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moonshinejester4 karma

I have loads of questions but I have no idea where to even begin. Do you have plans following the result of the case? Do you want to move to a different county or state because of the unlawfulness of the courts, or do you plan on staying? Will you seek legal action against the judge himself, or just the county?

focusingin5 karma

I have had to move out of this county, city, and would prefer state.

I would like legal action to happen against the County (District Clerks for not filing my request(s) for a habeas corpus hearing, and the attorneys office for not investigating my claims of child endangerment), and the State of Texas for allowing this judge to make these types of Unconstitutional decisions, over and over again. This county has a 68% disposition rating for not reporting arrests. http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/administration/crime_records/docs/countyDataImprvmntPlans/cherokeeCoDRIP.pdf

ImAwesomeThanks3 karma

Are you aware that you are dyslexic?

focusingin4 karma

i have Dyscalculia as well.

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Hey man, thanks for doing the AMA. I'm curious how this situation has made you feel about the justice system. Something like this I'm sure could definitely color your opinion. Has it changed your view of the justice system from before this all happened? If so, would you mind elaborating a bit on how? Again, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions!

focusingin5 karma

I had a pretty sour taste of the justice system with my first arrest for pot. I have a medical recommendation out of California for several medical conditions, yet Texas would not allow me to bring up this medical necessity defense in 2009. I spent 1 year in county trying to go to court, did 2 years in the penitentiary for failure to appear on that charge after my bond company told me the wrong court date. I have NO confidence in our conviction system.

61-50-79 karma

Dude I'm on your side regarding pot laws, but lets be serious...you expected the fucking state of TEXAS to let you bring up a medical necessity defense for marijuana?

focusingin3 karma

as someone with a rare spinal cord disease from my service to my country. Hell yeah. Syringomyelia sucks and most meds are poison to me/us.

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I just don't get how this can happen, there has to be so many people in and around the case who clearly know this is not right but just let it happen.

focusingin4 karma

hence the investigation by the State Bar, what is worse is that the County Attorney was "voted" to replace this judge. She has represented my ex-wife as well.

SmokiePots2 karma

I'm not really familiar with situations like this.. But couldnt you hire a private investegator to obtain photo evidence of your ex wife's home situation? Especially if shes living with a drug dealer.

focusingin9 karma

Her husband admitted it to the judge. May 2011. What more proof do I need. his 3 felony convictions for cocaine possession and burglary? oh wait, not allowed to use that in court.

TheSliceman-1 karma

Have you ever (hypothetically) considered taking justice into your own hands with that judge?

Edit: Hey mouthbreathers, you know by downvoting me, you are just downvoting the very valuable answer the OP gave? Take your head out of your ass you fucking morons.

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absolutely not. I am a former infantry soldier, and just because you can does not ever mean you should. Karma has fangs.

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Did you enjoy the spread?

focusingin14 karma

I was in a single cell for 180 days. I hate jail food and commissary items. I have a rare spinal cord disease and alot of health issues and was denied medical attention on several occasions. I was released 5 days early due to health problems from their food, so no, I did not enjoy anything there. Especially the part where I did not see my kids for 6 months while they lived with a drug dealer. edit: grammer /and spelling of grammar.

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So you didn't pay support for your kid? Now you are crying because you did 19 days in county. Fuck MAN UP take responsibility and pay for your child. 225 a month is nothing and you should be ashamed for being a deadbeat.

focusingin6 karma

read. learn. fight your own ignorance.