BIO: I work at a well travelled airport in the Midwest. On a daily basis I clean up interior/ exteriors of planes after celebrities who own or charter jets, corporations, and sports teams. I've been in and cleaned jets for Bill Cosby, Eminem, you name it. Ask me anything!

Here are some photos for proof. I will message the mods with my work badge.

EDIT: Im gonna let this cook for about half hour then I'll be back to answer your questions! Don't be shy!

EDIT 2: I've been asked what type of vacuum I use several times. I use a Miele commercial series. Best fucking vacuum hands down.

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Patternsonpatterns213 karma

I can't believe I just read an entire AMA by a dude who shop vacs planes after rich people get off them.

corbin1152 karma

There's a bit more to it than that sonny.

Gyro88186 karma

Soooo... What kind of vacuum do you use?

corbin1198 karma

Miele. It's niiice.

Florida_ICU_RN128 karma

Who is the messiest celebrity you've ever cleaned up after?

corbin1385 karma

Charlie Sheen when he was on his little rampage. Non smoking plane, he used the cupholders as ashtrays. Before I could even get on the plane the DEA was in with drug dogs.

Goredema128 karma

What's the weirdest/most gross/funniest thing you've found on a plane?

corbin1285 karma

I can't say the name of the company, cause you've all heard of it. 4 Male passengers, when I powered up the plane to get the lights on the DVD system came on. Some of the dirtiest gay porn was on. I was shocked.

EDIT: Spelling

Nangle_12 karma

how does one power up a plane.Guessing you don't just stick the key in and half turn?

corbin115 karma

Nono, as a cleaner, I power up using external power. Basically we have power carts that vary in voltage. Certain planes require certain ones. There are extension cords that go from the power cart into the airplane. It's like running an extension cord to steal your neighbors electricity when your powers out. Can't run anything hefty off of it, but they get the job done.

Grassmower1919124 karma

What was Eminem like?

corbin1230 karma

He loves red bull. We keep a locker full of it for when he flies.

Karmanology120 karma


corbin1193 karma

Happens all the time. If I put Equal onto a plane instead of Sweet and Low.... Some people go ape shit.

k4rst3n102 karma

So what's the rule with left over stuff? 24 hrs later and it's yours? If so, what the best thing you got to keep?

corbin1396 karma

Never kept anything, never would. I put myself in their shoes. Only their shoes are more expensive and have tassels.

apfpilot65 karma

When I worked as a line guy in college we got leftover catering! I ate Rudy Gulianis leftover chicken parm for dinner.

corbin191 karma

Ohhhh yesssss. The catering is the best part! It's surprising what great food all these people eat onboard, especially NBA players

apfpilot30 karma

Do you do the external servicing? Potable water and lavs? If so fuck the hawker donut.

corbin143 karma

Been shit on a few times pulling the release before the donut was out. Then having to go in and take that little fucker out. We service Lakeshore Express and the Saab 340's have those too. Good to know someone else feels my pain!

jonafenech51 karma

I have no idea what these words mean

corbin132 karma

Basically there is a tank that all the shit goes into after someone flushes the toilet. Part of my job is to empty that tank. Now imagine someone releases all the shit down a tube and the only thing keeping it in is a small circular disc. It's like a loaded cannon full of shit. And you have to remove that disc with your hands.

Not_a_3L97 karma

Has your job given you newfound respect for any particular famous people? What about newfound disdain?

corbin1287 karma

Bill Cosby. Honestly one of the most genuine people I've ever met, along with his pilot Clarence. Both VERY good people.

stinkyrobot92 karma

Has cleaning for a celeb led to anything else?

corbin1287 karma

Got a high-five once.

doncannon181 karma

Ever found just a disgusting amount of used condoms on a single flight?

corbin1224 karma

Found one from a flight. Weird thing was it was one passenger.

iwanttofork80 karma

Whats so different about cleaning a plane compared to cleaning a room or car, for example?

corbin1148 karma

Polishing leading edges. Wiping oil from engine cowlings. Debugging exterior. Checking seat cracks.

corbin1651 karma

Also planes have wings.

Ringo644 karma

What debugging tool do you use?

corbin118 karma

Windex and a rag on leading edges. Mix of 50/50 isopropyl alcohol and water for windows. WINDEX LEAVES STREAKS. If you don't believe me, turn off the lights and shine a flashlight on them.

Cniehart67 karma

What's the kind of pay you get for a job like this?

corbin1119 karma

Never enough.

CrackFinger32 karma


corbin149 karma

Most people in my department make $15-$20 an hour.

swimbikerunrun57 karma

How long does it usually take you to clean a plane (like the one you pictured)?

Do you have to clean the entire plane, every spec and spot?

corbin1121 karma

If I leave a fingerprint on a mirror I get wrote up. Interior and exterior, every square inch. Gulfstreams usually take 6-8 hours. Challengers and Falcons 4-6.

swimbikerunrun40 karma

What about the Pilot's cabin?

corbin197 karma

The cockpit? Depends on if the pilots decide to rub their fingers all over the screens like they do. Grrr.

rws53156 karma

Are you in the mile high club?

corbin1332 karma

I couldn't give a flying fuck about the mile high club.

rws53168 karma

Well played...

corbin1407 karma

I DID have sex in my truck once. I call it the meter high club.

newbgoldplz53 karma

Most interesting interaction with clients?

corbin1153 karma

Customer asked me to "shine 'er up like ya sistas ass".

Syd_G20 karma

Well? Did you?

corbin171 karma


DarthZebra45 karma

how much does a celebrity/businessman pay for a flight? Who is the best person you've flown with in terms of niceness?

corbin176 karma

Depends on the size airplane. Some we charter for $6000-$8000 an hour. Fuel, stock, time, maintenance, pilots....all factored into the bill.

EDIT: People also buy into quarter-shares. They are basically like timeshares. There is a plane that a bunch of customers buy into and can use certain times of the year. Probably cheaper that way.

Zerosun2343 karma

How did you end up being a private jet cleaner? Do you get free miles like many other airline workers?

corbin1125 karma

Nah, I get to dump people's poo from the lav systems. That's about the extent of my benefits.

zombeejeezus43 karma

What are your favorite hot dog toppings?

corbin1320 karma

We can ketchup on this subject later.

Kramereng177 karma

You have been banned from r/chicago.

corbin1292 karma

Let's be frank: they're a bunch of wieners.

EDIT: caught by the grammar police.

gkiltz42 karma

Is there one who stands out for trashing private jets more than anybody else??

corbin186 karma

Charlie motherfucking Sheen.

BeppeBello42 karma

Do you keep your car clean like the planes?

corbin1146 karma

Absolutely not. I go to college full time and work about 35 hours a week. I live in my car.

JerBearX41 karma

What's the most unexplainable thing you've found on a jet. Whose jet was it?

corbin194 karma

Gay Porn. A condom balloon animal. Dog shit.

Stuck_in_a_Box36 karma

Has someone ever left something quite valuable behind? If so what was the outcome?

corbin162 karma

Watches, occasional wallet, jewelry. Typically they go to flight ops or the pilots, then the customer will contact them.

Iwannapeeonyou27 karma

What's the worst job you've had so far?

corbin175 karma

Someone decided to change their baby's diaper on the seat-back tray. Yes, the same one you eat off of. That was an interesting mess.

Seamitch5130 karma

Pleas tell me it was sanitized... I rest my head on those to sleep.

corbin180 karma

I can attest to the ones I clean. I cannot speak for any other cleaners.

brett126 karma

Were any of the customers spotless or are all celebrities/ businessmen/ sport teams count on the fact that they can be as messy as they want?

corbin162 karma

It can go either way. Most people are clean. Because rich people will fly places that literally would take them 45 minutes to drive to.

ceilingkat21 karma

How did you end up with this job?

corbin1189 karma

I applied. Then made the interview my bitch.

dxfaa21 karma

Are the rich passengers arrogant ? Are they nice and fun people? Are they the same as the image they portray ?

corbin135 karma

Half and half!

jigsawkane20 karma

Are you allowed to say which sports teams, or is it too many to list?

corbin163 karma

Every sports team that flies into Michigan.

veroffica12 karma

So do you work primarily out of Michigan? I heard you mention Eminem, but honestly, what other celebrities take private jets to Detroit?

corbin122 karma

Bob Seger, Kid Rock, Anita Baker...just to name a few. Saw Miguel Cabrera after the ALCS was over for the Tigers.

ootika17 karma

First off, thanks for doing an AMA. I'm getting tired of all the celebrity AMAs honestly. It's nice to have a regular person on here.

Anyway, some questions:

  • How long have you been doing this?

  • Have you ever flown in a private jet? If not, has it been offered?

  • What's it like interacting with the "elite"? Do you feel they look down on you? I'm sure you've had good and bad experiences. What's your worst? I know you can't use real names, so just make up a name if you have to.

  • I noticed you said you're in college. What are you studying? Do you hope to be in the aviation industry somehow?

corbin114 karma

I've been at it for about 4 years. I'm still young compared to everyone in my company.

I've never flown in a private jet, and offers do arise sometimes, most of the jets go on test flights at least once a month (just around the block so to speak). I don't do well on airplanes :X

The "elite" are about half and half (from my personal experience). Some of them don't feel the need to make eye contact or even say hello. Others will shoot the shit. There is a lot of misconception: many people think that these people are always on vacation flying around. I think the truth is that what they have (including the airplanes) weren't just handed to them. So I think it requires many of them to be focused. I think they just don't have alot of time to talk.

I think everyone who goes into aviation (which doesn't always mean being a pilot - there are many branches to the aviation industry) wants to be a pilot at first. There is something emotional about seeing the jets fly. I would love to get a private pilots license, as a hobby. But I am studying industrial design at a private college in the Midwest.

Da_poo17 karma

Corbin, my man?

corbin12 karma

Who dis?

AC171112 karma

Have you ever been tempted to sell stories about celebs to the press?

corbin137 karma

Just to reddit!

notanonymouse693 karma

What brand of vacuum cleaner do you use?

corbin17 karma


Tastes_Of_Burning2 karma

On which would you rather fly? A - Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy or B - Gulfstream G550

corbin11 karma

I'm 6'2" so the gulfstream. 550s are fucking enormous

usedthisname1 karma

I think posting pictures is a breach of contract, at least that is how it is for us.

corbin13 karma


razahtlab1 karma

How much is the cost of the plane (to buy) in your pic above?

corbin11 karma

That's a newer global express made by bombardier. I think the price tag we had on it was around 20 million

wutangslang771 karma

Who are your top 10 celebs to have transported?

corbin124 karma

Ahem. Cleaner, not a Pilot.