My name is Nate. I was, along with many other teens, detained against my will at Island View RTC. In my time there, I experienced solitary confinement, attack therapy resembling struggle sessions, forced medication, sleep deprivation, multiple batteries at the hands of unlicensed staff members, and much more. I am 24 now, discharged 6 years ago, and it is still a major problem in my life. Most nights I have nightmares, and scream in my sleep. I have been diagnosed with PTSD post-discharge.

I also have Tourette's Syndrome characterized by violent motor ticks. This has caused me injury in the past, and there is a long, documented history of my case. Island View psychiatrists knew this, and subjected me to medical testing. I was prescribed and forced to take Abilify, a powerful antipsychotic known to cause tardive dyskinesia, another motion disorder. Many notes were made on and questions asked about its effect on my Tourette's, and I was still forced to take the medication when I reported that it made it worse. I cite this as a small, singular example of the atrocities committed by Kimball DeLaMare (the founder), and Aspen Education.


EDIT: PLEASE tell people about this AMA. I want my voice heard. I want these people stopped. If I can save one kid from going through what I went through, it is worth reliving my experience.

EDIT: Some people are saying I got sent away for my meth use. That makes no sense, since I didn't use drugs until I got out of Island View, and I started using to make the memories go away. For the record, I quit using drugs June 10, 2010. I was sent away because I would not dress how my father wanted, wouldn't stop listening to the music I liked, and was sexually active with my girlfriend. That last one was HUGE for him, he is a diagnosed narcissist and cannot handle his son "usurping" his position as a sexual male. It made him feel like I was taking his place in the pride, so to speak, and so, he punished me.

FINAL EDIT: This has been exhausting, but I honestly feel a little better. I've never really spoken about my experience before, and I think I needed to. Thanks for giving me a forum. To all current and former Island View staff who have stumbled upon this AMA, especially Dramanda (You know who you are, traitor. Working for your captors... for shame.), FUCK YOU. I succeeded in my life in spite of you, not because of you.

FINAL FINAL EDIT, REALLY THIS TIME: If you are a survivor, and you need someone to talk to, I am here.

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I'm not sure I can vouch for the validity of this website, but it could be a good jumping off point for those of us that would like to research the facility more:

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They're a little disorganized for my tastes, and I think they give survivors a "crazy cat person" vibe.