Hey guys, back again! My name is Bernie Katzman and I'm a professional pianist, singer, and composer. I've been playing for over 65 years and it's my life!

Proof: http://imgur.com/wq4eBmL

edit: sorry i was gone so long guys, went to have lunch! i'm going to keep taking your requests and churn out those songs! :) in the meantime, take a listen to a christmas love song i wrote!


edit 2: if you'd like to purchase any song for personal use, or an album you'd like me to create for you, send me a message! :)

edit 3: wow! i have a lot of people who want these songs in an album! unfortunately, i didn't expect such a large turnout! if you would like to donate to the creation of the 'Reddit Holiday Album" i would be so eternally grateful! :)

edit 4: next week, a Reddit Holiday Album will be available on my website www.turahe.com i had such a wonderful time today playing your requests, and will continue to do so! :) please check it out next week, i'm sure you'll love it!

final edit: Thank you all SO much for your kind words, support, and great requests! It's past midnight now, and I should get some sleep, although I really could stay up throughout the night and do more! My wife is making me stop so she can sleep! However, I will record more tomorrow! :) Goodnight and happy holidays!<3

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poopdaloop968 karma

This is the best post ever and you are the best person ever for doing it.

BernieKatzman688 karma

you're too kind :)<3

eugene_n_rusty960 karma

...but can you play any piece of music in a holiday style?

Can I get Chopin's "Funeral March" as played by Vince Guaraldi?

oldsmell871 karma

Ragtime jingle bells please

The_Posh_Plebeian787 karma

Deck the halls in the style of late Beethoven perhaps? Or just Beethoven-style in general. Would be greatly appreciated!

chupacabra178 karma

I would buy an album of your songs, not just Christmas ones, that had this theme. Brilliant.

BernieKatzman8 karma

check out my website, www.turahe.com next week for some albums :)


Hey Bernie,

I'd love to hear a funky silent night

dadudemon586 karma

/u/BernieKatzman, I have no suggestions. I am also a pianist (not a professional) and, without a doubt, you are a very educated and very talented professional.

Thank you for bringing these moments of joy to me.

BernieKatzman468 karma

It is my pleasure! :)

El_Cholo122 karma

These are incredible!! As another (amateur) pianist, just curious: what are you working with? Do you have basic renditions of these holiday songs in certain keys and you're improvising from there? Or just totally playing by ear?

I'm dumbfounded, you are amazing!!

EDIT: and while I'm at it, can I request O Holy Night in the style of Dvorak's Humoresque Op. 101 (specifically No. 7-- don't even know if that's possible or logical!)

BernieKatzman249 karma

totally by ear :)

Dododude2523 karma

It's good to hear from you again, Bernie! Could you please play Carol of the Bells as a slow somber requiem? Like Chopin's Prelude 4 in e minor.

BernieKatzman1156 karma

oostdykr485 karma

Can I get a jazzy Let It Snow? :)

BernieKatzman1103 karma

jamesprog462 karma

'Santa Clause Is Coming To Town' in 7/8 Reggae?

bunfoo313 karma

Rockin Around The Christmas Tree as a Bossa Nova

PsychoSharkBait264 karma

"Frosty The Snowman" but as if it was a dramatic crescendo. Extra points if it's in F sharp.

Also, I've gotta say you're incredibly talented. A fine pianist.

twoquarters223 karma

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer like Jerry Lee Lewis.

Frajer187 karma

Can you do a disco version of the dreidel song?

Nyolia163 karma

Can I get Chesnuts Roasting Over A Fire in jazz?

Dead_Moss146 karma

Hope I'm not too late. 12 days of christmas as a fugue by Bach. I don't know a lot of English holiday songs, but I would love to hear you take on pretty much any holiday song like this

BernieKatzman269 karma

I hope you love this! This is one of my favorites! ;)


LogicalTimber137 karma

You, sir, are an accomplished musician. How much time are you spending figuring out how to play each piece before hitting the record button?

BernieKatzman451 karma

about 10 seconds ;)

grimelda113 karma

can you play something calm by rachmaninoff like Mozart's 'Eine kleine nachtmusik'? :D

nelfichu93 karma

How bout Greensleeves/What Child is This in jazz? Or Peanuts style? Or reggae? You know what, you pick the style, I just like Greensleeves.

GuidoPoptarts79 karma

Can I get Jingle Bell Rock in the style of Tchaikovsky?

Make my day Bernie.

BernieKatzman146 karma

enjoy! i hope your day will be made! ;)


oxymoron162973 karma

Could you give Baby It's Cold Outside as an Opera a try?

603g39 karma

rag time good king wenceslas

Farming_Galaxies31 karma

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen in a Baroque style?

BritishBrownie28 karma

You are an amazing pianist! Could you do a swing 'White Christmas'?

FalcoVet10124 karma

We need the original Pokemon theme song...

FalcoVet10110 karma

I love you.

BernieKatzman13 karma

i love you too! happy holidays!

guitardude91124 karma

What about a Chanukah song! Could you do The Dreidel Song (dreidel dreidel dreidel, I made it out of clay...) in Jazz/Swing?

jessicay24 karma

To piggy-back here on a Chanukah, request, can you do Ma'oz Tzur in a slow jazzy style? I'm picturing a piano line under Billie Holiday.

Plecboy12 karma

So sad to only find this now. Amazing stuff! You're awesome! If you return please try a rendition of The Beatles With a little help from my friends in the style of Stravinsky (Rite of Spring style). I'm just so curious to know what it would sound like! Either way, I've been denying Christmas up until I listened to your pieces! Amazing!

BernieKatzman30 karma

don't be sad plecboy! :) i hope you enjoy this!


Il_Duce10 karma

I couldn't remember my login info for my account, so I went through the recovery process so that I might be able to bestow upon you my single upvote. This is seriously wonderful; you're an amazing player!

BernieKatzman17 karma

you are way too kind :) i shall treasure your upvote forever!

crit_D6 karma

No question. I just want to say you're an exemplary human, and I love what you do.

BernieKatzman16 karma

i love what you do! thanks for being so sweet :)