Hey Reddit, we're Rio Ferdinand, Sam Johnstone, and Anders Lindegaard. We play for Manchester United FC (www.manutd.com) in the Barclays English Premier League. We're at the Aon Training Complex right now doing a photo shoot for Bulova, our Official Timekeeper (www.bulova.com). We don't have a lot of time, so let's get right to the AMA.

Proof: Facebook - http://blva.co/mrd5cY Twitter - https://twitter.com/Bulova/status/428880969265733633

EDIT: It's been excellent chatting with everyone, sorry we couldn't answer more. Sign up at www.bulova-manutd.com to get updates on the Man Utd Timepiece we're creating with Bulova. Cheers!

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You should check out /r/reddevils if you've got any spare time lads, The major sub for United fans on Reddit, Think you might enjoy it!

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From /r/reddevils

Rio - how have you adopted your game in recent years? Your sense of anticipation has only grown from what ive seen, has this led you to take a deeper, more sweeper like role in anticipating rather than reacting?

mufc_players192 karma

Yes I think you have to. History tells you that is what you have to do if you want to stay at the top otherwise you’ll be left behind. RF

musefanpl248 karma

Anders, what is your most memorable save for United? On behalf of everyone from r/reddevils, thank you for doing this AMA! (:

mufc_players387 karma

The save against City in the FA Cup in 2012. I was pleased with that one.

Yan-e-toe232 karma

Anders & Sam. Who has the worst shot in training? Who when taking the shot you think to yourself, he's gonna miss surely.

mufc_players483 karma

I can answer that. It's definitely Rio. AL

Have you not seen the highlights reel of my goals Anders? My goals speak for themselves! I save my best for the matches. I need the match environment, that brings the best out of me! RF

CleatsUp192 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! Aside from Old Trafford, what are some of your favorite places (either stadium or city) that you have played during your careers?

mufc_players345 karma

Sapporo Stadium in Japan - I played for there for England when we played Argentina. We won 1-0 with a Becks penalty. RF

The most interesting place I've played is Galatasaray's stadium. It was the most crazy inferno of noise. It was incredible. AL

I've not experienced too many across the world, but I've been lucky enough to play at some great stadiums for some of the Youth Cup games. SJ

Playing at the Hong Kong Stadium last year on tour was interesting! There was so much sand on the pitch because of the rain - we wanted to build sand castles at half-time! RF

UnitedFanDes145 karma

Rio: How happy are you with the signing of Mata? Anders: What's the dynamic like with the other keepers in training? Sam: Congrats on the new contract! Is Adnan making it into the first team squad an inspiration?

Been a fan all my life.

mufc_players207 karma

Great signing. It's always great for the squad when new players come through the door. It inspires everyone. And oh my what a left foot he has! RF

It's great. The rivalry between us has no negative impact - we all try to help each other. AL

mufc_players163 karma

I'm really pleased. Adnan is an inspiration for us but it's a bit different with goalkeepers. It's great working with David and Anders on a daily basis. SJ

mufc_players88 karma

I’m really pleased. It’s a great club to be at – you learn every day in training from everyone. I just want to keep improving. I’m really happy I can do that here. SJ

aabbccatx117 karma

How much if any does fan support and chanting affect play at the highest levels of football?

mufc_players249 karma

The fans have a huge impact. They give you extra energy when you get to certain points in the game. You get that extra boost - they help to push you forward. It means more than people imagine. AL

alphadecco100 karma

How far in advance of transfers do you know they are going ahead?

mufc_players236 karma

We know when you know. We have no inside information. - RF

mufc_players71 karma

We know when you know. We have no inside information. - RF

musefanpl92 karma

Rio, I noticed that you like Muse and Arctic Monkeys. What is your favorite song from each band? On behalf of everyone from r/reddevils, thank you for doing this AMA! (:

mufc_players152 karma

I really like both. Let me check my iPod...I love the Arctic Monkeys new album. Muse - I like Super Massive Black Hole. RF

Yan-e-toe92 karma

What's the players favourite chant?

mufc_players179 karma

Adnan's new one really sticks in your mind. It's a great one. SJ

NYManc79 karma

Hey Rio! Big time fan here. Do you still prank other team mates like when you had your merked TV show? Also, will we ever see the return of your old haircut?

And for all 3 of you, what's your favorite meal that manchester united offers to its players?

Thanks so much for your time!

mufc_players125 karma

Not to that extent. I always mess around with Anders when he's having a massage after training and give him a slap on the back! RF

It's true he does that. But I got him back the other day - I found a sweaty sock and managed to get him across the changing room. It was very funny, but he took it well. AL

I did take it very well, I will say that! RF

UndiscloseDesires74 karma

Hello! Greetings from the States. If you weren't footballers, what do you think you would be doing?

mufc_players108 karma

I've always wanted to be a footballer. I can't imagine doing anything else. I used to play cricket when I was younger. But it was always football for me. SJ

jgatica2967 karma

I also have another question! Who is the best player in the United squad at 5-a-side? Cheeeers

mufc_players163 karma

Scholesy was always brilliant. I'd say Mata from what I've seen so far. He's got really quick feet. SJ

brunub60 karma

Hello, gents! Welcome to reddit! After a long game, what's your favorite way to relax? Any particular snacks you like to eat?

mufc_players124 karma

I try to stay healthy. Fruit, sometimes some chocolate! In terms of relaxing I usually just go straight home to sleep. SJ

I do some deep-water floating for 30 mins in a warm pool which flushes out your system. I always stick my music on on the way home in the car - some R&B and reggae. RF

I like to watch a movie and spend time with my family. AL

Shmeid56 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA guys, huge fan. Just one Question

Rio, When did you realize that you had a talent that was really special?

mufc_players159 karma

I realised when I was about 15-years-old. I played in a game for West Ham against Chelsea for the youth team with guys who were 2/3 years older than me and I felt like the best player on the pitch. I felt very comfortable amongst them and from that day on I believed. RF

arab24148 karma

Rio, who's the best player you've ever played with or against?

mufc_players193 karma

Thank you! AL

Haha I'll have to leave Anders out of the that as I wouldn't want him to get a big head! I'd have to say Paul Scholes and Cristiano Ronaldo - two fantastic players who got better under my guidance! RF

qwertyuiop35745 karma

What gives you guys as professional footballers the most drive to win? Is it the club, your teammates, glory, trophies, or something I haven't thought of?

Thanks for doing this.

mufc_players72 karma

You have to have it in you from a young age. I've always hated losing, it's always been about winning. If you've got that mentality then the success will hopefully come. All the players here feel the same way. SJ

spartan122439 karma

Anders - who's your goalkeeping icon? Would Peter Schmeichel be too obvious? Also what is your style in communicating with the back line?

mufc_players95 karma

I was a big admirer of Schmeichel but I have to say Edwin van Sar was a huge influence on me. I like to talk a lot with the back four. I like them to be able to hear me and direct things as much as I can. AL

freckleddemon35 karma

Sam, Congratulations on your new contract! My question is - Did you enjoy your loan spell at Yeovil Town and will you look to go out on loan again in the near future to gain experience of first team football?

mufc_players70 karma

I was only there for one game as I got injured, but it was a great experience. I hope in the near future I'll be able to experience first-team football. SJ

NorthwestClassic29 karma

Rio: Which of the younger defenders have been most keen to learn from you, and which one(s) have actually learned the most? (From Keane to Evans, maybe even Pique and Shawcross)

mufc_players41 karma

I couldn’t say who, but I’m sure all of them will take something from the experienced players, whether it be on the field or off the field. That’s always what I did when I was younger. RF

DoesntMataHadAJuank29 karma

To AL, what pre/post match 'routines' do you do every single game?

mufc_players63 karma

I have all kinds of things I do. They're not superstitions but I have a routine. Doing the same thing each game helps me be ready for every game. AL

awhiskeyshot21 karma

Rio, Anders and Sam what is your favorite pastime?

mufc_players41 karma

I always enjoy films. That's how I relax. SJ

colinrgeorge3 karma

Did you get to pick out a Bulova watch to wear? If so, which one?

mufc_players16 karma

We’ve actually just been chatting to Bulova’s designer about a personal engraving on a new collection of United watches for the lads and we saw the watch for the first time. It looks really cool and I’m sure the fans will love it. RF

As good as it looks on Rio, I think it will look better on me! AL

No chance! RF