Hey Reddit, This is Alex Da Kid, you're favorite producer! Come ask me anything you want about romance, music, and life, but especially about romance! Social Media Proof! http://imgur.com/793VqWI

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Frajer9 karma

How did you get the attention of Eminem and Dr. Dre?

KIDinaKORNER14 karma

A guy called Riggs who works for Eminem heard my music and played it to Marshall, then Marshall heard Airplanes and showed it to Dre.

marathonlimit7 karma

What's the funniest experience you had while working with Imagine Dragons?

KIDinaKORNER17 karma

Ben jumping off my roof into my swimming pool.

Do_you_like_cats6 karma

Hi Alex, I just wanna say thanks so much for doing an AMA! What was it like to see some of your productions become big?

KIDinaKORNER-16 karma

well I'm dead inside so it didn't really affect me. lo. lo is the new laugh out loud. I'm laughing out. just not loudly.

ajb19905 karma

I'll take the romance category. How should I go about romancing Skylar Grey?

KIDinaKORNER12 karma

Send her naked pictures

KIDinaKORNER5 karma

Hey guys, I'm walking away for fifteen minutes. I'll be back in a flash!

flapjackKing5 karma

First off, huge fan Alex. How did "Wicked Ways" come about on the new Eminem CD?

I heard you made it on your mother's couch, true?

KIDinaKORNER10 karma

I did that like, three years ago. Um, It was just a track and a hook, I gave it to marshall and he wrote verses. No, it wasn't written on my mother's couch. I can't even remember where I made it.

87PizzaGuy5 karma

What is it like to work with Eminem?

KIDinaKORNER8 karma

Working with Eminem is amazing. Lol

somethingidid4 karma

What's the shortest period of time it's taken to record and mix a song? what about the longest?

KIDinaKORNER3 karma

I don't really work in that order. I make a track which can take two or three days, then we write to vox which can take a day to a year and then we record which will take a couple days. and then we take it to Manny Maraquin to do his mix magic (SHOUT OUT TO MANNY!) which takes a couple of days.

theygotsquid4 karma

Hey Alex - while working with Imagine Dragons, is there one specific song or instance within a song that you feel YOU contributed that drove the track to success? Not just production-wise, but actually a large change in the song from where the band originally envisioned it.

KIDinaKORNER9 karma

On top of the World was a demo that Dan did, that I redid, and it still wasn't right so I went back to scratch and went back and forth with the band three or four times till it made sense.

somethingidid4 karma

Hey Alex,

Thanks for your time today. I have a question on how you select layers to develop sounds - is the final sound of your mix almost exactly what you came up with in your head before creating in the studio of how you wanted the song/instrument to sound, or is it developed in trying different samples and seeing what fits during the creation process? How much of it is your say vs. the band/artist?

Also, how long did it take for you to become comfortable, confident and satisfied with your mixes?

Love your work, keep doing your thing.

KIDinaKORNER9 karma

It's definitely trial and error 90% of the time. When you're in the creative part of writing, I try different things and some make sense and some don't. My mixes, it took me around three and half four years.

kevinnovating3 karma

Hi Alex. Thank you for your time.

My question is very simple. Do you do your melodies from the lyrics or your lyrics from your melodies? what do you create first and how does it affects the second?

KIDinaKORNER3 karma

Melody generally comes first, but sometime I work backwards from a song title.

bafanaboy3 karma

real q - do you think heading up a label may have been premature, and maybe detracted from your making music?

KIDinaKORNER-3 karma

HeLL No MOthER FUcKEr! lo

KIDinaKORNER3 karma

I'm back guys!

somethingidid3 karma

Would you ever consider releasing stems of your mixes? or, better than stems, full PT files for prospective producers and engineers to see your process and get a little insight. I'd absolutely love to see how you created your drums on the Imagine Dragons stuff, they're huge. Assuming you own the rights to the songs, since it's your label, is that something you'd be interested in sharing?

KIDinaKORNER-6 karma


Orangeamp3 karma

In your opinion, when I am trying to bang the shit out of my girl what is the best album or music do you recommend to go hard in it too?

KIDinaKORNER12 karma

Wu Tang Clan 36 Chambers

flapjackKing2 karma

What's the best piece of advice you could give someone who is aspiring to be a musician, but just can't seem to get noticed?

KIDinaKORNER7 karma

Analyze everything. Why isn't it connecting with people? be 100% honest with yourself. And if that doesn't work, Send naked pics.

KIDinaKORNER2 karma

Hey guys, this has been fun. Till next time...

svilla3102 karma

I know some artists (lets say MJB) like having producers make tracks on the spot. Are you more of an on-the-spot guy, or do you like creating in your own space, on your own time, while the artist (or writer) isn't there?

KIDinaKORNER7 karma

The second one. If you create while someone is there, it changes everything. You start to show off.

Lvl2PooShooter2 karma

As a broke home recording artist, id like to know what is the piece of hardware you can't do without. What software can you recommend for recording and mixing?

KIDinaKORNER4 karma

Logic and a computer for programing. If your going to record, then pro tools.

somethingidid2 karma

Favorite piece of studio gear?

KIDinaKORNER7 karma

My Ears

ask_redditt2 karma

Do you ever feel like your music has any relevance to your own experiences of reality or think about what it means in general, or have you completely lost your mind in an infinite jest?

KIDinaKORNER2 karma

I think everything in life influences you in some indirect way. It influences your emotions which is where your music comes from.

masterpaul342 karma

Good afternoon, I'm an up and coming musical act I have a general question about record labels. I'm looking to eventually get signed to a label. Should I record a demo and send it to record labels first? Or record an ep and release it to the public in hope that a record label will eventually pick it up? Thank you for your time.

KIDinaKORNER0 karma

Record an EP. Create as much buzz as you possibly can. With the internet today, a lot of work can be done by you.

-andysternbild-2 karma

if u love a girl from another land.. and its so hard to reach her..she dont know anything about u.. u have got only one shot to be friend with girl.. what will u say or send or do ?

KIDinaKORNER6 karma

send her naked pictures

SuperWiseman1 karma

Hey Alex Da Kid!! I'm also a producer but 13 years old, here's my stuff https://soundcloud.com/lucas-wiseman hope you like it! My question is, how did you become such a successful producer?

KIDinaKORNER2 karma

There is always something missing, in any field. You need to be that missing thing.

AndyVale1 karma

When making music do you keep an eye on what's popular and then work off (not necessarily copying) that, or is it all straight from your head? Does that make sense?

KIDinaKORNER4 karma

I do have an understanding of what is popular JUST so I can try and do something different than that.

bambambam_1 karma

Alex - as a fellow young 'entrepreneur' in this industry, I greatly admire your successes and inspiring work ethic.

Run us through an 'average' 24 hours in your life. What is a day like for Alex Da Kid?

KIDinaKORNER2 karma

I usually wake up early and go through Emails, take a bunch of meetings, eat some dinner, then come home and make some music.

DaKidFan1 karma

What do you listen out for most in an upcoming producers demo? is your judgement based more on the musical creativity or on the actual sound of the tracks instruments?

KIDinaKORNER2 karma

Both, also something that's unique.

ChantelleRoberts1 karma

@Alex Da Kid. Out of all the producing you have done who was your favourite artist to produce for. What is your favourite genre of music? As things have changed do you stick to old formats of production or do U use technology.

KIDinaKORNER2 karma

That's like picking between your children. It's impossible. Music that doesn't have a genre. I always try to learn from the past but stay current with the future.

back2elle1 karma

Do you foresee a change in the music landscape in which alternative rock becomes more prominent? What artist(s) would you like to collaborate with, or produce, in the future?

KIDinaKORNER1 karma

I think that the boundaries with what is considered alternative is going to change. It's already changing a lot, and that's a good thing. I just want to work with forward thinking people.

Snapple_A_Day1 karma

Hey Alex.

What's a quote you like to live by?

KIDinaKORNER4 karma

When in doubt, send naked pics.

mattlamotte1 karma

Hey Alex, first off I love your work! My question is, what qualities do you look for when signing a new artist to your label?

KIDinaKORNER2 karma

Originality, someone that can write songs, and someone that is a good decision maker.

bambambam_1 karma

What's a record/band you've heard recently that you wish you produced/were a part of?

KIDinaKORNER6 karma

Pearl Jam

-andysternbild-1 karma

what is the best love music ever ?

KIDinaKORNER3 karma

Wu tang 36 chambers. lo

Snapple_A_Day1 karma

What's the best way to get your music noticed?

KIDinaKORNER2 karma

Make it unique. make it better.

DaKidFan1 karma

When will "Nicole Scherzinger - Pretty" be released?

KIDinaKORNER1 karma

I don't think Jesus wanted that song to be released.

dev131 karma

what's your favourite song which you've produced?

KIDinaKORNER2 karma

I can't pick my favorite but the one that gets the best reaction is castle walls by TI an Christina

ChrisLeePortland1 karma

Hey man. You're something of an inspiration to me, thank you for everything you've done and are doing in music. Imagine Dragons is an incredible group, and more recently I found X Ambassadors and instantly loved their music.

With both those bands, did you notice any parallels in the work involved with the two?

ID seemed like there was a lot more work involved, whereas X Ambassadors felt more organic, but the feeling between the two groups felt really similar to me.

Also, how is it working with Skylar Grey? I think she's an incredible and underrated artist.

KIDinaKORNER1 karma

Yes. I feel like both bands have similar lead singers in terms of their work ethic and leadership skills. Both bands are very different but have a lot of the same fundamentals.

somethingidid1 karma

One genre you'll never work with is….

KIDinaKORNER1 karma

I don't look at music in confines of genres

DaKidFan1 karma

You say you played every beat you ever made to Swizz - does every beat turn out great or do you sometimes make stuff that's...not?

KIDinaKORNER1 karma

a lot of the times when you are playing to a particular artist, they are looking for a particular sound, so it's not so much is the beat good or bad as it is is it what the artist is looking for.

rakaflacka1 karma

Hi Alex! I'm a Music Producer and a visual artist from Bangalore, India.

I want to ask you this..

a)How did you start establishing yourself as a music producer when starting out, after being known as an AnR. b) How did you go about determining your worth in this business? (from a brand value POV)

c) Do you accept any demos at all? hah

Cheers man

KIDinaKORNER1 karma

I was an lowly intern, not A & R

MexicanGuyHere1 karma

What is a verse that will always stick yo you no matter what and is there any significance to this verse?

KIDinaKORNER2 karma

theres too many to pick!

svilla3101 karma

One more for ya, I used to work with Tricky Stewart for two years, and his approach to his business is very tight knit and family oriented. He is also great at delegating the work. Do you have more of the hands-on, Steve Jobs, approach? Or do you think delegating the work is the way to go? I'm on this crazy music road out here in LA too, so the words definitely help.

KIDinaKORNER1 karma

Hands on. But knowing when to delegate is very important.

EOSPIS1 karma

When you were writing for Imagine Dragons did you structure out the songs first or bring loops and then build the songs together? Did they come to you with ideas and then you make drums for them?

I guess I've just been trying to figure out the workflow of how your wrote those tracks together.

KIDinaKORNER1 karma

Some of them were beat i made and brought to them. One was an idea that they had that I changed. but generally it was tracks I had that they would add stuff to.

FrostyShakez1 karma

Where do you get your drive and determination to succeed in such a demanding field?

KIDinaKORNER1 karma

It just comes from the environment that I surround myself with.

Yoda131 karma

Wow you an are an incredible inspiration to me! Loved Airplanes, Love the Way You Lie, and The Words I Never Said. It's awesome that you created a signature pop/hip-hop sound.

Here are some questions: Who are your biggest influences? Any tips for up-and-coming producers?
Favorite song of 2013?

KIDinaKORNER2 karma

Favorite song of 2013 is "RADIOACTIVE" (singing the song title)

pclark5721 karma

When you started working with Imagine Dragons did you see the album garnering the success it has? Do you plan on working with them in the future?

KIDinaKORNER1 karma

Not this quickly. I knew it would get big though. Yes I will work with them again

Pepsi_0ldblood0 karma

How did you find Imagine Dragons?

And what other good bands/artists are on your KIDinaKorner label?

KIDinaKORNER3 karma

I found Imagine Dragons from an old assistant/intern. He would play them for me in the car. You can check out ALL the KiaK family! X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons to name a couple

marathonlimit0 karma

What position(s) did you play when you were a professional footballer?

KIDinaKORNER2 karma

More of a free roll Matthew Latizie style.

flapjackKing0 karma

What the biggest thing that separates hobbyists from professional engineers?

KIDinaKORNER3 karma

Their state of mind. Professional people take it more seriously. They make it their total life. They don't have time for that bull shit.

indoSC0 karma

I have a hard time imagining how someone goes from professional footballer (soccer) to record producer. Surely you must have had some musical background?

Also, how significant was getting your degree in audio technology for your career? Looking back, would you do it again?

sending you naked pics btw

KIDinaKORNER1 karma

It was significant because it allowed me to be around people that were dedicated to music. I just wanted information and experience and I got that in abundance.

flapjackKing0 karma

Do you ever lurk on Reddit?

KIDinaKORNER-1 karma


Maydaypro0 karma

Yo Alex I'm a producer from the UK also currently in LA! I also worked at Metropolis interning and on night reception. I wondered if you had any advise for meeting the right people out here? And what in your opinion should I be focussed on besides mastering my craft while I'm here?
Thanks, Mayday

KIDinaKORNER2 karma

just focus on getting rid of all of your friends, minimize your social life, and have a "do what ever it takes to win" attitude.

kelkun_0 karma

Thank you for doing an AMA. Congratulations on all your success, especially currently with Imagine Dragons. I produce and write songs during the little free time I have (my university is very demanding!!).
1. When producing a song I often have to repeat sections of it over and over again till I get it right. By the time I’m finished a song, I’m actually sick of it. It might be a really good song, but still. How do I get over this?

KIDinaKORNER5 karma

That's a good question. I don't know. I always loved my stuff, even when it was shit.

[deleted]0 karma


KIDinaKORNER3 karma

If you're an artist looking to get signed, you need to create some buzz, either online, in your hometown, somewhere. There is no quick answer to building a career

svilla310-1 karma

Do you like being on the business end of the biz or the creating side of it? If you prefer the business end, why? I think I understand the passion on the creating side of it haha

KIDinaKORNER0 karma

for me there isn't a separation. If you want to be successful with music, you need to realize that business is a part of everything.

ameiliusrockwell-2 karma


I need to know more about the recording process with Em. I do my research and I know hes a perfectionist etc - but what is the FEEL? - Does he write on the spot? - Does he sit on the beat? - Does he just want the "raw" beat and then does what he wants?

I need these things answered! - FOR MY MENTAL WELL BEING - well, not really, but it'd be dope to know since he's so private with studio sessions etc.

PS - I absolutely loved your work on "Airplanes"

KIDinaKORNER1 karma

I give him beats, and he just goes away in his own world and writes.

woorm-3 karma

How do you compose a good naked picture?

KIDinaKORNER1 karma

Are you a girl or a guy? I don't know about guys but if your a girl, I'm an expert.

flapjackKing-5 karma


KIDinaKORNER4 karma

I don't smoke weed