We are currently on tour, and our new album, Burials was released today.


Proof: https://twitter.com/AFI/status/392767882343350272

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MariachiAssassin114 karma

Do I look like a fucking squirrel to you?

OfficialAFI54 karma

no, i wish you did

Frajer35 karma

Hey Hunter, whatever happened with that project you and Tegan were working on together? Also how'd you get together with Tegan and Sara?

OfficialAFI22 karma

the project is on hold until our schedules sync up

pinkie921134 karma

Have you guys ever thought about making a graphic novel or a short film based off of your album(s)?

OfficialAFI29 karma

no, but that would be interesting...

widgell31 karma

Who inspired you guys the most when you were starting out as a band?

OfficialAFI47 karma

angry samoans, black flag, minor threat, RKL

lakeeffectkid1430 karma

Question for Jade: do you have any advice for me, someone who just picked up guitar?

OfficialAFI99 karma

don't ever put it down

kelawallace22 karma


Also, the new album is great!

OfficialAFI21 karma

where were you in 2009?

siriustoast19 karma

First of all, your music has helped me so much in my life. Thank you. (my sons middle name is Havok!)

Anyway, this is more for davey and jade. Are you guys planning on doing anything more with Blaqk Audio?

OfficialAFI32 karma

yes we will be releasing a 3rd record once the afi burials cycle is complete

bonersaladbar19 karma

Adam seems like a total bad ass, can you confirm this?

OfficialAFI82 karma

adam seems like a total abraham lincoln

Hail_S8n18 karma

Really stoked you guys are doing this! Question: What was your favorite tour you guys have done?

OfficialAFI36 karma

sick of it all, indescision, hot water music in '99

twolightsabovethesea17 karma

Do you still get fan mail (posted or hand-delivered) often? If so, do you enjoy reading it?

OfficialAFI18 karma

the only fan mail that we receive is the fan mail that's handed to us during shows, and it's always a pleasure to read

WrapMeInCold16 karma

Hi AFI, it's great to have you back with us fans. Congrats on the new album! My question has to do with the way CD's are sold now. No more plastic cases or large booklets. I picked up your CD today in a cardboard case. Kind of took away from the physical presence of the CD a bit. What are your thoughts on the new way CDs are sold? Would you change yours if you could?

OfficialAFI37 karma

less plastic is more environmentally friendly

onefiftytwo16 karma

Also, specifically for Adam: you are one of my absolute favorite drummers (and musicians overall), and my dad is completely convinced that you look just like Abraham Lincoln. Have you ever gotten this before?

OfficialAFI22 karma

no i've gotten perry farrell and paul ryan

hershadow15 karma

After listening to your new album, I realised that it was more epic than the Pacific Rim soundtrack and will be using it to soundtrack my punching of giant monsters with giant robots.

Having said that, which do you prefer, giant monsters or giant robots?

OfficialAFI14 karma

giant monsters for sure. giant robots are clunky and mundane.

TheGlitterGod15 karma

Do any of you intend for Burials to be the last AFI album or are do you plan on going for as long as you can? I'm blown away by it and want to hear so much more.

OfficialAFI54 karma

crash love was our last album, burials is our new album

Toddwell10 karma

Hey guys! Just a couple quick questions. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to pick your brains a little.

  1. Do you ever plan to release The Weight of Words? I've been waiting for that song for 10 years!

  2. What exactly are you guys chanting at the the end of "Wester"?

  3. Davey, at Riot Fest, you began to tell a story about donuts or cereal or something, while you were dealing with technical difficulties. Care to finish the story?

OfficialAFI19 karma

  1. one world away, we were just one world away, in silent rapture, let us stay, one world away

OfficialAFI10 karma

that's a wrap. thanks for your questions, everyone!

Whalley-077 karma

THIS is the new album cover for your release. Wondering if the eclipse represents anything?

OfficialAFI28 karma

a burial

pseudoinverse6 karma

AFI: what is your favorite snack (seeing as you guys are vegan/vegetarian)

Davey: What makes you limit lyrics to virtually no curse words (i think it's awesome)

Keep up the great work, guys! See you Friday!!!

OfficialAFI10 karma

jade: hershey's rsvp candy bars davey: raw, unsweetened granola hunter: zots adam: coffee

killcaustic682 karma

Thank you guys for taking the time to do this and all of the music throughout the years. Been a fan for many years now, can’t wait to see you guys in Santa Cruz next week. I have a couple of questions. 1. What is each of your favorite and least favorite song to play? 2. How do you determine your set list for each show? 3. What do you guys like to do for fun while on tour?

OfficialAFI2 karma

see the sites, play music, eat local cuisine...

danidbeamer2 karma

Thanks for being a band. And thanks for still being guys who go to hardcore shows and support the scene.

My question is: Which is worse: Peanut Butter in your Jelly or Jelly in your Peanut Butter?

OfficialAFI3 karma

goober grape