Hi reddit. I'm Joe. You probably know me from shows like True Blood (Alcide), Magic Mike and the upcoming movie with /u/GovSchwarzenegger Sabotage. I just directed a movie called La Bare that will premiere in January, and my book Evolution was just released.

I'm here to take your questions so AMA!


Time for me to get ready for my book signing in Skokie IL Barnes & Noble. You all rock. Read Evolution, join www.evolution359.com. And thank you! You rock.

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i_want_to_lick_her305 karma

Is there any more to life than being really, really ridiculously good-looking?

Joe_Manganiello580 karma

Sure! There's Orange mocha frappucinos silly.

angryblonde313238 karma

Big fan of your work. I just want to say: Congrats on being sober for 11 years, you've always been such an inspiration to me. Im working on 8 years myself. Keep on keepin' on.

Joe_Manganiello201 karma

Wow, that is awesome. Awesome awesome awesome. Keep it up.

friendsfoundmyoldone127 karma

Can you go back on Talking Dead sometime? I've never really watched True Blood, but you showing your nerd knowledge on that show gave me a huge crush on you.

Joe_Manganiello179 karma

Thanks! I am a giant nerd. Tell Chris Hardwick to have me on again.

TomRalphio87 karma

Joe, this girl I'm seeing has a massive crush on you, and I find myself competing with you for her time.

How am I supposed to handle this?

Your frequent shirtlessness isn't helping my case either.


Joe_Manganiello156 karma

Buy my book and get to work.

racooney100 karma

Also grow an impressive beard.

Joe_Manganiello176 karma

Haha! It's all about the beard.

jozie1234584 karma

Hey I don't really have a question but I would like to say you are awesome. Also with me being comfortable with my straightness and all I can that say you are one attractive man.

Joe_Manganiello76 karma

Thanks bro!

SarahImYourSilverMan63 karma

Are you going to be involved in Magic Mike 2? And if so, could you please let them know that we'd like to see you in more scenes, preferably with few (or no) clothes on? Thanks.

Joe_Manganiello65 karma

I'm not sure how I get less clothes on than I did in Magic Mike? With that said, there's not a script yet. There's not a director or a budget. So I'm as anxiously waiting for that as everyone else is but so far there are hopes but nothing more.

TheDuskDragon55 karma

What's up Joe! What do you think is the most bullshit myth about working out and dieting that everyone needs to know about?

Joe_Manganiello132 karma

Bullshit myth: there is no magic pill. It's all about consistency.

TheDuskDragon38 karma

Don't you ever have days where you just want to lay in bed all day and eat junk food after weeks of working out and dieting? I'm sure every fit celebrity has some cheat days. Or should I just reconsider my life?

Joe_Manganiello123 karma

Sure it's called being human. But if you want amazing results you have to have an amazing ethic.

palberca55 karma

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a regular on /r/fitness and they'd love to have you as a contributor on there. How was it like working with the legend himself?

Joe_Manganiello99 karma

First of all, I would love to, that would be fantastic. Arnold lives up to EVERY BIT of hype and then some. He is the man.

Practicing51 karma

I really enjoyed your appearance on the Nerdist podcast. You seem like an awesome guy. That's all. Carry on being awesome.

Joe_Manganiello43 karma

You're awesome!

racooney50 karma

Is your new book 'Evolution' geared solely towards guys wanting to be ripped or is there something in there for women like me who are looking for better workouts? Currently I'm doing the Insanity workout and wondering if your book would have much value for me (besides drooling at the pictures of you). I'm not aiming to be heavily muscled, just more defined.

Also, you are the reason I watch True Blood.

Joe_Manganiello99 karma

Thank you! Basically, chapter 6 includes first 6 weeks of workouts I used for my first shirtless scene on True Blood. The rest of the book is about my philosophy, and the psychological aspects of training as well as diet, cardio, and tips for photoshoots. Plenty of women do cross fit which is similar to the type of working out that I do. But the real strength of the book (other than the workouts) is the motivational and inspirational aspects.

Lola_K40 karma

Hey Joe.

Have you finished filming the final season of True Blood? Was it difficult to say goodbye to everyone and to part ways with the character you play on the show, Alcide?

Joe_Manganiello67 karma

We haven't started shooting yet. But now that you mention it, yes, it probably will be very sad.

meibeebelle36 karma

Hi, Joe! Love to watch you act, and can't wait to read your book! What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Joe_Manganiello135 karma

Mint chocolate chip. The white mint chocolate chip from Breyers.

Frajer35 karma

Did you do any interesting/fun things to prepare for your role in Magic Mike?

Joe_Manganiello89 karma

Yes. As it turns out, an old friend of mine was a male stripper in the 1990s. So I sat down with him for 2 hours to interview him. At the time, I had never laughed harder than I did for those 2 hours. But I recently shot a documentary about the club that he worked at called La Bare, and I laughed even harder at the footage we got for that.

Kendarr29 karma

Obviously you're an author, but do you read a lot of books? Do you like fiction or non-fiction? What's your favourite?

Joe_Manganiello121 karma

I have to read a ton of scripts for work but I consider myself an avid reader. The next few books I'm planning on reading are American Gods by Neil Gaiman and David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell, I'm a huge fan of his stuff.

KhalReesesPieces29 karma

If Alcide could be a werewolf that turns into any other animal, what would it be any why?

Joe_Manganiello139 karma


hunkdujour29 karma

Hey fella! Always glad to see your amazing success... YEARS ago when we first talked you'd just guested on How I Met Your Mother & done Spiderman... back then had you any idea at all how your life would take off?

Joe_Manganiello44 karma

I think that any dreams I had at that point would have shortchanged the reality.

DougBoutabi28 karma


Joe_Manganiello84 karma

Merry Christmas Nicole!

mtorell26 karma

Joe, In a true man competition, steak eating, womanizing, cigar smoking, who would win? You or Alexander Skarsgard?

Joe_Manganiello52 karma

I've never seen him smoke a cigar so I can't tell.

jkcooper9926 karma

What's one of the times you've absolutely couldn't stop laughing at something while filming True Blood? Or just maybe a memorable experience on the show.

Joe_Manganiello87 karma

When Alcide gets glamoured by Eric.

kaihiola25 karma

who was your celebrity/comic book crush in your middle/high school years?

Joe_Manganiello56 karma

When I was young, Princess Leia for sure. Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman.

PittsburghGirl2223 karma

Hi Joe! I'm a big fan and have 5 questions for you: 1) Since you are a native to Pitt like myself, how does LA differ from it? 2) Do you prefer acting on television/movies or on a Broadway stage? 3) What is your favorite film you have acted in? 4) How well do you relate to your character Alcide? and 5) Loved you in Magic Mike! Would you consider doing it as a side gig? LOL sorry about all the questions!

Joe_Manganiello45 karma

1 People are friendlier in Pittsburgh.

2 HBO and movies are pretty much the same. I haven't acted on Broadway yet but I do love the rush of theater performing.

3 Sabotage.

4 Alcide is much more tolerant than I am.

5 I have thought about it.

synnae_bos22 karma

Hi Joe, I read once you were a bit of a foodie (off-season at least). What is the weirdest thing you ever eaten? The worst? The best?

Joe_Manganiello55 karma

Weirdest thing I've ever eaten is there's a place in LA that serves rattlesnake sausages. And I love them. Worst thing is tofu. Best thing is the steak for two at the Benjamin steakhouse in New York City.

TomRalphio21 karma

Do you ever skip leg day?

Joe_Manganiello49 karma

Never! There are hormones that release into your bloodstream when you work legs that don't get released by working any other body part.

Kele_L20 karma

Curious: How do you balance your interest in fitness w/the fact that so many of your jobs/appearances seem to get hung up on your physique and asking you to take your shirt off? I'd think it would be frustrating.

Joe_Manganiello44 karma

It's what happens to be paying the bills right now. I wrote a book, I directed a movie, it just depends.

iamslange17 karma

how many hours per day do you work out? and how many days per week?

Joe_Manganiello33 karma

When I'm in training, 6 days a week. 1 hour of weights, 30-45 minutes of cardio.

Kendred7816 karma

When it comes to women, do you prefer a woman to make the first move or do you prefer to be the one to make the first move? Or are you good either way?

Joe_Manganiello38 karma

I believe that men fall in love by chasing. If a woman chases after a man, she robs him of the ability to fall in love with him.

Drdoomz13 karma

If you could play one villain in any universe who would it be?

Joe_Manganiello53 karma

There is a comic book called Irredeemable where the world's greatest superhero becomes the world's greatest super villain. That would be who I'd want to play.

TheLovelyLadies13 karma

Hi Joe, thanks for doing the AMA! Are you going to make any appearances as brad on HIMYM this season? The episode where you and Jason Segel do brunch is one of my favorites. Also, what do you use for motivation on days where you really don't feel like working out?

Joe_Manganiello33 karma

I sure hope Brad comes back! Brunch is for bros after all.

Anybody can work out when they feel like it. Where the REAL work is done is when you don't want to go.

NYGalz12 karma

I watch True Blood and I love watching Alcide, you have a beautiful body that works perfect for the character.

Joe_Manganiello22 karma

We start filming the final season in January.

Shestheone811 karma

Hey Joe, how long did it take you to write Evolution? PS my copy is on the way from amazon, can't wait for it!!!!

Joe_Manganiello17 karma

It took 1 year.

xRavien11 karma

Did you watch Sound of Music last night? How do you feel about adding it to Vampire Bill's storyline? Your performance in Magic Mike changed my life.

Joe_Manganiello31 karma

I did not. Personally I think Vampire Bill should do a song and dance routine this year. Then you are going to LOVE my movie La Bare about the world's greatest male strip club which just happens to be in Dallas.

Hehe_Pugs10 karma

How much of your own stunts on True Blood did you actually get to do?

Joe_Manganiello25 karma


SwingingSpidey10 karma

What is your favorite memory from the set of Spider-Man?

Joe_Manganiello19 karma

At my screen test, there was a break where Sam Raimi and I just got to talk and I got to tell him what a big fan of his I was. So that was probably the best.

ballroom2010 karma

Hey Joe,my name is Gina,met you at the booksigning in NYC.I wanted to ask you your thoughts on the Paleo diet.I also wanted to let you know what a genuine and sincere person you are.Also, I would like to support any charities that are close to your heart.

Joe_Manganiello28 karma

I think it's great. That's pretty much the way that I eat except that I eat dairy. I am active with Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

spacepie89 karma

In October Charlaine Harris released a short book that covered what happened to all the characters after the series ended and Alcide had a chapter. Did you read it?

Joe_Manganiello25 karma

I have not! Link to it and I'll check it out. I'm super curious.

bluebluebreeze9 karma

Hi Joe! Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA! I haven't read the book yet (but I happen to know it's waiting for me under the Christmas tree), so forgive me if this is something you've mentioned already.

What is your absolute favorite exercise...and what is your least favorite?

Joe_Manganiello34 karma

Favorite exercise is probably overhead squats. Burpees are my least favorite.

racooney23 karma

Burpees are the bane of my existence. I'd rather do double of any other exercise.

Joe_Manganiello39 karma

EXACTLY. Absolutely. 100%. Burpees suck.

Mamabaker39 karma

I saw you on "Watch What Happens Live," and I recall you playing a game where you said you would be willing to bite Miley Cyrus. Just wondering - have you reconsidered that stance? By the way, I am a huge fan and I will be sad to see TB go but you will forever be the pack master!

Joe_Manganiello21 karma

I have. Grrrrrrr!

daniel_decrissio8 karma

How is it like knowing you were the original Flash Thompson for Spiderman?

Joe_Manganiello14 karma

It makes me feel old.

btm298 karma

How close were you to becoming the next batman?

Joe_Manganiello19 karma

I think that they are going for an older Batman in this storyline. But thanks for asking.

foo_forte338 karma

What is your favorite Marvel movie?

Joe_Manganiello37 karma

Torn between X-Men and Avengers.

cmt708 karma

Are you involved in any new tv projects next year besides True Blood? P.S. Have you ever been to Australia?

Joe_Manganiello27 karma

I absolutely LOVE Australia. I was just there in July. It's one of my favorite places on earth. Once True Blood is over, I'm doing movies.

Mrs_Patrick_Sharp8 karma

So, when do you you wanna get married? (:

All kidding aside, how has being famous changed how you date people? Is it more of a hassle now that you are famous?

Joe_Manganiello22 karma

Being famous and single is a liability. In today's modern world. With that said, the right girl is the right girl.

angelicblondie8 karma

Hey Joe! What was the best place that you've traveled to and why?

Joe_Manganiello30 karma

I think Venice, Italy is the most unbelievable city on earth and the reason why is it's literally like being inside of the movie Labyrinth.

Mojitana7 karma

Gonna pick up the book for friends for Christmas! Gonna start the new year off right! What is your favorite meal?

Joe_Manganiello23 karma

Steak. Bone-in filet mignon. Triple-trimmed filets from Omaha steaks are the best.

synnae_bos7 karma

How long did it take you to be able to do pull ups? I have been training for them for a while now as I figured it was the toughest thing for me to pull off in the gym (6'2" and female so less natural upper body strength)

Joe_Manganiello11 karma

Start with the workouts in my book Evolution. My website www.evolution359.com is going to publish a 6 week pull-up training program. So stay tuned.

Dynamiklol7 karma

Joe, big fan of your work. Also, thought you were the best character in "What to Expect When You're Expecting".

My question - Is there a certain character or role in a movie that you're really wanting to play? Or even just a type of movie in general that you haven't gotten to participate in yet?

Joe_Manganiello24 karma

I'm a huge fan of James Cameron. I'm a huge fan of David Fincher, Darren Aronofsky, Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino to name a few. I just recently met Steve McQueen who directed 12 Years a Slave and would love to work with any of them.

mortsnerd6 karma

Hi Joe, my son is studying acting at the U Wyo, what is a bit of advice you can give a young actor? Pitfalls to avoid, e.g., places/people/auditions, especially in LA. Momma is worried!

Joe_Manganiello19 karma

Tell him to learn how to say no. The best thing he can do is learn how to say no. That was actually the advice someone gave me when I first moved to LA and I didn't know what it meant but I sure as hell learned.

ctonda56 karma

You've already done so many different things, whats next for you to try? What would you be doing if you weren't in your industry?

Joe_Manganiello10 karma

Prior to drama school, I was going to play college basketball and go into Federal Law enforcement. My production company has a full slate of projects, the first of which premieres in January.

kaihiola5 karma

do you plan on attending san diego comic con next year of if you do will that be your last one?

Joe_Manganiello20 karma

Hopefully I will be filming fantasy and comic book related projects for the rest of my life! Unless I'm filming something I am planning to be at True Blood's final comic con this year.

StephDA75 karma

Hey Joe,

Do you think you will come to Toronto to do a book signing?

Joe_Manganiello11 karma

I have to get back to LA to finish editing the movie I directed. Otherwise I would love to. I love love love Toronto.

Kendred785 karma

What would it take to get you to come to Nashville? We would love to have you.

Joe_Manganiello15 karma

Not much I hear it's awesome.

Drdoomz5 karma

Did you have to learn to play Slamball while filming on One Tree Hill? How much fun was it? Also Alcide is my favorite character in true blood awesome job!

Joe_Manganiello11 karma

Thanks so much and yes, I trained to play Slamball with the professionals for that particular arc on One Tree Hill and yes it was one of the most fun things I've ever done.

abolge915 karma

How was it working alongside the One Tree Hill cast?

Joe_Manganiello15 karma

I have such fond memories of that time in my life. And I also met one of my best friends in the entire world Robbie Jones.

neuromorph4 karma

How do you like your DragonCon experience? I'm always curious how guests enjoy these conventions, and if they rate better than others.

Also, who is your favorite Spiderman and Batman villains, respectively.

Joe_Manganiello20 karma

I am constantly in shock by how many awesome fans come to see me.

Favorite Spider-Man villain is Kraven the Hunter. Batman I would say Catwoman for not so villainous reasons.

superboy77874 karma

What is your absolute favorite cheat meal?

Joe_Manganiello24 karma

Rosco's fried chicken and waffles.

DaniMarie6234 karma

Hey Joe. I was at the Union Square book signing and you suggested the Isopure Java and/or Sugar Free Protein with a banana for breakfast. I'm staying away from sugar, but the Java isn't sugar-free. Will that impact the results? I commute to work everyday and I tend to forget to eat breakfast (not good I know) so a shake may be the best solution for me. I'm trying to shape up so I want to make sure I eat right.

Joe_Manganiello16 karma

Java Pro has 1 gram of sugar. So that's about as close as you can get. Don't skip breakfast because you need to activate your metabolism in the morning. you're teaching your body to store fat when you skip meals. You need to eat consistently throughout the day to keep your metabolism high and train your body to not store fat. With that said, 1 gram of sugar per serving in Java Pro is not going to hurt you at all especially in the morning.

WrongSideOfRagnarok4 karma

Hey Joe! You're awesome. I only want to know what superhero would you love to play? Thanks!

Joe_Manganiello18 karma

Any superhero movie directed by David Fincher.

josephine_amos4 karma

Hi Joe, I just finished reading EVOLUTION and loved it! Awesome advice and very inspiring! You're fantastic! :) My question is silly:

  1. What makes you laugh & are you ticklish? If you are ticklish, where??

I wish you a wonderful Christmas-to-come! Jo X

Joe_Manganiello25 karma

First off, glad you liked the book. Second off, that's private, hee hee.

Ultimate_Cocktease154 karma

Hey Joe, fave song to work out to? Also forgive me for embracing my inner fan girl but ur sooooo amazing...ok back to reality Thanks so much for doing this AMA much love from a fan :) Bonus question thoughts on reddit so far?

Joe_Manganiello21 karma

Walk by Pantera. And right back atcha.

AnthonyHolic4 karma

Hi Joe! It's Anthony from CT! I was so glad to be there for the first signing on Long Island! What did it mean to have so many people add to the front of the book, like Matt Bomer and Max Martini? Plus, where is Max?? If you talk to him tell him I said hi!-- Anthony

Joe_Manganiello7 karma

THANK YOU for all of your support Anthony. It was amazing to have what I would consider to be my people show up to support me that first night. The outpouring of support from friends like Matt and Max has meant the world to me. Max isn't on twitter anymore.

franboop4 karma

hi Joe...I got to meet you in CT during your run of Streetcar ...made my LIFE ! anyway ...q: Do you feel your book can be helpful for women also or just men? will women benefit "in a year" also ...and any age group?

Joe_Manganiello11 karma

Absolutely any age group. It's not about comparing yourself to anyone else. It's about becoming the best you possible.

SaraWBda3 karma

god sorry I think I posted to the wrong bit, new to Reddit as of 5 minutes a go. I work out doing Body Combat 5 times a week, what is different about your approach in Evolution?

Joe_Manganiello4 karma

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the differences once you read my book.

ddaved763 karma

Joe! Big fan and fitness junkie, can't wait to read the book! Can you name your top 5 favorite excercises and 5 foods you eat the most?

Joe_Manganiello9 karma

top 5 favorite exercises:

Snatches Overhead squats Bench press with chains GHD situps Deadlifts

5 foods I eat the most

Steak Chicken Fish Corn Sweet potatoes

ajb19903 karma

If given a rematch, do you think you could kick Peter Parker's ass now?

Also, Sabotage looks awesome!

Joe_Manganiello9 karma

I'd like to see Alcide versus Peter Parker.

Sabotage IS awesome.

The_Anal_Invader3 karma

Hey Joe, love watching you on True Blood man! Sabotage looks awesome, I can't wait to see it.

Were you intimidated working with Arnie or do you get used to it after a couple of days filming? I mean, the man is an absolute legend!

Joe_Manganiello12 karma

That man IS a legend. Yes I was nervous at first because I am such a huge fan. But he is one of the coolest, friendliest, funniest and most charismatic human beings on the planet and is very good at making everyone around him comfortable.

Tiffanyleannslone3 karma

It is so hard to eat clean when your using to eating junk all the time. What's your advice on stayin on track and curbing the cravings??

Joe_Manganiello11 karma

Your body is unbelievably adaptable which is why they call it training not feeling. Bust your ass and plan 1 cheat meal per week and then go crazy.

spacepie83 karma

Hi Joe!

1) First..congrats on the book! Any more planned for the future? Maybe a Were series? 2) On that note, what's it like being a werewolf? Is True Blood's depiction accurate would you say? 3) What's your favorite classic rock song? 4) Do you have any crazy stories from the True Blood set that you haven't had a chance to share?

Joe_Manganiello8 karma

1 If this one does well, there are plans to make a series.Also, I just launched my website www.evolution359.com which gives you daily workouts, nutrition and fitness tips from me and my trainer Ron Mathews.

2 I haven't met any werewolves that have been offended by my performance yet.

3 Probably Ain't Talking bout Love by Van Halen.

4 Yes and once the show is long over, maybe I'll talk about it.

Lisanne763 karma

Hi Joe, what do you think of USA being in group G with Germany, Ghana and Portugal? And when will True Blood start with season 4? Love from the Netherlands (group B).

Joe_Manganiello14 karma

Go USA! I strongly suggest you get on the internet to catch up, we're on season 7.

AubreyPlazasButtHair3 karma

Name 1 actor and 1 actress you'd like to work with.

Also what is your favorite Christmas song?

Joe_Manganiello20 karma

David Bowie and Cate Blanchett.

Heat Miser Cold Miser from that Christmas special.

hannah_storm1 karma

Hi Joe, i once read that you like getting pedicures, so i was wondering if that's true? I know some guys are too sensitive for pedis, are you?

Joe_Manganiello8 karma

I'm not sure where you read that but that doesn't really sound like something I do. That must have been an article about someone else.

Faith_TXgirl1 karma

This 40+ woman is so out of shape! Are the workouts designed for the gym or in home? Need the motivation! Will you be in Dallas for a signing?

Joe_Manganiello6 karma

The workouts are for the gym. They can help anyone. I don't have plans to come to Dallas for a signing just yet but possibly in January. Possibly. I just shot a documentary about Dallas though.

Tzudro1 karma

Greetings Joe, thanks for doing the AMA! My go is in love with your body.

ANYWAY, what is the hardest role you have performed? Prepared for?

Joe_Manganiello10 karma

True Blood season 6 having to do a fight scene against a girl half my size. Every fiber in my being has been trained to never hurt a woman therefore it was extremely uncomfortable and difficult.

yhgvb1 karma

What do you use for your beard, trimmer wise?

Joe_Manganiello5 karma

I don't know what the brand is, I'm not sure. I bought it at a drugstore, it's pretty simple.