Hey! I'm an electronic music producer/dj from Melbourne, Australia, you can check out my music here: http://soundcloud.com/throttle

I've been producing for just over 2 years now and have been lucky enough to gain an incredible amount of support in such a short space of time. I'll answer as many questions ask I can!

Verification: https://www.facebook.com/throttleofficial/posts/543990352360137

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HellbergMusic50 karma

Why do you copy Hellberg so much, i mean gheeez.

throttlemusic35 karma

He's just too good!

MonstercatMedia42 karma

Where's the new music brah?! Miss you <3

throttlemusic24 karma

Coming soon! :)

sirnoah2727 karma

Did making "Next Big Thing" get you hella laid

throttlemusic30 karma

hahaha, remember I was 15 when I made that!

Nexplosion10 karma

Can you make more launchpad tunes? LOVED Inspire and What's that Sound!

BomberBallad9 karma

Let me just say, that collab with Insan3Lik3 was...

( •_•)

( •_•)>⌐■-■


Better Than Expected.

So, which artist would you like to collab with the most? Monstercat or otherwise.

I really love your music btw, it's all very awesome and funky! My only wish was that French Kiss was longer than 2 minutes.

throttlemusic4 karma

Haven't heard that one before! ;) hahaha

Daft Punk!

Thank you, I didn't realised that "French Kiss" was too short until after it was released!

ArditPiroli7 karma

Well this is a tad awkward because I am about to perform Madeon- Pop Culture, followed by Inspire and then Weapons by M4Sonic at my college talent show! Haha no worries all credit is going to you :) http://i.imgur.com/6OrfQpj.jpg

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for making awesome music but I must ask do you compress first of eq first?

throttlemusic4 karma

I'm honoured! :)

It's different for every sound, but I usually eq last!

DubzMC7 karma

What's the thought process behind each of your tracks? How do you usually start, and where do you find inspiration?

throttlemusic3 karma

It all usually starts up in my head, I'll often hum catchy melodies around the house and then write them down on the computer and go from there!

Nungie6 karma

Why did I miss this..

throttlemusic3 karma

I'm still on!

Haunting_Dogs3 karma

woah 15 when you got on monstercat?? thats amazing! maybe ill be there by then aha

throttlemusic2 karma

If you work at it, anything's possible!

feelbossfive3 karma

Can you give me $20?

throttlemusic3 karma

Sure thing! Just send me all your bank details and I'll get it to you ASAP! ;)

Akiba2123 karma

Do you even lift?

throttlemusic15 karma

Aint nobody got time for that!

OfficialMemoryLeak3 karma

Melbourne represent! <3 I swear I've seen you at a party or something just by looking at your Facebook picture? Hope to see ya around somewhere sometime! Dirty Disco is the SHIT! And for the sake of Monstercat, please collaborate with either Insan3lik3 again or Soulero. <3 luv ya man!

And damn! You've been producing only 2 years? I've been doing it 8 months and am getting pretty decent myself :D

throttlemusic3 karma

Thank you! Keep working at it, it takes time!

MarkZtheTrollface3 karma

I gotta say, love your launchpad mashups, Inspire mashup and What's That Sound. I also like how you used user 2 mode. Anyways, what software did you use? I'm guessing Ableton Live?

EDIT - Also, for putting samples in User 2 mode, can you tell me how you did that? Midi mapping?

throttlemusic2 karma

Thank you! Correct - Ableton Live I laid out the samples in session mode and then mapped them to user 2. I preferred having the buttons light up only when I pressed a sample.

dedicated_blade2 karma

If you could pick one song from the entire Monstercat history, what would be one of your favorites?

throttlemusic5 karma

It would have to be Insan3lik3 - Bad Pitched From Heaven. It was the first Monstercat song I ever heard and it blew me away!

P322 karma

Ever thought about trying for a collab with Madeon?

throttlemusic7 karma

I would love to collaborate with Madeon.

reptilianhuman2 karma

If you could collab with any "Monstercat" artist, who would you collab with? You did say Daft Punk below but they aren't Monstercat. Love your music though :)

throttlemusic5 karma

Making something with Project 46 would be fun!

SWandArizonas2 karma

Hey there Throttle! I have been a fan of your music since your first release on monstercat, and I am still amazed at how talented you are while being the youngest artist on the label. Here are my questions:

1: I myself am giving a go at producing, I produce mostly songs along the lines of Chillout. What is, in your opinion the most important advice that you can give me as a young, inexperienced producer?

2: What DAW do you use to make your tunes?

3: When can we expect another monstercat single? I completely loved Boombox, French Kiss and Next big thing.

Thanks for your time.

throttlemusic4 karma

Thank you!

1) Don't feel like you have to stick to the rules when making music! Don't be afraid to experiment and think outside the box, even when you're just learning the basics.

2) Ableton

3) I haven't got anything planned just yet, but definitely sometime soon!

luk42 karma

What is your opinion on: "EDM has been so boring recently. There is a huge lack of originality and there are far too many songs that sound almost exactly the same."

throttlemusic6 karma

I feel like people often get caught up in the trend of "what's cool" in dance music and ultimately lose originality and creativity as a result. When all people want to do is make the next "biggest drop", then things start to sound repetitive. For me, the idea that great people are inspired by great people is incredibly important. That's why I'm so inspired by people such as Michael Jackson, who are able to make timeless music - something I strive for.

albylous2 karma

Can you hop over to Auckland to do a show? Maybe with Mikael Wills, i know he's a HUGE fan!

throttlemusic3 karma

Mikael and I are good friends! Would love to come over to New Zealand some time :)

idabestever2 karma

How's MGS treating you and what are you gearing for when you leave school?

throttlemusic3 karma

Love it! I plan to take a gap year as soon as I'm finished school and channel all my energy into my music. After that, who knows!?

dadoctord2 karma

Love your "What's That Sound" Mashup up man, been playing it in my sets regularly.

I guess my two questons for you would be how did you get started in the electronic music scene, and what software do you use to produce your music?

Thanks for doing an AMA, and keep up the awesome work!

throttlemusic3 karma

Thank you! When I was 12 I discovered artists like Basshunter online which sparked my interest in dance music. I started djing at age 14 and then was inspired by a friend of mine to get into music production. I started with - and still use - Ableton Live!

zignature2 karma

Who inspires you? If you could pick 3 artists who sound most similar to yourself, who would they be?

throttlemusic3 karma

Those who inspire me the most sound almost nothing like me! Justin Timberlake, Daft Punk and Michael Jackson are three major influences for me.

refrigerator0012 karma

Is there someone you really want to collab with? Also, what is your favourite font?

throttlemusic3 karma

If I could work with anyone in the world it would have to be Daft Punk. They're out of this world - literally! I've never thought about my favourite font actually, I always just seem to use Times New Roman (how boring!)

loster9801 karma

How did you start making music?

F16KILLER1 karma

  • What's your favorite song?
  • Why did you start making music?
  • How do you remember all the buttons on the launchpad?
  • Are you planning on doing more EDM mashups (using the launchpad)?

throttlemusic3 karma

1) I think my favourite song ever would have to be Justin Timberlake - "Rock Your Body"

2) http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1r98uh/im_throttle_and_i_make_dirty_disco_music_ama/cdkv8zr

3) Time! I spent almost 4 months on my latest mashup!

4) My main focus right now is music production, but the launchpad is just irresistible sometimes!

indeeds1 karma

Do you like smooth jazz?

throttlemusic2 karma

I love smooth jazz - but don't know enough of it admittedly! Frank Sinatra - My Way is gold.

FunkableMC1 karma

Where did you learn to produce? Was it from youtube videos, a website blogs?

throttlemusic6 karma

I started with hundreds of youtube videos! The Sonic Academy tutorials were also great when i was getting started. Once I'd learnt the basics (and i still feel like there's so much to learn), my own experimentation brought about the most benefits!

MisterBanan1 karma

Are you gonna do some more launchpad mixes? i loved what's that sound btw :D

throttlemusic2 karma

For now my main focus is production, finishing an EP is definitely my next goal. The launchpad can be too much fun to resist though sometimes!

SuperMario12341 karma

First I want to say: I love your music! "Inspire" is the greatest mashup I've ever heard, it totally blew my mind.

Are new monstercat-releases in the pipeline? It's sad that there was no new song of you in 015.

And, as a fan who wants to start making music on my own: Do you have any advice on how to start learning how to produce?

throttlemusic1 karma

Thank you! Youtube is your best friend when you're starting out, and then let your own experimentation take you from there.


How is/was it being one of the youngest up and coming musicians in the industry? Did your experience differ from other "big" EDM artists, and if so, how?

throttlemusic1 karma

I feel like age is becoming more and more irrelevant in the current state of dance music - which is a good thing! Young producers are starting to be taken more seriously which is great to see. Someone like Martin Garrix, who is only 17 is becoming one of the biggest names in dance music - a credit to his incredible music. I'm not sure about other artists, but for me I've been incredibly lucky with the amount of support I've received so far. There's a long way to go and I can't wait for what lies ahead!

Ex0D3str0y3r1 karma

What the your favorite song that you have made? and also what car do you drive?

throttlemusic1 karma

I'm only 17 so I wont be driving until next year! My favourite song that I've ever made is actually a tune that no-one's ever heard. It's an unreleased track that will never come out until it's perfect!

fisher6941 karma

Yo Robbie whats up? How long does it take you to produce a song from start to finish? eg. How long were you working on "Next big thing" for?

throttlemusic1 karma

It varies! Sometimes I'm able to lay down an entire track in the space of a week, whereas other ideas take months to perfect. "Next Big Thing" took about 3 months before I was ready to release it!

fisher6941 karma

And do you do the mastering yourself do you send it off to a sound engineer to take care of it for you?

throttlemusic1 karma

Recently I've started using mastering engineers to master my tracks, just because my $100 speakers aren't good enough to pick up every intricacy that needs to be heard! As soon as i upgrade my system I aim to go back to mastering my own stuff again though.

Minkks1 karma

Do school struggles get in your way of producing? Do you sometimes have a rebellious attitude toward it? (i.e Madeon)

throttlemusic1 karma

Balancing school and music is incredibly hard! I've always taken pride in my school work, so dropping out of school has never been an option for me. If anything, I've learnt how to be more efficient with my schoolwork to maximise the amount of time I have to make music!

alexsam261 karma

Can we get some stems of one of your songs?

throttlemusic1 karma

I'd love to hold a remix competition sometime soon, where'd I'd give out the stems. Just waiting for the right track to do one! :)

GreenDay71 karma

If you could play alongside any other producer, who would it be?

throttlemusic2 karma

Daft Punk!

DiscoveryProject1 karma

What's that sound Mash up flowss. Keep up the good work and when you finish school lets see you in the states

throttlemusic1 karma

Thank you, would love to travel to the states for a tour!

X-Myrlz1 karma

Hi Throttle I'm a big fan and as a producer you inspire me a lot.

  • How long does it take you to finish a song?

Also, a production question if you don't mind me asking.

  • How did you make the guitar like lead in Boombox? I've been trying to get something like that because I think it sounds amazing, but I'm pretty clueless about sound design.

throttlemusic1 karma

Songs can take anywhere from a week, to months and months of work - It's really different for every song I do!

The sound in "Boombox" is actually a heavily distorted sin wave, with lots of chorus/vibrato/eq on there as well!

OfficialMalex1 karma

Whats the best advice you have, for someone wanting to grab local shows? I live in Ohio, so there isn't a whole lot of attention, for EDM here. For the most part, I have been contacting promoters, and venues my self, since I don't have a booking agent.


throttlemusic2 karma

I haven't actually played many shows at all to be honest! The most effective way is to connect with a booking agency though who will be in touch with all the local promoters/venues!

neyus1 karma

When you are creating a song what element or objective do you usually focus on just so you are able to progress especially after coming back from taking a long break?

throttlemusic2 karma

Melody is most important for me, once I'm happy with the melody everything else begins to flow!

OfficialRezilly1 karma

Was Next Big Thing inspired by anyone?

throttlemusic2 karma

Wolfgang Gartner was probably one of the most obvious inspiration for the track, but other ideas sprung from everywhere!

OfficialRezilly1 karma

Oh. That's not the answer I was expecting.

throttlemusic2 karma

As far as electronic artists, Madeon and Mord Fustang were also inspiring :)

OfficialRezilly2 karma

Haha I was asking if it was a special someone.

throttlemusic1 karma

ooooh sorry my misunderstanding! I actually started "Next Big Thing" on Christmas Eve, 2011, so all of my family were the special inspiration!

alexsam261 karma

or hes talking about them "big ass tities"

throttlemusic2 karma

A friend of mine recommended that sample actually! (from tropic thunder)

shamanofshexy1 karma

What makes your music dirty? :P

throttlemusic1 karma

It's mainly my synths/basses that make my music sound "dirty" for me!

Musiq99991 karma

You're amazing! How long have you produced for?

throttlemusic1 karma

Just over 2 years!

Snappleman1311 karma

How did you start? And what board do you use?

throttlemusic1 karma

For Djing? I use Pioneer CDJ's. For production/live mashups I use the Novation Launchpad! Here's how I got started: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1r98uh/im_throttle_and_i_make_dirty_disco_music_ama/cdkv8zr

munchauzen1 karma

just a fan. keep up the work and look forward to seeing you on monstercat again!

throttlemusic1 karma

Thanks for the support!

naughtynodding1 karma

Never heard of you but after checking your soundcloud I can say it's remarkable average I mean seriously it's mad decent man! Keep up the mediocre work!

I'm kidding, question time:

Where do you see the EDM scene in 15 years? Do you think it's just a fad like a lot of people say or do you think this time it'll finally stick? If so what makes it different than in the 90's when EDM came back hard as well??

throttlemusic1 karma

Good question! In 15 years, I'm sure that Electronic Music will still be incredibly prominent, because I have faith that the best artists will keep pushing the boundaries of music - something that I strive to do. I cant really comment on the 90's because I wasn't born until 1996, but just looking at the amount of dance music in the main charts now, and the amount that electronic artists are starting to get paid is a good indicator that it is here to stay!

ididitforthe1 karma

Good stuff! Ever make it to the U.S. for shows?

throttlemusic1 karma

I would love to come to the states on tour! Hopefully soon

OfficialMemoryLeak1 karma

Can you give any tips and advice for making the nice leads and basses. Also what plugins and DAW do you use. I'm guessing Ableton + Massive + Sylenth1? I use FL + Massive + Harmor + Sytrus.

throttlemusic1 karma

My DAW of choice is ableton, and my main vsts are Sylenth/TruePianos. I've recently started using U-He Diva and Kontakt as well - loving them! The easiest way to make nice leads/basses is simply to experiment for hours at a time, that's all I do! If you're stuck, trying tweaking presets until you become familiar with the vst and then start making sounds from scratch.

ShankaP1 karma

What steps would you recommend toward mastering the technical side of your DAW? I have a strong musical background and can come up with ideas for my works easily, but the problem is putting it to use. I struggle with sound design and mixing, mostly.

throttlemusic2 karma

Youtube tutorials! I found they were the best way to get started and begin to understand the technical side of production. I started by searching things like "Getting started in Ableton Live" and then went from there. Sonic Academy also have some great beginner tutorials, and Future Music Magazine is the best way to gain an insight into the way other artists work in the studio.

JayceCantor1 karma

Really glad you did this AMA, because this will be my first time hearing about you, and my Lord, why haven't I've heard about you before?

So I just finished listening to "What's That Sound" and now "Boombox" some of the pianos chords and timbre reminded me of 90s house, are you influenced by 90s house? While I'm at it I might as well expand the question: What types of music/artists are you influenced by?

throttlemusic1 karma

Absolutely, I've only recently started to get into 90's house, some of it I find incredibly inspiring and groovy! I'm influenced by all genres, but find that those who inspire me the most are the artists I've grown up listening to - Eg Justin Timberlake!

NO3SCAPE1 karma

Got any youtube vids? Im a massive fan of electro :) ps damn aussie pride awwww yyyeaahhh!

throttlemusic1 karma

Thank you! You can search up my latest youtube video, "What's That Sound"

skoolboy15901 karma

What are some ways of saving CPU power without having to freeze your tracks or have to bounce tracks and then still having to bring them back into your set? I am running Ableton 8 on an iMac that has a 3.06GHz i5 processor and I have 8 gigs of RAM. Granted I do have a lot of tracks, sometimes my CPU will spike over 100% on one of my originals, but I was wondering if you have any tips.

Thanks -VARGAS

throttlemusic1 karma

It's a tough one - until recently I had massive problems with CPU! I just upgraded to the newest MacBook Pro which made all the problems disappear, but before that I often had to freeze tracks - I was never able to find another alternative unfortunately!

DjManEX1 karma

I just recently started producing electro music and I'm almost done with my first song. What advice do you have for someone like me? Love your shit, by the way!

throttlemusic1 karma

Thanks! The best thing I ever did was begin to experiment with other genres before releasing my early material. It's a great way to gain a different perspective on music production and pick up new and exciting tricks. Once you feel the track is the best it can possibly be, start submitting it to record labels - good luck!

Anna_rampage1 karma

What do you draw inspiration from? Greetings from Japan btw

throttlemusic1 karma

Everything around me influences the way I write music - family, friends, music on the radio etc, but as far as musical influence, a few of the most influential artists for me (outside electronic artists) are Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake.

JaXXup1 karma

I know I'm really late to the party, but I'll ask anyway:

Since you live in Melbourne, what are your thoughts on Melbourne Bounce?

throttlemusic2 karma

Good question! I actually love some of it - other stuff i hate. My favourite Melbourne Bounce track has to be "TJR - What's Up Suckaz", the synthesis in that track is incredible. Living in Melbourne, it gets played non-stop at house parties and often feels repetitive - but it's always good fun to dance to!

2011StevenS1 karma

Dude, throttle... You're such a boss, I hope to see you live one day! Artists like you give me hope of new talent coming into the scene. What's your tip for a broke college student, aspiring to produce music in the future?

What kind of equipment and software would you recommend? What's the best way to start a music career? Sorry for the overload of questions. I'll definitely keep an eye on your career, best of luck to you man! You've got so much damn talent and a fresh sound :)

throttlemusic2 karma

Wow, thanks! All you need is a computer and a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) of your choice. (if you don't know what a DAW is, it's like a more complicated version of Garage Band) My DAW of choice, is Ableton Live, it's great!

Start by immersing yourself in hours of youtube tutorials and then go from there - broke or not, you can make it. If you set your mind to it, the possibilities are endless.

chowla1 karma

  1. How old are you?
  2. Top 3 singers you want to work with?
  3. Top 3 producers you want to work with?
  4. Upcoming producers to watch out for (besides yourself)?
  5. Favorite color?

throttlemusic2 karma

1) 17

2) There are literally hundreds! I'll give you 4 instead - Justin Timberlake, Chris James, Foxes and Zak Waters

3) The Neptunes, Arty, Madeon

4) Martin Garrix (He's hardly upcoming anymore, but listening to some of his unreleased material, he is going to be absolutely massive) and Lenno

5) Rainbow

Superkowz1 karma

What DAW do you use, and what are your favorite features in it? Anything coming soon on Monstercat?

throttlemusic3 karma

Ableton! I find it incredibly easy to get ideas started in Ableton, everything just seems to flow so well. I haven't got anything set for release on Monstercat just yet, but you can definitely expect a release there in the future!

hapaxLegomina1 karma

Never heard of you, just started playing What's That Sound and I'm an instant fan.

throttlemusic3 karma

Thank you!!

henry_blackie1 karma

If you could recommend someone to listen to one song you've produced which would it be?

throttlemusic2 karma

At the moment, "What's That Sound" (even though it's a mashup) really encapsulates the direction I'm heading for!

Munchy2x21 karma

Any thoughts of expanding into other genres? I find the developing trap and progressive house scenes quite interesting right now, though they might not be suited to your style. What'll be the focus of your upcoming releases?

throttlemusic2 karma

I've been making progressive house since the beginning actually, I've just never released any of it! I love experimenting with all genres, that's when I learn the most.

hiokiebye1 karma


throttlemusic1 karma


IAmTheDrakon1 karma

When's the track with Lenno coming out? ;)

throttlemusic1 karma

We're a little stuck on the track at the moment, hopefully we can finish it up soon! Lenno's an incredible producer and has been a pleasure to work with.

cuboidofficial1 karma

Hey man, I love your tunes, been a fan for a while since I first started exploring Monstercat artists :) I can't get over how nu-discoey your tracks feel but they get so heavy, I love it. Anyways onto my questions

How long have you been producing? And what were some of your biggest inspirations when you got into producing?

Also I produce glitch hop and Im going to have my first official release on Adapted Records very soon, very excited <3

Any advice or tips you can give for my first release? Im planning to get it promo'd on GlitchHop.net, thats a start :D

throttlemusic2 karma

Congratulations on your first release as well! Make sure you send your music out personally to as many relevant blogs as you can, that's the best way to get your music out there!

throttlemusic2 karma

Ive been producing for just over 2 years now! Madeon was probably my first major inspiration when I started producing, as it was incredible to see his success at such a young age (He was 16 when I first discovered him)

almighty_bacon1 karma

Ever thought about doing a concert in Australia (specifically Sydney)...

throttlemusic1 karma

Definitely! It's hard to organise a tour whilst I'm still in school but an Australia-wide tour is 100% on my to-do list!

Breindal1 karma

Hey man, it's me who made the cover for some of the singles :) just want to say, your music still rocks(!). Me and my friends are always looking forward to new releases from you.

That being said, what's your top 3 favorite songs now/of all time? you can do one or both if you'd like :)

throttlemusic2 karma

Thank you! That's a tough one, but Justin Timberlake "Rock Your Body" is definitely one of them!

int0x191f21 karma

Why did you pick the name Throttle? Love the music(:

throttlemusic2 karma

I was on a family holiday in Italy and I saw the name written somewhere - It just clicked!

patador1 karma

I'm not too familiar with your music, but after a quick listen, I fail to hear any disco at all. Even by NuDisco standards.

Are you using Disco as a catchall for dance music or is there an influence that I'm missing?

throttlemusic2 karma

Disco is a major influence to my music, it's mainly the disco chord structures that i find most inspiring. My single "French Kiss" is one of the only straight Nu Disco tracks that I've released, but all my tracks have strong funky elements within them. A lot of the demos I'm currently working on have far more obvious disco influences - can't wait to release them!

zebrastripebrony1 karma

Why no song on 015? Boombox was one of my favorites on 014.

throttlemusic2 karma

Thank you! I've been studying for exams the past few months so haven't had much of a chance to make music recently.

iProbacon1 karma

How long does it take you to do a launchpad video? Also, can we have another launchpad video?

throttlemusic2 karma

"What's That Sound" was in the making for around 4 months. It can be a gruelling process sometimes but it's worthwhile!

Goldrunner1 karma

What did you think of 015 Outlook? And do you have any Monstercat releases in the pipeline? Thanks for doing this, love your music!

throttlemusic2 karma

Great album. I haven't got anything set for release just yet but will definitely be working with them again sometime soon!

PlusJack1 karma

How old are you currently? I think it's great young artists are getting attention like this. It's inspiring.

throttlemusic2 karma

I'm 17!

OfficialMemoryLeak1 karma

What musical background did you have before you started producing? And how long had you been producing when you did Better Than Expected with Insan3Lik3?

throttlemusic1 karma

I had guitar lessons for 6 years but gave it up a few years ago! When Insan3lik3 and I made "Better Than Expected" I had been making music for about 18 months.

Richard_Bastion1 karma

How old are you now?

throttlemusic3 karma

I'm 17!

FlyingPenguins691 karma

Quick question, how old are you now? I know you said something about producing when you were 15.

throttlemusic2 karma

I'm 17!

porjii1 karma


throttlemusic7 karma

I'm not sure how to answer that one!

UnDissolvedAcess1 karma

Do you play any sets around Australia, If you do anything planned around December to January ?

throttlemusic1 karma

I haven't played any Australian shows yet, but I definitely will soon!

mogurface1 karma

Kick or Snare?

throttlemusic1 karma

Do you mean which one do I like most??

ImUnderYoBed1 karma

You planning on doing any Nu Disco like French Kiss anytime soon?

throttlemusic3 karma

Definitely. At the moment I'm making a lot of straight out 105BPM disco, it's the best!