Unbathed and angry if anyone's interested I'll answer any questions

I'm on my phone right now but I have proof. http://imgur.com/67WsQ6Q http://imgur.com/2lEFPwC

The bridge to Charleston behind me

http://www.amwater.com/wvaw/about-us/news.html is the zones for flushing out the water

This is how the DEP found the scene when they showed up http://www.wvgazette.com/News/201401130118

Edit: this just came to my attention, this is what it looks like in our homes http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/1v7qii/wv_chemical_spill_remnantsi_need_some_pb_for_my/

edit 2:/u/keelabee will be having small meetings if locals want to get involved in free forums for people to come together, share thoughts/ideas. http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1v7f4s/i_live_in_charleston_west_virginia_where_we_have/cepnhyb

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Was Jesco as cool in person as he seems on tv?

brbgoingtotouchboob4 karma

i hear the whole family is terrible people

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Do you know the White family by chance??

brbgoingtotouchboob4 karma

not really, they tend to stay in prisons most of the time

murox-8 karma

I live in Huntington, WV, about 40 minutes east of Charleston, the site of the leak. The amount of MCHM has been less than 1 PPM for three days now, and nearly all of Charleston and surrounding areas are back online now with safe drinking tap water.

OP's water is currently not "poisoned," as he put it.

brbgoingtotouchboob3 karma

if you think your so tough come down here and drink a tall glass of it. and try and tell me its "safe"

iv flushed the systems here and at work the smell and taste is still very strong. and ANY PPM is to much to have. its not something we should think about ingesting at all