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HolmesSherlockHolmes2 karma

Are you still answering? If so: What's the worst death story you've heard? And has it changed your outlook on death at all?

BromeoAndCooliet5 karma

The young ones are the worst, I won't go into detail on those because of greater reverence. The way I see it is even at 25 I have experienced a lot in my life like love, loss, and the general experience of life. So I feel bad for those who did not get to have any experiences but it gets in your head too much if you think about it so I try not to.

I've answered the other question but my outlook on death is that it's an inevitable so there's no point in worrying about what face it takes when it comes.

takemyworlddown2 karma

What thoughts do you have when you're digging those graves? Do you have any depressing moments, or is it just manual labour as far as you're concerned? Do you feel more motivated in your own life after seeing the raw side of life (or death, as it may be) and knowing that we'll all be six foot under one day?

Very interesting AMA. Thanks for your time.

BromeoAndCooliet3 karma

Most of the time all of us people digging will talk while digging or joke around. It helps distract from what you're actually doing. I wouldn't say motivated I would say it tells you to take time to do things you enjoy because you never know what could happen.

licencevlease2 karma

What is your zombie plan, being so close to the action?

BromeoAndCooliet3 karma

Well modern day zombies would be rare here, because we're forced to use vaults. However; if any ancient evil, dead, zombie skeletons come out. Then I'd just have to pose dramatically and say something like... I don't know...

Hail to the king baby!

oss12152 karma

have you ever encountered the situation were a person was buried alive and tried to escape his grave ? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safety_coffin

BromeoAndCooliet4 karma

No it would be pretty impossible since they're in vaults.

ask_me_aboutmywiener1 karma

Does death have a certain smell? That is maybe recognizable or does it just smell like rot? Thanks for this AMA very interesting.

BromeoAndCooliet2 karma

Death itself doesn't, rotting stuff does. Smells like a worse version of creek-mud. That's the only way I could describe it.

militaryintelligence1 karma

Do you guys handle any state burials? They're called adult services where I am.

BromeoAndCooliet2 karma

I've never handled one can you be more specific?

ButtPuppett1 karma

Why did you get laid off? Are you looking for a similar job?

BromeoAndCooliet2 karma

I had to brace myself, winter is coming. They don't need as many people to dig in the winter ,though there was work for us to be had elsewhere, they turned us loose.

Looking for anything I can get now, I am also screwed because they started doing unemployment by quarters and I did not make enough to qualify until January.