Born in Brooklyn.


Edit: Heading back to put the finishing touches on the special. Check it out Tuesday on ABC!

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saxyflutolo178 karma

What is your honest opinion of the "street magic" youtube videos?

Thanks, David!

iamdavidblaine263 karma

I love them, I think they're hilarious and I have footage I'm going to release soon where I just ran into them on the street... you'll see it soon

brettruffenach109 karma

As someone who has done a lot of street magic, Can you corroborate Aziz Ansari's observation about how black guys react to magic tricks?

iamdavidblaine118 karma

When I did magic to Aziz, his reaction was pretty hilarious and I wish I had a camera on him

iamdavidblaine80 karma

Everybody from Breaking Bad that I've met are bad ass, and so down to earth


malcontented64 karma

What did you think of Southparks Super Best Friends and the Blaintologists episode?

iamdavidblaine140 karma


benislava44 karma

Hi David. What is the most memorable thing that happened while You were preparing for the 17 minutes underwater stunt?

iamdavidblaine87 karma

The first time I stayed under water for 15 minutes, it felt like I was out of my body in the most amazing way, going beyond physical limits

drjoeschmoe38 karma

I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 10...

I_might_be_naked62 karma


iamdavidblaine203 karma

Five foot ace of clubs

CantHugEveryPlatypus33 karma

Who's your favorite musician?

iamdavidblaine76 karma

John Lennon.

peter_n26 karma

Is there an effect/stunt/idea you have been brainstorming/fantasizing about figuring out, but haven't quite gotten yet?

(basically, what is your craziest, ultimate illusion/idea?)

iamdavidblaine62 karma

Sleep deprivation, one million seconds -- don't know how to do it yet

I_might_be_naked26 karma

Hi David,

I have a burning question, without sounding too abrupt... What was that interview in the UK all about with Eamonn Holmes? I had no idea what was going on.


Thanks for doing this AMA!

iamdavidblaine25 karma

Just having fun

sauldolgin26 karma

Name one thing that is off limits when you're creating a new trick

iamdavidblaine66 karma


tyrich22 karma

Thanks for doing this David! Have you ever messed up performing a trick for people? How do you redeem yourself when things don't go as planned?

iamdavidblaine88 karma

Just keep going and act like nothing went wrong; they don't know what the finale is supposed to be anyway. It's magic, remember

phantom8316 karma

Is there one person or group in particular you performed for that had a lasting impact on you? Why?

iamdavidblaine26 karma

I learn something from everyone

lichorat35 karma

That's a non-answer. /u/phantom83 is asking if there was anyone that you performed for that had a lasting impact on you. If you really learn something from everyone, can you share one experience from your avalanche of experiences? What is it?

iamdavidblaine187 karma

On an airplane, I met a girl that just had brain surgery. She didn't tell me but I did magic for her and her friend. At the end, she was crying and told me that it was the first time since her surgery a week prior that she was happy. I can think of no greater response to doing magic.

CaptainApathy41915 karma

Hey David, has there ever been a moment during one of your feats when you feared for your life?

iamdavidblaine49 karma

The first time I drank kerosene, which you'll see on Tuesday night

TwingTwang15 karma

Who's someone that's deceased that you would've LOVED to have had on your new tv special?

iamdavidblaine54 karma

Michael Jackson, Einstein, J. D. Salinger, Primo Levi, Houdini, Biggie, Janis Joplin, Newton, Brando

pickersNstealers13 karma

In your book you mention receiving help from one of my favorite magicians, Michael Weber, during your TV filming in the 90"s. Do you still pick his brain?

iamdavidblaine22 karma

Just got off the phone with him, picking his brilliant brain

logicatch12 karma

I saw a promo for your ABC special with a bunch of random celebrities (Jon Stewart, Ricky Gervais, Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, etc) did you manage to get all these stars to appear on your show?

iamdavidblaine48 karma

I wanted to capture the kind of reactions I experience when a camera is not around and I chased people who interested me from all walks of life, whether on the street or somebody I admire for their work. It wasn't easy, and it's taken me years. I owe a lot of birthday parties and weddings.

bryansan12 karma

Which act was physically the hardest to prepare for?

iamdavidblaine23 karma

The ice

Amanda_Franco10 karma

Would you ever consider doing a Las Vegas show? You're beyond cool!

iamdavidblaine26 karma

I plan on doing a tour

magicmanplc7 karma

Hi David when will the Black Label White Lions be available again to buy on your website?

iamdavidblaine15 karma

Working on a new deck, coming soon