Hi reddit. I am a baker, cake decorator, entrepreneur, and sometimes TV guy on "Ace of Cakes." Most recently, I've just launched a game called Zombie Cupcake Attack. I'm happy to take your questions about anything and everything, whether cake related or not! AMA!

twitter proof: https://twitter.com/Duff_Goldman/status/397802605989998593

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itwashimmusic153 karma

Duff! Sweet Jeebus, my ten year old will flip when I tell her I talked to you today...kinda. I want to thank you for being the cake guy on tv that wasn't a total asshat, and for inspiring an entire generation of kids to know that being just to left of society's view of normal can be cool as all get out. I'm tattooed, in a band, and love exploring new stuff. When my kids saw you that way, and your staff, and doing something as cool as baking, well...let's just say my oldest little girl wants to be a ballerina/baker when she grows up.

Thanks for being someone really cool, with really cool friends, on tv, and inspiring people like my daughter. You'll hear it a million times, but from me and mine, thank you so much.

Enjoy life!

DuffGoldman100 karma

man, i can't tell you how nice it is to hear comments like that. thank you.

DuffGoldman149 karma

checking the oven, brb...

AJS199194 karma

Would you rather bake and decorate 100 duck sized horse cakes or 1 horse sized duck cake?

DuffGoldman121 karma

1 horse sized duck cake. more of a challenge.

drocks2792 karma

Mr. Goldman

I just wanted to thank you for standing up for equality and baking the cake for the lesbian couple in Oregon! I thought that was awesome of you.

DuffGoldman217 karma

i can't abide hate. don't make no sense. people love eachother. i just don't get why we always need to tell everyone else how to live. there are very real problems in the world, gay people getting married isn't one of them.

drocks2738 karma

You are a good man! :)

DuffGoldman257 karma

no, i'm just not an asshole.

dangerdark89 karma


DuffGoldman102 karma

a dyson, i believe. great question.

accountfinally79 karma

Many years ago when I was in middle school I sent you a bunch of pictures of cakes I made because you were my inspiration. You sent me back an autographed picture. Thank you so much for that.

DuffGoldman69 karma

aw, that's sweet. you're welcome!

mcplaty77 karma


DuffGoldman121 karma

No, we're usually there. come by for a drunk slice!

xyberjoker71 karma

is there any specific cake or type of cake you'd recommend to a person that doesn't really care for cake?

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adhesive_ducks62 karma

This guy.

DuffGoldman66 karma


wee_bey62 karma

Hey Duff,

I was at the dizz a while back and heard a bunch of gunshots. I asked the bartender if we should be concerned and he said "no thats just duff drunk, shooting at shit on the roof" Just wanted to say thats both reckless and hilarious.

DuffGoldman110 karma

i don't drink, but i was probably firing off rockets.

HungryTacoMonster58 karma

Duff, if you were a cake what kind of cake would you be and why?

DuffGoldman180 karma

I'd be a chocolate bundt cake. I'm sweet, round, and mysterious.

nichelle54 karma

Fondant is great for decorating, but how can you make fondant taste good?

DuffGoldman82 karma

it is what it is, but my Duff brand really does taste good. try it!

Coraon52 karma

I add vanilla or Almond extract to it to give it some flavor, try different flavors to add in.

DuffGoldman58 karma

excellent advice.

kimmikazee54 karma

What is your most prized cake that you've baked?

DuffGoldman180 karma

r2d2 for george lucas at skywalker ranch. yup.

tmayn50 karma

Just a quick thank you for helping to reinvigorate the Charles Village neighborhood, we appreciate it.

P.S. If you ever want an invite for Shabbat dinner, let me know :-)

DuffGoldman46 karma

mazel tov! will do!

carpy2239 karma

Chef Duff, what does the world needs to know about Baltimore that you never had the chance to say on your show?

DuffGoldman76 karma

david hasselhoff is from there.

DuffGoldman37 karma

thanks for chatting, guys! that was super fun! now, GO KILL ZOMBIE CUPCAKES!!!!!

Frajer37 karma

What's the oddest cake request you've ever gotten?

DuffGoldman60 karma

A GI doctor in mid surgury. Ew.

chevlet34 karma

Hi Duff, aspiring baker here. How can I create recipes myself? What are some hints to creating and perfecting my own recipe for things like cakes or other desserts?

DuffGoldman68 karma

PRACTICE! write down everything you do and keep track, just like a scientist

AlexDaKitten34 karma

How and why do you think your life has changed drastically ever since the show and your shop blew up?

DuffGoldman89 karma

i get random high-fives in the airport. thats awesome.

gothaggis32 karma

Why are the Ravens so terrible this season so far?

DuffGoldman66 karma

No Q, no run block. We just won the superbowl, we're tired. we're taking some time off. we'll still go all the way.

Felkbek31 karma

what made you chose baking over cooking?

DuffGoldman116 karma

chicks dig bakers.

imapoubelle29 karma

Duff, if you could bake a cake with anyone who would it be and why?

DuffGoldman109 karma

Flo, from the progressive commercials. Because she's funny...and hot.

JMT9727 karma

Duff, what is the best cake you've ever made?

DuffGoldman53 karma

life size elephant

JMT9714 karma

How did you...huh?

DuffGoldman63 karma

google it.

KrazyPN27 karma

how do you keep the rest of the team calm when s**t hits the fan?

DuffGoldman82 karma

la mota?

Dustchunk26 karma

Do you have any advice for someone who dreams of owning a bakery some day?

DuffGoldman80 karma

work in one first

dubbedout25 karma

Hey Duff, I met you a couple years back at a private bday party where you made a huge elephant cake. I was pretty intoxicated, but man that cake was awesome! I also saw you 2 weekends ago at another private party by same host in SD and that cake was HUGE! No questions, just congrats on all of your success.

DuffGoldman44 karma

yeah! our friend is the coolest, right?!?

dubbedout19 karma

coolest to say the least. did you get to hang out at all at the party in SD? Entertainment was crazy.

DuffGoldman40 karma

cray cray

morachan24 karma

Have you ever received requests for low carb cakes? If so, how did it turn out?

DuffGoldman71 karma


laurahrahrah22 karma

Hi Duff! In honor of your new game, what's your favorite Zombie movie/video game? And what's your favorite dessert other than cake?

DuffGoldman81 karma

I think "shaun of the dead" or anything with Bruce Campbell in it.

acydetchx20 karma

Did you watch Food Network shows before you became a Food Network star yourself? Who are some of your favorite other celebrity chefs, and why?

DuffGoldman55 karma

"Taste" hosted by David Rosengarten and "Essence of Emeril" Thats when FN was really awesome, but for a chef. It's changed alot since then.

acydetchx14 karma

Interesting, thanks for answering!

Do you mean that it used to be geared more towards professional chefs, but changed to be more for "home chefs?"

DuffGoldman51 karma

i don't think it was geared towards anyone, it was just chefs making tv, not tv people making tv, so it was just different. it gets much higher ratings now.

jeepfinphiliac18 karma

Hi Duff awesome to see you do this... If Iron Chef America did a cake special.. Who would you go up against and why?..

Thanks again!

DuffGoldman39 karma

Ron Ben-Israel, he'd be tough to beat. that guy is awesome.

kosherkitties16 karma

I'm spamming your page, sorry.

1) How'd you decide on cake baking and decorating? You were into baking bread at the French Laundry, right? Chef Jesse said something about that on your Chefography.

2) Are you usually on reddit? Obviously you'd be on a different account, but just wondering how you got roped into our neck of the internet.

DuffGoldman18 karma

no, i was pastry prep and cheese plater at TFL, i wanted to bake bread for jesse, but he made me become the exec pastry chef, when all i wanted to do was snowboard and take a few years off in a mountain town (vail) Jesse knew what he was doing. TFL kinda chewed me up and spat me out, i was ready to hang it up after getting my ass kicked that bad, but jesse llapitan had alot of faith and kept me on the path. if it wasn't for him, i'd be selling skis to rich kids right now.

kosherkitties14 karma

Feel free to ignore any questions. I knew you were coming so I baked some questions.

1) What happpened to Paul and Rich? They disappeared suddenly on your show.

2) Have you stuck with your same flavors or have you had to conform with food trends? Salted caramel cakes? Goat cheese or Greek yogurt icing? Dare I ask, kale?

3) Jew question: Making anything special for "Thanksgivukkah"? I'm probably just adding veggie latkes, and doing some private catering, but I'm curious because you're creative and nuts.

4) The H8CAKE liscence plate, what gives?

Two not-questions: -I saw you on Ridiculousness, and you're way better than the host. -I'd buy the boxed cake mix you put out, if it were kosher.

DuffGoldman24 karma

kale? hell no. it's cake.

DuffGoldman20 karma

the H8CAKE was from a commercial we shot for food network, i beat the shit out of a clown. if you can find it on youtube, that tackle was real!

MiffyAvon3 karma

You mean... THIS commercial!


DuffGoldman15 karma

no, there is another edit where i tackle a clown on the sidewalk. i broke a finger doing it.

1stunna13 karma

What is your favorite kind of cake for eating, paying no mind to appearance or decoration?

DuffGoldman41 karma

also, big, stupid slices of diner chocolate cake with crappy frosting.

DuffGoldman39 karma

good old fashioned new york cheesecake. MMMMMMMM!!!!!

steinauf8513 karma

How hard is it to transport cakes long distances? What's the farthest distance you've moved a cake?

DuffGoldman25 karma


BoardBuster4510 karma

Hi, Duff. I just want to say that you have been my personal inspiration to get in the kitchen and start cooking. * First, is Charm City Cakes still around? I guess with the show being gone, it got me really worried. * Secondly, where did you go to culinary school? * And lastly, what piece of advice would you have for someone who's always wanted to become a professional chef but has reservations about it? Again, thank you so much for doing this and keep on being awesome!

EDIT: formatting

DuffGoldman38 karma

yes, the shop is still there. TV doesn't really dictate the existence of reality, although i guess descartes would argue otherwise.

MajorMuffinCakes15 karma

Are YOU still at Charm City Cakes?

DuffGoldman23 karma

all the time. east and west.

chevycheese10 karma

Hey Duff,

Thanks for recommending the bacon chocolate crunch bar at Animal here in LA

Any other recommendations for the LA food scene?

DuffGoldman17 karma

LA BUNS on santa monica in weho

Jackal1159 karma

Duff, I just want to say that everybody that hopped on the Cake Boss bandwagon has been yelled at by myself because you were the original!! I love your show. Your coworkers seemed like the coolest people and secretly I wished that I was one of them for a while. :P That specific guy will remain unnamed though. ahem GEOF

DuffGoldman7 karma

i'll let him know ;)

skaterforsale9 karma

Is it true that the Camaro from Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives drives like shit?

DuffGoldman21 karma

the first one did, super soft, but the one they have now is AWESOME!

rachelclair9 karma

Any tips for a young baker trying to get into the field?

DuffGoldman24 karma

get a job in a bakery, see if you like it. also, try getting a job at a big, nice hotel, like in a resort town or vegas. then you get to see so much more stuff. i don't have too many interns because we only do one thing, we're the best in the world at it, but that doesn't create breadth of knowledge, only depth..

noone15699 karma

Hey Duff, any chance you are going to go Mass Market Retail like Cakeboss did?

I tried a CakeBoss retail cake, and while pretty good, certainly didn't live up to what I had expected. I sort of feel like that diluted his brand.

DuffGoldman22 karma

you can do mass market retail and make quality product, you just have to care about it. you can't just take a paycheck and let someone run amok with your brand. alot of chefs make that mistake. going big like that is a full time job, if you don't care about the quality, it doesn't last long. i never had one of those cakes so i really don't know what they tasted like. they could have been great, but it's just your personal preference i guess.

oneanddone_bitches8 karma

Favorite city you have visited?

DuffGoldman15 karma

jerusalem. what an amazing journey. you got the big three all coexisting totally fine, food is great, and i got drunk at an "mtv" bar on shandies when i was 13 and mooned my rabbi at the hostel we were at.

SmileTasteKittens7 karma

Hey Duff!

Did you ever imagine that Charm City Cakes would blow up into what it has become today?

A few questions related to the best band of all time:

  • Which Clutch record is your favourite?
  • Did you get to fill in for Dan Maines like you said you'd like to on the Clutch episode?
  • Does Mary Alice let you hear some sneak peeks when Clutch are recording?

You're the man!

DuffGoldman8 karma

Self-titled or elephant riders.

Upstream157 karma

What do you think of fondant?

DuffGoldman18 karma

it's awesome. you can do so much with it, it really makes the level at which you can decorate so much higher and gives you so many options.

kryia7 karma

Duff, Since you made a game, what do you like to play yourself, if anything?

DuffGoldman16 karma


Gravy-Leg__6 karma

Do you watch other reality cooking shows? Which are your favorites?

DuffGoldman44 karma

Epic MEal Time.

DuffGoldman39 karma

oh, and Ordinary Swedish Meal Time.

sismit6 karma

Hi Duff!

I very much enjoyed watching you on Iron Chef (among many other shows, naturally) - but was surprised to see Michael Symon eke out a win.

-Would you appear on Iron Chef again, given the chance?

-What do you think you could have done differently to win that match?

DuffGoldman11 karma

1-yes 2-mike is the best, i think the fact that i didn't embarass myself was pretty good

alwaysredeyed6 karma

Hey Duff,

Just wanted to say, the wife and I love the show and the show was the reason we started watching the food network. I always dreamed of coming to your bakery one day and we'd be cool dudes together and you'd say "hey, we need to hire this cool dude" and then I'd be the slacker who just ate cake all day.....sigh

DuffGoldman21 karma

yeah, i'm sure i'd pay you a shitload for that.

youregoingtoloveme6 karma

Hi, Duff! I enjoy your show! It was an inspiration to me as I worked in a bakery in high school. :)

I'm getting married next year and I'm still in the process of looking for a baker for my wedding cake. Ergo, I have 2 questions for you:

1.) What your are your dos and don'ts of cake consultation?

2.) How would you pull off a cake in a barn in June? We're terrified buttercream will melt, but also afraid fondant could taste bad.

Thanks so much for doing this AMA!

DuffGoldman20 karma

fondant is like a banana peel, if you don't want to eat it, peel it off!

ken272386 karma

Hey Duff! Me and my family always loved watching the crazy stuff you and everyone else came up with. Just have one question for you:

  1. With all the crazy contraptions that you have added to your cakes (fireworks, motors, etc) has anything ever gone wrong and ruined a cake?

DuffGoldman11 karma

all the time. when a cake destroys itself, we just have to fix it. and we always do ;)

Genetic_Failure5 karma


DuffGoldman10 karma

just keep baking, keep getting better and look at people who are super successful, Sprinkles, crumbs, etc. do what they do, they are doing something right!

OliverTheSquid4 karma

Hey Duff, big fan of the show! All your employees look like they're having so much fun, Charm City Cakes seems like a great place to work. I was wondering, if you could have any other job in the world, what would it be and why?

DuffGoldman8 karma

i'd be a mechanic, i love cars and building things. Tony Stark is a mechanic, right?

Ahh_Trenttt4 karma


DuffGoldman8 karma

big enough.

simpat1zq4 karma

Any recipes for an eggless cake that you can share?

DuffGoldman14 karma

i'd say google it. try different ones, and when you find a good one, send it to me!

SoCal_Sapper4 karma

Marry, fuck, kill: Ina Garten, Alex Guarnaschelli, Anne Burrell.


DuffGoldman9 karma

i love alex, she is one of the coolest people i've ever met. i've never met Ina.

riht4 karma

What do the Ravens need to do to turn this thing around?

DuffGoldman13 karma

play me at DT

cnnrspur3 karma

Hi Duff, I'm a big fan. I was wondering, what was the worst spill or destruction of a cake you've ever had happen to you? Also, what is your favorite dinosaur?

DuffGoldman5 karma

my favorite dino i think would be a newly discovered dinoplatypus in australia. it ate turtles and small deer and stuff!

Sellars133 karma

Thanks for doing this Duff, my sister and I are big fans!

Out of all of the cakes shown on Ace of Cakes, which one was your favourite to make?

DuffGoldman5 karma


juujuubee3 karma

Hey Duff! Is there any cake you can't make or refuse to make?

DuffGoldman10 karma

human babies

songwind3 karma

Cakes shaped like babies, or made from babies?

DuffGoldman5 karma


umishi3 karma

You and your crew are awesome!!

1) What's your favorite animal?

2) What's your favorite dessert?

3) What's one aspect that you think you suck at as a baker/cake decorator?

DuffGoldman8 karma

what do i suck at? piping roses, old-school stuff like that. i never worked in a cake shop before i owned one so i don't know how to do alot of the things that most bakers do.

DuffGoldman8 karma

animal: buffalo

DuffGoldman6 karma

dessert: gelato

vongola113 karma

I have two question to ask you Duff! First, what was the most difficult cake you've ever made? Second, is there a specific movie or tv show that you would love to make a cake for?

DuffGoldman14 karma

"My Blue Heaven" with Steve Martin and Rick Moranis is my favorite movie of all time.

Disco_Godfather3 karma

Duff, you are the man! Love your energy and enthusiasm on the show. How do you stay motivated??

DuffGoldman12 karma

i love my "job!" if that's what this is. I also kill zombie cupcakes to relieve the stress.

TheHungryGiraffe3 karma

Have you had a cake that you simply dreaded to make? And why?

DuffGoldman10 karma

it's never the cake, sometimes we get "challenging" customers. but the ones that challenge us always make us better, so we love them.

marthastuart3 karma

  1. Do you enjoy working by yourself on cakes that have a higher meaning to you?

  2. How many reddit golds would it take for you to make my girlfriend a birthday cake?

DuffGoldman16 karma

i don't know what a gold is, but if you want a cake, you can give me dollars instead.

pastrygirl293 karma

CIA Bachelor's student here, any advice for owning your own business one day?

DuffGoldman8 karma

work at alot of them first and see how its done and how not to do it. thats the best education

mull32863 karma

What was the first cake you made? What was the worst cake youve made?

DuffGoldman10 karma

the first cake i made was at "savannah" in baltimore. the worst cake i made, i don't wanna talk about it. ;)

DuffGoldman3 karma

okay, i'm back

rachelclair2 karma

Just wanted to say you are awesome and a big reason I want to become a baker, I also got a whisk tattoo inspired by yours (:

DuffGoldman4 karma


cake4life2 karma

What advice would you give to someone wanting to open their own bakery?

DuffGoldman4 karma

see above

chooter2 karma

Best gluten-free cake recipe?

DuffGoldman5 karma

try C4C

NstantKlassik2 karma

What was the hardest cake that you were challenged to create?

How much autonomy do you have in the designs of your cakes? Is it ever a situation where they say something like "I want an Alice in Wonderland cake" and leave it up to you for the design?

DuffGoldman15 karma

every cake is different, but most of the time people have a pretty good idea of what they want. what we do is guide them to getting something that is really cool. for example, people like "biography cakes" that tell their whole life story. that's cool and all, but most of the guests won't get all the inside jokes and innuendos, so we try to simplify and have them get one thing that everybody will understand.

jvictorsowell2 karma

Hey Duff, is there any way we could hear more of Geof's music? I think it was featured on the show once and I'd love to hear more of it.

Thanks for giving me an interest in cooking and baking. Being able to make a batch of cookies or bake a cake has saved my ass a few times in the passed few years and I wouldn't have been as interested in anything culinary if it weren't for you.

Also, I'm visiting my mother and she would we be ecstatic if you said hello and to get well soon.

DuffGoldman6 karma

Geof has an album on itunes right now. ITS AWESOME!!!!!

israel1922 karma

If you have to eat one cake for the rest of your life

What cake would it be?

DuffGoldman13 karma


cake4life2 karma

Hi Duff! I went to the CIA and tried to have my externship at your bakery but I was denied :( anyways just wanted to say I'm sad I was never able to work with you because I think your cakes are awesome and I could have learned so much from you! You're a big cake inspiration to me, and part of the reason I followed my dreams of being a baker! But yea. No questions really, just keep doing what you do, you're great :)

DuffGoldman6 karma

the best internship is to find cakes you like and copy them. thats what i did, and eventually i learned how to design my own. But first i copied all the awesome bakers and learned their techniques.