a new format in tournements?

KwikfireKelly6 karma

It's good to practice but I think it would be a little too confusing for TV

BobPlager2 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA Kelly; we need as much pool exposure as possible to get the game growing again.

My question is, how do you feel about Earl's antics in general? Do you feel that it's interesting, entertaining, and good for the game? Or do you think it's disrespectful and a bit of a circus act? (Or you don't have to pick either of those options and can use your own words, didn't mean to set up a dichotomy for you)

Also, what's your favorite pool room in the country?

KwikfireKelly4 karma

I've have mixed feelings about Earl. I think it is entertaining, but often crosses over to a little bit of a circus act. It certainly makes the game interesting, but sometimes is a little over the top.

I would have to say Rack'Em in Matthews NC


Do you earn more from tournament play, gambling, or endorsements?

KwikfireKelly3 karma

A combination of tournament play and endorsements. Tournament play depends on if I win or not :)


Hey Kelly big fan! Have you ever made a change in equipment that had a significant impact on your game?

KwikfireKelly2 karma

I'm not one for changing anything with my equipment unless necessary. I don't even like changing a tip nor do i even really clean my shafts :)

I've been fortunate for nothing drastic to have happened to any of my equipment over the years, and I've taken care of it, so not really.

However it was a massive change and learning curve converting from using a snooker cue to a pool cue

[deleted]1 karma


KwikfireKelly2 karma

no problem...thanks for being honest :)

KozzDog1 karma

Thanks for the answers so far I have enjoyed getting an insight into the life of a professional player. I have a few questions however of my own. 1) I have been playing seriously now for just over a year. Looking back on my game I have grown in leaps and bounds however recently its been as though I have hit a wall. What can I do to help myself move past this? Instructor? Any websites/books/videos you recommend? 2) You will be at the Soaring Eagle Open this weekend? How do I play a game with you?

KwikfireKelly3 karma

I would recommend an instructor to be a good idea to get past the wall. He may see something and be able to fix it that you can't.

Yes I will be at the Soaring Eagle Casino playing in the WPBA Masters.

We have a charity event on Wednesday evening where I believe people can sign up to play the players.

[deleted]1 karma


KwikfireKelly3 karma

stay positive!

rrfreitas851 karma

Have you ever played the SNES game Side Pocket?

KwikfireKelly3 karma

no. I've actually not heard of it

taffboy131 karma

Am I right in thinking that you have to have more skill for billiards than smoker or pool.

KwikfireKelly3 karma

I would say snooker requires more skill and accuracy, however pool requires more control under pressure

benofepmn1 karma

how do you control the friggin cue ball?

KwikfireKelly3 karma

you learn from practicing. Keeping it simple it really consists of knowing deflection lines, where to hit the cue ball, and at what speed, combined.

Pip_Pip1 karma

Hi Kelly,

Do you use any drills, if so what are your favorites? Many men use gambling as a way to build their chops. Have you used money matches as a stepping stone or would you say tournaments are where you cut your teeth?

KwikfireKelly6 karma

My favorite drill is playing the ghost.

I would say tournaments are where I cut my teeth.

maplestaple1 karma


KwikfireKelly2 karma

That's a good one...ummm

it used to be a lot more than I can take now

Conspirologist1 karma

Hi. Can you enlighten me what exactly is required to play billiard as a professional? Do you calculate any move and shot strenght like in chess, by just mere sight and acquired ability to measure pefectly the force needed, or it is some inborn talent, that goes beyond just acquired skills? I am asking this because some of the shots I have seen are so amazing, and not many can repeat, even if they usually play the game too, and know how it is supposed to be done.

KwikfireKelly2 karma

In the women's game you have to qualify to get on the professional circuit.

To become a top player you definitely need natural talent along with the acquired skills. To improve your skills it's really practice practice.

Pornaccount950 karma

Can you post some cool videos of you making amazing shots??

KwikfireKelly3 karma

I haven't got any personally to hand. Maybe there are some on youtube

iwsfsr0 karma

Why don't you compete against men?

KwikfireKelly4 karma

Mainly because we have enough women's events throughout the year to play in all over the world.

The men's events have large fields and the odds are smaller

[deleted]0 karma


KwikfireKelly5 karma

no, not literaly speaking, but you never may have been under :)

[deleted]-3 karma


KwikfireKelly3 karma

one horse sized duck