My stage name is Michael Alexander. I've worked for Penthouse,, Twisty's, SugarBearMedia, ATMLA, and others.


Here's some proof:

EDIT - I'll answer some FAQ here:

Q: How did you get into the industry?

A: I always had an eye for photography. Had a girlfriend in the industry, and she got me into it.

Q: Have you ever dated or slept with an actress? What was it like?

A: Yes, I dated Taylor Vixen for a while. We had a fun, healthy, loving relationship. We split because we simply wanted different things. We are still friends.

Q: Are you RedBan?

A: No, I am not Brian. He's a great guy though. If you don't know him, check him out at !

Q: Have you ever been cummed on?

A: Not buy a guy. Ruby Knox squirted on me once.

Q: What do you do now?

A: I am an insurance broker. I did it before i got into porn, and it was an easy transition back to it.

Q: Did your family know?

A: Yes, and everyone in my family was 100% supportive.

Q: How has working in porn affected your sex life and relationships?

A: It doesn't affect my sex life at all. There is a certain level of jealousy and judgement from girlfriends though. Being honest about it and assuring them that there's no going back is the best way I've handled it. It usually takes them a while to deal with it, but eventually they realize the past is the past.

Q: Did you ever shoot gay porn?

A: No, straight, and girl/girl only.

Q: Have you even been in front of the camera?

A: Once as an extra, fully clothed in the background.

Q: Why did you leave the industry?

A: I met a girl who didn't approve of it, and decided to move on after a couple months. I wasn't liking it as much as I did when I started, and I missed having set hours of work instead of not knowing if i'd be home at 6pm for dinner, or had to cancel a date because the shoot went on until 2am.

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JimmyPlox2048 karma

How often did you get a stiffy on set?

Live_Positive2574 karma

The first week, all the time. after that you get used to it and it's just work.

ladymurderpussy1251 karma

Do you feel jaded working on the industry? Do you get bored at work the same way a McDonalds employee does.

Live_Positive1619 karma

it was exciting! I mean some days you didn't want to be on set, but I love being creative and porn allowed me to do that.

mustang209548 karma

So you spot the new guys by their erections?

Live_Positive699 karma

pretty much haha

AndroidsEatApples1652 karma

Have you ever been mistakenly squirted/ came on by the actors as you were filming?

Live_Positive2136 karma

Yes. Ruby Knox got me in the face.

TransPM629 karma

Did you ever refer to close up shots as "The Splash Zone"?

Live_Positive1366 karma

We call them cookie shots.

TransPM478 karma

That's... just... I don't even know how to react to that

Live_Positive1827 karma

It's a cute way to describe full frontal closeup of a vagina getting jackhammered by a ridiculous looking cock.

Ululy1646 karma

Is it true that the guys have to ejaculate basically on command?

Live_Positive2106 karma

pretty much. if they need a minute alone to get ready, we have no problem doing that. But for the most part they can do it on command.

h4tt0ri1640 karma

  1. Do you know why women go to porn industry? Is it just the big cash you mentioned in other topic? What are other reasons?

  2. I don't mean to be rude, follow up to the previous question, is it maybe because some of them are not satisfied sexualy? They don't have a boyfriend or something like that?

  3. Do they really look so different?

Live_Positive1189 karma

They get into it for different reasons. I can't speak for everyone. I know a lot of them have broken families, or got into it out of desperation for money, things like that.

stealthyoshi1444 karma

Is it true they use large lenses to stand further back to avoid getting fluid on them?

Live_Positive1619 karma


yummykhaos1092 karma

Have you ever filmed Asa? If so, is her butthole worth all the award-winning?

Live_Positive1336 karma

Asa is so much fun to shoot! I love working with her. She's fun.

stanthemanchan349 karma

Asa seems happy and well adjusted, at least from her AMA. Are girls like her the exception or the norm in the industry?

Live_Positive561 karma

I wish more were like her. I mean there are a lot of talent that are fun to shoot, but she's at the top.

Chazit1083 karma

Hi there! If you dont mind me asking, what is the salary like for a cameraman in the industry?

Live_Positive1471 karma

depends who you shoot for, and if you're freelance. Some companies pay $150/day, some pay more. My day rate for content shoots was $1,200/day, and $200-250/day for production shoots.

no_numbers_in_name644 karma

Could you explain the difference between content, production, and what a free lancer does? There is a pretty big pay difference between the three.

Live_Positive1021 karma

Content- An actress could pay me $1,200 for 12 hours of shooting. The "content" we shot during that day would be theirs only. They can release that content exclusively to their websites.

Production - working for a production company for 1-3 scenes a day for a movie, website, etc..

GeneralAgrippa166 karma

Would content involve sex? Or just the girls posing?

Live_Positive295 karma

both. anything shot on camera is considered content.

GeneralAgrippa166 karma

So the girl who pays you controls that content, does the other person just get paid by her as well to relinquish their claim to the content?

Live_Positive184 karma


PancakeInSpace922 karma

Has there ever been a scene that was extremely awkward for you to shoot? Thanks for doing this ama, its something interesting to learn about.

Live_Positive1304 karma

Watching Mick Blue ejaculate is hands down the funniest thing I've ever seen. The girl couldn't keep a straight face, and neither could the crew.

EDIT He scratches his belly in a circular motions REALLY HARD. it's like he's trying to rip his skin off. It's just the most unexpected thing i've ever seen.

LazZerDaLeet902 karma

If you have a girlfriend or a wife, what is her opinion about your job?

Live_Positive1562 karma

I had one, and she's the reason i quit the business. Couldn't be happier with the decision. I'm an insurance broker now and love my job.

rockycore896 karma

Have you ever dated(or slept) with anyone you work with? (obviously don't have to give names).

Live_Positive1532 karma

Yes I have. I used to date Taylor Vixen. I won't get into details about the sex though. That's private.

iDriveTractors333 karma

How does your current partner feel about you previously dating pornstars? Has that been an issue in more recent relationships?

Live_Positive695 karma

It didn't go over well when i first told her. She still doesn't like it but the past is the past.

summgunn824 karma

Assuming they haven't met before, how much time do the actors & actresses spend together before filming?

Live_Positive1101 karma

Could be an hour, could be 10 minutes. Most of them know each other from previous shoots though.

RollerBass769 karma

What's the most interesting shoot you did?

Live_Positive1195 karma

hmm. It's not just one shoot, but a whole movie. Rocco Reed's first movie he directed. I forget the name of it, but it was about witches and spells and stuff. it was odd, but came together quite nicely.

youshouldgamble766 karma

have you ever wanted to do a scene?

Live_Positive1518 karma

No. I was an extra in a scene once. Awkward.

misstreeman344 karma

Yeah, could you please explain this? Like what does an extra in a porn do?

Live_Positive780 karma

In the scene i did, i played the drummer of Danny Mountain's band. I was taking apart and loading a drum set into a van.

ignitionnight712 karma

How long did it take for your job to turn into "work."

What were the aspects of your job you disliked the most?

Live_Positive1001 karma

about a week.

I hated the long hours. I couldn't make plans during the week. It was hard to keep a girlfriend or a date for that matter, because you don't know if you're going to get out of there at 6pm or 2am.

ProjectNew704 karma

What did your relatives think of your work? Did they know? Just imaging trying to explain to my grandmother if it were me.

Live_Positive1493 karma

Everyone in my family knew. I remember my grandmother calling me to congratulate me getting hired at Penthouse. She knew I worked my ass off to get hired there. My family supported me 100%.

the_elephant_mann672 karma

Who's the coolest , down to earth pornstar you've worked with?

Live_Positive976 karma

Taylor Vixen, and Charlie Laine.

Pl0xpratt643 karma

did you ever film any brutal stuff? If so was it hard to watch, that stuff just makes me feel sorry for the girl

Live_Positive951 karma

No, i wouldn't film that stuff. Mostly bc i didn't know how to shoot or direct it.

libbyberry586 karma

Is it more difficult to get into the business or leave it?

Live_Positive1207 karma

getting into it is the hard part.

UndercoverPotato564 karma

One of very few AMA's where I've read every comment, really appreciate OP's dedication.

Live_Positive1168 karma

I love AMA's, but always get disappointed when only 10 questions get answered. wanted to make up for all the crap one's i've seen!

EternaTea118 karma

You're fucking great, this ama has seriously lightened the load (hah) of my depression today.

This, and Schwarzenegger screaming movie quotes over in /r/movies. You should go look at that. He's taking requests.

Live_Positive131 karma

holy fuck you just made my day.

Dalvyn561 karma

Are casting couch videos faked?

Live_Positive769 karma

no idea.

upupandaway420554 karma

Ever seen a heavy emotional response from the actors/actresses on set?

Live_Positive963 karma

yes. I've seen girls break down. Especially if they're new to the business. But we always gave them time to collect themselves, and the show usually went on.

wildhorses117 karma

Did it really felt right continuing after that kind of reaction, though?

Live_Positive210 karma

no. but if they say the want to continue, we can't say no for the sake of the cost of production.

ChrisImpact550 karma

Hey man! I came from the other thread you were posting in. A lot of cool stuff. I am going to school for audio engineering, and one of the things we studied was sound effects in the porn industry (ex. Dipping a corn dog in mayo, slapping a chicken on a desk, someone slurping on a lollipop) and how it added to the video. My question is, how often are sound effects used to enhance a porn video? Do you guys decide after the shoot what effects to add in order to excentuate a certain sound you couldn't quite capture right during shooting?

Live_Positive97 karma

To my knowledge, we never used foleys. Ever.

apete23544 karma

Whats the average size penis of a male pornstar? I don't believe that all male pornstars have a 8+ inch cock.

Live_Positive907 karma


Upvote_To_The_Left533 karma

Is it true that a lot of the male talent use Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs to make sure they get a perfect boner throughout the entire shoot?

Live_Positive709 karma

i don't know about a lot, because if they did they would take it before showing up to set, but i have seen a few take them in front of me.

Agent643523 karma

Can you clarify what you meant when you said those gigantic dicks are fake? I want to feel better about myself.

Live_Positive919 karma

they are prosthetic. It's a mold glued to the guys body.

Arimul493 karma

Have you ever shot midget porn?

Live_Positive1131 karma

lol no.

CarlsbadCO475 karma

is it ever sad? I'd think not a lot of young girls or parents of girls want their kids to grow up and get into that industry. I've heard a fair amount of women that in the industry come from pretty troubled pasts.

Live_Positive958 karma

sometimes when I was doing a girls first shoot I would talk to them to make them more comfortable, and sometimes i would hear stories that were tough to hear.

greatballsofscott417 karma

How did you get into this business? Why did you quit/leave? Also, there are some pretty brutal horror stories out there about porn. Have you ever witnessed something that shouldn't have happened?

Live_Positive562 karma

I've seen it all my friend.

I got into it by my now ex gf. She got me into taking pictures and i took off with it.

greatballsofscott140 karma

What made you leave? Did the lifestyle just not agree with you? Or, did you move onto something new with your career?

Live_Positive304 karma

Met a girl. Wanted a more normal life with her.

Spythe415 karma

Started a thread on a forum site and got a few questions from other people.

  1. Do any pornstars work with common diseases like like herpes, or HPV.

  2. Do you know what these chicks do the money they make from being "company"? Like do they pay taxes on it mainly

  3. What is the most disgusting thing you seen on a porn set?

Live_Positive897 karma

A lot of them do but take medications to control it.

They do pay taxes on the money they make.

Most disgusting? A girl that didn't give herself an enema before an anal scene.

potatosss385 karma

Sup man, Thanks for doing the AMA. Who is the favorite girl you worked with, and did you get to have sex with some of them afterwards? (Already been answered)

Also, Which site do you think has the best selection of Porn and/or would recommend to anyone? (Research purposes)


Live_Positive546 karma

hmm.. i have a few favorites.

Girls- Taylor Vixen, Ruby Knox, Emi Addison, Tia Cyrus, and Nikki Benz.

Guys- Rocco Reed, Bruce Venture, Michael Vegas, James Deen

As far as selection, I love Twisty's and Penthouse. To me, they have the highest quality video (3D as well), and the best production value.

Maester_Hodor438 karma

Wait.. what? 3D?!???

Live_Positive544 karma

Penthouse only shot in 3D when i worked for them.

4_strings_are_fine374 karma

Someone once told me fluffers were a thing (girls who keep guys hard between the scenes). Are they really a thing?

Live_Positive584 karma

very rarely, but yes.

summgunn374 karma

Have you ever seen two people have like, a real connection while filming a scene?

Live_Positive93 karma

Yes. Xander Corvus and Ash Hollywood. They were dating at the time. Same with Rocco Reed and Asa Akira.

ViralAnosmic358 karma

Do you have a gag reel that you could share with us?

Live_Positive860 karma

I. Fucking. Wish.

borderrat358 karma

What do you have against OSHA? Last thread, you said Fuck OSHA.

Live_Positive608 karma

They will go out of their way to slap fines and shut down productions over nothing.

poplols123325 karma

Did you enjoy that line of work? what do you do now?

Are you glad you are not doing that type of photographs/videos now?

Live_Positive488 karma

Loved what I did, but I'm much happier now as an insurance broker. I get offers to shoot occasionally but I always turn them down.

poplols123179 karma

That's great. Would not have thought someone would change from a photographer/videographer to an insurance broker. I would have thought you would stay in photo/video business but just not porn.

Which job is better money overall ?

Live_Positive563 karma

I tried staying in, doing weddings, but hated it. I still take pictures, but only in a non-business way, like take pictures at a friends birthday party.

Insurance pays WAY more than porn.

jackmccarver297 karma

Perhaps a foolish question, but how many of the female orgasms are "real"? I'd imagine 99% of them to be fake.

Live_Positive680 karma

real ones do happen, but most are fake.

Translator_Hamza284 karma

Is the porn industry really cut-throat (being a generally taboo profession) or is it lax? I'm talking behind the scenes. Do you have to always deal with the mafia, cops, or life threatening competitors? Hahahehe. I'm kinda serious, after watching Ice Man.

Live_Positive367 karma

No, not at all. Everyone gets along.

bydemons272 karma

What kind of unexpected incidents do you run into during a shoot? Any moments that were laughable/disgusting/noteworthy that stayed with you for a while afterward?

Live_Positive707 karma

oh, plenty! Some ruin your day, some make your day.

Watching Rocco Reed step backwards and fall into a pool while directing his first movie was a highlight.

RealHT202 karma

What % of porn stars have "daddy issues"?

Live_Positive460 karma

a lot.

Mrdudemanguy188 karma

I'm going for a communications degree specializing in video production. What else would you suggest for getting this kind of job? Any tips on how to get a video gig? Even if it's not porn?

Also what's your editing set up at home like?

What kind of camera do you use? I'm looking at buying a dslr for my first camera and then getting a zoom h4n for audio.

Live_Positive397 karma

I have a Canon 5D Mark II. that's the industry MINIMUM. most people use that as a tester camera before pulling out an $80k Hasselblad.

As far as video, I shot with my 5d, a 7d, or the Panasonic 3D cams.

As far as editing, I used Cs5, Lightroom, and Aperture on a Mac. pretty basic setup.

SleepySheepy157 karma

If you wanted to get a photography or videography job not in the porn industry, how would your experience help or hinder you?

Live_Positive446 karma

there's an unwritten rule in mainstream production. If they find out you worked in adult film, you're pretty much blacklisted from mainstream.

EvilTech5150150 karma

So, what about lighting? Are you using a 3 point lighting system, or something else?

Live_Positive251 karma

We usually had anywhere from 5-20 lights on set. I preferred using natural light (as a photographer) vs. a 5k, but in studio it's hard to get away with that. We used mainly Kinos, 1k's, and had a few 5 and 10k's handy for bigger sets.

JGreschl3097148 karma

Do you ever walk in on someone looking at porn at your insurance job and just say "I took that photo." That would be badass.

Live_Positive331 karma

no, but when i'm at a bar and they have those Penthouse bartop games where you have to find the differences between the two photos (PhotoHunt), I see my work a lot.

Xcorvus777131 karma

MIKEY!!!! What up bro!?

Live_Positive129 karma

Xander Fucking Corvus. We need to grab drinks soon dude.

c209m410l115 karma

You seem to know Taylor Vixen pretty well. You don't have to answer this question if you don't think you should, but why is it that she only does lesbian porn?

Live_Positive311 karma

It's just her personal preference. She saves sex with a man for her personal life, and now, with her husband.

MCorean107 karma

How much money do you make? Is it consistent --Is there a lot of competition in this field or are you just one of the few to have such a job? And did you major in film/ photography?

Live_Positive245 karma

Tons of competition. There's 1000's of people willing to do your job for less money. It came down to being damn good at it, and going above and beyond what was expected.

TwistedEdge99 karma


Live_Positive150 karma

that is usually the case. I've been offered to do this many times but always declined.

Salman9198 karma


Live_Positive199 karma

They have to be tested every 2 weeks. if they show up to set with a test that's over 2 weeks old, they get sent home.

BlueDesire91 karma

What kind of accidents (If any) have happened on the set/during filming?

Live_Positive394 karma

ripped buttholes. Oh my god.

way_fairer81 karma

How do your mother and father feel about your career choice?

Live_Positive153 karma

They supported me 100%

willsue4food709 karma

Yeah, but were they ashamed of you when you became an insurance broker? :P

Live_Positive292 karma


h4tt0ri70 karma

wow it seems I'm one of the firsts here. as you shot the scenes did you ever got bored of the women? In sense that it stopped turning you on as much?

Live_Positive106 karma

Yep. It was just work.

virgil_squirt68 karma

What do porn sets smell like after a day of filming?

Live_Positive135 karma

hmm.. normal i guess. When we're done the sets are immediately cleaned.

destromas60 karma

If you could sum up all the things you've seen into a single sentence, what would it be?

Live_Positive565 karma


MrGoopz44 karma

Were there ever any physical altercations while you were on set?

Live_Positive87 karma

once, almost. I won't say who, but it was a 2 on 2, and things got a little heated.

stefonio43 karma

Do you have to learn to not stare at women's parts, or is it something that they have to get used to if not already?

Live_Positive168 karma

it's part of the job. if a boob needs makeup, boob needs makeup.

RonaIdBurgundy24 karma

did you ever have any kind of intercourse with actresses following a shoot ?

Live_Positive99 karma

ew dude no.

HeadsetOnWorldOff10 karma

Who is the best/most professional/favorite porn star to work with?

Who is the worst?

Live_Positive23 karma

hmm.. i have a few favorites. Girls- Taylor Vixen, Ruby Knox, Emi Addison, Tia Cyrus, and Nikki Benz. Guys- Rocco Reed, Bruce Venture, Michael Vegas, James Deen

I won't say who the worst are. there are plenty.

Flafff9 karma

Who are payed the most on average: Actors or Actresses ?

Live_Positive29 karma

the ladies.

badmango7 karma

What do you do now?

Live_Positive11 karma

I'm an insurance broker.

liljb615 karma

Have you ever gotten involved with a model?

Live_Positive10 karma

yes, Taylor Vixen.