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*Update------I literally have to go edit now. Keep asking questions, I'll answer them when I can. oh, Pound House is up - http://youtu.be/lYWNJ9uaaWc

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soupmastergeneral22 karma

do you ever feel like using the weird/questionably sane non-actors in Tim and Eric was exploitative?

Dougggpound34 karma

Those actors LOVE doing it, so I'm gonna say no.

HankSedan22 karma

what percentage of the stuff you make do you have to throw out?

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Dougggpound25 karma

Not sure if anyone from those places reached out to him but David Lynch is a treasure. Mulholland Drive is probably my favorite film.

hankhill7218 karma

What are Tim & Eric and Eric Andre like off the set?

Dougggpound17 karma

Funny and awesome dudes.

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Dougggpound34 karma

Thanks brooch. I met Tim and Eric on craigslist, no joke. I moved to LA from Chicago 10 years ago and I wanted to get involved in the TV comedy bizz, so I answered a CL ad. The ad was for an "intern on a comedy show" that show turned out to be Tom Goes to the Mayor.

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Dougggpound13 karma

Letterman - yes, major. I used to love it when he would throw stuff off buildings, and the stunts. His show seemed kind of punk rock. As far as the guests, I remember Charles Grodin really standing out. He would seem all pissed off about being on the show, I thought that was so funny. Look up some of his 80's Letterman appearances.

Chris Elliot, yes, "Get A Life" was a favorite show of mine when it was on. I bought a bootleg of it on eBay several years ago because it wasn't available.

sludgepunk7109 karma

Hey doug, love your skills. On Tim and Eric what was it like meeting them for the first time?

Dougggpound23 karma

Eric was really nice and gregarious but Tim wouldn't talk to me or look me in the eye. I thought he hated me!

eject-t3 karma

Was it just because you were just an intern for their up and coming show TGGTM? Why would he treat an employee like that?

Dougggpound7 karma

Nah, Tim is very cool. I'm sure I was just acting like a nervous dweeb.

eject-t9 karma

I saw you live in Boston twice, you guys were hilarious! I was wondering how you got an editing career? Did you go to quallege? I'm a year out and wondering how you made your transition from a nobody to a professional editor. Preach.

Dougggpound21 karma

I went to quallege and it was pretty much a waste of money. I got a job as a wedding videographer in college and learned everything I needed to know at work. It should be easy to become a professional editor because they seem to be in demand.

codyclarke9 karma

Do you have a favorite Tim & Eric sketch you edited that for some reason never really took off?

Dougggpound17 karma

"My Eggs" is one of my favorites. Pretty sure I wrote that one too. Did it take off? can't tell.

reverendnathan8 karma

I love your album Pound It, I wore the CD out from playing it too much in the car. Where did you come up with the idea of remixing everyday things? My favorite track is probably npr.org remix. Do you have any interest in making another album?

Dougggpound14 karma

Thanks, I'm finishing up a new CD this week!

hooshtin8 karma

Whats up with the C-Strut video with Eric? I fucking love it.

Can you share one of your fonder memories of working with T&E?

Dougggpound9 karma

When I pitched B'Owl and Tim threw his hat across the room in a fit of laughter. Going on tour was always the best. Hope we can do that again.

i_eversaw8 karma

Hey Doug. How has skateboarding influenced you and how do you stay with it as you get older?

What do you look at for creative inspiration?

Pound House and Poundcast rules. Thanks.

Dougggpound11 karma

Skateboarding influenced me more than anything. It's still fun, that's why I still do it.

Silvafronts7108 karma

How did Brent Weinbach and yourself begin working with each other?

Dougggpound6 karma

I was just a fan of his for a while. I asked him to do my Big Fish show once but he never did. Eventually, we did a show together and I think he liked what I was doing and we hit it off. We had lunch one day with Johnny Pemberton and came up with a premise for a video. The next day, we shot Bean Bag.

eject-t8 karma

Who is the founder for Tim and Eric's hilarious editing and how did they surface? (the loops, poor animation, strange transitions, etc.)

Dougggpound11 karma

I don't know. We all shared one mind at the time.

chrissingbad7 karma

Also, have you ever seen the movie Quigley starring Gary Busey? It is right up your alley http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMz8azB-y1k

Dougggpound8 karma

Yup, there's an Awesome Show cold open based on the outtakes from that DVD. Can you guess what it is?

Refreshy7 karma


Dougggpound6 karma

U are correct

hollowgeneration6 karma

Hello Mr. Lussenhop. My name is Taylor and I'm a fifteen year old film student making a documentary about whether or not humans will forsake the human touch and embrace art created by machine. You said you're a "editor, writer, musician, etc." but now that computers can provide creative content as good as any human, are you worried? Do you think people will embrace computer generated art? Thanks a bunch!

Dougggpound14 karma

Are you from the future?

foltaire6 karma

Hey, Doug.

I love your style, and I'd be super interested to see it used in a feature length production, but I was wondering whether you thought that brevity was an essential part of what you do? I thought B$M was a pretty good attempt at extending the unique character of T&E, but do you think that the abruptness that comes from shorter videos is an important part of your approach? Or is it better suited to your YouTube nurtured audience?

P.S. I saw you live in London a few years ago and still regularly crack-up remembering a line of yours about 'croakies'. Thanks.

Dougggpound17 karma

I'm not sure but I think Pound House could be a feature film. Can I borrow a few million £s?

landsmith6 karma

Wut wuz your role in those GI Joe PSAs. Those things are works of true artistic significance imho. Oh follow up Q, how do you feel about "I'm the juggernaut, bitch" (Big fan of your work and excited about more Pound House)

Dougggpound8 karma

I edited the first 4 Joes. Did some voices too.

fackjoley6 karma

If you were in a skate video, what song would you want played over it?

Dougggpound8 karma

I don't know! That would be the most difficult decision of my life.

analoguenic6 karma

Doug, I'm a huge fan of your work. I've seen you live three times. You are such a unique comic and I love how you poke fun at DJ culture.

My question is, at any point in your career, were your insecure about the jokes you would create, through editing, or in your live act because people might not like them? Are you or have you ever, been scared to say or create a joke because you didn't think other would like it? Or you the kind of guy who just doesn't ever care what people think of your jokes?

Hate it or love it. PREACH

Dougggpound13 karma

I care, hard not to. Of course you want people to like your jokes. I have a laugh track though, so if they don't I still get laughs.

jeremylevick6 karma

Is there a type of comedy do you dislike?

Dougggpound6 karma


eject-t6 karma

What editing applications do you use mostly. I can see from some stills you use Final Cut Pro (probably not FCP X).

Dougggpound9 karma

People ask me this all the time but it doesn't matter, they all do the same thing. I do use FCP (not X). Thinking about checking out Adobe Premiere.

Zombiago5 karma

Hi Doug, do you like to write with pens, or pencils ?

Dougggpound8 karma

Anything except a stylus and a Note II phone Santi

cobbsgrove5 karma

Why did you leave The Champs podcast?

Dougggpound8 karma

Didn't you listen to my goodbye message?

thatslayerchick5 karma

Who are your editing heros/influences?

Dougggpound7 karma

Stacy Peralta

eject-t5 karma

Can we please get some context on the Ass 2 Dad t-shirts?

Dougggpound15 karma

I guess you need to see me perform the bit to understand. But then you still might not understand because it's meant to be vague. Ass2Dad.

jeremylevick4 karma

After immersing yourself so heavily into the realm of absurdism, do you find it difficult to sit back and enjoy, say, an episode of some network sitcom? Some actors seem to straddle both worlds, but it seems like once you go far enough down the Poundhouse/Tim and Eric road, there's no turning back. Watcha think?

Dougggpound3 karma

I never watch sitcoms but I'm a sucker for reality shows like Fast n' Loud. I like watching dudes build cars for some reason. Not even a car guy.

weric914 karma

Hey doug, big fan. What's your favorite story from working on the set of T&E?

Dougggpound11 karma

I didn't work on the set, they kept me locked in my edit cave :(

soupmastergeneral4 karma

any future project ideas? I would love to see a lussenhop/pemberton tv show

Dougggpound4 karma

That would be rad. Johnny and I have TV dreams.

urbster14 karma

Have you changed your mind about doing any more Poundcasts or have we really seen the end of those?

Dougggpound6 karma

I will do more. Been so insanely busy. Hard to fit it all in.

misstechiequeen4 karma

Did you think that your internship on TGTTM would go anywhere?

Is that your real Mom on the Poundcast?

Is that your real dog on the Poundcast, and what is his name?

Why did you have such a small role in the Billion Dollar Movie?

Do you wear those glasses all the time?

Dougggpound6 karma

Yes. No. Yes, her name is Boug. Ben Berman shafted me. Yes.

futurewizard4 karma

I loved "The Perfect Burger" and "Sports Drinks". What was your inspiration for these pieces?

Dougggpound8 karma

I used to work at a post production house in Chicago in the 90's editing "video news releases" which were advertisements disguised as news stories. PR companies would produce these for Gatorade and the Meat Council or whatever and send them to local news channels around the country. I would have to edit them and I hated them so I would take the footage and re-edit it into something funny.

recreationclothes4 karma

Thanks 4 your time! Love all you do.

It's amazing the way that your editing choices allow events to appear incidental when they in fact bear weight or contribute in any number of ways to the arc of the story. How much of the final product is born from happenstance or spontaneous choices during editing versus calculated/deliberate choices? Surely you have a working method in practice, but does the final product more often surprise you or appear more or less like you planned?

Thanks again!

Dougggpound8 karma

Hmm, a LOT happens in the edit. Most of it.

velcrofathoms4 karma

Hi Doug, long time listener, first time caller. How much of Poundhouse is written before you start shooting a season? The first series had an excellent arc. Do you have the entirety of Season 2 scripted before you produce them? I'll take my answer off the air.

Dougggpound11 karma

Brent Weinbach and I write it out before we shoot. It's pretty loose though, more like outlines than scripts. We have story things that we try to hit and a lot of Brent's catchphrases are written ahead of time too. Glad u liked it

sterileyak4 karma

Hi Doug! What things do you still want to do in when you're in NZ? Also, would I look like a dummy if I wore an Ass 2 Dad shirt to Camp A Low Hum?

Dougggpound7 karma

What do you recommend?! U will be the coolest kid with that shirt.

jperk843 karma

As a producer, did you always want to get into comedy or did you just fall into it?

Dougggpound12 karma

I thought stand-up was corny but I always wanted to do tv comedy. I got into stand-up later when I saw Zach G's comedy special. I liked how weird and experimental he was.

chrissingbad3 karma

What's the best clip from The Eric Andre Show that you couldn't find a use for but were itching to use?

Dougggpound9 karma

The scene that I was in! I played Tiger Woods and Eric unleashed a group of strippers on me.

eject-t3 karma

I was checking out some of your instagram photos and wondering what your favorite vacation spot was.

Dougggpound5 karma

Westmont, IL

BartLisa3 karma

What kind of show have you been working on with Duncan Trussell?

Dougggpound4 karma

We're doing a web series called Story Pig. It's all done, can't wait for you to see it!

rksrks3 karma

Hey, Doug. I once asked you(Buh) in a Facebook message for more Pound House, and you said it was in production. Thanks for that reply. It really is one of my favorite things to watch, and I'm glad it's back.

On Tim and Eric Nite Live, you won a contest where the prize was your own show. I like to think of Pound Pound House as that show you won. Is that okay?

Dougggpound9 karma

The show I won was the original Poundcast. Peep it?http://douggpound.com/home/videos/poundcasts/

wardwell3 karma

Hey Doug, before I ask my question I just wanted to point out that we've met several times and have best friend potential. Probably one of my favorite memories together is the time we were lounging in Nevada City and we started talking about Boz Skaggs. Or that time at the first awesomecon where I asked if you could play "a new you" theme song but I dont think it was in the playlist. OOo, or that time I posted a video to your facebook wall a few years back, and you liked it? Theres a lot more where that came from best friend.

Of all the intense things you've edited (i.e eric andre finale and what not), which scene has taken the most time to edit into its final appearance? Are there certain scenes that end up taking a lot longer to edit than intended to match what you're visualizing?

Dougggpound5 karma

Pound House takes the longest because I'm editing myself and that is difficult.

billyjews3 karma

Are we going to see more Brent Weinbach collaborations in the future ? You two acting together is straight up comedy to the gold

Dougggpound3 karma

Brent rules, he makes me laugh hardest. Thanks.

fackjoley3 karma

Hey Doug. Do you do all the writing for Pound House or do you have collaborators? And how long, start to finish, does it take to produce an episode?

Dougggpound4 karma

Me n' Brent write it

amdaunais3 karma

You blocked amdaunais on Twitter sometime in 2010 maybe 2011 and there has been a void in his life ever since. Any chance of Possibly unblocking him?

Dougggpound11 karma

Ok fine. U on probation

ArabOnGaydar3 karma

What are some of the places you like a lot in Chicago? Did you ever use to hang out at Rainbo?

Dougggpound7 karma

Yep, that was my favorite spot. One of these years, I'll get on the calendar.

Twanthonywood2 karma

What's your favorite skate spot in LA?

Dougggpound4 karma

My backyard

lou-reeds-jew-fro2 karma

are you looking forward to camp a low hum? are you gonna get crazy?

Dougggpound4 karma

no yeah

Ya_Dingus2 karma

Hey Doug, when can we expect more Dutch Boys material?

Dougggpound8 karma

Dude, it's on the to-do list. Eric and I have a Dutch dream.

soupmastergeneral2 karma

do you ever feel jilted as someone who primarily is behind the scenes (as an editor) as opposed to an actor/performer in a lot of the things you work on? Meaning - do you wish you got more recognition? I remember showing someone Poundhouse and they said they didn't like it because it was "a ripoff of tim and eric" (I corrected them).

Dougggpound8 karma

Editor should be the first credit.

spagettaboutit2 karma

hey Doug huge fan here, i had a few questions:

You were a rad lifeguard in the video with Andre Hyland, any plans to do more work with him?

Are you doing any work with T&E on Bedtime Stories? Or anyone from awesome show?

What was your favorite Portlandia sketch to edit?

Have you ever lived down the Love Tape scandal?


Dougggpound3 karma

Andre is a rad dude, I hope so! Bedtime Stories - I hope so! Fave Portlandia sketch by far is the bike messenger http://youtu.be/V3nMnr8ZirI Runner up would be "Adult Babysitter" just because it's the only sketch I wrote.

[deleted]2 karma

Was there bad blood when you left The Champs? I stopped listening after you left. Moshe seems like an arrogant, unfunny twat.

Dougggpound5 karma

No bad blood. Moshe is cool! We've been talking about doing a reunion podcast.

SimonMroz2 karma

Did you ever land that front nosepick?

Dougggpound4 karma

I did! just not when the camera was rolling

Javeloz2 karma

Doug! What are some of your favorite asian dishes? Also: what are some of your fav albums? (Music)

Dougggpound5 karma

Yellow curry! My favorite album is Richard D. James album.

SignalDreams2 karma

Hi Doug, I'm a big fan of your work. Was wondering if there was an easy way for me to see the Power Pad movie? One of my buddies had it when I was in high school, but I never got to see it, and he lives super far away. Thanks!

Dougggpound7 karma

I'm on the fence about putting it back out there. Some of my older stuff is embarrassing.

eject-t2 karma

How did you meet with Eric Fensler? Your sponsor me videos are great and very catchy.

Dougggpound2 karma

He was a friend of a friend kinda thing. The way everyone meets. We were into the same music and skateboarding so we hit it off. After I knew him for a year, he went to film school. I didn't know he was interested in film stuff before then.

kevtron3k2 karma

At which point during TGTTM did you begin writing? Was it a natural transition?

Dougggpound6 karma

Eric and I were hanging out at Venice Beach when we saw a guy playing passionate soprano sax to a CD playing new age backing tracks. At that moment, we came up with the Saxman episode. Been writing bits ever since.

djfootmerc2 karma

Hey Doug, love your work and I'm a huge fan. Quick quesh for ya, did you invent the propensity tilt or steal it from Rodney Mullen? Keep up the great work! Slurpy good!

Dougggpound2 karma

Stole it from Natas

mofodenkirk2 karma

Are you a fan of Luis Bunuel films?

Dougggpound4 karma

Un Chien Andalou yah

nomercyvideo2 karma

Thanks for the AMA.

Let's say i'm a person who has an edited pilot of a show they want to pitch to Adult Swim, how would you suggest they go about it?

Dougggpound6 karma

If you find out, please let me know!

Asreial1 karma

Mr. Douggpound, thanks for doing this AMA.

I was wondering, what made you want to become a "joke dj" and what equipment other than a computer do you consider vital for your dj-ing?

Thanks for reading.

Dougggpound4 karma

I used to be a regular DJ in Chicago, like at parties and stuff. I would mix Weird Al with German techno and try to make people laugh, it was ok. Then when I moved to LA, I tried doing stand-up, it was ok. They were both ok. I put them together and the combo was pretty good.