Hey Reddit!

I am the Community Coordinator at the world’s biggest porn site, Pornhub. I’ll answer your questions about working at and managing the social and community aspect of our site. I also have some other members of the Pornhub team nearby to answer pretty much anything related to your favorite site.

(Me) Pornhub Katie – Community Coordinator
Corey Price – VP Operations
Brett Hall – VP Product
Rusty Gitalto – Lead Developer
Some others will join along the way

Some new cool things the team has been working on recently that you may have heard of (and hopefully like): Pornhub Select [NSFW] – HD videos, minimal ads, clean experience.
PornIQ.com [NSFW] – Curated porn for the masses.
Pornhub Insights [SFW] – Porn stats for all!
We’re open to (almost) all questions, any feedback, suggestions or big ideas.

Proof (Me!): Tweet! [Kind of SFW]

After 9 long hours we need to take a break! Thank you so much everyone for your amazing questions and comments, it has been a blast. You can still leave more and I'll try to answer them tomorrow morning.

Remember... Keep fapping and follow your dreams!

  • Katie and the rest of the Pornhub team.

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dalziel863257 karma

Katie_Pornhub3238 karma

We love it!! They are amazing.
They are actually real pornhub comments. -Corey

Billywubba3195 karma

Your website gave my right hand carpal tunnel. I demand compensation!

EDIT: 8hrs later and still no premium. But that's prob for the best, I don't think my left hand could handle it!

Katie_Pornhub3735 karma

PM me, I'll send you premium for a month.

BDTS3156 karma

Why is it that porn websites have better video players than other sites that also host videos like Youtube?

Katie_Pornhub3792 karma

Because I keep our flash developers in a cage programming 24/7. We accept nothing less. Rusty

seanlax53132 karma

Just thought I'd let you know I cited your website as a source for a paper in graduate school: Citation.

Thanks for having a SFW side of your website.

Katie_Pornhub4356 karma

Did your teacher give you the D? -Katie

GOODFAM3038 karma

Are there hot horny singles in your area as well?

EDIT: I'd like to thank not only God, but Jesus as well. But seriously, i've dreamed about reddit gold, i never thought i would actually get it. You're amazing stranger.

Katie_Pornhub3131 karma

There are ALWAYS hot and horny singles in EVERYWHERE in the world.

AlienJew3013 karma


Katie_Pornhub3046 karma

Nope. I guess I'll take a look at that. - Brett

kennywu10052602 karma

that always bugged as a programmer and i figured it was unintentionally but I had no idea how to report a bug on a porn website. Now it is done... thank you reddit.

Katie_Pornhub2892 karma

We have feedback.pornhub.com for all suggestions, bugs etc. Brett

laststandman3013 karma

How often do people really share a video on reddit, Twitter, etc.? That option has always amused the shit outta me

Katie_Pornhub3289 karma

Thousands a day. You would be surprised. We get millions of social traffic visits a month.

thekingadrock932934 karma

Did you guys ever get a response to your proposition of fixing the US Healthcare site?

Katie_Pornhub3635 karma

Yes we got a response! The Whitehouse officially declined to work with us. Our developers were sad.

thekingadrock932795 karma

...I wonder what kind of porn Obama likes...

Katie_Pornhub3569 karma

He likes classy women of any race.

TheWizardOfMagicLand2884 karma

Why don't you have the option to pick things that fall into multiple categories?

What I mean is, you have a "categories" page that hast stuff like "Asian," "Blowjobs," "Big Tits," etc, but on the page you just click one.

Why not make it a checkbox thing where you can check off a bunch of different categories and then search for the videos that are grouped into all of those categories?


Alternatively, maybe you don't like Asians, but you like blowjobs and you check that you don't want them.


It's just something I've always wondered. No porn sites do this and it doesn't seem like it would be hard to implement.

EDIT: Thanks, guys.

EDIT 2: I get it. It's a reddit comment, not my databases 101 final. I don't know their DB schema, either. I appreciate it, though. I've never been a DB guy.

Katie_Pornhub3189 karma

It's coming this month! I actually just approved a mockup today. -Brett

ajb19902802 karma

How did you feel about being used so prominently in Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Don Jon? Did he approach you about it, or how did that work?

Katie_Pornhub3092 karma

The studio approached us about it. We thought it was a great idea. We never met Joe but we heard he was happy to have us on board.

captainJackDan2799 karma

Do any of you ever look at some of the videos and just think " what the fuck is that?" or does nothing surprise you anymore?

Katie_Pornhub3328 karma

haah yes it still happens. Anal prolapses, eels in asses, tentacles. It still surprises me from time to time.

Kiviks-Mustfri2795 karma

How did you react to charities rejecting your donations to breast cancer research?

Katie_Pornhub3440 karma

A bit disappointed, how can you turn down our hard earned money for a great cause?

iDisc2692 karma

Did Justin Bieber ever follow up with you after you offered free premium membership for him on his 18th birthday?

Katie_Pornhub3170 karma

AHHA. No but I'm renewing it for his 20th birthday coming up.

jonoy522692 karma

How much did the URL cost?

Katie_Pornhub3217 karma

5k 10 years ago.

I_SHIT_A_BRICK1700 karma

What's it worth now?

Katie_Pornhub3449 karma

skenn0242625 karma


Katie_Pornhub3164 karma

ASS -Katie
ASS -Brett TITS - Corey ASS -Rusty

def_leper2552 karma

Are you sick of watching porn yet? Has your constantly porn filled work environment killed your libido or forced you into extreme kinks?

Katie_Pornhub3663 karma

I only get off to migets pissing on eachother. -Rusty

SongOfUpAndDownVotes2522 karma

How are your office headquarters decorated?

Just curious about what type of environment you all work in.

Katie_Pornhub3203 karma

Pretty standard office. The only difference is the hardcore scenes sometimes playing on people screens.

InvalidUsernameAgain2228 karma

So you basically have one of the only jobs where NSFW is actually SFW.

Katie_Pornhub2985 karma

Yeah, my boss looks at me weird when I DON'T have porn on my screen.

YouPornJude2513 karma

What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen in a video?

Katie_Pornhub3344 karma

SpongeKnob Square Nuts http://imgur.com/1M1t8zP [SFW kinda]

huachaos2513 karma

Do you guys have a masturbation room? I mean, being around so much porn all the time has to take its toll on you.

Katie_Pornhub3416 karma

I've masturbated in the bathrooms before -Rusty.

Katie_Pornhub3186 karma

WTF!? It becomes white noise... for most of us... -Brett

i_cry_evrytim_3180 karma

There are two types of men in the world: those who have masturbated in the work bathroom, and goddamn liars.

Katie_Pornhub2901 karma

Yes. -Rusty

polarbearjockey2437 karma

How do you feel about your jobs? How would you answer if someone asked you what you do for a living?

Katie_Pornhub3271 karma

We love it. We work for the 60th biggest website in the world, porn or not, that's pretty impressive.

DirtyMexican872246 karma

Why are there so many mothers ready to be fucked around my area?

Katie_Pornhub2409 karma

You live in a horny town.

xophib12231 karma

You are my idol Katie, and I'm a guy.

Katie_Pornhub3085 karma

I'd fuck you. - Katie.

xophib11191 karma

I think you just stole my AMA virginity.

Katie_Pornhub1513 karma

Did you bleed?

garrisonsparks2165 karma

you should connect up with /u/doubledickdude

Katie_Pornhub2955 karma

He said he won't do porn :( -Katie

Specialjyo2106 karma

What does NSFW mean where you all work?

Katie_Pornhub3044 karma

It means something non-porn like Facebook. -Brett

Eenjoy528 karma

Speaking of facebook... is there a good deal of people that actually link your videos to their facebook... I mean, I don't want my family knowing I like mother/daughter stuff so much.

Katie_Pornhub1025 karma

You cannot write pornhub.com on facebook.

TardisDude2069 karma

How do you deal with competitors ? Do look at other porn site for new features / search options / categories ?

Basically, How do you stay on top ?

Katie_Pornhub2751 karma

Constantly listening to users. We have a great feedback forum. I also am always checking competitor sites.

splosionp2048 karma

How often does content that has nothing to do with porn get uploaded? How long does it take for you guys to notice? Has any non-porn related content been left alone after it had been noticed?

Katie_Pornhub3082 karma

I would say it's 99% porn but the odd HALO game or soccer highlight gets uploaded.

TeaBagGuy691986 karma

What categories are the top searches for porn?

Katie_Pornhub2665 karma

Teen, Milf, Amateur are the big ones. It varies by geo and time of the day.

coolpooldude1905 karma

Are you hiring?

edit: Sr. Network Engineer here

Katie_Pornhub1777 karma

Check http://www.mindgeek.com/careers we're always looking for good people.

Thatone3rdbass1844 karma

Is there anything that is NOT allowed on the site besides minors?

Katie_Pornhub2775 karma

The illegal stuff, beasts, rape, stabbings, beheadings, executions of political leaders.

Sexualitay1811 karma

Favorite porn star and scene?

Katie_Pornhub2605 karma

Christy Mack and Kendall Karson. Too many scenes to list

mianmo1801 karma

How do your parents feel about the site?

Katie_Pornhub3063 karma

I ask my parents for suggestions to improve the UI of the site all the time.

Geefers1661 karma

How long does the average site visit last?

Katie_Pornhub2585 karma

About 8 minutes.

WiseWordsFromBrett1646 karma

First of all, thanks for having a decent Search Engine, so many sites suck at this, how businesses don't understand how important this is for porn is beyond me.

Any stories about someone asking you to take down a video because "hey, thats me, how did that get on the internet"?

Thanx, I am going over to do some "Market Research" while I wait for an answer...

Katie_Pornhub1952 karma

Very often. We take down the videos right away.

cocaine_badger1624 karma

What usually happens during those "maintenance hours"? And how do you guys handle such large amounts of traffic so well?

Katie_Pornhub2856 karma

Maintenance hours?!?!?!
We're UP all the time ;)


drivin121517 karma

What was your reaction to CBS refusing to air the super bowl commerical?

Katie_Pornhub1501 karma

Sad, but we weren't too shocked. -Corey

earsfrederickson1408 karma

To what extent do you guys moderate comments? Do you have any specific commenting guidelines? It seems like pretty much anything goes in terms of what people can say.

Katie_Pornhub2276 karma

Anything goes! As long as it's not harassing other members. We love limericks.

TheDutchDevil1225 karma

What's are the usage statistics of gay and lesbian videos compared to straight videos?

Katie_Pornhub1781 karma

About 10% of our traffic browses gay videos.

SomeAssholeSays1131 karma

What is THE worst job to have in the industry?

Katie_Pornhub2114 karma

Cleaning up after a scene is complete. -Katie

BenAtkinsChafer991 karma


Katie_Pornhub1718 karma

Everyday :(

cptgonzo960 karma

Best porn website. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Katie_Pornhub813 karma

Thanks for the kind words

schnaks873 karma

Are you guys gonna sponsor Kripparrian

Katie_Pornhub658 karma

We saw he's a huge fan.

bowersbros821 karma

How do employees deal with hardons at the office? OR is it so commonplace to have porn playing you're effectively immune to it?

Katie_Pornhub2050 karma

We've mastered the uptuck - Rusty.

cmdc11799 karma

has working at pornhub made you experiment more in the bedroom?

Katie_Pornhub1618 karma

I learnt so many new moves. Thanks Pornhub.

leodoestheopposite780 karma

Did you give a backdoor to the NSA?

Katie_Pornhub2178 karma

Our backdoor is exit only. -Corey

TheRowdyRebel757 karma

What do you think of your biggest rival, Xhamster?

Katie_Pornhub1718 karma

They suck. -Brett

MikeWill69You750 karma

What is the safest way to use Pornhub while I'm at work ?

Katie_Pornhub1901 karma

Mobile device. Bathroom stall. -Katie

CloggedBathtub679 karma

What is your CDN strategy/implementation?

Katie_Pornhub855 karma

We use level3 and limelight. Rusty

Katie_Pornhub1003 karma

Oz is the Pornhub King.

henkw650 karma

How does your server setup look like?

Katie_Pornhub1073 karma

We have many servers. Encoding servers, web servers, DB servers, load balancers, redis, memecache, mongodb. We have over 50 servers. Rusty

CaptainUninformed519 karma

You've probably seen a lot of porn, but has anyone at Pornhub ever featured in a porno?

Katie_Pornhub1135 karma

Never. Company policy.

Loika472 karma

How do people react when you tell them where you work?

Katie_Pornhub932 karma

They usually don't believe me when I tell them.

FuckingZakumi466 karma

Has working at/for PornHub changed your perception of pornography?

Do you ever use the site, while not at work?

Thanks for the AMA.

Katie_Pornhub781 karma

I watch even more porn now! - Katie!

tapomirbowles390 karma

How big is you development team? I am in a fairly sized IT company, and I always thought we had many programmers/developers considering our size, but I am always told that is normal. So how big is your team?

Katie_Pornhub1346 karma

It varies but it's over 15 inches, people.

leolovelamp323 karma

Why do doctors hate me?

Katie_Pornhub66 karma

Because they don't have a medical explanation for your three penises.

anonymisery255 karma

Do you ever deal directly with pornstars? What is that like?

Katie_Pornhub887 karma

I've met a few of them once or twice. It was fun. Then I fapped to their videos.

jpsalvesen170 karma

How many terabytes of video do you have stored?

Katie_Pornhub280 karma

Good question... We have over 1.5 million videos.. I'd have to ask Rusty for an exact number but he's busy coding again.

godmin147 karma

Is there 1 statistic about pornhub that you think would blow our minds? What is it?

Katie_Pornhub583 karma

A couple days ago we had more visitors on the site in single day than the entire population of Canada.

themuffledvoice137 karma

What do you think of the UK's decision to censor porn?

Katie_Pornhub369 karma

We oppose censorship in all forms.