My short bio: I have been performing in live stunt shows since 2007, got my first TV stunt gig on Glee in 2010. Currently Saxon the purple pirate at Pirate's Dinner Adventure in Buena Park full time (also at the Wild West Stunt Show at Knott's Berry Farm) and work other stunt jobs when I can get them.

My Proof:

Happy to dig up more concrete proof if I need to.

*Edit: Thanks Reddit, this was a lot of fun! I intend to start releasing stunt videos on a regular basis starting in the new year. Keep an eye on my youtube channel for some cool stuff coming up:

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slappyslug713 karma

What is the story behind getting paid to call Justin Beiber a bitch?

Sideyr1223 karma

Got hired on to a Punk'd episode with Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. The set-up was that she thought she was punking Bieber; we were playing skateboarders and he would park in our skating area, which would piss us off and we would "destroy" his car while he was at lunch. In reality we had met with Bieber ahead of time and worked out the scene to where we would get in a fight with him. He pushed me down, tripped another stunt guy and "kicked" him in the side "breaking his rib." Then he ran off and Miley was basically blamed for a prank gone horribly wrong, thus punking her.

slappyslug405 karma

Did you guys really trash a car? What was it like to work with Beiber and Miley?

Sideyr872 karma

The trashing the car was just a set-up for what Miley thought was going to happen, the "fight" with Bieber happened instead.

Miley Cyrus was really nice, but since we were actually punking her, they didn't have us talk to her much so we wouldn't give anything away (hired stunt guys as improv actors, so it's understandable they'd be a little worried). I don't want to burn any bridges, suffice it to say, Bieber came across as really young.

slappyslug136 karma

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions :)

Sideyr207 karma

That's what lazy Sundays are for! Well, lazy until I go be a pirate in a few hours.

flobbaddobbadob79 karma


Sideyr178 karma

I'm the Purple Pirate at Pirate's Dinner Adventure, Buena Park. Work is at 3, but I'll be back in a couple hours after that.

flobbaddobbadob47 karma

I should read more. I see you posted that in the content of the post...sorry.

Sideyr66 karma

No worries.

GP0100136 karma

I've been to that pirate show!!! It was quite a few years ago when it first opened up but that shit was so fun!!! I fell in love with the green emo pirate. Me and my friend go our picture with him as he carried us in either arm. Either way its a fun show and it basically made my nieces and nephews as happy as can be!! Thanks for that.

Sideyr48 karma

It's a fun show to work at and the kids always seem to have a great time. Makes working there not feel like work most of the time.

TheCodexx23 karma

Ah, the pirate place by Medevial Times, near Knott's? I've never been, even though I love pirates. Now I feel compelled to check it out.

Sideyr25 karma

It's a fun show, silly but fun.

OceanRacoon46 karma

I don't want to burn any bridges, suffice it to say, Bieber came across as really young.

That means he was a prick

Sideyr133 karma

I wouldn't say that. Just...immature? More concerned with his self image than things like our safety.

OceanRacoon66 karma

Yeah that sounds like a prick alright. You didn't say it, I did, so all the bridges are wet as fuck and nonburnable. You should have kicked him in the nuts and said, "Unpunk that, bitch."

Sideyr56 karma

That would have gotten great ratings. You should write these.

*edit for spelling. It said wright, hence the comment below.

Cptnmikey45 karma

Link for the curious

Which dude are you?

mldgb66 karma

I think he is the one that calls him a bitch and gets shoved down around 1:50, with short black hair.

Sideyr62 karma


buge38 karma

You double-punking scoundrel.

If I were Bieber I would worry about being triple-punked.

Sideyr47 karma

The day was already confusing enough with who knew what.

weaselboogs371 karma

I up voted this because you properly used "defenstrate".

Sideyr304 karma

Thanks! You don't know how incredibly happy it makes me to be able to say I've been defenestrated.

ReadingGenius73 karma

What does that mean?

KillScreenAnim175 karma

To be thrown out of a window, or I guess just fall out of one.

Sideyr117 karma

I believe it is specifically to be thrown out of a window. I was thrown, so my stunt qualifies :).

defenestrate313277 karma

what does being thrown through a window feel like?

Sideyr421 karma

The guys who built it did a fantastic job. It was made of sugar glass and balsa wood, but looked amazingly real. With the adrenaline, I barely registered it was there. I wasn't sure how much resistance there would be, so I hit it pretty hard and it just kind of disappeared,

swefpelego179 karma

Does sugar glass hurt if you land on it the right way? I know it's supposed to break easily but it seems like it would still be very painful to land on.

Sideyr280 karma

The pieces can be pretty darn sharp, but usually they powder under weight. Probably won't get more than cut up.

usaftoast2013310 karma

Instant Diabeetus!

Sideyr291 karma

The untold dangers of stunt work.

BlueFireAt20 karma

You mean that they would powder when you first break the window or after being landed on? In the second case... yowch.

Sideyr39 karma

Some of it powders with initial impact. As for the rest, it really depends on what pads you are wearing and what you are landing on. If it was between a harder surface of your body and cement, I think the sugar glass would probably break apart, but I could be wrong. Don't really want to test the theory.

lactosefree149 karma

Came to the thread looking for this answer haha

What's the most fun thing you've done on the job?

Sideyr75 karma

High falls are pretty darn fun once you have done enough that you don't need to think about them. Still need to focus, but you can enjoy the ride.

RufinTheFury196 karma

-What's the worst injury you've received on the job? Off the job? -Favorite film you've been in? Favorite film period? -What is the best music genre?!

Sideyr235 karma

On the job, sprained ankle. Off the job, broken 5th metatarsal on my left foot. So fairly injury free thus far.

Only been in one movie so far and it hasn't released yet. But I guess that one.

Tough one, let me think about it and I'll get back to you.

Lilrico6976 karma

What movie will you be in, because I want to see you and your skills at work. You sound like a pretty cool guy (or girl, not sure and not sure if it was already stated)

Sideyr132 karma

I'm a guy and thank you. It is called Dark Summer. Not sure how much I can say, but it was a pretty easy stunt. If you see the main guy fall down in front of a sliding glass door, that's me.

slimjim9174 karma

Spoiler alert much?

Sideyr528 karma

Well, since I already ruined it I can tell you how it ends. Credits.

Followthatmonkey181 karma

I've heard that Johnny Knoxsville has to use a catheter on a daily basis because of sustained trauma. Would you be willing to similarly trade ongoing health issues for some sort of widespread noteriety?

Sideyr292 karma

Not the kind of stunts I'm interested in. Despite my career path, I am a very careful person. I analyze the crap out of anything I do. I want it to look good, but, more importantly, I want it to be repeatable (not just for multiple takes, which happens most of the time, but for years down the line). My safety to paycheck ratio is very heavily weighted towards the safety end.

lostpatrol257 karma

Johnny Knoxville is hardly a stunt guy. He gets hurt for real, not to make it look real.

AngrySandyVag172 karma

Yeah, Knoxville is more daredevil than stuntman

Sideyr190 karma

Daredevil would be a good term for the jackass bunch. Taking risk for the sake of it.

BrosAreTheShit134 karma

How did you get into it? What kind of training is required / what does the typical stuntman's resume look like?

Sideyr210 karma

In high school I started doing parkour and around that time decided I wanted to do stunt work (I had acted since I was a kid, martial arts for something like 20 years now, always making fight scenes with my friends, so parkour was just kind of the final push to do it).

Typical resume of someone who is more serious is usually; some form of martial art (some more than others), some form of gymnastics (some more than others), parkour is pretty common now, weapons (bladed and gunpowder) and whatever falling ability they have. Some people pad their ability list, which is never a good idea.

commonform75 karma

Could you please elaborate on the falling ability?

Sideyr224 karma

Absolutely. A big one is high falls, which type you can do (face-off, header, suicide, back-off) and from how high. The other would be if you have experience just hitting the ground. It is usually called ground pounding, but it is basically your willingness to hit cement with no padding. Experience in how to break-fall minimizes the amount those falls suck, but they will always, always suck.

ivylazer127 karma

Woah, so part of your job is just falling from height and landing on cement? How high are we talking?

Sideyr112 karma

Sorry for the confusion, there was intended to be a separation between high falls and hitting cement. That being said, hitting the ground from higher up isn't unheard of, but I haven't hit cement from more than about 5 feet, I would say. Rolling out of a fall, I've gone about 12'.

amac88119 karma

How did you get the job? Sounds like it'd be a fun line of work.

Sideyr192 karma

Auditioned for the Pirate's Lair show at Disneyland, CA. First stunt show. Worked with a group of fantastic stuntmen and women. Learned a lot of what I needed to do from them. Went to work at the Wild West Stunt Show at Knott's Berry Farm, mainly to learn high falls. Met a bunch of super talented people there. A connection from Knott's got me Glee. My uncommon size (5'7, 120lbs) and young look has gotten me most of my jobs from there. It doesn't hurt that I can act, which has gotten me several jobs.

CristianoRealnaldo44 karma

Yo I'm 5'8 125 and I act. How does one make this happen? Haha

theclustafucka40 karma

I'm 5'10" and 120 lbs. My time to shine!!

Sideyr107 karma

Dude, I literally just saw a post from a coordinator looking for a double for a 5'10, 125lbs guy in Texas. The people that were submitting were all bigger then the guy they needed to double. Get to it.

jefffffffff-131 karma

nope you dont sound full of yourself. cool thread tho

Sideyr40 karma

Sorry if it comes across that way.

Razaroc300061 karma

What is the favorite thing you have been paid to do?

Sideyr164 karma

Throwing myself into a car windshield for Holliston. Funny story, actually. It was a car in front of a green screen set-up and they wanted me to hit the car like I had just been hit by the car. No coordinator, so I just walked through exactly how I was hitting, where I was going (thankfully they had a pad to throw on the floor so I didn't have to hit cement afterward). They wanted a roll over the windshield, so that's what I did. First take went well, exactly how I planned. They wanted another one. I thought, "I've got this" and put a little more into the second hit. Broke the windshield right on the bottom, dead center. Thank God, it didn't interfere with their shots, actresses kept going and they loved it (used it for the show). Two takes and I was done. First shot of the day, wrapped an hour after I got to set.

*edit: Thanks for the gold!

Razaroc300044 karma

Your job seems absolutely beautiful, funnest thing you have thrown yourself into is a car?

Sideyr61 karma

Yeah, car was fun. Wall hurt a bit.

Razaroc300019 karma

Walls too? You just can't get enough...

Sideyr73 karma

For a SAG-AFTRA daily ($859), there are not a lot of objects I would not throw myself into, onto, or off of.

Sideyr105 karma

Favorite unpaid gig was a proof of concept for Seth Green and Dan Fogler (nothing ever happened with it). I got to be a ninja and fight both of them. The coordinator was Garrett Warren (Avatar, Real Steel, Ender's Game...90 something credits). Seth Green was awesome and his wife was super nice as well. Everyone made sure we knew they were very grateful we were volunteering our time (even bought pizza for everyone). Great experience all around and got this awesome picture.

Collateral_Dmg59 karma

Are you a supporter of the campaign for the Oscars to introduce a stunt category?

Are awards important to you or in the business in general?

Do you have any awards or titles?

Sideyr99 karma

I absolutely support stunt people getting recognized at awards shows. I think every other aspect is represented, but for whatever reason stunt work isn't.

I have a couple trophys for ballroom dancing in college...that count?

Gthax59 karma

SAXON!!! You have been our pirate each time we have gone for our friends birthdays. We are all 27+ and by far cheer the loudest for you even though we know your outcome. On a few occasions you've shushed us. It's all good though. My question is, do you plan on moving up in ranks or will you always be the comedic relief pirate? Either way, good on you and we'll sit in your section regardless.

Sideyr57 karma

Haha, awesome! I try not to quiet my section unless there are lines that need to be said, or just funny lines I want to say. Believe me, we would much rather have the rowdy audiences than the dead ones. For me, I actually rank Saxon pretty high. Aside from Magee, it is the one role where you can get away with practically anything. If a joke bombs, it's Saxon. Forget something, it's Saxon. Most of all, it is the one role where your jokes can usually get the other actors to break character and that is always fun.

I do plan on cross-training to other pirates (though I'm the full-time purple and don't have much coverage, so I wouldn't get to do other roles all that much).

Gthax35 karma

Awesome. Gotta enjoy what you do. That's most important. Here's our motley crew with you haha.

Sideyr21 karma

Hilarious, come say hi next time you guys see the show.

aoiumi51 karma

How was being a zombie?

Sideyr84 karma

I was a zombie ninja, so pretty awesome. Shambling might get old pretty fast, though I would gladly do it for Walking Dead!

aoiumi17 karma

Thanks for the answer! You're my first IAMA where I actually got a reply :D

Also zombie ninja? Was it for a tv show because I would watch the shit out of it. And walking dead would be a cool gig

Sideyr40 karma

It was actually for a friend's music video parody of Psy's Gentleman. He also did Gunman Style (I was a ninja in that one as well and coordinated both. Gentleman has 2 million views and Gunman Style has like 44 millions views now, which is awesome.)

aoiumi12 karma

Wow both were well done! You did a great evil ninja zombie...or evil zombie ninja...or zombie ninja evil...anyway you were pretty good!

Sideyr18 karma

Thanks, dude. The shoots were a little stressful, but Jervy managed to get some cool stuff put together.

Nessie50 karma

Have you ever been refenestrated?

Sideyr76 karma

I am trying to decide what a refenestration would actually entail. Pulled back into a window? Thrown back through a broken window you were previously thrown out of? Either way, I can't say I have. New goal, perhaps.

BigMtFudgeCake49 karma

How's your sperm count?

Sideyr252 karma

Haven't checked, but I'll go with optimal on account of my giant balls ;).

BigMtFudgeCake111 karma

Might be cancer

Sideyr362 karma

Just checked WebMD, definitely cancer.

Igor_the_Mad47 karma

My research says that it's AIDS. Doctor, do you concur?

Sideyr206 karma

I'm not a doctor, but definitely worried about cancer-AIDS now. This AMA was a terrible idea.

Igor_the_Mad67 karma

Damnit Jim I'm a stuntman, not a doctor.

Sideyr70 karma

No cheating; name the episode where Bones says, "I'm a Doctor, not a bricklayer."

Fleex37 karma

Isn't it the one in which they go to the mining colony that's being terrorized by an acidic nonhumanoid life form?

Sideyr56 karma

Yes it is (silicone based lifeform)! Love that episode.

Igor_the_Mad4 karma

I'll admit, I haven't seen all of them. In fact I'm just starting to watch it on Netflix.

Sideyr12 karma

The Devil in the Dark. It's amazing. One of my father's favorite episodes (also Day of the Dove) and it became one of mine, too.

Nman779 karma

Rip in peace!

Sideyr25 karma

Planning on making a DVD disc with my video will.

IsNotABelle40 karma

What the hell made you even consider being a stuntman?

Sideyr272 karma

I would probably kill myself at a desk job, so the alternative seemed less risky.

krissieprissie38 karma

Just wanted to pop in and say it was excited when I just learned you were a stuntman on The Mindy Project. Tell me about that.

Also, I would like to put on a nice dress and take you to dinner, where we would proceed to cause a scene and eventually maybe I would "slam" your face into a table so everyone in the restaurant would be like "what a crazy bitch". We would then proceed to calmly finish dinner, and perhaps make out in the car when you drop me off. If you'd like.

Sideyr25 karma

I doubled the nerdy intern when he got thrown into a wall. It was fun, didn't interact with the main cast that much. Three takes, kinda banged up my arm on the painting around take two. The trashcan falling late was unintentional and almost made me start laughing.

Sounds like a fun time all around.

IvyLeagueBastard37 karma

would you rather fall 25 feet 100 more times or 100 feet 1 time?

Sideyr53 karma

Right at this moment, I would rather fall 25', 100 more times. I can do those falls entirely by reflex, now. With training, 100' fall would definitely be a much bigger paycheck, but there aren't many places to learn a skill like that.

EarthKiba25 karma


Sideyr39 karma

I was assuming safety equipment would be present for both. Even a 25' fall could kill you without it. As far as I know, foam pads usually aren't used past 25'. Boxes can be used to about that height as well (possibly higher? Not sure the limit on that). An air bags would be used for any really big high fall.

LordEorr15 karma

A 25' fall can kill you without safety equipment.

Sideyr25 karma

True story.

Zheknov36 karma

Do you get to hang out with the actors you are playing for?

Sideyr93 karma

Depends. I try not to get in anyone's way, so unless they talk to me I don't bother them. It's also kind of weird on set, because every time I've worked everyone has already been working together for a long time and I'm just there for a day. Some actors go out of their way to talk to you, though. I recently worked with Rob Corddry and he was awesome.

RANCH_KING10 karma

What were you doing working with Rob Corddry?

Sideyr13 karma

He is on an episode of Trophy Wife that should be coming up.

dont_you_wish28 karma

I want to get my start in being a stunt man.

A little about me. I'll be 76 in 3 months. I have all my hair and teeth.

What advice can you give me?

Sideyr35 karma

Squats and oats.

lawless7725 karma

What's the worst you have been injured while doing a stunt?

Sideyr35 karma

So far, a sprained ankle at Pirate's. So, nothing serious and may it stay that way.

Nessie61 karma

Harrrrd landing?

Sideyr182 karma

The judges gave it a "Sea".

Best I could do.

I'm so sorry.

lawless772 karma

You must be pretty good at your job then! Thanks for the reply!

Sideyr15 karma

I am a careful man. I have a very good sense of what I can and can't do and will go over everything many many times, if not practically then mentally. I wouldn't say my personality type is common in the industry, but it has prevented any accidents on my end so far.

h0ns0l04 karma

What is your personality according to Myer & Briggs personality test?

edit: If you don't know don't take the test for me, it be sweet if you knew though.

Sideyr8 karma


F4Scorpion19 karma

Was there ever a stunt you had to think about for a minute? Like, "Should I really be doing this?"

Sideyr46 karma

Going from a 10' high fall to an 18' one. Took about 10 minutes visualizing how I was going to fall before I did from that height. The transition from 18' to 25' was actually easier.

antonfire5 karma

Is there a reason for the big gap between heights?

Sideyr9 karma

The windmill we fall off of has two heights, 10' and 18', the high fall at the stage we do the main show at is about 25'. Just what they were built as.

letsdothisthing218 karma

I'm super late to this post but hopefully you'll see it anyways. I just wanted to say thank you for being a pirate at Pirate Dinner Adventure. My brother is autistic and his favorite thing is pirates. Every year for his birthday we go to Pirate Adventure to see you guys perform and you are always awesome. All of the pirates we have had any interaction with have been amazing, understanding, and so considerate of my brother. They always pose for pictures, sign whatever he asks, and never break character. He loves watching you all perform and I love you for making his day every year. Thank you!!

Sideyr9 karma

You are very welcome! It is always nice to hear things like this.

milanbourbeck17 karma

What was the hardest stunt you ever made?

Did you seriously injured while making a stunt?

What is the stunt you like the most?

What kind of Vacuum Cleaner do you have?

EDIT: I would pay to call justin bieber a bitch. How did you feel after that?

Sideyr37 karma

Hardest stunt, probably going off the 25' high fall at Knott's for the first time. The pad looked tiny.

Never injured on a real stunt job other than bruises and scrapes. Live shows I've sprained my ankle a couple times.

Favorite stunt so far was going through a window for a prank type show (can't give details, won't air for awhile).

All of them. All the vacuum cleaners.

TheLostBigBoss17 karma

Are you ok?

Sideyr12 karma

So far so good.

domuseid16 karma

You sound like you've seen a lot - what's one stunt or category of stunts that you would always refuse?


What's the craziest stunt you've turned down?

Sideyr38 karma

Haven't ever been asked to do something on a set that I couldn't do/ would not feel comfortable doing. I have not trained in any vehicle stunts, so I would never put myself in a position to do one until I had training. I would never lie to get a job. If I don't have the experience, I tell the coordinator straight up and they can decide.

domuseid10 karma

Very informative! Thanks for taking the time to respond!

Sideyr16 karma

Absolutely, having fun.

nilestyle16 karma

What has been your personal favorite "stunt" out of everything?

Sideyr31 karma

This wasn't a paid stunt, but right when I started live shows, I free climbed the outside of my high school theater. It was probably about 40' and I don't think I'd ever do something like that again for free, but standing on top of the theater was kind of a proud moment (if you watch my stunt reel, it is the clip at the very end).

isotaco14 karma

i'm a television producer, and I've always thought a follow-doc tv series about stuntmen and the training / prop creation / choreography etc. would make a really interesting reality show. Logistically, though, it seems impossible to produce because you'd need permissions and access to get into closed sets, and would have the headache of releasing big name talent. Not sure what my question is. Maybe I'm pitching the idea to you? Do the stuntmen you generally work with have strong personalities and do you think the process would be interesting to watch for people not in the industry?

Sideyr11 karma

In my experience stuntmen would make hilarious television, though you would probably have to censor a lot.

jaymzthesupreme13 karma

Hey man, just gotta say that your MOGA video entry is really well done. I would recommend adding some more sound effects next time though. It really make a difference having subtle punching sounds whenever you hit someone! Keep it up buddy.

Sideyr17 karma

Thank you! Mixing the audio was a freaking pain (also not my strong suit). They were actually present, but when I boosted the gain on them they sounded super fake to me. Foley is going to be a big project for my next videos.

MyNeighborToto12 karma

What kind of stunts did you have to do on Glee?

Sideyr41 karma

First time I worked, I was a nerd getting thrown into a dumpster. A couple weeks ago, I doubled Kevin McHale getting knocked out of his wheelchair.

Wishywashy24244 karma

Artie can't fall out of his wheelchair himself??

Sideyr8 karma

He was willing to and they had him do it with the coordinator and another guy tipping the chair over using a bar they had secured to it. For the full on fall they had me step in.

Rainnwillson11 karma

Rod Kimble? Is this you? If it's not you, how hard would it be to pull off the stunts in the movie HotRod?

Sideyr12 karma

Not a motorcycle guy, but I would assume most of it is math based and worked out ahead of time.

reallyrealname7 karma

Hey man , fantastic AMA . I didn't have a Chance to look through all the comments so I apologize if this has already been asked . But how would a young person get into stunt work ? I've been a tree climber and fallen out of 70 foot pine trees and fallen off 35 foot ledges with the army , and I actually really enjoyed those experiences. I can imagine the adrenaline i had during those is similar to the adrenaline you experience every day and I fucking love it ! Any advice in breaking into a career as a stuntman .? Thanks in advance

Sideyr12 karma

I went the live stunt show route to start. Great training ground if you use it as one. It also gets you experience with acting and improv (can't beat a live show for learning how to roll with the unexpected). Developing skills like martial arts (for film, which is a bit different. A really good book to read is "Fight Choreography: the art of non-verbal dialogue." He goes into a lot of stuff about structuring a fight for film). Training your body to be aware of where it is when your feet aren't touching the ground is absolutely invaluable. Things like trampoline, gymnastics, and tricking can all help build this body awareness. Parkour is a great skill for life in general. Learning how to roll out of a fall has saved my ass many times. Once you have a solid skill set, start marketing yourself. Student films can be a great way to get experience on camera and build a resume. Get a good headshot, put a resume together with your sizes (height, weight, waist, inseam, hat, glove, jacket, t-shirt...those are the common ones) and skills. Find a way to get your information to coordinators. Finding a set and meeting the coordinator is called "hustling" and can be a good way to get your name out. Be polite and respectful of their time. Don't interrupt, wait for them to have a moment, introduce yourself, ask if you can leave your information and don't stay past the amount of time they seem actually interested in talking to you.

IGrowAcorns7 karma

From the first couple lines, I thought this was about a abusive relationship.

Sideyr13 karma

We hit out of love. But seriously, don't abuse spouses.

Shniggles5 karma

Shot at?

Sideyr14 karma

Wild West Stunt Show. Also John Locke shot at me on a new show for FOX.

MGC913 karma

What's the hardest stunt to do in film and TV? (That you've either done or know about?)

Sideyr14 karma

I would say high falls, past a certain point, would start being incredibly difficult (100'+ falls). Timing, air sense and technique would have to be spot on, or the stunt guy would be a spot, on the ground.

usernamepanic3 karma

Who's your brother?

Sideyr4 karma

His name is Erik.

usernamepanic1 karma

Damn. I was hoping it was Bob.

Sideyr3 karma

Sorry to disappoint. I'll ask if he'd be willing to change his name for you, though.

_dentalassistant2 karma

Is there any movie to date that you have seen which you are glad you would never have to be a stunt actor for?

Sideyr9 karma

Chocolate comes to mind (the Thai film). A lot falls and hits in that that were definitely real. Not the things long careers are made of. I'd also like to think I would step up and do the stuff that red trousers do, but those guys hurt themselves a lot, for far less.

Built_From_Rubbish1 karma

What is something you'll never do even if you're offered a butt-load of money?

Sideyr5 karma

Situational, probably. If the stunt seemed very unsafe, or if people I was trusting my life with seemed incompetent, I might turn something down. Not sure if enough butt-loads of money would make me change my mind.