What up ya'll? Ice Cube here. hangin out for our new movie RIDE ALONG. Kevin's done an AMA before but this is my first one so let's keep it real. Go ahead and ask us anything.

Proof: https://twitter.com/RideAlong/status/419551992961179649

Update: Sorry we have to head out so soon, full day of interviews for the movie. They're keeping us on lock down. Thanks for your questions. Go see RIDE ALONG on January 17th. Keep it real. Signing out.

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camalamalamalum2542 karma

Ice Cube: Do you feel like a cannibal when you have drinks with ice cubes in?

_IceCube2820 karma


HumanSpecimen1916 karma

For both Cube & Hart: Did Conan approach you guys for that skit about riding through Hollywood, or did you guys approach him? I thought it was great .. I LOL'd when Conan ordered Wendy's

_IceCube2022 karma

Conan approached us to do the skit. Laughed out loud when I saw it.

Iamkevinhart1410 karma

Conan approached us and it was all done without any prep.

Northernaut1324 karma


_IceCube2013 karma

thank you, sir, can I have another?

Optimus-wine1292 karma

Was today a good day?

_IceCube1730 karma

yes. but busy, wish I was watching the playoffs.

kchymyck1052 karma

Cube: What is your biggest regret as an artist?

_IceCube2394 karma

Not being able to work with Dr. Dre as much on music.

cadenhead1024 karma

For Kevin Hart: You find a lot of comedy in male insecurities, including a famous bit where you express fear that your son will be gay. You praised Frank Ocean at the MTV VMAs in 2012 for having the courage to come out, and recently said in an interview that you don't do jokes any more about gays. What changed your mind on this subject of humor?

Iamkevinhart1970 karma

It's just a sensitive topic and I respect people of all orientations. So, it's just best left alone.

runaway_goat1015 karma

Cube and Kevin: What are the dumbest rumors you've heard about yourselves?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

Iamkevinhart2397 karma

I heard that I didn't have any thumbs.

_IceCube2356 karma

That I was dead! Totally untrue. I can prove it.

gregm970971 karma

Cube: Why did you make "Are We There Yet"?

_IceCube2405 karma

For my fans' kids. I didn't like little kids only having Friday to laugh to.

Markual891 karma


_IceCube1303 karma

You tell me.

Littleredash02862 karma

For both of you guys!

When was the first time you realized that you were actually a celebrity and how did it feel?

Also thanks for doing this AMA.

PS. I'm still bumping to it was a good day!

Iamkevinhart2698 karma

When I went to MCDs and they gave me free nuggets.

_IceCube2089 karma

When my mom asked for an autograph for her friends, I knew I was famous. Still feels good.

Vpmcgruder841 karma

How hard was it to keep a straight face during scenes with Kevin?

_IceCube2832 karma

No. Just thought about how much money he was going to ask to do the sequel. Stayed pissed off.

Eman9707801 karma

Ice cube: Do you think your acting career has helped or hindered your reputation as a rapper?

_IceCube2839 karma

Only an insecure person would worry about their reputation as a rapper. I do what I feel when I feel it. My rep is cemented.

Apologician749 karma

How far away are we from the next Friday movie? Also will Smokey be making a return? When are y'all going on First Take again?

_IceCube1394 karma

The next Friday movie is caught up in development hell at New Line Cinema. Pray that we get it outta there.

jaden67744 karma

For kevin hart: Would this movie w/ Ice cube be a memorable time for you?

Iamkevinhart2251 karma

Nothing with Ice Cube is a memorable time! He's a bully.

_IceCube2407 karma

Kevin, you better like me or else!

SwaggyGoat709 karma

Ice Cube, who do you got winning the Super Bowl?

_IceCube1748 karma


mcraft07652 karma

I saw your promo you guys did with Conan O'brien awhile back. How fun is it working with Conan? Is he the whitest man in america?

_IceCube1645 karma

It's always fun working with Conan. He is definitley not the whitest man in America. We plan on starting a rap group together.

Iamkevinhart835 karma

He's definitely the whitest guy in America but we had a ball filming that sketch.

thorizzle117644 karma

Tits or ass?

_IceCube1608 karma


blazerfanalways529 karma

Kevin what is the first thing you do in the morning?

Iamkevinhart1343 karma

It rhymes with sex.

ajb1990504 karma

Cube: How did John Singleton convince you to do a screen test for Boyz N the Hood? It's to my understanding you were hesitant.

Kevin: Of the many movies you have lined up to come out (after Ride Along), which one are you most excited about?

_IceCube913 karma

He pursued me for two years. I was hesitant because I didn't think I was qualified. He showed me I was.

KasketKase502 karma

Ice Cube! What is your favorite Hip-Hop album?

_IceCube1128 karma

Public Enemy's It Takes a Nation A Millions To Hold Us Back.

whitvw460 karma

Hi guys! What could you see yourself doing if you weren't in the entertainment industry?

Iamkevinhart2152 karma

Robbing old people.

_IceCube1889 karma

Trying to get into the entertainment industry.

CrawfordShepard404 karma

Cube: Most interesting memories of working with David O. Russell and Spike Jonze?

_IceCube631 karma

David's spat with George Clooney was pretty interesting and funny.

bigtice400 karma

Who goes harder: Ice Cube, WC, Mack 10, Chocolate Drop or Uncle Al?

Iamkevinhart874 karma

Chocolate Drop.

_IceCube746 karma

I definitley go harder, then WC, bring up the rear Chocolate Drop.

_IceCube538 karma

I definitley go harder, then WC, bring up the rear Chocolate Drop.

Norfric369 karma

For Hart: A lot of your jokes are based off you being short and black. What would be your next go-to jokes if you were neither of those?

Iamkevinhart2239 karma

It would be about me being tall and Chinese.

jbasstastic330 karma

Kevin, Is your uncle still your physical trainer? Any other stories about times he talks to you like you're working out in the prison yard?

Iamkevinhart851 karma

Yeah, he's the best. Right now we use the Foreman Grill as a weight to increase the stamina and balance in the yard.

epeens327 karma

Not a question. Just wanted to say Kevin you are freakin hilarious. Laugh at my pain is one of my favorite stand ups.

Ice Cube it was pretty cool meeting you when you were on tour around the universities promoting your movie.

Iamkevinhart750 karma

Thank you man, you're my new best friend.

Sil_E293 karma

I'm one of the four guys in Radio Silence who made Devil's Due coming out the same weekend. If anyone kicks our ass, I want it to be you guys.

Edit: Also wanna welcome you to reddit!

_IceCube398 karma

Thank you. Wish you guys were on another date. Good luck.

Stampalamp292 karma

holy shit I've never been so early to an AMA before..

Kevin: What was the hardest part about making it big in comedy? Mr. Cube, whats you're favorite beverage?

_IceCube813 karma


nyohannes1259 karma

To Kevin- would you ever try acting in any other genre besides comedy?

Iamkevinhart1768 karma

Yes, I've been thinking about going to Cinemax for soft porn.

Jmo_hdz250 karma

Kevin - what's your height? Cause everyone you post up next to is always taller than you. And I love all of your stand ups and movies. Respect how you never forget your roots.

Cube -Do you ever look back at where you first started in the rap game? And how much of a change do you feel it had made upon your career where you're at now?

Iamkevinhart1046 karma

I'm 5'4" but with a Timberland boot I can get to 6'4"!

_IceCube473 karma

There is no career without the rap game for me. It was my launching pad.

IAmRichHomieQuanAMA244 karma

Kevin: The episode of Real Husbands of Hollywood where Chris Rock "endorses" products is actually the funniest thing I've ever seen. How did Chris react when you pitched that to him?

Iamkevinhart384 karma

He loved it which is why he ended up doing it. Best friends forever!

gregm970244 karma

Hart: Vine or Instagram?

Iamkevinhart594 karma


gregm970218 karma

Hart: What is the best show you have ever done?

Iamkevinhart582 karma

A hand show when I was a hand model for Red Rooster's hot sauce.

perro_de_oro205 karma

For both of you: What's your favorite kind of sandwich?

_IceCube734 karma

Pastrami on a french roll with yellow mustard, pickles and peppers.

Iamkevinhart705 karma

Peanut butter and jelly.

_IceCube415 karma

Pastrami on a french roll with yellow mustard, pickles and peppers.

Bmwe92199 karma

Kevin how did you get the red Octobers?

Iamkevinhart335 karma

That information is top secret.

JewResistance177 karma

Ice Cube: in regards to music what are you most proud of?

_IceCube439 karma

Solo career

Aziz232176 karma

Ice Cube: who do you think is the greatest comedian of all time? Kevin Hart: who do you think is the greatest comedian of all time?

_IceCube459 karma

Eddie Murphy is the greatest comedian of all times. Stage, television and movie Master.

Fallingdreams147 karma

Hi Kevin! What was it like working with Stallone and De Niro while filming Grudge Match? Who do you think would win if they fought in real life?

Iamkevinhart344 karma

It was amazing and Stallone by a landslide.

waggie21146 karma

To both: What is item #1 on your "bucket list" that you haven't done yet?

_IceCube496 karma

Visit the pyramids in Egypt.

smoothjimi131 karma

Would you guys rather fight an ostrich, or a dude fighting with his feet?

_IceCube565 karma

I rather fight an ostrich. I've had several run ins with a few ostriches back in the day, kicked their ass.

Iamkevinhart306 karma

Dude fighting with his feet.

Alejandro78pro120 karma

The real question here is how are you two so fucking hilarious!!! Do you consider this movie one of your best pieces you've done?

_IceCube250 karma

yes. Ride Along is one of my best all around movies.

Casanova96110 karma

Ice Cube: Do you still keep it real?

Iamkevinhart336 karma

Yes, he does.

grant1023109 karma

Best experience while touring?

_IceCube248 karma

Being on stage with my heroes.

jaqqque99 karma

Which of you is funnier?

_IceCube366 karma


bushpigswag88 karma

Cube: Where does that cold-ass guitar riff from "Today Was a Good Day" come from? Everytime I pick up my guitar I sing Dooo-waa Dooo-waa, then I pick that little riff. =)

Kevin: I always thought that being an awards-host puts a comic on a tight balancing rope as far as offending people/getting laughs. Did you enjoy doing it, or was there a "rider" full of things you weren't allowed to use for jokes?

Iamkevinhart133 karma

Of course I enjoyed it, it's about pushing the envelope when you host those types of events.

andyourmothertoo81 karma

Hey Cube and Hart!

Cube: How will this movie with Kevin Hart differ from your other movies with other comedians i.e. Chris Tucker, Mike Epps...?

Kevin Hart: are you working on any other stand up projects? I went to go see you live in Phoenix and also went to go watch your movie. You sir, are hilarious!

Thanks guys!

_IceCube238 karma

It's better. Me and Kevin display a different kind of chemistry, not seen since the like of 48 Hours, Lethal Weapon and Bad Boys.

Iamkevinhart204 karma

Right now I'm building a new hour of material. I should be ready to tour in 2015.

HeffalumpndaWoozles45 karma

Kevin! As a vertically challenged person myself I'm wondering if you think people find it funny when you go HAM because you're short? or do they take you seriously most of the time?

Iamkevinhart362 karma

People take me serious all the time because of my prison background.

WaitWhereAreMyPants43 karma

What is your favorite moment in movie making thus far?

Iamkevinhart193 karma

Being casted.

olimo1238 karma

If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what song would it be?

_IceCube102 karma

Knee Deep by Funkadelic.

jackiefate25 karma

for both of you, how was everything in the making of this movie? was it fun? btw I love the both of you guys, you're hilarious! much love from jersey!

Iamkevinhart64 karma

This movie was amazingly fun. Me and Cube had amazing chemistry.

Compact5020 karma

Mr. Cube. Mr. Hart. Big fan of your work. Here's wishing you both continued success.

Question for both: judging from the trailers, your new movie seems like it was a blast to record. What was the most fun about being on set with each other?

_IceCube63 karma

Hearing Kevin crack jokes about everybody on the crew

TheKingofBananas1 karma

Did any gangsta rappers come to the premiere of Are We There Yet?

_IceCube16 karma

Just one. Yours truly. Stop hating on the kids.