I've been making documentaries for over twenty years and spent the first nine at National Geographic Television. In 2007, I founded Agora Productions with Executive Producer Darin Nellis. Our mission is to create films and materials that enhance critical thinking skills, introduce positive role models and promote international friendship and dialogue.

Together with Darin and researcher Carlos Granados, I spent two years researching President John F. Kennedy - reading over 50 books and publications. Later, we interviewed over 30 eyewitnesses, former Kennedy and Khrushchev staffers, family members, experts and scholars for the film.

Rather than revisit Kennedy's assassination, we focused on JFK's foreign policy. We were curious about what Kennedy actually did that sent shockwaves through government, military and intelligence circles. We discovered that his bold efforts to mitigate armed conflict through diplomacy with the Soviets, in Cuba, Vietnam and Berlin were much more extensive than we realized. Kennedy possessed the ability to put himself in the shoes of his adversaries, to consider things from their point of view. This quality appears to have been indispensable in averting thermonuclear war. Nevertheless, Kennedy's approach provoked distrust and even hostility inside U.S. government circles. Still, he pressed forward in pursuit of dialogue with America's sworn enemies.

We think our film, out in theaters and on DirecTV this month has a unique approach to the subject. To learn more, please visit our website: www.jfkapresidentbetrayed.org

If you are in the Los Angeles area this weekend, the film is playing as a part of the Something to Talk About series at several Laemmle theaters.

Proof: https://twitter.com/Something2Talk/status/404029588721766400

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assboatjones75 karma

How much did Paul Gray's death personally affect you?

Cory_Taylor49 karma

I think this question is intended for Corey Taylor of Slipknot.

kfumarola115 karma

What was the most interesting part in researching for the film?

Cory_Taylor7 karma

Meeting the interviewees, the eye witnesses to history. Hearing what they had to say.

Kirky03314 karma

What was the hardest part of putting this film together?

Cory_Taylor13 karma

Research. There's something like 40,000 books that have been written on Kennedy. We had to choose what we wanted to investigate very quickly, get specific or lose our way.

indeeds2 karma

Is it true he offered Castro women in a form of a peace offering?

Cory_Taylor2 karma

Not to my knowledge. Never heard of that.

errant112 karma

how did you choose who to interview for the film?

Cory_Taylor4 karma

Originally we were attempting to make this film without a narrator. This required that we do a lot of pre-planning. We had to ask ourselves based on our research: who can speak to specific aspects of the story? This dictated a lot of our choices. Former Kennedy and Khrushchev staffers, advisers and family members came first, (those willing and able to speak with us) then eyewitnesses, government officials, scholars, authors and experts.

All_Your_Base2 karma

How awesome is it to work with Morgan Freeman?

Cory_Taylor4 karma

It was great. He is a master of voice over. And also a gentleman.

nice1dave-7 karma

hello - does this work?

Cory_Taylor1 karma