Hey everybody. So I've basically come to the conclusion that QnA is the single most valuable kind of content I can possibly provide.

For those of you who don't know me, I got "internet famous" hosting an online wine show called Wine Library TV. What people didn't realize at the time is that I am a businessman first and foremost, and that before I'd even BOUGHT the camera, I'd already build my family wine store to a $60M business.

Since then, I've founded several new businesses including VaynerMedia, a social media agency that helps Fortune 500 businesses tell their stories in 2014.

I also just released my third book: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, which is basically a textbook showing people how to create the best content possible on social platforms.

PROOF: https://twitter.com/garyvee/status/411952282071085056

EDIT: Thank you all SO SO much for taking time out of your Saturday to ask me a question. I'm done for the day, but I'm going to be popping back in throughout the week to keep answering because I want to keep this thread as a living breathing thing for awhile.

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TunaTangler28 karma

When do you think you may buy the Jets? I want to see a Superbowl once in my lifetime. Hurry Up.

QnAwithGaryV17 karma


TunaTangler2 karma

I'll be 62! ugh.

QnAwithGaryV4 karma

Ill be 64

beeperr20 karma

Please bring back WLTV! Just one episode a week? A month? A year?

QnAwithGaryV25 karma

As I said in another comment, the early seeds of a comeback are in motion ;)

acecartoons16 karma

Hey Gary, I was wondering what your thoughts are on how to deal with perpetually negative people / haters as a small business on social media.

Should you engage them, and how? Should you correct those who spread factual inaccuracies? Or should you just ignore them altogether? What happens when they keep at it?

QnAwithGaryV13 karma

I tend to be in the minority in this POV on haters. 1. I'm very self aware of myself and here social media is at this point, and so I respect my personal haters as well as people who hate on SM in general.

When I launched Wine Library in 96, there were tons who didn't think there was a future for ecommerce in 99 (even worse after the crash). For every amazon at that point there were thousands of Shmamazons, but for me it was obvious where things were going, so at the end of the day I engage because I respect. But I carry on because I have belief in where things are going.

diyfolk15 karma

would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

QnAwithGaryV51 karma

One horse sized duck and here is why. I actually believe that I could lose to a horse-sized duck and that excites me. I tend to enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the climb. It's why I'm a bigger Jets fan than a Yankees fan. The easy victory is boring and there is no doubt in my mind that I could dominate 100 horses the sizes of ducks. That said I sit here completely in fear in not knowing the true outcome of the horse-sized duck. That's how I live.

houdas15 karma

Hi Gary! Thanks for doing an AMA. Quick question - what is your advice when it comes to lack of motivation? I am a webdev freelancer for 13th year, I can do great things, my clients are happy, but I have gotten to the point where sometimes I don't really care anymore - it's all the same shit. I do my work, my clients are happy, I get paid, next. I want feel the fire again. By the way, I am addicted to your keynotes. Truth.

QnAwithGaryV24 karma

first off, thanks for watching my keynotes, it means a lot to me!

I'm starting to get the fire again for wine, and that's because I've taken a break for a couple of years. So maybe a break is in order if you can afford it. Even if you can't financially do it, maybe take a random job and see if that reignites things.

it sounds like you need a change of scenery

zippybyday13 karma

Hey Gary, what tips do you have for a young analytics enthusiast who's looking to get a job in the technology industry? Follow up, are you hiring? Thanks!

QnAwithGaryV18 karma

Email me: [email protected]

and yes. :)

dannisbet11 karma

I've always been inspired by your work ethic (and I try to match your level of passion with what I do). On the flip side, how do you balance work/family/life and avoid things like burnout?

QnAwithGaryV10 karma

The irony of this answer is palpable since I'm sitting here with employees doing this right now :)

The balance is found in extremism. Working monday-friday 8am-11pm, coming home and NOT working on the computer, and then being ALL IN on the weekend. Also upping my vacation time from 2 weeks to 6 weeks this year.

jeffrosecfp8 karma

What was your FIRST investment you've ever made?

What was your WORST investment you've ever made?

QnAwithGaryV13 karma

FIRST: Twitter

WORST: I don't feel comfortable really saying that because there are real people behind those companies (but there is more than one!)

delzakiya7 karma

How did you get your first client for VaynerMedia?

QnAwithGaryV13 karma

The NY JETS came to sell me a SkyBox to Wine Library a few weeks before AJ and I started VM and by the time the meeting was over in an Hour, they were VM's 1st client :)


thefearofmissingout6 karma

Gary, I'm a junior at Ohio University, and I really dig what you've got going on at Vaynermedia. What should I be doing to prepare to apply with you guys after graduation, and how do you get so much young talent on your team? Also, I turned 21 a couple months ago and am looking to grow my wine palette. Suggestions?

QnAwithGaryV7 karma

I think the #1 thing you can be doing is consuming a good balance of the kind of content that comes out of AdAge, Tech Meme, and All Things D (or whatever the latest thing Kara Swisher is doing is called).

I would also pay close attention to the people working for VM, and get a handle on the culture. Culture is big with us :)

Good Luck!!

AudibleSilenceDrummr6 karma

Hey Gary! You obviously know and talk about wine all the time. Care to name a few beers you particularly enjoy? Thanks!

QnAwithGaryV5 karma

I am not super knowledgable about Beer but I love Lambics and I adore Russian River brewery

robmerki5 karma

Who are your role models?

QnAwithGaryV13 karma

My parents - Period!

ZacCoffman5 karma

Yo Gary!

What are 3 companies we should be looking out for going into 2014 (let's spoil some Gary V's 2014 predictions!)

QnAwithGaryV11 karma

Upworthy, Coin and Medium

CEOGavin5 karma

Hi Gary,

How would you sell 'social media management' (managing their social media platforms) to small businesses?

QnAwithGaryV5 karma

by articulating what the value of it is and than more importantly if I noticed they didnt get it, I would move on instead of forcing the issue

AttackforceX5 karma

Hi Gary, thanks for doing AMA. Out of all the Social Media Platforms, who would you say is the weakest and why?

QnAwithGaryV7 karma

I would say Google+ but only because people try to use it as a social network when I think it really is a social API. People haven't figured out how to create native content for Google+ just yet.

weplaytechno4 karma

Hi, Gary! Thanks for doing this AMA! Also thank you for the recent interviews with Marie Forleo and Pat Flynn, I guess I will be getting a copy of Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook soon :)

I've got a question for you. Let's say I am starting a new company and just starting to get social on all of those platforms (FB Twitter, Pinterest, G+). No followers, no one knows me.

What would be your Number 1 suggestion to make it work and to get loads of followers and fans on Social networks?

Thank You, Alex.

QnAwithGaryV10 karma


searching the topics and keywords that your potential customers would be talking about and listening. Then start providing value to those people by throwing "jabs" - that in turn will let you use that right hook.

Listen first and provide value.

tubbynerd4 karma


Huge fan of JJJRH. I just got it last week off Amazon.

Is VaynerMedia just doing social media consulting or are you actually handling the posting and management for your clients? The reason I ask is I own my own social media management company and I'm currently doing everything for my clients including research, management, posting, and increasing their likes/followers.

QnAwithGaryV2 karma

We are doing exactly what you are doing across all platforms. We are producing the content at scale for our clients.

francoisbaguette4 karma

  • 1.) Is Mott nearby to link things up for the AMA today?

  • 2.) I love doing "show and tell" but don't really know how to monetize that. Don't care about making a killing but it'd be great to make a living. Tips?

QnAwithGaryV3 karma

  1. No mott :)

  2. Expand on what you mean by show and tell, because I really want to give you an answer!

francoisbaguette1 karma

My kind of "show and tell" is basically finding things I think are cool and interesting and then sharing with friends (online and meatspace).

I've put a few things on a blog I started to highlight the best things I've found but my friends have always remarked that when I find something I'm really interested in, I can sell it to anyone because I truly believe in it.

It's a bit hard to explain but hopefully that helps. ;)

QnAwithGaryV2 karma


So I was heavily impacted by waxy.org, and the work of Jason Kottke Links back in the day, and today by Jason Hirschhorn's email list. Like I say often: Become a media company. Start a site where you can build a following and monetize on ad sales!

chadsproles4 karma

Love your stuff. Situation: You've got 15 seconds to tell a person something that will change their life forever. What do you say?

QnAwithGaryV25 karma

make every decision based on your last years of life instead of your next 10

Daveyboy073 karma

Currently reading JJJRH after seeing you in London on Thursday. What advice do you have for connecting B2B over social instead of B2C ?

QnAwithGaryV5 karma

Linkedin facebook targeting using twitter to find the decision maker at a B2B ( because behind every B is a C )

createmoredesigns3 karma

Which of your books was the hardest to write?

QnAwithGaryV5 karma

JJJRH because of the case studies and the homework that came a long with it

I hate homework

beeperr3 karma

What's your QOTD?

QnAwithGaryV2 karma

Which Wine are you drinking this XMAS?

beeperr2 karma

QOTD: 2007 Ridge Monte Bello

QnAwithGaryV2 karma



slewp3 karma

Gary, how do you keep your energy level up? How do you avoid feeling burn out?

QnAwithGaryV2 karma


rmilly23 karma

Hey Gary, As a current college student looking to get into the entrepeneur business, I was wondering what your perspective on college areas of study is. I obviously have some special interests and hobbies but Im having trouble deciding what kind of business I want to run. Im majoring in business/marketing as of right now but Im still taking prerequisite courses that cover various subjects. However, I don't see the point in delaying my business ideas. Do you have any advice for me?

QnAwithGaryV11 karma

You're speaking to an F student that thinks the american education system for entrepreneurs is so broken it makes me vomit in my mouth.

That is my answer.

theebayk1d3 karma


We all make mistakes and it's important we learn from them - what's one you made and the lesson learned?

QnAwithGaryV3 karma

Early on in 2001 at Wine Library I brought in my best friend brandon and made him my right hand man. For the entire first year I barely let him do anything. To brandon's credit we had an awesome conversation and I've never looked back on my delegation skills.

WoodworkerDavid3 karma

Hi Gary, Reading JJJRH and loving it, definitely worth buying for anyone who's thinking about it. I struggle with procrastination, any advice that would help me stay motivated or focused? David

QnAwithGaryV4 karma

My advice is to not worry about it, because I'm a serious procrastinator. Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

SmokeyCloud3 karma

What do you see are the keys to the Jets beating the Panthers?

QnAwithGaryV2 karma

We need the Defensive Libe ( Mo, Snacks, Coples and Sheldon) to have a huge game and we need one Special Teams play and alucky bounce or even 2!

guyfrombc2 karma


QnAwithGaryV3 karma

I think with the way you're asking this the answer is NO.

But I DO recommend that you buy ads on the righthand rail that are pointing people at you in a non-incentiveized way based on nothing but brand equity.By non-incentiveized, I mean like no contests, no giveaways. The followers game is all about QUALITY not quantity

cjr72 karma

GV, is this your first time on Reddit? If not, what other subreddits do you enjoy?

QnAwithGaryV1 karma

First time doing an AMA! I enjoy reddit, but I don't really consume content.

speel2 karma

I've watched WLTV since the snow episode. Now that your a social media advert guy, have you ever felt that you lost touch with your original fan base and show niche? And thank you for educating the world with wine.

QnAwithGaryV2 karma

Of course I lost touch and it stinks and I am starting to really miss it but in life people evolve and It's just the course my life took

wutwutgoose2 karma

Hey Gary!

You came to speak at my school last year and I wanted to say that I thought your message was fantastic.

Also go Jets.

QnAwithGaryV2 karma

Means so much to me, REALLY!

CanYouHandlebar2 karma

Gary--fan of your for years now. I have bought JJJRH and Crush It as pre-releases. Quick behind-the-scenes sort of question: are there any hidden messages, or jokes in either of these books you could share?

QnAwithGaryV2 karma

GREAT question

there was one for JJJRH about the Patriots but I had to take it out at the last second because it involved Aaron Hernandez and it just would have been so tasteless after what happened

JoelAlainDotCom2 karma

Hi Gary, what social media do you think is still much under the radar and will have the highest/fastest growth in 2014? Thanks!

QnAwithGaryV5 karma


I truly think people are underestimating it

dbenitezgzz2 karma

Gary, What are in your opinion the best 5 cities that are dominating the internet business in the USA? And in the world?

QnAwithGaryV3 karma

  1. SF 2. NYC 3. Very excited about whats happening in LA 4. Huge fan of Austin, TX 5. Focusing on small marketing like Washington D.C, boston, Columbus, OH

From a world perspective I think the Nordics are interesting, obviously Asia and New Zealand is sneaky.

paryb2 karma

// no big question just saying hey old pal!

QnAwithGaryV2 karma

Appreciate it!

jacobo2 karma

Hi Gary, i've been following your job for years.

I am a web and mobile app developer from Costa Rica.

Do you think people in small countries like me have the same opportunities to start a successful startup or build great apps/websites than people in U.S. or big countries?

If so, what's your advice?

Thanks a lot Gary

QnAwithGaryV2 karma

No. I do not. I think there are inherent disadvantages to working in smaller markets.

On the flipside, I do believe that you can turn that market size into an advantage, but only a very, very, very select few can do that. Be the big fish in the small pond!

melindayeaman2 karma

Army or **Navy**?

QnAwithGaryV3 karma

Air Force

JakeB2532 karma

Hey Gary, long time fan, really enjoyed TYE and JJJRH, two quick, connecting questions:

Have any of the companies that you used in your book as bad examples of how to use Social Media contacted you at VaynerMedia to try and get better? Any of those small companies you referenced as good send any thank yous?

QnAwithGaryV1 karma

  1. No
  2. But Shakespeare Pizza has said thank you and Sphero.

Jewish_Sports_Legend2 karma

Hey Gary. I'm midway through JJJRH and I'm getting a ton out of it. Great case studies. I'm in the kids marketing area and curious about your thoughts on how kids (under 12) will be using social in the next 2 to 3 years.

QnAwithGaryV4 karma

If I had to predict I would say - 1. They will be using it all the time 2. The platforms they are using are tough to predict - but I do feel confident that Vine and Instagram will matter.

maisiesmommy2 karma

Hi Gary - who was your first business/entrepreneur mentor and why?

QnAwithGaryV1 karma

nope - didn't really have one

osmnshkh2 karma

How has being from an immigrant family shaped your views on business?

QnAwithGaryV2 karma

100000000% the biggest impact

It taught be to hustle and even more importantly it created a lack of entitlement

Justin71992 karma

Fan from wine library tv days... You really helped me get into wine and now I'm a certified somm!

You are always busting your ass. Work work work. How much do you usually sleep? And do you ever just sit and get lost in netflix for an afternoon?


QnAwithGaryV4 karma

I usually sleep between 6-7 hours (which is a lot more than people usually think) - but when you work as hard as I do during the day you are very tired when you get home.

And actually no - the lack of movies I have watched over the years would hurt your feelings

vickizhou2 karma

Gary, thanks for doing an IAMA. Big fan of your work growing WLTV. Saw that VaynerMedia has invested in a few startups. Are you looking to do anymore angel/venture investing in the coming year? And what is the most exciting tech company you've come across in the last 6-12 months?

QnAwithGaryV3 karma

VaynerMedia no longer does invest because AJ and I do it individually. I personally am still very active.

Since I have invested in 10+ I'd rather not pick amongst my children, but anything I put my money behind, I'm excited about.

acamu52 karma

Gary, I'm a marketing undergrad, and I own [removed]. I have many extra-curriculars/professors/friends looking to get me to make a free site for them. Making connections are important, but where do I draw the line?

Oh! And I purchased the domain www.garyvines.com for you, after you were talking about it in that livestream a while back. Hope you like it! Merry Christmas!

QnAwithGaryV2 karma

Think about the balance of what value proposition they can bring you in the future. Draw the line when that balance doesn't make sense anymore.

My biggest piece of advice is to do it A. for people you think can give you value in return. and B. for people where you wouldn't be hurt if you got nothing in return.

TermiteOverload2 karma

What advice would you give to a 24 year old with $180k of private student loan debt, and a full time job that only pays a little more than $30k/year?

QnAwithGaryV1 karma

The real answer to this is to take a step back and audit yourself with the best self-awareness you can bring to the table.

The natural thing is to pay it off. I think the thing to do is to take a year or two off of "life" and invest it in paying down that debt.

What I mean by that is go find the mentor you most want to be like, and find a way to work for free if necessary. My intuition is that by doing so, you'll put yourself in the best possible position to look at a 6-figure within the next half decade.

unorigionalscreename1 karma

Hi Gary, thanks for doing this AmA! Love your Jab Jab Jab Right hook strategy.

What, in your opinion, is the greatest challenge facing marketers today?

QnAwithGaryV2 karma

The enormous amount of noise and trying to break through that to reach who you want.

StarrHrdgr1 karma

It seems like the hardest part for artists, filmmakers and other types in buying into what you say in Crush It and then reiterate a little bit in JJJRH is selling what you have. But what I run into in talking about your principles with them is that by selling what they have, it somehow cheapens it. What do you say to those who are afraid to sell?

QnAwithGaryV2 karma

That if you don't sell, you don't sell :)

and thats fine but realize that the truth!

OscarAlcala1 karma

Hi Gary!
You always seem to be so fired up and passionate about everything, what advice would you give on running a company and leading people for someone that is more of an introvert and is just as passionate but has trouble expressing it.

QnAwithGaryV2 karma

To one, communicate that maps towards your strengths. Maybe the written word is better for you.

If you have problems communicating overall I would recommend anointing someone in your company to be that person.

InfiniteThird1 karma


QnAwithGaryV4 karma

"You never know what you have until you sleep with it"

meaning you can guess whats going to happen but you never know!

dan-waltz1 karma

Gary, Loved your book, Crush It! I'm looking forward to Jab,Jab,Jab, Right Hook. Will it be available on audio? Or, is it not that kind of book?

QnAwithGaryV4 karma

April for audiobook!

easy_mak1 karma

Hey Gary! What are some your favorite wines?

QnAwithGaryV1 karma

Lately I'm over-indexing on Italian white wines, Pinots from New Zealand and Cava.

Typhusorous1 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA Gary.

  • 1) How was your experience in London?
  • 2) Next industry you'll jump into?(Wine Retail, Advertising, now?)
  • 3) 2-3 people who you think have excellent potential/future but aren't known yet?(In any space, just brilliant people)

QnAwithGaryV1 karma

  1. amazing - maybe my favorite book signing of the trip so far.

  2. Formal venture capital

  3. Truth is those people lie in the halls of VaynerMedia and there is probably 11-12 of them and wouldn't be appropriate for me to name them.