My short bio: I'm a young independent "high class" escort working in London. I've been doing it for a year and thought people might be interested in finding out more about the reality of prostitution. I've had some bad experiences- mostly working as a sub at a dungeon where some clients clearly didn't understand D/s- but generally have a really positive view of sex work and would love to answer your questions!

edit: Sorry that I don't have proof but there's not a lot I can offer really. If you have a suggestion I will try to deliver! edit 2: here are some screenshots from a site I use occasionally,M2HRrml
edit 3: Thanks guys! had fun talking to you. also realised how much I use the words 'pretty' and 'actually' (sorry!). I'll check back and answer more questions if there are any. Bye!

edit 4: okay I'm gonna leave it there, thanks again!

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hot_coffee129 karma

How do you defend yourself when a dragon appears? Do you have wizards in your party?

londonescortama116 karma

Come across a few trolls but it's not that kind of dungeon

WHAT_i_dont_Care40 karma

has anyone ever asked u to role play being misty from pokemon while they wanted to be ash ? if not would u be up for it

londonescortama34 karma

haha sure

Wherearemylegs76 karma

This is what he's referring to.


londonescortama11 karma

ah, hadn't seen that before. I really want to do it though heh.

boozemunkee26 karma

Do you have any feelings of guilt or shame about having sex with so many partners?

londonescortama60 karma

No. I've never understood the idea of guilt/shame in that respect. My opinion is that sex can be very meaningful but sometimes it is just a physical act.

boozemunkee16 karma

I wish I could think that way! I feel guilty over my slutty past and I wasn't even smart enough to get paid for it. You have a really good outlook I think.

londonescortama-7 karma

Thanks! 'Time to take the word back, slut is now a compliment, a sexy ass female who's running shit and confident' ;)

phkundi24 karma

What are some of the bad experiences you had?

londonescortama54 karma

I had a guy who kept trying to fist me. He didn't know anything about BDSM and I think he basically just wanted to hurt someone. I didn't like his vibe but went with it until he started the whole fisting attempt. I told him to stop twice then he started shouting and the maid got him to leave.
Another guy wouldn't leave me alone for months, which was pretty scary. I made the mistake of letting him walk me home once and he'd show up outside my door. Luckily he got the point in the end but things like that make me more uncomfortable than physical boundaries.

if_you_say_so_bruh6 karma

I made the mistake of letting him walk me home once and he'd show up outside my door.

That is so very frightening! I'm glad he finally left you alone. Never, NEVER let em see where you live.

londonescortama8 karma

yeah learnt that the hard way!

IOWAdubbaJERB24 karma

What kind of vacuum do you use?

londonescortama65 karma

Alright, alright I know this isn't as interesting as a vacuum technician AMA.

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londonescortama28 karma


hltgraha16 karma

Probably a stupid question, but does it pay well?

londonescortama20 karma

Pretty well! At first I was super excited by the money but I don't want to work all the time so I definitely don't make enough to live on.

notthepapa16 karma

I can't believe nobody asked: what are the best sex tips and tricks you can give to other women?

londonescortama13 karma

'tips and tricks' haha! Well, it's really different with a client because obviously I'm trying to please him. Enthusiasm is the main thing. In my personal life I just kind of go with the flow, I know what feels good for me, I know what makes me cum so I communicate with my partner and vice versa. That's basically the only trick anyone should know. I guess there's loads of advice about giving good head but honestly all you need is communication.

diggsbee11 karma

Do you have trouble in relationships and does your work make it less enjoyable when you are in a relationship? Do you have a second job? Thanks for this AMA!

londonescortama17 karma

I've found that relationships are pretty much impossible. It's hard to find someone who can handle it. I don't find them less enjoyable though. Actually I've had some lovely clients and I think it's improved my ability to relate to others.
I'm a student and don't have another job.
Thank you!

Creamy_Goodne5510 karma

Whats your opinion on the secret diaries of a call girl series?

If prostitution was legalised in the UK would you be happy to openly class yourself as a prostitute?

londonescortama22 karma

I think it was pretty entertaining. Not very realistic of course, it's a tv show. I think it glamorised prostitution but it also took some of the stigma out of it.
I'm not sure how open I would be. Legalisation wouldn't take away peoples negative feelings about it so I don't think I'd be yelling about it but I'd probably be a little less closed off. My close friends know about it at the moment.

rempix9 karma

Did you ever happen to burst out laughing in some situation?

londonescortama27 karma

There was a nervous guy who was constantly asking if he was 'doing it right', which made me smile but sadly nothing hilarious has ever happened.

Valiantheart6 karma

Well, was he doing it right?

carpii21 karma

He paid, didn't he?

londonescortama10 karma

Hah! He did just fine.

nomoredarkness1 karma

You probably popped his cherry. Out of curiosity, can you say how many, if any, had their first time with you?

londonescortama1 karma

Maybe! Two guys told me upfront they were virgins.

Millzay8 karma

While prostitution in and of itself is legal in the UK, many forms of advertising of services are not. Do you feel current laws about what is allowed and what isn't are fair or should they be relaxed? If so, in what way?

How do you feel about Harriet Harman's suggestion that the means to tackle the (her language and terms) exploitation of women via prostitution and the (again, her language) link between prostitution and human trafficking by illegalising paying for the service but not offering it? Would those in your profession generally find it offensive? Naive? Disrespectful of autonomy? Do you feel her plans would truly help anyone?

londonescortama11 karma

Technically it's legal but the surrounding laws make it pretty impossible to actually act on without breaking any laws. But it sounds like you know about that. I think transparency is the only way for the sex industry to work. If it's all legal then there are ways to keep people safe/rules to follow/standards.
I think making one half of the deal legal and the other illegal is ridiculous. There's obviously a huge problem with sex trafficking but that is what needs to be addressed, not prostitution as a whole. I wont pretend to have any kind of authority on the matter or speak for other escorts but it frustrates me when people assume that all women have been forced into the job.

Saskura7 karma

Hi How is your schedule? Clientes every day ? 2 times a day ? How do you become a "High Class"?

londonescortama18 karma

I don't have a very strict schedule. One week I might work everyday and see two/three clients a day, the next I'll just see one. It's pretty hard to plan when you'll have clients interested and sometimes I just don't feel like it.
As for 'high class', I think it's a stupid term but I just market myself that way because the clients are nicer/cleaner/more generous. Basically just charge a lot and be able to hold a conversation.

beavismcgee1236 karma

With the mentality "get paid to have sex" it might appear to most people like a dream job, but there's got to be more to it than that. My questions for you would be how often do you actually enjoy it? And do you get to turn down clients? I've gotta think that a lot of people paying for it look terrible, is that easy for you to look past?

londonescortama12 karma

I enjoy it a lot! I love sex. I mean, I love having* sex but I also love learning about it. Sexuality is fascinating. I have a couple of regular clients that I have a great time with and sometimes one-off's turn out to be awesome.
I turn down whoever I want. I don't like agencies because you really don't get a lot of say and you feel like you can't say no (even though you can, of course). Almost all of the guys I've seen have been just regular looking, normal men- some pretty hot too!;) I don't think I'd turn someone down because of their looks, it's not very important to me.

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londonescortama9 karma

thanks! never really had a problem with fitting it into my life. I did see a client on the tube once but it was more funny than awkward.

Species8472X5 karma

How many partners/clients have you had since starting this job? And whats your favourite sex position?

londonescortama3 karma

I stopped counting after 100! I like being on top, with the guy sitting up.

fantasylands5 karma


londonescortama9 karma

Yep, both. GFE kind of makes me sad, like I said before, and it can be hard to keep up the act. At first I enjoyed getting paid to go to galleries, dinners etc but now I prefer regular bookings because they're more fun than pretending to be interested in some guys boat.

mechrabbit5 karma

1) Has anyone ever been upset when you showed up because they weren't what they hoped (red head, chubby, ethnicity etc..)? 2) any clients ever buy you gifts? 3) how long do you plan on doing this?

londonescortama6 karma

  1. No. My pictures are true to life and I basically conform to western beauty standards so that hasn't been a problem.
  2. Yep, lot's of gifts, yay! I don't like to have a lot of regulars because the guys tend to get attached but I have a couple and they'll pay for things if I mention them. Gym membership, for example (so I can 'keep in shape for them' ;) ).
  3. I think I'll keep doing it off and on until I finish my education. Or, ya know, fall in love or whatever.

mechrabbit3 karma

Thanks, my husband has a few questions 1) do you or have you orgasm while you're on the clock? 2) any sex acts you won't do (besides anal)? 3) Do clients ever ask about your fantasies? 4) do you also play with women? or is it men and couples only?

londonescortama5 karma

  1. That's only happened once
  2. watersports/rimming them/scat. I don't offer anal usually but have done it with regulars.
  3. yes lots of clients ask
  4. I sleep with women in my personal life but have never had a female client

Spacish5 karma

Have you ever had a friend, or just anyone you knew, find out and ask to partake in your services?

londonescortama3 karma

No. My friends who know are cool with it but have never asked to join in. One friend goes out with 'sugar daddies' but it's a very different situation.

JulianForscht5 karma

What does "didn't understand the D/s" in English?

londonescortama14 karma

Dominant/submissive. There's a big mental aspect involved and some clients didn't understand that.

JulianForscht5 karma

Can you make an exmple? I am not sure if I know what you mean.

londonescortama19 karma

so, for example, I mentioned the fisting guy. He didn't do any of the usual dom stuff like discussing a scene, being called sir/whatever, verbal humiliation. He didn't have the usual 'feel'. Just erratically barking different orders, being way too rough despite me being clear/using safewords. I stopped working their because a lot of guys saw it as a free pass to be violent.

Deltidsninja4 karma

What are your plans for the far future? Do you have education so you can get a "real job" when you want? How long do you think you want to be an escort?

londonescortama17 karma

I'm at university now and will (hopefully) be starting my PhD next year so probably until I finish that. Or get bored of it.

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londonescortama10 karma

I don't want to say as it's quite specific but it's chemistry related. thank you :)

STMNGRKdude5 karma

i can just imagine you walking into one of your classes and seeing a client... your professor.

londonescortama5 karma

total fantasy hah!

Poco15 karma


londonescortama2 karma

Good luck! I started uni at 18 :)

HansChuzzman4 karma

Whats the most amount of money you've made in a night?

What does dad think?

londonescortama10 karma

£1200. That was during the day actually! There's the potential to make more but I get bored during long bookings. You make more if you charge less and see more guys but I'm doing it more for the fun/experience, £400 is usual.
I don't think it's something a father would want to know about his daugher!

muffin_stuffs4 karma

What is your policy for couples? How often are you approached for something like that, do you oblige, and how much would you charge for it? Thanks!

londonescortama10 karma

I like couples! I've only done it once and am rarely asked. I spent 3 hours with them for £700.

James_Bomb4 karma

What's the record for the longest you've ever been with a client in one sitting? Also, thanks for doing this AMA.

londonescortama5 karma

thanks! I stayed with a client overnight, it worked out to be around 11 hours.

balintmaci4 karma

have you ever really fancied a client and for instance you wished you met under different circumstances. Or do you look down on them for seeking prostitution?

londonescortama7 karma

I don't look down on them. It would be weird if I did haha I don't think there's anything wrong with someone seeing a prostitute. I've never liked a client in that way though.

pound_bloody_pussy4 karma

What is your policy on sexual intercourse during "that time of the month"?

Also, post proof or the overzealous gestapo moderators are going to delete what may actually become an interesting AMA.

londonescortama1 karma

I just posted some screenshots, hope they'll do.
I use natural sponges when I have my period. If i have cramp/just don't feel good then I wont see clients but usually I'm fine and just cut up a sponge.

mcdick694 karma

Do you charge for time or how many times you have gone at it?

How'd you decide the price range

londonescortama6 karma

Time. I looked around on escort/punter forums and decided on the highest price that would still bring in clients.

Harrisonlewis3 karma

Is there a high risk of contracting an std?

londonescortama11 karma

The more partners you have, the greater your risk of getting an sti. However, I ALWAYS use condoms, even for oral sex. and obviously if I can see something I'll ask the client to leave. I think the risk is probably greater if you're having a lot of drunken one night stands or the like because you forget to use protection.
That's something people ask a lot and they're always surprised I've never caught anything. It's just really not that hard to be careful!

1minuteman3 karma

whats the weirdest thing someone has requested?

londonescortama19 karma

Ah, 'weirdness' is so subjective! I guess daddy/daughter roleplay would be considered the weirdest by most people. I actually find it weirder when guys want me to pretend to be their girlfriend/go to dinner/cuddle/no sex. It makes me sad how much they crave that closeness.

SlimShanny5 karma

I suppose this is the "healthiest" way to deal with those types of feelings, role playing, with someone who isn't actually your daughter.

londonescortama11 karma

Yeah! plus, for a lot of people, they're not actually attracted to a family member they just get off on the idea of some fantasy relative.

jeremy_rouse3 karma

Craziest thing you've done/most odd?

londonescortama4 karma

Honestly most clients are really boring! I mentioned the daddy/daughter roleplay before. The BDSM stuff might be considered 'crazy' but in the world of BDSM it was all normal (gags, paddles, clamps etc). Oh I used a saint andrew's cross a couple of times which was fun!

Completely__Serious3 karma

How old are you? How old were you when you started?

londonescortama13 karma

I'm 21 and started when I was 20

moonflower4 karma

What is your relationship with your parents like? If they are still in your life, what do they think of your job?

londonescortama13 karma

I have a great relationship with my parents. They don't know and I wont tell them. I'm especially close with my mother, she's amazing, and find it hard not to tell her but I know it's better not to.

creatineboss3 karma

how do your boyfriends react when you tell them your an escort?

londonescortama6 karma

not well. tricky situation. I decided not to have a serious relationship until I stop but it's difficult.

[deleted]2 karma


londonescortama2 karma

I don't know actually! They have a weird system where you don't actually get money, just credits that you can spend on upgrades for your profile or things from their shop. I just use AW sometimes for bookings because it's convenient.

Chalkius2 karma

How do you feel if you meet a client who happens to be really unnatractive? Have you ever consciously and obviously not been into the sex as a result of being distinctly unattracted to one?

londonescortama4 karma

I just don't find looks to be that important. I've never had a client who was really awful looking. I'm not especially attracted to most clients and I've consciously not been into it a bunch of times but pretending to be is part of the job!

Chalkius2 karma

So is it generally quite mechanical from your point of view?

Also, how often do you get clients who are actually very good in bed?

londonescortama8 karma

There's no emotional connection or anything involved but it's not always just mechanical. Or at least I make it seem like it isn't so much that I've convinced myself.
Quite a few clients are technically good in bed but I think you do need to have that emotional connection for really amazing sex.

Chalkius3 karma

Hmm, I wonder whether it's good or bad that you can convince yourself that the sex isn't just going through the motions.

I agree about the emotional connection. It's the main reason I don't think I'd ever want to hire an escort, as good as it might be to get laid, I'd rather have that with someone I care about.

londonescortama3 karma

I guess I don't spend a lot of time thinking about whether things are good or bad. Everything's too subjective, you've just got to know what's good for yourself.
and yeah, it's great and so different when you're with someone you care about.

agent00J1 karma

Does having sex as often as you do, make it less meaningful when you're really into the person (boyfriend, etc.) ?

londonescortama2 karma

It makes me more aware of times when it isn't meaningful. I think I would kid myself into thinking it was when I was younger because I hadn't experienced how intense/meaningful sex can be when you're with someone you love.

if_you_say_so_bruh2 karma

Here in America, most strippers have a bouncer walk them to their car. Your dungeon doesn't have someone like that? You need a modicum of protection from potential rapist.

londonescortama5 karma

I only worked there a few times but no, no bouncer kind of guy. It's pretty easy to screen clients, you get used to picking certain things up and I wouldn't see someone if I got a bad feeling about them.

B000BZ2 karma

Ever turned someone away cos they were too ugly ? Or not put as much effort in with a customer because he's ugly and you don't want him to come back ?

londonescortama7 karma

No! I don't care about looks. It's all about hygiene.

ggandthecrew5 karma

Turned anyone away because of hygiene?

londonescortama8 karma


JuggernautF0x2 karma

Two question for you:

  1. What is the age range/average age of your clients?
  2. Is it customary to tip an escort on top of the fee the client pays?

londonescortama6 karma

  1. 25-55. I guess the average age is somewhere in the late thirties/early forties.
  2. No. If you're in a parlour or something you'll pay a 'maid fee' (the maid does clean but she also handles all the bookings). I don't know where you're from but tipping isn't a big deal in the UK like it is the US so I guess that follows through to sex work. It's usually guys that haven't been to an escort before who tip (or regulars).

danthezombieking2 karma

(from pic 1 of proof)> I'd like to do a daddy/daughter roleplay with youu in a schoolgirl outfit, I've caught you skipping school and need to teach you a lesson.

  1. Major lol

  2. Did you actually do that

  3. If 2, what was that like? How much did you charge for that?

londonescortama3 karma

Yeah! I don't charge more for roleplay. We met once for half an hour for £100 then again for 1.5hrs for £300. It was surprisingly hot! I think just the taboo of it really turned me on and it was a lot of fun.

emorrell2 karma

Just wanted to say I've enjoyed reading this and ask: Do you enjoy sex with non-clients?

londonescortama1 karma


trainiac122 karma

How do you view your clients? What is your average feeling towards a client?

londonescortama1 karma

In the same way I view different people I meet all the time. There's a million things that give you an impression of someone and they all apply, plus the extra sexual things. Usually my guys are sweet, kind of shy and just really oppressed sexually for whatever reason.

nehalvpatel2 karma

Do you enjoy your job?

londonescortama2 karma


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londonescortama8 karma

Out of curiosity! I've always loved looking through the ads on craigslist because I find them interesting and one day I just though 'hey, I could do this'. So I met up with someone, got paid, had fun and just... kept doing it!

FrizzelM5 karma


SlimShanny0 karma

How much fun can you be having if you've only "cum once"? Not that you have to have an orgasm every time you have sex, but only once with the frequency that you are having sex is really on the low end.

londonescortama6 karma

like i said before, I'm usually too focused on the client to cum. It takes a lot of concentration on my part to orgasm with a partner and a lot of time so it's not surprising really. I have fun having sex regardless of whether I cum or not, it's just fun to do, especially with roleplay.

knut221 karma

do you fear that what you are doing now may someday (after you stop) jeopardize your chance for falling in love and being with someone in a long term committed relationship? would you try to keep it a secret if you knew the man of your dreams would leave you if he found out?

londonescortama1 karma

I wouldn't keep it a secret, if he knew it was in my past but didn't want to be with me then he's not the kind of guy I'd want to be with anyway.

AllrightsunnyD1 karma

sooo, would you recommend it as a career?

londonescortama1 karma

completely depends on the woman

PM_ME_Y0UR_TITS1 karma

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

londonescortama3 karma


RickyRetro1 karma

May have been asked. I'm sure you get married clients. Do you feel guilty if the spouse is unaware? or is it simply business?

londonescortama1 karma

I don't feel guilty, I know nothing about their relationship and it's not my responsibility. Some guys will talk to me about their wives and I think it's somehow better that they're seeing a 'professional' rather than cheating when they're having whatever sex related problems. I don't know, monogamy is complicated.

Hillraiser1 karma


londonescortama4 karma

I guess there are some well-known girls in london and I'm sure they have their rivalries but I really have no idea, I don't socialise with other escorts and am not well-known with punters.

11Knightmare1 karma

Some silly questions:

Is this frowned upon?

Is this common- are many girls attracted by the BDSM community?

I really like BDSM but haven't got the occasion to try anything out.. So what's your advice? How can I start? Are there clubs or something- Is that the dungeon you are referring to?.. Thanks!

londonescortama2 karma

By most people, yes.
I've always enjoyed BDSM in my personal life so I thought I'd explore it professionally too. Lots of people are into it, I don't know if there are more men or women. Check out fetlife to start exploring. Also r/bdsm. The dungeon was just for paying customers. There are lots of club nights in london (eg torture garden)

Trumpstah1 karma

How often are you a sub compared to being a dom? Also which position is preferred?

londonescortama3 karma

I've never worked as a pro domme. I think I'd keep cracking up heh. On top or from behind, as long as my clit's involved I'm good.