Thanks for all your questions! I have to go to do my webcam show at Come join me.

I am Pornstar Tasha Reign, Ask Me Anything!

Hi Reddit I wanted the oppurtunity to allow some of my fans to get to know me on a more personal level, so here I am. I am very new to Reddit, so be gentle!

You can check out the trailer for my newest film, Tasha's Pony Tales at


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Dabee625155 karma

First off, I assume you must have seen other adult movie related AMAs. You're very brave to be doing this, as others have proven to be extremely hostile.

Onto my burning question: What would you do if you ordered a pizza, and the delivery guy DEFINITELY DOES recognize you? To make it even worse, you actually find you DO NOT have sufficient funds to pay for said pizza. How would you handle this situation? I'd imagine it would be extremely awkward for both of the parties involved.

tashareign137 karma

First off thank you for being so friendly!!! That would be a surprising turn of events wouldn't it? I would just tell the truth and try to ask nicely for the pizza and if he said no, then I would say have a good night sir.

Big_Fish_Nemo108 karma

What's the hardest thing about your job?

tashareign158 karma

Just the way people treat me outside of porn!

Notorious8888 karma

Hi Tasha! I hope you're doing well! I remember driving you to the UCLA ER the 1st year you were in porn! Come visit Boston!

tashareign113 karma

Hi Howard :P

Philloposaur58 karma

Since you're a student have any classmates or faculty found out what you do? How do they react to this and if they haven't found out would you have any problems if they did?

tashareign117 karma

UCLA celebrates me and the fact i am an adult actress. My professors and classmates often do know what I do and are very friendly and sensitive about it. I'm a gender studies major with a minor in Theater Arts, so everyone is very open minded!

Mr_Happiness44 karma

How did you get the tail to stay on like that?

tashareign101 karma

It is a butt plug, so it inserts into my rear ;)

loopmoploop37 karma

Has there ever been a shoot you absolutely refused to do? Why? (Or why not?)

tashareign56 karma

YES. Once I was asked to do a blow bang for a company I had never even heard of. I told my agent #1 i have never even done a blow bang so it better be a good rate or #2 It should be for a really great company! So we turned it down.

coyotechoir37 karma

what do you enjoy doing between takes? about how many hours total of shooting does it generally take for a single movie?

tashareign58 karma

Depending on my co worker, I like to have sex in between takes. Depending on the scene or movie it could take 4 hours, a day, weeks to shoot a movie with not a ton of sleep. It varies so much. Usually I do scene and it takes from 8-10 for makeup, 10-10:30 for pics, and 10:30-2:30 to shoot the scene. That could really vary though.

Dwbrown70535 karma

What sort of regulations take place in the industry to prevent STIs?

tashareign66 karma

Great questions. Adult performs are required to test every 14 days, sometimes even sooner depending the company. We have to give urine samples and take blood tests as well as come to set healthy down town. Women and men are both extremely aware of their sexual health in my business, its how they live and make money so it is a first priority!

cody24629 karma

What got you into the Porn industry?

tashareign50 karma

I was modeling for playboy for UCLA girls of the Pac 10 and decided that it was the career path I wanted to explore.

Guhrizzlybaire28 karma

if you could play anybody in a xxx parody, who would it be and why?

tashareign93 karma

A Disney Princess

coach6428 karma

Have you ever had sex with a fan?

tashareign58 karma

I think once when I met a mainstream actor at a night club, he was a fan, but it seemed normal because he was in entertainment and had many more fans then me!

Vuff25 karma

Do your parents object to your career path? Have they seen any of your work?

tashareign47 karma

My mom goes back and forth between whether she supports my career choices or not, but all in all she wants me to do what makes me happy!

tashareign38 karma

My mom supports me being happy but would have not chosen this career for her daughter.

bigsum24 karma

Do you plan of having kids? If so how would you explain your stint in the industry to them?

tashareign40 karma

Yes many of them. When they are adults they will understand I used to be in the adult entertainment industry.

tashareign50 karma

I will make sure their perceptions are positive and healthy.

postExistence20 karma

Hi there! Wow, there have been a lot of porn star AMA's. It's a really interesting change. Can I ask a few questions? I'll be gentle :D

  • What made you decide to start your own production company? Do you no longer want to work for other studios?

  • What is "fun, sex-positive content" in regards to Reign Productions' goals?

  • Do you really go to school at UCLA and do porn? How are you treated on campus? I hope you don't get a lot of creepy stalkers...

  • When did you lose your virginity, and when did you start experimenting with your own sexuality?

  • You maintain an excellent figure. What kind of diet and exercise do you maintain?

tashareign20 karma

I want to own my content, especially the really exclusive scenes, like my first anything. I still enjoy just being a model on other companies porn sets, its much more relaxing.

I want both men and women to watch my Reign Production videos and think, wow that was a great performance and fun movie that I am proud to watch and I explored my sexuality and got off!

Yes, I do really go to UCLA and do porn, i do not have creepy stalkers that I know of, and I am treated very well on campus.

I lost my virginity at age 17 years old but I started experimenting with boys when I was younger :)

I am naturally curvy but petite and I do pilates and yoga to stay fit!

PapaDyl20 karma

Being a porn star, what is a major misconception that you experience on a daily basis?

tashareign48 karma

That I am only an external personal and somehow that makes me non internal.. As if having sex on film makes me uneducated or stupid. Ignorance is bliss I guess..

THeFeminineEminem16 karma

How did you choose your porn name?

tashareign34 karma

Tasha was just a cute name I consulted my mom and friends about. Silver Reign was a club I used to strip at. They use my photo for their billboards all over L.A. now because I told them that they could if they plug my site too!

phatti15 karma


tashareign18 karma

Not yet...

FreakinSloths15 karma

Have you dated a co-star?

tashareign40 karma

Yes, my only boyfriend in porn thus far, was Ben English, he is quite a cutie. That lasted over a year.

Aka8414 karma

Who is your favorite Disney Character? I know you're a big fan of the Disney princesses.

tashareign29 karma

Hey you!!! Aurora and Cinderella, and the new girl from Frozen!

FinickyPenance12 karma

You said that you major in gender studies; do you feel like your work as a pornstar gives you a different perspective towards sex-positive feminism?

What would you say to people who think pornography should be abolished due to the industry's exploitative effect on so many women, not just in the third world but here as well?

tashareign30 karma

I do have a very special perspective now being in adult and a gender studies major

I do not think legal American pornography, like what I do, should be compared to illegal or 3rd world forced sex work, that is like comparing consensual adult sex to rape.. not right.

Thank you for asking xo

I_Shop_At_Ikea12 karma


tashareign25 karma

I believe it will be when another company books me for it, I don't do DP a lot because it is expensive for people to book it.

Zach261111 karma

Have you ever been in any really weird/awkward moments on set?

tashareign24 karma

Sure, lots of them. Girls and boys have off days, maybe the guy cant get hard or a girl is feeling sick, just depends on the situation.

Dadace4311 karma

Have you ever heard of any porn star getting pregnant because of their line of work?

tashareign19 karma

No not personally I have not.

schnebly510 karma

Have you done a scene with James Deen, and why was it the best sex of your life?

tashareign20 karma

Yes he was in my room recently doing a scene, and I did enjoy the sex very much. He knows what women want :P

Omnigog10 karma

What was your new years resolution?

tashareign20 karma

To be more organized and conquer the world!

osseo9 karma

Serious question...what do you do first, brush or floss?

tashareign22 karma

I brush first!

IllogicalLogic218 karma

Why are you in the buisness? The money? The sex?

tashareign29 karma

Many reasons, but I love performing and making my fans cum! Its also a viable income and I have fun always!

Crash_Burn_Death8 karma

Hello! My question for you is: What is your favorite thing (or things) about the porn industry?

tashareign44 karma

I love getting my hair and make up done and sex with professionals that have large cocks.

bluemacro7 karma

If you could be any race except the one you already are, which race would it be?

tashareign38 karma

Asians because their education is always first priority.

Aka847 karma

When other performers and yourself go out, do you call each other by your stage names or your real names?

tashareign16 karma

That really depends on how close we are with one another! Real close, then no. Just work related mostly, then stage.

DeDood7 karma


tashareign28 karma

It is so much more professional then you could ever imagine.

pro-procrasturbator7 karma

Is there a difference between your "pornstar orgasms" and your off-camera orgasms? Do you act it up for the camera or is that actually what you look like when you cum?

tashareign14 karma

i think it is usually what I look like but I guess I would not truly know. I do however act it up and exaggerate for the camera and fans of course!

thedollabills7 karma

Everyone has those days at work where they just don't want to be at the office, so my question for you is: what do you think about on those kinds of days? when a dude is balls deep inside you and you just don't want to be there?

tashareign16 karma

I laughed for real! I sometimes dont want to be up earlier then noon and then once I am on set in makeup, working with talent that I like, it all seems to be fun and exciting again!

BrandonWinkz6 karma

Hello, how tall are you and who is your favorite superhero?

tashareign10 karma

5"4 and that would be Sleeping Beauty... i dont think I have a super hero, only cartoon lol

gloubenterder6 karma

One of the most common questions when meeting new people is "So what do you do for a living?"

Do you usually feel comfortable answering this question when meeting new people? If not, how do you deal with it?

tashareign14 karma

I say I am a student, which is true too~

Bakinshake6 karma

With your profession being what it is, has it made sex in the sense of a relationship less exciting or to the point where sex really isn't that big a deal for you anymore? Thanks for doing this by the way!

tashareign12 karma

I enjoy sex in a totally more intimate way with my partner when I have one!

BeanGallery6 karma

While you're doing your job. Has there ever been a time early in your career or even now, when you thought what am I doing with myself?

tashareign27 karma

Yes, questioning yourself is the most important part of eventually being sure of your choices.

Huskermann5 karma

Who is your favorite female actress to work with?

tashareign15 karma

Molly Cavalli but she retired.



tashareign10 karma

yes sometimes, especially if I work with them a lot and like them as people too.

mulperto5 karma

I assume you are ok with the idea of people masturbsting while fantasizing about you, but who do you fantasize about?

tashareign14 karma

I like pretty dark stuff.. that's my secret :P

starrecovery4 karma

Out of every single person on this planet, who needs to watch one of your films the most?

tashareign13 karma

I think someone who is an adult who has not yet experienced an orgasm !!! That would be awesome!

skanndelus4 karma

What's your cat's name?

tashareign9 karma

Cookie and Cupcake

ASVP234 karma

Would you ever take a fans virginity? Or is that just weird

tashareign14 karma

I would not, but I hope everyone looses their V card in a fun way :P

blazeking4204 karma

What was it like in the beginning of being a pornstar and what lead you to being one?

tashareign8 karma

I was excited and nervous about doing a good performance. Also I was already dancing at a gentleman's club and modeling for Playboy.

gregglesaurus4 karma

When you were a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?

tashareign13 karma

A fashion designer, the president, then a Disney princess at the parks, a broadcaster, a model, an actress.

Aka844 karma

Hi Tasha! Happy early birthday. How do you find homes for shooting locations? Some of the homes I see in scenes and films are really nice. Are they owned by industry people or are ads put out to try and find locations?

tashareign8 karma

Both, some rented from owners outside of porn, some specific to porn, some are our homes, its just like any shoot in entertainment really but the owners have to be okay with sex on their furniture and stuff.

Jkhauth3 karma

Whats your favorite song(s) to perform to?

tashareign9 karma

Cowboy- by Kid Rock Blow the Whistle- Too Short

nate2993 karma

How does being an adult film star effect your romantic relationships and love life outside of the industry?

tashareign3 karma

It limits me from certain people who do not think what I do is acceptable. It also draws certain people to me, its all about what your perception is.

TheRahulParmar2 karma

What's your favorite thing to order from Taco Bell?

tashareign10 karma

potato burrito

hoffnutsisdope2 karma

Hi Tasha,

Thanks for doing this AMA, big fan. Couple questions regarding performer safety.

What do you think of the recent outbreaks in the industry? Do you feel FSC is doing enough with their moratorium declarations and do you feel that there is enough studio compliance?

Second. I know that HSV2 isn't included in the standard panel. Is it as prevalent in the industry as some believe and if so just considered part of the "cost of doing business"?

Thanks for your time.

tashareign2 karma

I think that people need to be aware that HIV has still never been spread on a porn set.

I think we do a very thorough job of protecting our sex workers and that the rick calculus involved in having sex in general is always there, by testing each month we are safer then most and are very conscious. Though I would not mind testing for more fun stuff ;p I believe HSV2 has been added to the panel already.

Hayes282 karma

Have you ever considered meeting up with one of your fans?

tashareign2 karma

I do all the time at conventions and feature dancing gigs! I love my fans and I know they are why I get to work :)