Im Jason Lancaster, and I'm trying to figure this out lol. If I don't have this thing running as smoothly as it should, I'm sorry and we'll make it work:)

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Skiffo11 karma

I loved your rendition of "rolling in the deep". Any chance we'll see more covers in the near future. I think you'd do a badass Mumford cover, just saying.

Jason_Alan_Lancaster9 karma

haha thank you. Im sure as everything moves forward i'll put out stuff after the record, but for now Im just focused on it

GoRadioOrGoHome11 karma

Jason, as you might be able to tell from my name, I'm a very big fan of your work. First and foremost, thank you for the music that you make. It's been an absolute joy to follow you from Mayday, to Go Radio, to your new solo career. I've had the pleasure of meeting you at shows a couple times here in Minnesota, and wished you a happy engagement to Dee since you got engaged in Minneapolis on your birthday!

My questions:

  1. Will we ever see any of the un-released Go Radio demos?

  2. What are your plans for music once you release As You Are?

  3. Do you wish to be a part of a record label again in the future, or have you enjoyed going the Kickstarter route?

  4. How awesome is it to work with Zack and Ken again?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster10 karma

Well as far as GR goes, I think it's run its course. What's out will probably be all that gets release from that band. My plans never really stop for music. It'll always be what drives me, but I want to start playing for God. Zack and Kenneth are the most amazing things to happen to music since elvis, and everyone should know lol

heatherlknott9 karma

Goodnight Moon is my absolute favorite song and it will be my wedding song! I just wanted to say thank you for everything, alone or in a group your words move people and that's something to be insanely proud of.

Jason_Alan_Lancaster4 karma

Thank you for listening and making it all possible

hizzydada6 karma

Will your new album be in the Style of Go Radio/Mayday Parade or something new?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster10 karma

It's honestly kinda all over the place haha. There's some songs on there that are really ALIR, but theres also some stuff on there with brush drums.

hostageclam6 karma

What was it that made you split with Go Radio and Mayday Parade, respectively?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster18 karma

Sometimes people just shouldn't be together. There were lots of issues with both bands that made me unhappy, and I'm a believer that if you're unhappy where you're at, you can either change it or leave it. When I couldn't change it I had to go

cswebb5 karma

Hello Jason, I was good friends with your little brother back in the days of The Last Try (still have all that music by the way) and would love to hear a remake of " Straight on til morning". Anyways I always wanted to say I have loved your music from the beginning and even now.

Most of all one of my favorite memories is you did an acoustic performance one time for my girl friend at the time at the place where we first kissed. Its a pretty cool story to tell people that Jason Lancaster actually did this for me and thank you for that. I can't wait to hear the new album and I hope I get the same feeling from this as I did when Daniel let me hear the Tales told by dead friends ep.

Jason_Alan_Lancaster7 karma

Chris I remember you man haha. And that day at the YMCA

haleyjo955 karma

Do you know where i can buy a hard copy of Welcome to Life? It's my favorite thing ever!

Jason_Alan_Lancaster3 karma

ask Burns:)

TriTheTree4 karma

When and how did you get started in music?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster5 karma

I started playing around with my Dad when I was two, but it's hard to put an actual date on when I started taking it seriously

BenRessler4 karma

Hey Jason!

A long time ago, Go Radio played in Altoona, PA.

My band gave you guys some t-shirts and had a little chat with you. We're A Faster Ride.

Do you still have the shirt?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster8 karma

I wish I could say I did:(. Tour tends to eat clothes lol

ILiterallyJustJoined4 karma

Hey, I literally just joined reddit when I saw your tweet... I'm not even sure what it is but I have a couple personal questions to ask you, please feel free to answer them. 1. From what I've been able to gather, you seem genuinely (and happily) associated with Christianity. If that's true, how long have you been a Christian? 2. Your music (which I have always loved) is incredible and full of real, fantastic emotional moments. Not even emotion in the sobbing/crying way, just emotional in the way that connects with people on a unique and tangible level. However, I had never read any Christian themes in your music... Did you intentionally remove them, or do you naturally avoid them in your songwriting? 3. I have an incredible amount of respect for your drive and dedication to music, after leaving Mayday (who are now a band that I find myself thinking, at their best moments, "hey, that sounds a bit like the old Mayday with Jason!), and now Go Radio to reprioritze, you continue to write music and pursue it in every way you can. I know that everyone else can see that pretty apparently, but I just wanted to make sure that you know; we see it, and it's inspiring.

Jason_Alan_Lancaster8 karma

Sadly I wasn't always walking with God. There were some really dark times in my life that almost broke me. There are a few Christian themes in some earlier songs that I've done, but i just started writing for Him recently. I wish I could say that I have a longer story with God, but Im kinda new

HelloPillowbug4 karma

You are going to start a riot if you don't come up with an MP3 for "This is Me Missing You."

Jason_Alan_Lancaster5 karma

haha riot away

Alpha0993 karma

No question here, but you're my favorite artist and i'm really excited for your new album. I wish ya the best of luck!

Jason_Alan_Lancaster2 karma

Thank you so much!!

roam193 karma

Hey Jason. I've seen Go Radio live more than I've seen any other band, and I miss seeing you guys! I know you're working on some solo stuff, is there any time you'll be playing live in the near future?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster3 karma

Im going to be doing a CD release here in Orlando, but as far as touring goes, I really don't think that's for me right now

Tmlguy3 karma

If i donate 75$ too your solo album Would you write out lyrics to one of your older songs :)?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster5 karma


ShelbyMarie20132 karma

Omg JASON!!!! I have had the worst day of my life and when I read your tweet I seriously made a Reddit in hopes that you'd talk to me! You are my most favorite singer in the whole entire world, like seriously. When I'm sad, I listen to Mayday Parade or Go Radio. And one time, you liked my tweet and I about passed out. But for real though, I LOVE YOU!! Pleasepleaseplease reply!:)

Jason_Alan_Lancaster3 karma

hahaha thank you so much:)

busdriver1202 karma


Jason_Alan_Lancaster3 karma

it's gunna be all the way different and none different at the same time haha. There's a lot of things Im working with that im not used to, but Im approaching it on a song by song basis. I want to make every song as good as it can be, and pay no attention to genre

makoiscool2 karma

What's your favorite song? Yours or otherwise?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster2 karma

That's like picking favorite kids!! haha. I love "Drift Away" though

adamsauce2 karma

Hey, I've been a fan since i first heard of Mayday Parade. I can't wait until the release of your album. Oh, right. I need to ask a question. Do you still keep up with Mayday Parade's newest music? Do you have a personal favorite?

I also want to tell you that and and your wife seem perfect for each other. Are there any wedding photos you'd like to share?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster4 karma

I honestly don't really listen to it. I shifted the kinds of music i listened to a long time ago, and that brand of pop was kinda one of the first things to go. It was never intentional, just kinda happened. And thank you so much for the compliment:) No one or anything has ever made me happier:)

BearChuck2 karma

I'm not sure if anyone has asked anything like this already but i was wondering if there were physical copies of albums or eps from projects such as Kid Named Chicago or The Last Try (or even the welcome to life ep)? I know these aren't things you are focused on at all but i'm a bit of a collector and those are all things i would love to add to my collection.

Jason_Alan_Lancaster3 karma

Matt has a lot of WTL, but Im honestly not sure on how to get the others

jstanich32 karma

How has the process of raising the funds needed for your solo project been different from being with Fearless in the past?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

Well the first difference is obviously that it's not a loan haha. People think that record labels just give you money, but that's not the case at all. Everything that I've gotten from them is a loan, and has to be paid back. Second I think there are some people that don't really know how expensive it is to make a record, so I've been spending a lot of time trying to defend the record to those people. I think after all is said and done it will be a great process, and honestly with how much downloading is happening, I see it being the future of record making

Nosmokingonthebus2 karma

Hey Jason you've always been one of my favorite muscians because of your voice do you think you would tour with any of your past bands maybe perhaps be featured in their future songs?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster4 karma

nope. Im done with touring for a while:)

TSKyup2 karma

Who are some of your main influences? Music wise and life wise?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster5 karma

I love listening to folk. And as far as writing influence, it's easy to pull from everyday life if you know what you're looking for. The smallest things can make the biggest impact

herpeslurpie2 karma

Jason, you were amazing in Mayday Parade and Go Radio, but I'm also super excited to hear your new music. You're such an inspiration to me, you're my favorite artist and good luck with your upcoming music! Also, did you write "You Be the Anchor that Keeps My Feet on the Ground, I'll Be the Wings that Keep Your Heart in the Clouds"?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster3 karma

I did :)

A_Slow_Descent2 karma

Me and my fiance picked out goodnight moon as our wedding song. It was a tough choice between that, existentialism on prom night by stratlight run and stolen by dashboard confessional. Thank you for the awesome jam!
My question: if you don't hit your kick starter goal will you still release the solo album?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

i will :), it'll just have to be on a smaller scale

finfyr2 karma

Hey! Who's your favorite Dane?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster5 karma


Oldcrrraig2 karma

To hear you want to glorify God through your music is awesome! I've been praying for Daniel and you through info from a mutual friend. Hope all is well and wish you all the success in the world to you in your new endeavors.

Jason_Alan_Lancaster3 karma

Thank you :)

penguins_wat2 karma

Hey Jason! I was very front and center for Go Radio's last show (Vans Warped Tour- Dallas, TX 2013). Of all the 3 shows I've seen, that one had to have been my favorite, even though I had no idea it would be the last.

My question is: how did the last show feel emotionally in comparison to the all the other shows?

Btw, I've been a huge fan since Mayday Parade. I'm beyond excited for the new album.

Jason_Alan_Lancaster2 karma

I was so emotionally exhausted by then that I was honestly so ready to come home lol. I loved every second that I was ever on stage, but by the end the ones off stage just couldn't make up for it

rocketmanNV2 karma

Would you be offended if I asked you to sign my vinyls of A Lesson In Romantics and Tales Told By Dead Friends?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster2 karma

not at all:)

AlphaBetaZ2 karma

What do you think of Mayday Parade's newest album and how they're doing?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster3 karma

Honestly good for them:) They're doing what they love and they should do that as long as they can

[deleted]2 karma


Jason_Alan_Lancaster3 karma

how do I do that?

stillinskitty2 karma

What's your favorite part about writing music?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster4 karma

It's such a good way to vent! lol

masterpaul342 karma

Warning cliche question coming What do you recommend for up and coming musicians looking to be succesful?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster5 karma

honestly you should be ready to change your definition of success. It won't be money and it more than likely won't be fame, but if you're playing for the right reasons, success is just being able to make a difference playing music

Alpha0992 karma

What gives you the most inspiration to write lyrics? and do you ever struggle with creating them?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster2 karma

Lyrics are always the hardest part of a song. You have to be very careful with that you say, and make sure that the song you write is spreading the message you want to get out

thomasquires2 karma

hey Jason, so I've had a question that I didn't really wanna ask in person because it would be disrespectful to go radio. but I've been wondering for years if you wrote the lyrics to "three cheers for five years?"

Jason_Alan_Lancaster5 karma

I wrote a lot of them :)

khalafn2 karma

Currently listening to old mayday parade. You made that band what it is and I wish you would get more credit for it! Absolutely amazing. Good luck on your new album, will support 100%.

Jason_Alan_Lancaster2 karma

Thank You:)

Ny-Ny1 karma

You truly inspire me! Keep making good music and I will DEFINITELY keep listening! ♡ Wil you come sing for me in Tally? Please, please, pleeeeaseee? (:

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

haha thank you

Chriscappiello1 karma

What's up Jason always have been a huge fan and I love where you're going with your career. Just wanted to ask if you'd be willing to write out lyrics from one of your songs for my tattoo. Will definitely pay for it hahah god bless my man

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

for sure man, we just gotta figure out how lol

ThatGuyDarious1 karma

Actually, forget that last question. Yesterday I gave my life to Christ and I know there is gonna be struggle and whatever else is gonna come along with that. I know that you did the same while you were in Go Radio. When you're having a tough time with anything, other than prayer, what do you do to get by with the struggle and pressure from, well, anything?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

First off THAT'S AMAZING!!! It will absolutely be a struggle, but it's one that you'll love the whole way. The biggest thing you can do is go to church. Get involved with people that are going though what you go through.

therealmanning1 karma

Dear Jason, I've been following you and your music ever since the first time I heard your distinctive voice bouncing off the walls of my best friends house (It was Miserable at Best btw.) I'm super excited for your album, especially after seeing some of the snippets you and Dee have posted on instagram etc.. You can really shred dude! Anyway, being that I read about this on Dee's insta, and didn't have time to think of a good, thought provoking question.. I suppose I'll just go for it. Clearly, you are a fantastic songwriter on your own. Do you have any advice for someone who is having trouble writing their own songs?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

write write write write. Never stop. Be ready for ones that suck, because we all write them (we just don't let people hear them)

[deleted]1 karma


Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

Thank you :)

forgot_my_password_91 karma

Jason. First and foremost you are seriously the main inspiration for me being a musician. I loved when MP released ALIR and I've been following Go Radio since Welcome To Life. The raw emotion you put into all your music is just incredible. My question is will I ever be able to see you play live in Philadelphia ever again? You were always my favorite person to see live and I cried when Go Radio broke up. Also second it would mean the world to me if you would listen to my band and give me any criticism you might have. In no way do I mean to plug the band but having your opinion on our song would be amazing. Unfortunately I'm on mobile but if you could take the time to YouTube search "The Art Of Storytelling" my band "Anomaly" should be one of the first videos. I play drums and would love to pass on some constructive criticism to the rest of the guys from one of our heroes. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon and thanks for reading this!!

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

Maybe one day, but not anytime soon :)

lauziebear1 karma

Do all your tattoos have meanings?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

I wish they did lol. Most of them are just random, but I have one on my shoulder and my ring finger for Dee, and I have one on my chest for my father

Bashnek1 karma

you've collaborated with a lot of lesser-known bands on songs before - how does that come about? whats it like to collaborate with people you may not know all that well on songs/lyrics?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

It's usually a band I produce, or know and am friends with.

Sgerdes911 karma

Jason, just wanted to say you are by far my favorite artist and your songs are so inspirational. I know you're sort of done with touring, but is there a time you think you'll be back on the road? And you've got to be hands down the best songwriter, where does all the inspiration come from when writing all the songs ?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

not anytime soon. Im loving being home right now

twist_of_f81 karma

Any chance you'll be on the Vans Warped Tour this year?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

probably not

monxmon1 karma

What's your favorite song that you've written/performed?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

I can't really put a finger on it:)

dontcallitthat1 karma

Hey Jason, I'm not sure if you remember but you guys signed my brother's acoustic while you were on tour with Chiodos and Emarosa. You gave me some pretty solid advice on songwriting and a few days later I went and wrote one of my favorite originals to date. I just wanted to say thanks a ton for that and I hope everything life is awesome for you.

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

dude that's awesome:) Im always happy to try and help

sort_of_attractive1 karma

Jason! I Love your music. From mayday to go radio your music has gotten me and my best friend through a lot of rough times. As for a question; Did you and Derek ever argue over which lines you'd sing in songs? I can only imagine what That'd be like lol. Best of luck on your new release!

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

hahaha id be lying if I said no

ehaftel1 karma

Have you enjoyed your interviews with Eric Live On The Air? I can tell your fans have enjoyed them and I would love to see you perform an acoustic again on that channel. Do you think will be again in the future?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster2 karma

Probably :)

Travis01234567891 karma

Hey, Jason! So cool that you're doing this! Anyway, I was wondering what was the most difficult song you've ever written?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster3 karma

Forever my Father. Hands down

latham_jessie1 karma

I'll start off like everyone by saying how much I love your music. You inspire so many and that's something I not only cherish but respect. I can't begin to express how incredible it is that you came out strong in your faith, being a Christian it's refreshing to see. I was wondering how you feel about doing charity work? I'm working on a proposal to start a charity and clothing line, have a few celebrities that I'm looking to getting backing from(not money, just support and to be a part of the team) and was wondering how you would feel about being in the loop with it when it all comes into full swing. Not only do I think you would be a great face to the organization but it could benefit you as well. No pressure, and if you're not interested in anything like that then be honest. It's not for everyone and that's okay! Just thought this was the perfect opportunity to ask.

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

I actually work really close with Give Them Wings to Fly. As far as being a big part of anything else right now I have my hands really full and wouldn't feel right committing to something I couldn't give my all to

tylerd5541 karma

I've been a huge fan since the first time I saw GR shortly after you were signed. The first show I was at, you guys were still selling the Welcome to Life EP and I didn't buy it, then the second time it wasn't there anymore!! I got the personal mixtape bundle and I was wondering if its possible to request that. It doesn't change my purchase at all, I was just curious. "I Miss You" is the story of my life. Props on the faith thing too. I'm excited to hear it in your music.

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

I wish I could give that record out, but I don't even have any copies anymore lol

ThatGuyDarious1 karma

Do you plan on touring after you release this album?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

nothing big if anything

haleyjo951 karma

What is your favorite song you have ever written?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster2 karma

I couldn't really put a finger on it, there are just too many lol

[deleted]1 karma


Jason_Alan_Lancaster4 karma

I pray. Every time

Sylviatalia1 karma

Jason! I really don't have any questions for you! I just kinda wanted to let you know how much you and well go radio have and still do for me! It's crazy how listening to your songs can calm me down! I got really into go radio when I was going through a really hard time with my boyfriend and it amazes me how your songs really helped me get through it! I can connect to every single song and I'm actually about to write an essay on my favorite song which is forever my father. Since the first time I heard that song till now it never fails to bring a lump to my throat because I've had a tough patch with my father. Any who when I saw you all at warped tour and the moment you all went on stage tears came streaming down my faces and they were non stop throughout you alls performance! I just wanted to thank you because I don't think you know how much you mean to your fans well atleast me!!!! My boyfriend and I'd dream is to actually sing at our wedding in a couple of years! Man I love your lyrics you are great and you and Dee are adorable :) wish you all the best and I seriously cannot wait for your album!

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

i don't really think anything I can say would be enough :,)

KatSitzes1 karma

Hey Jason, I am a huge fan and love your music. It sound like you have made a big leap of faith in God this past year and that is amazing. Creativity is a big part of music and that is why I love you as a musician. I am exciting to hear good creative music with true meaning in the lyrics. Not much of a question but thanks for continuing to make music.

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma


haleyjo951 karma

I just wanna say i will love and support you no matter what. If ever you have a bad day and feel down, remember that. You change my life everyday <3

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

Thank you so much

lauziebear1 karma

Hi Jason! If you were to start touring again would you ever be interested in coming to Australia? :)

Jason_Alan_Lancaster3 karma

I love OZ, and would never mind going back, just maybe on vacation lol

SMaddox501 karma

How's your life at the current momment? Also big fan

Jason_Alan_Lancaster3 karma

im tired!! haha. We just got done moving and Im relaxing for the first moment in two weeks, but honestly i'd have it no other way

eeguia1 karma

Hey Jason I'm a big fan of your work. Do you have any rough plans for the future? Whether it be creating or joining another band or are you exclusively thinking of doing solo stuff from here on out?

Edit: Also, in one of your Mayday Parade songs, the last something that meant anything, you sing something in the last verse towards the end. I can't really tell what the lyrics are. Could you clarify that for me? Thanks!!

Jason_Alan_Lancaster5 karma

Right now Im concentrating on writing and being a good husband. I want to continue music but I want to do it for God in the future. Hopefully I'll be able to work closely with church and youth to make a bigger difference:)

DeliriumWigger1 karma

Is this you at the end of this song?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster2 karma

nope :)

inkabinka231 karma

Hello Jason. When you listen to Metal music. Who do you listen to??


Jason_Alan_Lancaster3 karma

When I think of metal, it's a different genre of metal all together. Old Zao for instance

sawagall1 karma

Dear Jason, I've been a fan since your Mayday Parade days and must say that you are one of my favorite lyricists and vocalists and I can't wait to hear the solo album. What's been your favorite part about making this solo album?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

The freedom. Zack and Kenneth are so fun to work with, and they make everything so easy. Playing everything has been a blast though

NinjaKorny1 karma

Hello Jason,

I'm a huge fan of all your work but unfortunately live in the UK so I've never seen you perform in the flesh :( is there any chance that when you feel like you're up for touring you'd consider coming to the UK?

Or maybe you could just come on Holiday and do a few shows?

Either way, I'm just glad you make music man, you've been a huge inspiration to me and I can't wait to get your album and have it on repeat for days on end!

Jason_Alan_Lancaster2 karma

one day I'll get over there, but it will be from a tourists perspective lol. I really want to see the world, but I don't wanna be at work the whole time doing it

AlphaBetaZ1 karma

What are your most and least favorite parts about working on this solo album? Do you miss being in a band, or do you think independently making music is better?

Btw you have an amazing voice! Keep doing your thing!

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

Honestly I love doing it like this. The freedom to finally do what I want in the studio is amazing

folklove1 karma

I don't have a question, but I just wanted you to know that your music has gotten me through some really rough times. You're my favorite artist and I will be patiently awaiting your new cd!

Jason_Alan_Lancaster2 karma

Thank you:)

that_guy21451 karma

Jason, My name is Connor, and you are like my favorite musician ever. I saw Go Radio for the first time ever this past Summer at Warped and it was absolutely amazing. While Go Radio was still together, I was talking to my sister and told her you didn't need a band and that you would be a great solo artist... I'm ready to see how it turns out. Thanks for everything man!

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

Thanks so much!! Its gunna be awesome!!

andycrossts1 karma

Jason! Been a huge fan since Mayday Parade and I'm really excited about this album man. Hope it all goes well for you dude. From what I've read and seen you're a pretty devout Christian. Can we expect some worship songs on this album?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster2 karma

They're already recorded;)

chandlerelizabethh1 karma

Hi, Jason! Super huge fan. (-: Anyways, I'm really hoping you could do another tour. Do you think that will be at all possible?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

Probably not anytime soon. I love music, but i will more than likely do it from home for a while

Lament4881 karma

Hey Jason! Big fan and thanks for doing this AMA. Came here to say you're one of the greatest singer/songwriters I've ever heard. If you had to choose a favorite song you've written or otherwise collaborated on, which would it be?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster5 karma

There's this new jam on AYA that Im super proud of so far, but that is already out would have to be Faith in Me by ADTR

dandydaniella1 karma

Hey Jason, Kind of speculating here about some tension you might have with Alex, but how do you feel about him playing with your brothers band last year?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster6 karma

As far as I know he's still playing with them. They are actually room mates:)

thomasquires1 karma

what's your favorite lyric you've ever written?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

That's a tough one haha. There are a lot that Im really proud of, but it would be pretty hard to put a title of favorite on one

Kasey_hendo1 karma

Dear Mr. Lancaster I was wondering if you had ever made songs by relationships.. Like break ups or new friends losing friends ect... Has that made it hard for you to write and sing the songs?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster2 karma

That's a lot of what I write and sing about. It's rarely actually about a gf though. Most of them are about friends and things like that. Songs just sing better if they sound like they're about a girl lol

ecalosvox1 karma

Any advice for someone who wants to be a songwriter?

You're the best, Jason. I look up to you for so many things, haha. Thank you for writing beautiful music and for being a wonderful person.

Jason_Alan_Lancaster2 karma

Know that you're going to write a hundred bad songs for every good one you write haha

pop-funk1 karma

Everything you write is golden. That is all. I love you. XOXOXOXO

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma


chandlerelizabethh1 karma

I feel like now is a perfectly acceptable time to tell you how much your music means to mean. I'm greatly influenced by you. Your music speaks to me in ways that I can't even explain to my friends. Ever time I've been to one of your shows, I feel like the whole world has stopped and it's just me and the music. Thank you for giving me some of the best nights of my life. I really hope you get the opportunity to tour again. (: Thank you for being such a wonderful musician. I've been with you from the start and hope to see you progress in your music and grow as a person even more. You and Dee are beautiful people!

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

all I can say to that is :')

darklodus1 karma

Hey Jason! Long time fan man! Been to so many shows! So glad you're on reddit. That's fucking awesome.

Is there a possibility of any small time touring for the new solo album?

I honestly have no question just wanted to post and say you're awesome and I can't wait for the new album. Best memory was have a beer and shot with you and the guys after your set with yellowcard at the stone pony

Cheers mate

Jason_Alan_Lancaster2 karma

Probably not anytime soon at least. Im really enjoying being home for more than a week at a time lol

GoRadioOrGoHome1 karma

Also, will you please accept me on Xbox? I see you playing Black Ops II once in a while and I'd die if I could win one game of team death match with you :)

Jason_Alan_Lancaster2 karma

haha I just made the switch to PS3

Megestephenson1 karma

Hi! I've been an incredibly huge fan since 2009! You've impacted my life in a huge way with your music and gotten me through so much. I met you and the rest of GoRadio at a show in Knoxville! Y'all opened up for Framing Hanley. Still have the shoes and shirt y'all signed. I am so excited for your solo album! It'll be incredible! Do you think GoRadio will so a farewell tour anytime in the future? I love you!

Jason_Alan_Lancaster2 karma

Sadly or not so sadly depending on what side of the fence youre on, GR is done. Touring together just isn't in the cards:(

roastedbagel1 karma

Proof? Perhaps make a note on your indiegogo mentioning this ama, or twitter if you have?

edit: I see you tweeted about this, thanks!

Jason_Alan_Lancaster2 karma


dd96791 karma

What was the hardest part in making music?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster2 karma

Being honest enough with myself about what was wrong in my life. It was super hard to admit a lot of the things I write about

Tp1112431 karma

Jason, you've written some of my favorite lyrics.

How do you write yours? Do you constantly think up words in your head and then apply the music? Or do you write lyrics to fit the music?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster1 karma

It honestly changes every time

Ejohnson9301 karma

Wow, thanks for doing this AMA. You're one of my favorite artists and I'm super excited for your next album! I also appreciate how your music has always been about more than a good beat and a catchy tune.

Anyways, I have a couple questions for you if that's okay: 1: what is your process for writing a new song? 2: is it harder to make new music, put out albums, etc. now that you're married? 3: can you talk a little bit about your faith and what you believe in/what gives you hope everyday?

Jason_Alan_Lancaster4 karma

Well the song process is always different. Sometimes it literally starts with a drum part lol. But my marriage doesn't really have anything to do with making it harder or easier. Being with Dee is one of the best parts of my life, and nothing bad could ever come from her. As far as my faith goes, I came back to God almost 2 years ago, and he's been amazing every day since. I believe there is 1 God, he sent his son to us to die for our sins. One day he'll come back and until then I'll serve him as best as I can. When I die I'll go to heaven. Im not sure what that entails, but I will meet God and i will be judged just like everyone else. All I can do is live my life and spread his word until then.

dontworry_about_if1 karma

I really hope you come play a show in Montreal one day! I had to work when Go radio came on Warped Tour a couple years ago. Also, on the note of playing in Montreal, my father's company recently opened a Venue in what was previously a Church, and it would be an honor for you to play a show there! here is the website if you would like to check it out. It hasn't been translated into English yet, so if you have any questions feel free to ask :) Thanks for doing this AMA, I've been a fan for a long time and can't wait for your solo album!

Jason_Alan_Lancaster2 karma

Thank you :)

drummerakajordan1 karma

Is there any chance of us getting a track by track of the two Go Radio records? I always love when artists get to tell the stories of why they wrote the songs. :]

Jason_Alan_Lancaster2 karma

Im pretty sure those are out there somewhere. I know I wrote them out anyway lol