Hello reddit. Cameron Argon, mastermind behind Disfiguring The Goddess and Big Chocolate, here. You can check out my latest work here, which is a double metal album Deprive and Black Earth Child. Ask me anything.

My Proof: https://twitter.com/bigchocolate/status/411616655429480448

Alright everyone, thanks for the all the questions and nice things ya'll had to say. This will hopefully not be the last IAmA I do. You can purchase BEC (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/black-earth-child/id778703008) and Deprive (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/deprive/id776207284) off itunes. You can purchase merch and physicals here: http://www.shopbenchmark.com/disfiguringthegoddess

Have a lovely December!


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Driv33r318 karma

Why is slut ass susan such a slut ass?

camkong23 karma

I've been watching my parents house/animals for the last week or so while they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in Hawaii. They have this WAY big dog bed for her that is in the living room. She spends about 23.5 hours a day on it. Weirdest animal/pet I've ever seen. She has a little snoopy dog that she leaves the bed to hump and gather food to bring back to her bed/blankets.

zackthegiant14 karma

I know you have stated many times that DTG will never be a live band, I'm just curious why is that? Considering you have so many supporters

camkong54 karma

I think it was stubborn of me to say that in the past. I've been having conversations about a 'DTG live' recently. No further word.

evantide13 karma

Hey Cam remember that time we went to all the gun stores and it got super awkward when those guys couldn't fix the register? That was fun.

camkong10 karma

hahahahaha. I was reading that thinking 'wtf' until I read your name. :)

camkong13 karma

I was joined by a friend during this ama. defiantly making me type slower. http://imgur.com/ieAbLuL

qwertyuiopasdfghkj13 karma

Any tips for growing such a voluminous 'stache?

camkong22 karma

None. I've got bread growing genes.

atenwat9 karma

When will the world be graced with Small Face?

camkong12 karma

Hopefully someday. Dj Two Stacks (https://twitter.com/DJTWOSTACKS) and I had some GREAT momentum with that for a while. There is defiantly a decent handful of demo/track/beats. We both had pretty massive summers and I hope we get back to our groove in 2014. Glad you enjoy.

direw0lf1319 karma

Just answer this pls and i'll be super happy.. Do you like it a lot ?

camkong22 karma


camkong8 karma

No it is 100% not official. Thank you for asking, nice to shed some light on that.

AubreyPlazasButtHair7 karma

Why are you called Big Chocolate when you are neither Big nor Chocolate?

Also, what's your favorite Christmas song?

camkong18 karma

Sounded like a good idea when I was 15. SOUNDED.... My favorite christmas music is The Charlie Brown Christmas by the Vince Guaraldi Trio. I listen to year round.

Mynameisthad7 karma

Hello Big Chocolate. I just wanted you to know that you have had an indescribable impact on my life. I started watching CamEveryDay very close to the beginning, maybe just a few months late, while I was in high school. I'm in my 4th year of college now and I'm still as big of a fan as ever. Seeing you go from humble beginnings to where you are now has been a huge inspiration and motivator to chase my own goals in music. I'm finally starting to get out there and am doing electronics for some metal bands and have my first officially commissioned remix coming out soon, and in a way none of it would be possible without you. You have been a great teacher and motivator online over the years, so thank you. If I had a question, it would probably just be, what is the best way for me to get a hold of you if I want to show you something I made, and would you even be interested anyway?

PS. I'm that long haired red headed locc always bothering you in the Kansas City area. Green spandex suits have been involved.

camkong5 karma

Wonderful, my friend. Thank you for sharing. Soundcloud links are my favorite. Send me a message on there.

zaxmazr6 karma

2 Years ago at Detroit Warped Tour, I gave you an American Flag pin and you put in on your lanyard. I'm not sure if you remember, but it was a highlight of my life!

Proof: http://imgur.com/NNGxGsx


camkong8 karma

I still have this.

Garrettishere6 karma

When are we gonna get a BigC & Multa Ell reunion?

camkong9 karma

Lucas Huff's my best friend. We talk all the time. (everyday)

Deluxo6 karma

Any updates on 'The Mercury Drug'?

camkong12 karma

haha. no, that's not really a thing.... Me and my buddy jesse are still great friends though! his twitter: https://twitter.com/iamjesselee

Dimtrim5 karma

hey cam, what have you been up to? Since you stopped making CamEveryDay, I feel like I've lost a friend!

camkong4 karma

I've been getting forever more focused on music and what I want out of this thing we all call LIFE. I feel like I lost a lot of friends/connections after the end of CED. It was real! I will start a podcast in the future to which I hope you follow up with and we connect again.

synthysys135 karma

i was a huge fan of your commissioner project with mitch, and i was wondering if you had any plans of working on a similar sort of project with anyone else, or releasing something in a similar style that you produced/wrote/performed

camkong8 karma

Thank you. I have plans to explore that avenue of music again, but what happens with it is unknown.

Rob_Saget5 karma


  • What has been your most surreal moment on stage?
  • I host a podcast that has musicians (Andrew WK, Brendon Small, etc) come on a nerd out with us. Would you be interested in being a guest to talk audio?

Thanks for this AMA and look forward to your responses!

camkong5 karma

I've had a few. They are quite personal and I don't really know how to explain them for you. Movement Festival in Detroit was a big one. That felt good. Most shows where I have guests such as family or close friends get a little surreal, mainly because it puts it into perspective on what I'm actually doing. Yes, I love podcasts. Where is it based out of.

rundpb2 karma

Dan from maDCap here, we've had Cam on twice. Check it:

http://soundcloud.com/madcapdc/big-chocolate http://soundcloud.com/madcapdc/bigcphilly

Cam is the man.

camkong1 karma

Yes. Everyone, Check out madcap.

tahoetwinplanks5 karma

Hey Cameron! This is your good friend Lucas (M.E.). Remember that time in Vegas I started crying and tried to fly home? Lifelong memories brother. Talk to you soon.

camkong4 karma


TheFuckmaker4 karma

Will the Ruddyp remix of Aunt Valen ever be released?

camkong5 karma

It is on the physical copy of Red Headed Locc. Digital release pending. Big up Ruddyp. EDIT! It is on the warped tour sampler this summer. It included both recent eps with remixes. Sorry

rundpb4 karma

How is the music publishing/placement going? Any hits since the "Parker" trailer? - Dan from maDCap

camkong5 karma

Yes. The Jobs movie has Talk Walk. A recent go pro commercial has Blue Milk. Cheers dan.

ESPguitarist4 karma

Hey Cam, I'm a big fan of pretty much everything you've done. I've met and talked with you a couple of times before when you've played Warped Tour in Dallas. Remember when you said you were surprised that someone started a pit to your Big C stuff your first time playing in Dallas? My buddies and I started that! Good times.

Also, the new albums are great! They slam pretty hard. Still waiting for my pre-order of Deprive to arrive though! Anyway, I have a few questions.

  1. Are you and Frank Mullen of Frank Mullen USA still in contact? If so, what's his current stance on Lady in Red and Smart Cars?

  2. You said after the Europe tour with Burning the Masses that you were turned off by the metal touring lifestyle. Why is that?

  3. Although you've said that you aren't the biggest fan of creating Death Metal anymore (Or at least doing the vocals), do you still enjoy listening to it? If so, what are some bands you've been digging at the moment?

  4. Didn't you do guest vocals on a song by the old band Marcus Aurelius? I think that's how I found out about you and your Big Chocolate stuff, along with your "Argon" YouTube channel. What ever happened to that band? I can't find anything anywhere.

  5. Final question...I just have to ask. Why take down the video of you dancing to Putrid Pile?! It was pretty much my favorite thing in the world. It always brightened my day, haha.

Anyway, good luck with all your projects in the future! You're a cool dude.


camkong3 karma

  1. Not really. I did see them RANDOMLY in a hotel once. Not even in the lobby, we were staying in the same floor. I guess that's LA for you though. I do think of those guys though. Positive thoughts to them and their families.
  2. At the time, it made it apparent to me that wasn't what I wanted out of my life.
  3. I love creating death metal, I go through phases where I don't listen to it. I have never enjoyed the metal scene for all the obvious reasons. Although, a lot of GREAT people are in metal bands. Most of my good friends are involved with the metal industry.
  4. I don't recognize that band name, can't help you. There was a lot of things I did in high school just to do things. I wouldn't stand by much of it at all now.
  5. personal?


UnkleFranq4 karma

my friend and I just moved to the Seattle area and we are big fans of all your work. Can we meet up and get coffee sometime?

camkong13 karma

I spend about an hour a day at a coffee shop in Greenwood. I sit outside, rain or shine.

SgtEddie3 karma

You are fucking awesome man!

camkong5 karma


april_freezes_purple3 karma

Why did you decide to release two albums instead of one album with more thought out production?

camkong6 karma

Deprive was already recorded, I just had to finish it. After that, I knew I would want to do another one. The contrast and process between the two of them was important to me as an artist. I would have liked to take another month or two with BEC, but I had a plan I wanted to stick to.

jpGrind3 karma

Hey Cam -- just have one quick question but first, just wanted to say that DTG fucking crushes. I don't even remember how I discovered DTG, but, once I did, it's never left my playlist. Everything from the groove, the slams, and perfect vocals create something that just caters perfectly to my taste.

Now my question -- is Quake (any of them) your favorite video game of all time? Circle of Nine has more than just one Quake reference, so that cannot be a mistake. I grew up playing Quake 1, 2, and Q3A, and for my money, they're the best FPS games ever. They hold up so well even to this day. I'm such a big Quake fan in fact, I have a huge Quake 1 logo tattooed on my right forearm -- http://i.imgur.com/wiphE.jpeg.

Thanks for doing the AMA. Haven't had a chance to check out the new stuff just yet. I will be doing so very soon though. Edit: I was just informed I have an hour drive in front of me tonight. Looks like I know what I'm listening to.

camkong4 karma

Awesome! and...... YES, I love Quake. I don't if I can put it #1 of all time for me, but you know... it's awesome.

kill_that_robot3 karma

"The Red EP" is probably my favorite EP at the moment, do you think you will be expanding on anything in the hardstyle/trap/dub genre soon?

also just wanted to say I really respect your musical talent and direction. so thank you dude!

camkong6 karma

Probably not. The red ep is a direct creative response to red headed locc. I change my mind on probably not, I have no idea what I'll be making in 2014. I'm as excited as you are.


aReallyBigSandwich3 karma

Hey Cameron, big fan here! I was just wondering how much of your production skills and knowledge as Big C plays over when you are writing/recording as Disfiguring the Goddess, and if it does, how?

camkong5 karma

You tell me. All I did in between sleeper and deprive/black earth child was produce electronic music and basically learned how to mix and whatnot. The basic rules of mixdowns apply to it all. I did have a lot of new barriers and walls with deprive and black earth child because it was the first time I was making metal with decent mixes. I'm curious to see how the next electronic music I make is affected by my moving forward in metal.

DravenXX63 karma

I love everything you've done. You're discography is amazing.

But for the question... Have you ever seen The Room? And if you have..what's your opinion on that beauty of a movie?

camkong3 karma

I have not. made a note to watch it this week.

austincolt2 karma

How long did it take to produce Deprive and Black Earth Child? And did you enjoy producing it?

camkong12 karma

Deprive was started in jan/feb 2013, and resumed/finished in October. Black Earth Child was started before the final masters for Deprive were completed. Doing both albums, in alliance with the campaign I wanted to do (secret album, deprive weekly song) I would say it was one of my favorite times creating anything. 10/10 enjoyed making it all happen.

mortalseven82 karma

Are there any effects used on the vocals on either of the new albums? I feel like there might be some reverb, but I was just curious.

camkong4 karma

Reverb is versatile and can be used for mixing rather than an effect, so yes. There is reverb on the vocals, but it's not really what your asking about. That is how my vocals sound.

josephine_amos2 karma

Hi, Cameron, I love Big Chocolate, you're very talented! :) Fun questions:

  1. What makes you laugh?
  2. Are you ticklish? If so where and are your feet ticklish?

Hope these make you smile! Happy Chritsmas-to-come, Jo X

camkong5 karma

I like comedy and funny people.. I don't think I'm ticklish, but I haven't been tickled in a while... v weird question. cheers!

erikguitar2 karma

Sleeper seemed to have a lot more synths and background effects integrated into the songs but Deprive and Black Earth Child didn't have many. Any reason for this? Also I'm a huge fan of all your stuff, keep up the awesome songs man!

camkong5 karma

Funny. I would say Deprive has the most, I almost thought it had too much. Black Earth Child has a LOT but most of it is in the background. Lot of atmosphere done with synths (Virus TI mainly) on BEC. Cheers!

nolanrad2 karma

I saw you on Warped Tour a couple of years ago and your set was fantastic. What was it like being a producer/DJ on Warped during a time when electronic music was hardly on the mind of many people in the U.S., let alone a festival that is historically anything but electronic music? Did you enjoy being on Warped? Any crazy stories?

camkong2 karma

haha! yeah, weird setup for sure, but super awesome. Kevin Lyman knows what he is doing though, and he knew better than I did why he put me on that tour in 2011. I didn't really think it was as odd as it was because it was before I really started playing/djing the club circuits. It was my start. It was an important start. Very thankful.


damnhatkid2 karma

Clean has been my favorite EP to be released in the longest time and it truly is that, Clean. I just want to thank you so much for it and how beautiful it is. I was so surprised to hear your range from Red Headed Locc to this, it's nuts.

I guess if I had to ask you, what was your inspiration for Clean and how long did it take to make?

Also, come play a show in Baltimore/DC, we/d love to have you.

camkong3 karma

Thank you. Clean struck a chord with me as well. It was pretty inspired by Imogene heap and music/feels I used to make when I was younger and first started making electronic music. Old friend, the main melody/sound I made when I was probably 18? I just saved it for later. I think it probably took me about a month and a half? I was pretty edger to get it out, I wish I took some more time with it TBH. But, lesson learned.

TheEcstatic2 karma

What's up Cam! I've been following you for a super long time. I was front row at your Big C show last year in Pittsburgh. You're killing it man, I wish you nothing but the best in the future!

camkong3 karma

thank you!

CannibalisticGoat2 karma

Hey Cam, are there possibilities of doing Warped again? And will you be doing any update videos soon on your main channel or cameveryday? I wanna see what's up, haha :)

camkong1 karma

There are always possibilities.

JesseHollar2 karma

Any plans for a new Big Chocolate EP?

camkong8 karma

I have plans to make electronic music, yes.

corgonin2 karma

What's on your rider?

camkong5 karma

white tee shirts. socks. fruit punch gatorade. tequila(when I feel like it, not always). I used to have marsh mellows. I love marsh mellows.

Sleepingcake2 karma

How many fans of one of your projects have been turned on to the other, like how many of Big Chocolate fans have turned on to Disfiguring the Goddess and so on? By the way, last two albums were great.

camkong6 karma

It's hard to tell. I think there are more DTG fans that like BC than the other way around though.

respyshunt2 karma

Do you have any crazy stories from hanging out with Sargent D?

camkong12 karma

Yes. If you consider eating korean food and cheesecake factory very CrAzY~~!!

logankimmel2 karma

Why don't you write a Slam Christmas Metal Album. That would be fun.

camkong12 karma

hahaha, no it wouldn't be. hahahaha.

Merax1 karma

Just wanted to say thanks for broadening my music taste, first saw you with the metal vocals videos, started watching your daily vlogs and started liking your early dubstepish music :) Now I can enjoy a wide variety of music.

Cheers from Estonia!

camkong2 karma

Haha, that's Awesome. Cheers from nevada!

Cannibal_fetus1 karma

Hey Cam! Been following you ever since I found you your second year of doing CamEveryDay. What advice do you have for those just staring out producing music that want to make a career of it?

camkong2 karma

Work hard. Feel it out. Be a solid person.

nutellasquad1 karma

production tips?

new music in the work?

last time i saw you was at a small town show with 10 people tops, even though i could tell you weren't enjoying yourself (i later found out you were sick) still means a lot that you come out to some of the smaller college scenes. much love big cocoa.

camkong2 karma

www.creativelive.com has a 6 hour video with me on making music. I know what your talking about, a show in a college town during finals in the middle of the week after a snow storm. A PERFECT STORM FOR DISASTER. hahaha. Worst sinus infection I've ever had (airplanes)

likeaglove3271 karma

Hey cam, how do you feel about the exposure you have been getting recently? I remember a couple years ago at a show in AC there was like 15 of us there. About a year later both of your shows i went to were sold out. Also, come back to philly so we can get weird.

camkong2 karma

It's pretty awesome. Strange to take in though, I had a sort of weird time accepting that things were going well. I do like that about me though. I will.

Scottyxander1 karma

I think I remember you talking about doing a collab with Getter about a year or two ago. Will we ever see one?

camkong3 karma

Not sure! We are buds though.

Mastoidedm1 karma

Hey, Cam! Huge fan and you're the one who got me into making electronic music. I met you at Warped in Minneapolis this year, really awkward long-haired blonde kid.

Two questions:

What motivates you to make music?

And when can we expect more BC music?

Also, love the new DTG.

camkong2 karma

Cheers. I'm motivated to create. 2014. Thank you.

Fedcoshark1 karma

Hey man I met you at Bamboozle in 2012. You were very cool and it was a pleasure to meet you. The crowd at the after party was super weak especially since they were all there for Pauly D. They couldn't handle your heavy shit.

So since I need to ask a question, so far what has been your favorite venue to perform at?

camkong2 karma

Haha, that was awesome. I met him. After party might be whatever, but the actual set was great. I like Avalon in hollywood. Voyeur in San Diego is great. Showbox Market in Seattle. Congress in Chicago is legendary and haunted (love that shit). I don't know, I haven't really been to most venues multiple times.

TomCat6101 karma

What ever happened to CamEveryDay? :_(

camkong2 karma

I've answered this.

theofficialwaffles1 karma

I first found out about you from a YouTube video of you showing your grandmother what you do for a living and then play her your music. From then on I've always been a fan. Your music is incredible and hopefully you have a show near where I live. Anyways I have two questions.

1) What helped you get your biggest break? As a producer, I'm constantly trying to get on a new label or find some way of collabing with new artists, and any advice would really help me out.

2) Did/do you ever get frustrated by not being able to finish a track or being rejected from labels and such? Again, as a producer it's something I am dealing with a lot. I love the music I make and I love actually making it, but I always feel like I could do so much more.

Thanks man! You are awesome!

camkong3 karma

  1. Hard work got me where I am and it will keep me going in the directions I'm going in. It's the only thing I can count on in the future, my work ethic.
  2. I don't release my music with labels(aside from remixes), i've done everything independently. Frustration is apart of the game of life, my friend.

juiceyfrewt1 karma

Big fan of CamEveryDay here. I miss the daily updates and hearing the constant progression/production of your music! :(

Will it ever see a complete comeback?

camkong3 karma

Thank you. I don't think so. The more progression I made with music, the more the vlogs suffered. It just got to that point with me. I have talked about starting a podcast in the future, that would probably fill that role. No time frame for this podcast though.

aceofsuede1 karma

how was growing up in Carson City NV? I'm from Reno

camkong3 karma

I actually grew up in Minden, NV. About 10/15 minutes south of Carson. It's awesome. One of my favorite places in the world.

SquadUpSquadUp1 karma

Hey Cam thanks for doing this ama

I know awhile back you said you were working on new comssioner stuff, will instrumentals ever surface? Also what genre is Choco Grande dipping its toes into next?

camkong3 karma

I'm getting to a lot of different stuff. I go home and start working on music at the start of 2014. I don't want to pre-determine what sorta music it will be, but it will be evolved for sure.

hipstertoaster1 karma

Hey Cam, Big fan of your work. How did you meet Sergeant D?

camkong3 karma

poppunkandpizza is right. Started out as that interview, and a relationship just started out of it.

slamduncan111 karma

what got you into making death metal music? also what got you into electronic music?

camkong3 karma

It was a natural progression for both.

AnonymousThree1 karma

Hi Cameron! I aspire to make metal music on my computer like you have done and I was hoping you might mention what I would need to do it. I mean in terms of what software/plugins and what type of hardware. Also, what types of musical knowledge I should have in terms of theory. Are you a classically trained musician? How did you learn to make the music you make? Thanks a ton!

camkong5 karma

Most of those questions are preference. The key component to doing anything is hardwork and dedication. I'm a huge Toontrack guy though, that should keep you busy for.... a long time.

Jarichpatco1 karma

do you still have plans for a podcast?

camkong2 karma

Yes, but I think i still might need to wait a bit.

bearkin11 karma

Hey, what happened to your IndieMerch store? Doesn't seem to be there anymore.

camkong3 karma

Big chocolate is still there. Disfiguring the goddess is now here: http://www.shopbenchmark.com/disfiguringthegoddess

yummynugglets1 karma

Hey Cam! Ive been a huge fan since day one. You were one of my biggest influences when I decided I wanted to be a metal vocalist. I just wanted to say thank you for giving me that inspiration, and I was wondering if you have any tips for an aspiring frontman and his band?

camkong2 karma

I don't have any tips because I don't front any metal bands. I would say have fun?

UniversalPetroleum1 karma

Any particular reasons why you hid the majority of your old videos on youtube? I was a huge fan of you dancing to Putrid Pile :) Loving the new albums.

camkong7 karma

They would pop up in searches when I started using the name Big Chocolate for my electronic music. They will see light again. HAHA. SO goofy.

Irrweg1 karma

Hey Cam, what are the last three acts that blew your mind?

Also: Do you have that Maruta meatgrinder-shirt of your's that you wore while touring with Burning the Masses (Suffocation-Tour) in Germany? Give me that one.

Keep on pushing!

camkong2 karma

Meshuggah (first metal show and more recently on that tour with baroness and decapitated) Very impactful. Gesaffelstein & brodinski at Movement (DEMF) 2013, they played right after me on that stage and sorta exposed to some serious sides of music I wasn't 100% seeing before.

Picking a third is hard at the moment.

jaredh_d20121 karma

Have you ever heard of Vildhjarta and if so any thoughts on Thall?

camkong5 karma

I LOVE that band. I think they are great. So moody, so weird. Great guitar tones. One of my favorite newer bands. I never looked into what this 'thall' was.

corgonin1 karma

When you're on tour, where do you shower?

camkong4 karma


logankimmel1 karma

Ever played ESP's? If so what do you think about them?

camkong2 karma

I haven't.

nolsson1 karma

Hey Cam I wanted to tell you that you have been my biggest inspiration to getting into music, not just with you DTG stuff, but also with Big Chocolate, Commissioner and my personal favorite, Just Jack. I wanted to know if you could give any advice to new people trying to do their own solo music projects?

Also, are there any more of your SLAM snapbacks? It's all I want for Christmas this year

camkong2 karma

Just start making music. See where it takes you and your music. SIMPLE. I don't think so. I'm sorry.

RageTemplate1 karma

Are you by chance looking for any record label for DTG?

camkong2 karma