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Ajinho41 karma

Do you love me?

getSmoke53 karma

That depends...what do you want from me?

blacksweat17 karma

I heard you are a man who knows where to get smoke. Can you direct me to somewhere where I can GET SOME FUCKIN' SMOKE?

getSmoke37 karma

Sir, we don't sell fucking smoke here. Fuck off or go to Sam's.

bunnyish15 karma

Actually, that is incorrect. Costco has a cig cage with many tobacco products as well as e-cigs.

getSmoke43 karma

That is true. I believe this guy was referring to weed.

missymooma16 karma

Dude, I seriously considered doing this as an AMA a few days ago.

getSmoke15 karma

I've been thinking about it for a while. Didn't think it would do that well though.

PimpOfPineapples6 karma

I just applied to the one in South SF. Hopefully I get hired.

getSmoke6 karma

Good luck!

Xtulu4 karma

Do ever hear anything about Costco in Korea? We have like 7 here and you can still get a 2 dollar hotdog and drink. The roasted chickens are about the same price, too. So cool for an expat in Korea!

getSmoke3 karma

No news from Best Korea :(

Chppy3 karma

why is you pizza so good?

getSmoke4 karma

Costco elf magic.

princess-dick-sleia3 karma

Which state is your store located in ?

getSmoke8 karma

Id rather not say :(

JD-B1 karma

How often do you eat the samples?

getSmoke11 karma

On my way to the back. On my way to lunch. On my way back from lunch. On my way on my break. On my way back from my break. On my way home.