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aisenhaim23 karma

I know I'm being a bit inappropriate but I had a dispute with my girlfriend over this and I just HAVE to know:

Were blowjobs a thing when you were young?

seattlewagamama25 karma

Do you think you invented them or something?

seattlewagamama21 karma

The most enjoyable thing . . . travelled the world, I'd say. I also dated a pro tennis player before he went into the army in 1930. He was a hot ticket. We had some good times.

sfst13 karma

Hey Seattlewagamama,

Take a pic with Evelyn holding a Reddit sign and post it for proof!

seattlewagamama1 karma

I will!

IAmThe6thDJ7 karma


EDIT: Proof from u/lilywhite1

JadeEJF2 karma

I can vouch for her - she's my coworker's grandma, though I'm not sure if that's the kind of proof you're after :-)

seattlewagamama2 karma

Thanks, Jade. Do you know my grandson Adam?

Dibbledn111 karma

I can also vouch for her. She is my best friend's Grams. I know her well and she is exactly this awesome. I have a picture with my 1 year old and Grams. 101 plus years difference.

seattlewagamama3 karma

Thank you for vouching for me.

Pyronic_Chaos7 karma

What have you done for a living for your 103 years? When did you retire?

seattlewagamama6 karma

I was a school teacher. I retired in the 70s. I can't remember what year.

dietcoke3053 karma

What grades did you teach? Did you have a favorite grade? Do you have any specialty subjects?

seattlewagamama5 karma

I taught in a one room schoolhouse so that's all ages. After I was in the middle of my teaching career, I had to go back to college. I only had a high school diploma when I started teaching at age 14. In my fifties I went to Augustana College and then became a kindergarten teacher. I love the little ones.

Pyronic_Chaos1 karma

What are your thoughts on the current education system (current or ~70s era)? How do you think we (the US) could regain the educated status we once held?

seattlewagamama3 karma

I think we need more of the three R's: reading, (w)riting, 'rithmetic. But some things don't change. Children learn when their parents care and they've had a good breakfast and a happy home.

SuperBeer36 karma

Fellow Northwester here. 103 years! Wow! Thats alot of whiskey. So I gotta know, whiskey of choice is?....

seattlewagamama20 karma

I like Johnnie Walker and my grandkids introduced me to Bulleit. But who am I kidding. I'll drink anything with alcohol in it.

tmonkey096 karma

If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

What was your favorite decade?

What does your typical meal consist of?

Thanks for doing an AMA!

seattlewagamama8 karma

I love these questions.

Younger self: Everything will be alright. Favorite decade: the 40s Typical meal: meat and potatoes

LutonFire6 karma

Do one hundred more ,will you?

seattlewagamama6 karma

Thanks! I will!

otismatis6 karma

103 - mad respect. What is the most enjoyable thing you have ever done?

Also, to what do you attribute your long life?

seattlewagamama19 karma

My adventures with the opposite sex and travelling the world are a tie. My long life is probably genetic. That or the pickles. Based on my lifestyle, I never should have lived this long.

cantfindausername4 karma

Why, exactly do you think you shouldn't have lived this long?

seattlewagamama6 karma

My diet. I eat whatever I want. And lots of it.

alicization6 karma

are you really the one typing or is somebody doing it for you?

seattlewagamama15 karma

I can't type. I can write though. My granddaughter bailed me out of Providence for the weekend (my assisted living facility) and is typing for me. She is a good secretary.

Need2throw6 karma

Did you attend the 1962 worlds fair? What did you think about the Space Needle the first time you saw it?

103 years old. That's some seriously bad ass killing life shit.

seattlewagamama9 karma

I wasn't in Seattle in 1962. I was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota where we had nothing except a few farms and a dirt road. But the first time I saw the Space Needle I thought, "wow, look at that!"

SuperBeer34 karma

What's your favorite city/town in Washington State? I've lived here my whole life

seattlewagamama5 karma

I love Steilacoom, WA and visiting Snoqualmie Falls.

Darkseekerr6 karma

You were about 19 during the depression. How did you make a living? How hard was it for you and did you lose anyone you knew during the depression?

seattlewagamama7 karma

I became a school teacher after I graduated high school at the age of 14. I taught in a one room school house.

Darkseekerr7 karma

14 year old school teacher.. waaa? Which grade?

seattlewagamama8 karma

All grades in one room. Back then the older boys would harvest in the summer and fall and they didn't want to listen to me. It was hard.

SuperBeer36 karma

How accurate is Back to the Future's depiction of 1955?

seattlewagamama8 karma

I haven't seen that movie. Now I want to watch it. I'll ask my grandkids about it.

SuperBeer32 karma

Do it. And hurry

seattlewagamama6 karma

I'm going to watch it during Christmas with my grandkids. I'll write back to you after I see it.

Foofoojack6 karma

Any proof?

seattlewagamama8 karma

Check out my Facebook page. I could maybe scan my passport. https://www.facebook.com/chad.ronilo?fref=ts#!/hildaevelyn.kottman

hutongsta6 karma

Were you a flapper?

seattlewagamama14 karma

Yes, and I learned to play cards in a speakeasy. I only play Rummy. My grandson is teaching me poker.

derpepper6 karma

What's your secret ingredient?

seattlewagamama8 karma

Pickles! I love them.

DrinkerofJuice5 karma


seattlewagamama19 karma

I've always been adventurous, but hitting the 100 mark really makes you want to take advantage of life. So I've been doing things I never thought I'd be doing -- like a tattoo! I love my stupid grandkids.

PackYourBowl5 karma

Have you experimented with any drugs?

seattlewagamama27 karma

Not yet. My grandson is trying to get me to try marijuana. If I do it, I'll post to reddit.

GlitterAndShit5 karma

What's something you haven't done that you wish you did?

seattlewagamama5 karma

Learned to swim! I'm still afraid of the water.

DangerNGrayce4 karma

How is the world different now from what you had imagined when you were young?

seattlewagamama9 karma

Communication. When I was young we had to go 2 miles by horseback (or on foot) to use a phone. Now there's the Internet and Skype. Never in my years did I imagine . . .

Karmanology4 karma


seattlewagamama4 karma

That is a really good question. I'll be honest that it does get thinner. But I have good collagen production, or so the doctor says, and I'm generally more plump all around. I chose to get the tattoo high up on my arm, where I would get a shot.

Higuy12344 karma

I've never been this early to an AMA! 103-Wow! What was it like when you first heard about the internet? Did you think would fail or go worldwide like it did?

seattlewagamama3 karma

I thought it sounded like trouble. I thought we would be sorry we invented it.

seattlewagamama4 karma

Dear Reddit,

My family literally opened a Reddit account, for the first time, to post the story about my grandmother's 103rd birthday. We opened an AMA without a good understanding the "proof" that was being asked of us. We thought folks were asking for her proof of age -- not proof that my grandmother is actively involved in this process and answering questions while I type.

This has been a wonderful experience for my Gram, allowing her to connect with young people, reminisce, and exercise her memory. We would sincerely appreciate it if you would please verify her and the account! Our links and pics are below.

Of all the crap that gets put on the Internet, this is one thing that we should be sharing. Intergenerational dialog is a wonderful. Help us keep the conversation going!

Sincerely, Hilda Evelyn's grandchildren

https://twitter.com/seattlewagamama/status/415253024160747520/photo/1 https://twitter.com/seattlewagamama/status/415253123414757377/photo/1 https://twitter.com/seattlewagamama/status/415253381108617216/photo/1

LSDean3 karma

You've got moxie.

What was it like when you heard the Atom Bomb had been dropped?

Best wishes for many more birthdays!

seattlewagamama6 karma

Thank you for the birthday wishes.

We knew that it meant that the Japanese would surrender and our boys would be home. It was a combination of horror and relief, because so many people died but our boys would be saved. War is a terrible thing.

chet-manley3 karma

when do people stop caring about having sex?

seattlewagamama28 karma

Right after they have kids. But as a woman, your libido comes back unexpectedly when you're old. Especially after the first time I saw Magic Mike.

Cheddartot3 karma

what's your best memory?

seattlewagamama18 karma

My first kiss.

seattlewagamama3 karma

I thought about this some more. I also liked sledding on Mayflower Hill in the winter. And in the summer, we raced down that same hill in a rickety old wagon. Better than any rollercoaster.

maxlef3 karma

So what's your paste time at 103 years old? what do you regret the most ? What's your biggest nostalgia?

seattlewagamama6 karma

You can't live life with regret. I'm most nostalgic for good music and radio shows. I don't know what paste time is. Explain and I'll answer.

seattlewagamama3 karma

I love baseball. I'm too old to play but I get into the season and follow the games.

TheElegantHobo3 karma

What's your favorite place you've visited so far?

seattlewagamama9 karma

I loved Germany. When I lived there with my daughter and her family we travelled all over. One of my most embarassing memories was when I was in Amsterdam and a group of drunk people walked in on me getting dressed. I was naked as a jaybird! I saw many places while I was there: France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg, Austria . . .

little_seizures3 karma

103 is a great achievement! Do you get any perks because of your age?

seattlewagamama19 karma

When you fart people are polite and pretend that they didn't hear it. They assume you're too old to hold it in.

Judge_Who_Approves3 karma

Hey, much respect, and thanks for the AMA! My grandmother whom just turned 99 This year is here with me, and says hi! So if I had to ask, in what place did you spend your childhood?

seattlewagamama3 karma

Elrod, South Dakota and then I moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Higuy12342 karma

I've never been this early to an AMA! 103-Wow! What was it like when you first heard about the internet? Did you think would fail or go worldwide like it did?

seattlewagamama2 karma

I thought it would cause a lot of trouble. I'm suspicious of people putting things on the Internet and you never who is out there. But I guess I'm changing my ways because now I'm talking to you on the Internet.

seattlewagamama2 karma

Okay kids, I have to go to bed. I'll be on later. Thanks for your questions. This is fun.

seattlewagamama2 karma

Okay a few more questions then bed.

katiebug03132 karma

What is your earliest childhood memory?

seattlewagamama4 karma

My grandfather's funeral, I was just a small child. He was buried in his Civil War uniform, and I remember the family arguing over whether or not he should be buried in it. We had two sides to the family -- one with blue eyes, the other with brown eyes. One side (blue) went South, the other (brown) went North. Grandpa fought for the Union Army and so he was buried in his Union Army uniform.

butterzzz2 karma

What's next on the to-do list?

seattlewagamama7 karma

Christmas hot toddies with the grandkids. Eating. Presents!

sorry4partying2 karma

Have you ever been physically attracted to another woman?

seattlewagamama3 karma

No. I have no feelings like that. But I have people in my family who go that way and to each their own.

dildobriefcase2 karma

What I'm gathering from your answers is that the way to live a long life is to live it to the fullest, would you agree?

seattlewagamama2 karma

Yes. Life is short. Savor every moment.

thomasjb282 karma

Did you know how to swing dance?

seattlewagamama2 karma

Yes, I had moves in my day.

flwzy2 karma

What's your favorite use of the Internet?

seattlewagamama3 karma


seattlewagamama1 karma

Thank you, Reddit!

chrlsdmrs1 karma

What age do you think you peaked?

What were your activities during this time?

Any cool stories?

seattlewagamama4 karma

I'm peaking now!

Activities: Intergenerational Art Program at Providence Mt St Vincent in Seattle. Target runs. Eating. Telling stories. Canning. Writing letters and reading.

Cool stories: My little brother, who was a real trouble-maker, convinced me to help him steal a model-T. We rolled it down hill to get it started. I worked the pedals and he worked the shift. When he turned 9, he ran away from home and rode the rails.

LordUltimo1 karma

Whats your most fond memory in all 103 years?

seattlewagamama1 karma

That is the hardest question. I will have to think about that.

pixie-stix1 karma

I laughed when I saw your tattoo - my Mom also got a heart tattoo on her upper arm when she was 72! Are you planning any other first experiences?

seattlewagamama4 karma

I'm running out of firsts! But I think that my grandkids have tricks up their sleeves. They keep my life exciting . . . too exciting sometimes.

DJ_Soarin_BRONY1 karma

Whats one thing you think we as people or pissibly a nation can learn from the past?

seattlewagamama5 karma

Save your money. Work hard. Be satisfied with what you have. Grow your own vegetables and respect the earth. Be comfortable with animals. Nothing better than fresh milk and eggs from the farm.

scarface70241 karma

What was your attitude during prohibition and it's after years. Do you have any interesting stories that happened from inside a speakeasy?

seattlewagamama4 karma

We all made bathtub gin and moonshine, so technically, a speakeasy is any place where you could drink, sing songs, play music and not get caught. Though as a young woman, I did get slapped by my mother for going into a speakeasy. I said, "shave and a haircut, two bits." My mother knew right then and there that I had been "keeping company."

thomasjb281 karma

In your opinion, who has been the best president? And favorite musician/artist?

seattlewagamama6 karma

FDR was the best President. He brought the country together and saw us through hard times.

Musicans would be a tie between the Andrews Sisters, Kate Smith and Glenn Miller.

Santi8711 karma

What is, to you, one vital and helpful technological advancement you wish you would've had since the day you were born? Do we take it for granted? What was life like without it?

seattlewagamama4 karma

Electricity, toilets and running water would have been nice to have when I was a girl. Without it, you lived in a cold, dark house and had to use an outhouse. No fun in the winter! And guess what we used for toilet paper . . . the Sears catalog.

kush_king4201 karma

How many potatoes do your think you've peeled in your lifetime?

seattlewagamama3 karma

Oh honey I have no way of knowing. But I've eaten and peeled a lot of spuds in my day.

Panda_Pancake1 karma

What's the most badass thing you've done?

seattlewagamama3 karma

I helped my little brother steal a car. It was his idea and he was 6 years old (I was 9). We pushed it downhill to start it and then he worked the shift while I worked the pedals. We got caught and I ended up taking the blame, because they thought that my brother was too little to come up with the idea on his own.

ravishedHIPPO1 karma

Dearest Evelyn, what has it been like being a badass for 103 years?

seattlewagamama3 karma

A lot of fun!

Laconic111 karma

I love you. You are spectacular.

Granddaughter, how much do you think you are updating grams language in your typing?

Sweetheart, why the 40's as your favorite decade? Wasn't there hardship during the war? Was it that this was a time of greater freedom cuz of the war? Please tell us what things you did during this time.

seattlewagamama5 karma

Thank you. Jennifer is typing what I say but I can't tell if she's changing anything. (Granddaughter note: I'm trying my best to keep her voice in these posts, because that's what makes her hilarious.) The 40s were hard but I liked the way the country came together in hardship. And men really knew how to wear hats in that day.

catshit691 karma

Do you see people your age as older, or just that everyone else is younger? I've always wondered if I'll just feel like I'm around my peers or adults when I'm in my 50's or later. I'm 19 now btw

seattlewagamama5 karma

I was just talking about this with someone today. I live in assisted living and everyone seems old to me. I played Rummy with some other residents and they are pretty slow and forgetful. One of them fell asleep during the game.

I feel like I identify more with people younger than me. I think that's because I crave good conversation and experiences. It keeps me young.

But then again, when I see pictures of myself now, I think, "wow, what an old lady!"

Laconic111 karma

I can see why Mae West is an inspiration. Buy why Mata Hari?

seattlewagamama3 karma

Because she can bellydance.

hcml111 karma

What do you do in your free time?

seattlewagamama4 karma

Watch baseball on TV. Take naps in my chair. Bird watch. Draw. Eat. Help out at intergenerational art classes. Read. I just read the Hunger Games (hated those books) and 50 Shades of Gray, which was good.

infinitevariables1 karma

My whole life i've been considering taking lots of drugs when i get really old, because why not. Seeing as you're clearly a badass, would you do it?

seattlewagamama4 karma

You have to be careful. Too many and you'll go to an early grave. I have never taken drugs but I think marijuana seems like it wouldn't be too bad.

corybeats1 karma

If you were stuck on an island and could only listen to one band for the rest of your days, what band would that be?

seattlewagamama3 karma

Glenn Miller Band

Laconic111 karma

How much do you think intelligence contributed to your longevity?

seattlewagamama2 karma

Even though I was a teacher I wasn't the best student. I think that my wit has helped me more than anything.

Ecbrad51 karma

Who was your favorite US president and why? Who were your favorite celebrities?

seattlewagamama2 karma

FDR. He brought the country together. And we didn't call them celebrities in my day, they were movie stars! Claudette Colbert is a favorite. I also liked Cary Grant what a charmer.

Commander_Ninja1 karma

You sound like a girl in middle school.

seattlewagamama1 karma

That's nice honey. I guess you start to age backwards at a certain point.

annefrankswoodndildo1 karma

What are the differences you see in the several generations of people you've come across? What are the similarities?

seattlewagamama9 karma

People in my day were thrifty, resourceful and cheerful. Today we are much more materialistic. But I think that the younger generation is facing hardships, too. It reminds me of the Depression, the troubles we had with the banks and the way people lost money so quickly.

JadeEJF1 karma

Which decade was your favorite/least favorite? Why?

seattlewagamama9 karma

My childhood was hard because we were so poor. The 30s were terrible because everyone was poor and it's hard to be a young person and start your life with nothing. But we also had some of the best times and the best music.

fishfireice1 karma

Do you believe in God?

What's the best piece of advice you have for young people?

seattlewagamama12 karma

I was raised a Lutheran but I have pretty open ideas about God and spirituality. I don't go to church. It doesn't suit me. It's too dogmatic.

The best piece of advice I have for a young person is save your money for a rainy day. You won't regret having some security and self-reliance is the best thing you can learn when you grow up.


What was the scariest moment in your life?

Do you use marijuana? You posed for an article, what was that article about, and what part did you have in it, per se?

seattlewagamama1 karma

I almost drowned as a little girl and I'm terrified of the water. That was a defining moment in my life.

I have never used marijuana but I might try it. My grandchildren think it would be a riot. I'm still deliberating.

troyjrjr-26 karma

this is ridiculously fake, go to hell.

seattlewagamama11 karma

I'm flattered that you think so.