Hey guys I have to go but thank you all for your questions and support you are all awesome. Thank you.

Hello Reddit this is Moses J. Moseley. I act, model, and do public speaking against obesity. I've been in the industry for about 3 years now and have had featured parts in movies and shows such as "42", Necessary Roughness, Second Generation Wayans, Single Ladies, Joyful Noise and many more and what I'm best known for is playing one of Michonnes Pet zombies in the smash hit The Walking Dead. But industry aside I'm a down to Earth guy and an ex " un " fat boy lol so I'm definitely not stuck up. Feel free to ask me anything.




Edit: Proof!

Edit: See How Michonne's 'Walking Dead' Pets Came to Life

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VVorstRivenNA126 karma

Hello Moses, I just wanted to say that I've got to 'hand' it to you, you did a 'jaw' dropping performance as a walker!'

MosesMoseley66 karma

Lol thank u

xScreamo61 karma

You're awesome, just 3 minutes in and I've already seen you answer the make-up question at least 5 or 6 times.

MosesMoseley51 karma

Lol thanks so much

Apologician54 karma

Hello, thank you for doing this AMA. What was it like to see Scott Wilson finally meet his end with the show? Also favorite breakfast cereal?

MosesMoseley121 karma

My jaw literally feel off again lol truly heart breaking and apple jacks

AubreyPlazasButtHair41 karma

Name 1 actor and 1 actress you'd like to work with.

Also: What's your favorite Christmas song?

MosesMoseley57 karma

Penelope Cruz and Denzel Washington and Jiggle Bells

AubreyPlazasButtHair35 karma

Typo or do I need to go to Youtube right now?

LikeATroll64 karma

Jiggle bells, jiggle bells, jiggle all the way

Oh what fun it is to ride with melons that sway and sway and sway

MosesMoseley50 karma

Lol typo my mistake jingle bells

ceilingkat40 karma


MosesMoseley48 karma

Thanks so much and 2 1/2 hours

AxelV230 karma

M'ask you somethin'... Who was your favorite actor to work with while you were on the show? They all seem very nice in interviews and behind the scenes, but I'm curious as to how they acted on set.

Also, how long did it take the make-up artists to get you ready for whenever you were in a scene? Thanks for doing this AMA!

MosesMoseley34 karma

They are all the most amazing and humble people to work with. But definitely Danai was the most memorable and 2 1/2 hours

MosesMoseley21 karma

They are all amazing and humble people but definitely Danai was my favorite. The makeup artist are all so talented and the best in the world at what they do and in between scenes all of 5 to 10 min

thegirlwiththename26 karma


MosesMoseley34 karma

Thanks so much that's awesome and she's the sweetest coolest woman ever a real joy and honor to work with and 2 1/2 hours

ceilingkat22 karma


MosesMoseley40 karma

I changed my eating habits and worked out 3 times a day. Honestly I motivated myself I had to train my mind to stick to my goals and continually remind myself I could do it. I started at the age of 17 but it was a process, one day I just realized how unhappy I was and I told myself if you want to change you have to do it yourself.

ItsChadReddit17 karma

Appreciate the AMA!

Do you have any tips for people looking to become extras in film and TV?

MosesMoseley29 karma

No problem and keep your photos and measurements updated and don't get discouraged some of the best actors started out doing background work so keep at it.

kokirikid15 karma

Who is your favorite character on the show?

MosesMoseley23 karma

I thought everyone was awesome but definitely Michonne

guitarguy1212 karma

Did you have to train in Greg Nicotero's "zombie school"? If so, how was it??

MosesMoseley49 karma

I sure did and it was a lot of fun he's one of the most amazing and inspirational people ever and class was basically like going to school to learn how to play stupid and hungry so I was over qualified lol

Dabee62512 karma

Did you have to lose a lot of weight to play a zombie? Did you use any of your public speaking skills to council the overweight zombie swimming in the well?

MosesMoseley16 karma

I had already lost weight well before I got the part and I probably lost about 10 more pounds afterwards just to stay in shape.

LikeATroll12 karma

Hello Moses. Big fan of the show and Michonne's walkers here. I have a few questions:

  • How was it working with Danai Gurira?

  • Have you formed a dead character's society with anyone else who "died" on the show?

  • Did you make friends with your pet zombie counterpart?

  • What do you enjoy to eat when you aren't eating flesh?

Thanks so much for doing an AMA!

MosesMoseley30 karma

It was amazing she's just a beautiful and humble person I haven't I did we talk often and do conventions and signings together Lol Chinese food

ChunkyMonkey55911 karma

Hello, has anyone ever recognized you on the street of your performance on the walking dead?

MosesMoseley26 karma

Surprisingly yes lol

pand-aid10 karma

How did they do the effect where it appeared your arms were severed? Was it green/bluescreen?

MosesMoseley25 karma

That's exactly right and a lot of prosthetics

WbWalrus9 karma

Hey man, how did you get chosen for the role? Were you confronted or did you go to them to audition?

MosesMoseley18 karma

I submitted my photos and got called out to audition.

TheAwkwardKittens9 karma

Hello Moses! I'm so happy you're doing this, so here's my questions were you a fan of the comic/show before you got cast on it? Also did you get to hang out or really connect with one of the cast members, if so then who? Thanks! :)

MosesMoseley14 karma

Thank you and I actually didn't know about the show until after I got casted for it but once I did my part I looked back at the previous seasons and instantly got hooked lol and I talked with a lot of the cast and found them all amazing and awesome to work with.

springtexan9 karma

If you could choose a character to feast on, who would it be? The govenor or Merle? Why?

MosesMoseley34 karma

We'll between The Governor and Merle, if I had a jaw, definitely the Governor because he killed Hershel :(

thetestednoob8 karma

what's the funniest thing that ever happened while you were on set?

MosesMoseley37 karma

I went to go eat lunch and forgot to have my prosthetics around my mouth removed and I was about to put my fork in my mouth and ended up poking the makeup instead lol

gentlemansincebirth8 karma

BTW, Danai is very hot. You are a lucky man!

MosesMoseley14 karma

I agree lol thanks

go4Ds8 karma

How long did it take for your makeup to be set up?

MosesMoseley21 karma

2 1/2 hours :)

SoApatheticItHurts8 karma

what does public speaking against obesity entail?

MosesMoseley18 karma

Going to different schools and events enlightening people about eating healthy and being contentious.

brett966 karma

how long does it take to put on the walker makup and costume and how did you get chosen to be the walker? What training did you have to go through?

Who was your favorite actor to work with?

MosesMoseley8 karma

It took 2 1/2 hours and I submitted my photos to the casting dept. and got a call back at 4 am and a lot of stretching and mental preparation and Danai was my favorite

Curp6 karma

How did you get the role of Michonne's walker?

MosesMoseley9 karma

I submitted my photos to the casting dept.

solidsnakeyes906 karma


MosesMoseley18 karma

I went to zombie school and on and off set I did a lot of yoga and stretching to help with contorting my body.

HeezyB6 karma

Do you keep up with the show? If so, what did you think of the mid-season finale (your overall thoughts with no spoilers)?

MosesMoseley28 karma

I do and I thought it's was AWESOMELY EPIC JAW DROPPING ( no pun intended lol)

A-punk4 karma

If a zombie apocalypse did ever happen, how long do you think you'd survive?

MosesMoseley14 karma

Probably a few days because I can't imagine life without technology lol

jim719894 karma

Thanks for coming on! Huge walking dead fan. How was the rest of the cast? Specifically Mr. Rooker? He's on of my fav actors and killed it as Meryl.

MosesMoseley10 karma

No problem and awesome he is an amazing actor and humble person and one of my favorite actors as well. The entire cast was amazing

scttydsntknw854 karma

You play a zombie so I have to ask...

Do you have a zombie apocalypse plan? What would be your go to weapon?

MosesMoseley15 karma

My plan is to team up with Danai and stock pile all the swords and guns I can find lol

FlayTownHookCity4 karma

Were you sad when your character was killed?

MosesMoseley18 karma

Honestly no because I couldn't have asked for a better death scene : helicopter explosion and head chopped by Michonne it doesn't get better then that lol

MacManster1813 karma

Besides The Walking Dead, what is your favorite show, and what is another show you'd love to work on?

MosesMoseley21 karma

Definitely Supernatural and Supernatural again lol

Afrothunderzx3 karma

How was that atmosphere of the show?

MosesMoseley8 karma

It couldn't have been sweeter everyone from the cast to the crew is beyond awesome

ceilingkat3 karma


MosesMoseley17 karma

Lol I use to be overweight

immorta13 karma

Did you ever get turned on being chained up and pulled around by that foxy lady?

MosesMoseley20 karma

Lol she is beautiful but it's always best to remain professional

SwingingSpidey3 karma

What was the biggest difference between working on The Walking Dead and working on some of your other projects?

MosesMoseley12 karma

The biggest difference was having all the make up and prosthetics on lol

Luvs2plooge1 karma

How did u like the set and cast?

MosesMoseley5 karma

It was all amazing truly awesome and an honor to work on

Hick_Lion1 karma

What was it like auditioning? Did your agent say 'theres a gig here where you get chained up and walked about...oh and you're a zombie, you in?' . Or did you do any script readings etc?

Cheers Moses, awesome thread!

MosesMoseley5 karma

It was kind of interesting because I never auditioned for anything where I wasn't talking lol but it was a lot of fun and I basically got a phone call telling me my responsibilities and what all I was required to do but I loved it.

roastedbagel1 karma

Hey there! So what was it like when you heard you got the part? Were you aware of the zombie character you'd be playing (and the significance) beforehand?

Shoutout from /r/TrueWalkingDead and /r/TheWalkingDead!

MosesMoseley6 karma

It felt like a dream mainly because I got called at 4 am lol and I had no idea who the character was or what the show was because I never heard of it until I got casted lol

TunaOnWheat1 karma

Hi Moses! What type of workout routine and diet do you maintain to stay healthy, not just for general purposes, but for your acting career? Also, did you get to meet most of the cast while working on TWD, and do you still stay in touch with any of them?

MosesMoseley8 karma

Hey there and I do a lot of cardio and weight training and I don't eat red meats only fish and chicken and I drink a lot of water. I work out at least 5 days a week for 2 to 3 hours. And I talk to a lot of them mainly at conventions and signings

ChrisRjCaron1 karma

What was it like working with the Walking Dead cast? Were they stuck up or were the really down to earth people? (always wondered that with the stereotypical rich person attitude)

Btw, you were one kickass zombie! Best of luck with your career!

MosesMoseley8 karma

It was awesome the cast is all amazing and down to Earth humble people. Thanks so much

edify1 karma

Hey Moses! The Michonne reveal at the end of season 2 was awesome. What did you do for fun while you waited to be part of season 3?

MosesMoseley5 karma

It was amazing and I continued with my other projects modeling and public speaking mainly

ioliveiraa1 karma

Hey, how did you start your career? And also, what are you planning on doing this Christmas?

MosesMoseley10 karma

I started out modeling and doing public speaking against obesity and hopefully with my family just catching up and having fun

fweebrownies-7 karma

How is it killing zombies?, lotta money in that nowadays

MosesMoseley5 karma

The best job ever lol