Hi redditors/redditettes/redditudes! We released our new record Devotion on Tuesday, and we're just wrapping up our soundcheck in Denver. We'll be here to answer your questions starting at 6:30pm EST today!

You can find our new album Devotion (the deluxe version is 40+ tracks including new songs, remixes, a live record, and a live DVD) on iTunes, Amazon, even on our favorite website, or perhaps at your local record store!

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akatora775 karma

I don't have a question, but I've been wanting to tell you guys this for years. I've been looking forward to this AMA since it was announced, so I've had this typed out in advance... please ignore the sappiness :D

I can't even begin to describe the impact you've had on my life. I have all your CDs, all the b-sides and acoustics and everything. You are - hands down, without a shout of a doubt - my favorite band, but you're more than just that. You're my inspiration, you help me up when I'm down, your music gives me chills all over, and singing along to your songs gives me this indescribably uplifting feeling that calms me in a way that nothing else can.

I have some crippling health problems, my family isn't too close, school is tough, and life in general can be very difficult sometimes. I discovered you guys in a particularly dark time in my life (Godspeed was my first song <3), when all of this was coming to a peak. I only have two friends that will talk to me right now, but I consider you guys to be my friends, too. Your music... the otherworldly lyrics and the chilling vocals and the thudding drum beats and the lively guitar and the booming bass and just everything. All of it. You guys are like no other band. There's no competition. You've developed such a unique sound that stands out from everyone else. You're all so special to me, you've saved me and found a way to alleviate whatever pain I'm feeling. Your music gives me something to relate to and it makes me feel better about myself.

Never stop doing what you're doing: making music from the heart. You're all so, so talented and your songs just click with me. The effect you've had on me as a person is beyond words. Thank you so much. That's all I can say. Thank you. Thank you.

(PS - Devotion is amazing. My jaw literally dropped and tears formed in my eyes during several of the live tracks. I wish I could've been there. Incredible job.)

[edit] Wow... thanks everyone for the kind words and replies. I'm touched. For those who were concerned because I didn't get a reply, Stephen answered me not too long ago and said he had missed it, which I assumed was the case because a few of the comments at the top of the "best" section did go unanswered, not just mine.

Also, no idea how I forgot to mention this before, but I'm planning on getting a tattoo of some lyrics from Paperthin Hymn next year... "Laugh, love, live free, and sing." My favorite quote of anything ever. :)

AnberlinMusic116 karma

Sorry that I am just now seeing this, I spent about 3 hours on Reddit yesterday, not sure how I didn't see this. First off Thank you so much for allowing us to be a small part of your life and considering us friends! Not sure what part of the country you live in but if you get ahold of our manager we would love to meet you next time we are in your city!

On a lyrics note your upbringing sounds a lot like mine, I try to continually be autobiographical with my words, and when it strikes a chord with others I feel on top of the world. Thanks again for letting us impact your life, know that you have impacted mine. -Stephen Christian

giftedgod74 karma

How on earth did I not know you guys were a Christian rock band? Is there a reason you don't promote yourselves as such?

AnberlinMusic370 karma

Why promote it? Our Faith is crucial to us but Jesus isn't a marketing tool. -Stephen Christian

DrumZildjian7160 karma

Are you aware you are a MVP quarterback's pump up music before games? Aaron Rodgers has explicitly said in interviews your music is his go to for getting warmed up.

Bonus: At your Green Bay concert about 4-5 years ago around Halloween, him and a few other Packers players showed up dressed in pimp outfits (cane, hat, the works).

AnberlinMusic59 karma

Aaron is amazing, can't believe he likes are music. That is CRAZY! -Stephen Christian

kakashi181452 karma


  1. One question I have always wanted to ask you guys:

What is the story behind Miserable Visu (Ex Malo Bonum)?


  1. Nathan, how tired do your legs get after playing Impossible?

  2. What is your favorite song to play live?

  3. What is one band that you want to tour with in the future?

Also Stephen, apparently Adam Young is your long lost brother.


AnberlinMusic33 karma

Not too tired! Otherside, Taking back sunday again.

Dart22248 karma

Hey guys, I just want to say thank you. I absolutely love your Cities and New Surrender albums. They really helped me through some rough times.

My question for you, i'm agnostic, but i still am able to find a lot of meaning and purpose in your music, did you guys really try to reach a broad audience?

AnberlinMusic83 karma

I think music crosses many barriers, whether language or otherwise. Thank you for having an open mind and are willing to listen to us even though you don't believe what we believe. Much appreciated.

AnberlinMusic46 karma

Having some technical difficulties replying to you guys, working hard to get back up and running!

ForeverMyJesus45 karma


AnberlinMusic50 karma

Really? That is amazing! -Stephen Christian

irrelovant42 karma

Is that Borderlands in the background?

AnberlinMusic57 karma


ikrazykilla34 karma

Hey Anberlin I was born and raised in winter haven Florida. Ive seen your yearbooks, why is Deon the only one in a yearbook.

AnberlinMusic60 karma

Dropouts. -SC

Hewhois9432 karma

Hey hey Anberlin. So, few questions for you:

  1. What are your favourite Anberlin Songs

  2. How do you believe your faith has shaped you as a band? How much of an impact is it?

  3. What do you guys do for fun when not writing and performing?

  4. Favourite Bible verse?

Thanks guys for being awesome

AnberlinMusic83 karma

For me its Christa Pafgen, Self Starter, and IJSW, (and no love to speak)

My faith is me and I am my faith. To separate myself from Jesus is to destroy everything I am.

Outdoors: biking, running, climbing, etc.

James... all of it.

birksterkatz26 karma

Hey guys, on Vital you decided to go for more of an electronic sound. What type of sound can we expect for the next record?

I'm a huge fan by the way. I'm coming to see you in Milwaukee this Sunday!

AnberlinMusic82 karma

I think somewhere in between Dead American and Paper thin Hymn is where we belong. -SC

triculous23 karma

Hey guys! I’ve been a huge fan for many years and your music has gotten me through some tough times. I wanted to thank you for showing that you really care for your fans.

A few years ago, a friend of mine died the day “Dark is the Way, Light is a Place” came out. We became fast friends through your music. The first day I met him, he rode up to church that morning with “Paperthin Hymn” blaring from his car. I’ll never forget it. I wrote you guys about how much the album means to me in remembering him. You guys came back with some incredibly encouraging words which I believe were along the lines of “People that special never truly leave this world. They’re never forgotten”.

I just wanted to thank you and share this story that will stay with me for a long time.

AnberlinMusic21 karma

Thank you so very much. I appreciate it triculous! -S

GimmeYahFinganails22 karma

Hey guys!

What do the small metal spheres in your "Impossible" video signify/symbolize?

What does "Type Three" refer to?

You guys are one of my favorite bands, and you are incredible live. My first concert was Warped Tour 2008 in Denver and I saw you guys there. Anberlin has helped inspire me to be a drummer/guitarist/musician as well as a frequent concert goer. Thank you so much!

Any chance you can play "Dance Dance Christa Päffgen" tonight at the Gothic in Denver? I love that song!

AnberlinMusic57 karma

The small metal spheres signify that small metal spheres look sweet in slow motion. Also, have you not noticed the small metal spheres in our other videos... ??? - NY

beezlebubsnemesis9 karma

I just want to know what the video "Impossible" is about period.

kakashi181417 karma

They're impossible to figure out.


AnberlinMusic3 karma

HAHAHAHAHa so good.

ASD_Sinfonian21 karma

Hey guys, first I want to say I absolutely loved you when I saw y’all back in March. Currently I’m pursuing a Master’s in English and, as part of a paper, I’ve elected to look at the lyrics of “Fin” in terms of queer theory. You use childlike names (Tommy, Billy, etc.) in the beginning of the song, and allude to the possibility of abuse (“You made his faith…man of the cloth”).

Is this an intentional reference to sexual abuse? Is there any lyric root in child sexual abuse at all? Or am I totally misinterpreting things?

AnberlinMusic34 karma

Not sexual, but a few of us have had some rough childhoods. Good read! -SC

luoy_panda21 karma

Will you be working with Aaron Sprinkle again for future records? Your best albums are with Aaron

AnberlinMusic15 karma

we'll see.

rocan9119 karma

Wow. The chance to do an IAMA with you guys is just phenomenal. Your music has changed my life entirely for the better, and I just want to thank you for it, like everyone else. I even drew Stephen's portrait with a step by step on how I did it.

Anyway, my question for you guys is; what's the hardest song you've ever had to write/compose/play and why? In terms of emotional meaning, tempo, or composing together?

Edit: Second question is; Why isn't the original song I'd Like to Die on any album other than a B-Side? I almost about cried when I heard it on your Devotion album live.

AnberlinMusic18 karma

The hardest song was Norther Lights. Still don't like how that song turned out. There have been a few more that were frustrating, but thats because the other guys have no taste in music. (kidding)-SC THANKS FOR THE PORTRAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan_BikeMan19 karma

Hey guys, huge fan here. I picked up Cities back when it came out after listening to a couple of your earlier songs, and you’ve been one of my all-time favorite bands since then.

My question: what was up with the live album that was briefly available back in 2011? I remember listening to the previews on iTunes, and it just sounded…not too good. I’ve heard it was pulled because of the sound quality/production; is that true? I’ve seen you guys live, and you sounded great, and the live part of Devotion sounds phenomenal, so I realize the album might have unfairly reflected poorly on you.

AnberlinMusic19 karma

It sounded 'not too good'. -SC

MutantTeddyBear18 karma

I know Devotion just came out and is a huge deal (and is absolutely amazing), but can we still expect a new full-length album next year?

AnberlinMusic45 karma

HELLLOOOOOO REDDIT- This is Stephen the singer, we are going to be switching off as a band. We are here to answer your questions! So, yes we are planning on doing a full length and releasing it next year. We have a few ideas and can't wait to get into the studio hopefully in January.

x_julzilla_x17 karma

Thank you so much for doing this AMA. I really don't have a question, but I just wanted to say thank you for playing Inevitable at your acoustic set in Lawrence, KS this summer. I walked down the aisle to it a June of 2012, and hearing it live was amazing. Not going to lie, I may have cried a little bit. Please come back to Kansas soon!!

AnberlinMusic12 karma


AllOuttaPulse17 karma

I've been dying to know - who is Christa Paffgen? It's my favorite song by you guys and I'd just love to know the meaning behind the title. Love you guys and rock on!

AnberlinMusic21 karma

google her. she's worth a google.

windinhishair3 karma


AnberlinMusic9 karma

yes it is. these days is a great song!

deejayexp17 karma

Hey guys. Have seen you play 5 times at least. Amazing band. Thank you for the excellent music and thought provoking lyrics. Question: will you guys play at my wedding. I'm looking a for a live band. I'm sure you guys would be a good fit! Hit me up!

AnberlinMusic22 karma

You hit our manager up! -Stephen Christian

AnberlinMusic14 karma

Phew! It's been fun everyone! We're getting onstage in about an hour, time to get warmed up to rock Denver's faces off. Apologies for not getting to all of your questions, we were playing catch up there for a bit... If we missed one of your questions, come and see us play in your city, find us after the show, and ask us in person. I swear we're nicer than we look. Have a great night, see you all soon - ANBERLIN

AquaticDeath13 karma

What was your inspiration for the song "Fin"? I've heard a lot of different stories behind it and wanted to know the real deal.

AnberlinMusic75 karma

My childhood. Growing up trying to find God through Christians is hard. Luckily I found him through Jesus. -Stephen Christian

AnberlinMusic12 karma

thank you very much for the questions. we play in 45 minutes, so i've gotta run. until next time...

sincewedidthedo12 karma

I have a sinus infection I can't shake.

AnberlinMusic28 karma

Netti Pot that nose. --Stephen Christian

AnberlinMusic23 karma

if it doesn't go away, go to a clinic or doc or you could have bigger problems soon.

nlgoalie6811 karma

I'm sure you get asked to play certain songs all the time, but could you please please please play 'Haunting' at your Minneapolis show on Friday night? I've seen you guys here in the Twin Cities 5 or 6 times and you've only played it once. Everyone on the planet needs to hear that song on repeat til the end of days.

AnberlinMusic15 karma

Its in our set, but our set changes every night. I will try to keep this in mind! -Stephen Christian

CaptainRobvious10 karma

First of all, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time out of your day to do this AMA and for continuing to write memorable music that stands the test of time. Now for my questions:

In this age of facebook, twitter, instagram and tumblr there seems to be, for better or for worse, no end to the amount of ways that bands/artists can interact with their fans.

  • In your opinion, how important is the use of these platforms for you and why or why not do you think they’re important?

With the price of touring increasing exponentially since the early 2000’s, from my perspective, full-time touring for independent, unsigned artists without some sort of significant financial backing or booking agency/management seems nearly impossible. With that being said:

  • What advice do you have for independent/unsigned bands/artists who wish to make their hobby a career?

  • How important has a manager/management or label been to the success of your career?

Once again, thank you for doing this.

AnberlinMusic24 karma

Social media is important in the fact that it makes people believe that the chasm between the 'celebrity' or entertainer is smaller. It is not important because it is not real. The internet is the wonderful bliss of a false reality.

If you want less frustration in your life keep it a hobby and not a career. There is no gold here, don't head west. If it is your passion the last phrase will not scare you so keep going. Don't give up.

thegrayman9 karma

If you guys hadn't become musicians, what careers would you guys be in?

AnberlinMusic23 karma

Joey: Pet Detective Deon: Something involving construction Stephen: Insurance Salesman Christian: I don't think I could do anything else... Nate: Coffee Roaster!

thegrayman9 karma

You guys are amazing! My wife and I have seen you live twice so far here in NYC, both times were awesome experiences.

Just wanted to say thanks for making such great music, Vital is a great album.

  • What do you guys do for fun when you're not busy touring/writing?

AnberlinMusic24 karma

We all go our separate ways, Xian-DJ's, Nate- works on roasting coffee beans, DEon helps his wife with her startup company, and Joey has dogs. -SC

Anberlin_8 karma

Why is it that the best songs on the album end up being the B-Sides? I love all the songs on every album and know the lyrics but I like the B-sides more every time

AnberlinMusic10 karma

Ha, yeah haunting was a mistake to leave off. I'd like to die we left off because the tambourine was not mixed well. It killed the song for us.-sc

educatedlady8 karma

Hey guys! Can't wait to see you at the Gothic tonight! I've got three questions for you: -What songs or artists made the biggest impact on you in your youth? -What artists shaped who you are as a musician? -What song(s) do you wish you wrote?

Thanks! xoxo

AnberlinMusic28 karma

FOr me it was Morrissey & perhaps Nirvana/Pearl Jam.

The Beatles, Jeff Buckley, and The Cure.

Wrecking ball. -Stephen Christian

akatora8 karma

SanDiegoSuperCharger8 karma

I love you guys. I serisouly listen to "Mother" at least twice a day.

AnberlinMusic7 karma

That is awesome. I wish I wrote that song. Its like a warning to parents from Glen Danzig. -Stephen Christian

howaboutnoo7 karma

Hey guys, just want to say that I'm a huge fan, been enjoying your music since Blueprints. Stephen, my then pregnant wife and I got to talk to you several years ago at Liberty U out in the audience before your show, and then again before a show at the 9:30 club you remembered us! Want to say thanks for being so friendly to your fans.

How many people have told you over the years they named their child after your band name (or some variation of it - i.e. Amber Lynn) since you've been together? Also now that Devotion is out, what are the future plans for the band? Love you guys!

AnberlinMusic13 karma

A lot of people have named there kids after us, that and Anberlin tattoos floor me. -Stephen Christian *side note don't ever name your kid Amber Lynn. Trust me. DONT google it.

pearlcougar7 karma

Would you guys consider doing more "charity meet & greets", like the ones you did a few years back with Habitat For Humanity and soup kitchens?

I think a lot of people would enjoy participating in that, including myself. I really love how much you encourage fans to reach out and help the world around them.

AnberlinMusic9 karma

YEEEEEEEES! -Stephen Christian

Jenxa7 karma

I have no questions, but I just wanted to let you know I love you're music. I saw you in concert once in Longview at the Belcher Center in 2012. It was an amazing experience and I don't like skinny jeans, but you guys really pull them off.

AnberlinMusic10 karma

Ha! nice. We are phasing that out as soon as we can afford some Imogean willy.

peitsad7 karma

Hey Anberlin!

You all are easily my favorite band and I have almost every album of yours, save Vital (for now). I love listening to the stuff you put out, and you guys are great in concert. I've only seen you twice, once in Grand Rapis, MI - with Circa Survive and Foxy Shazam, and once a loooong time ago at the Royal Music Theater in Royal Oak, MI. This was probably 12 years ago and you were opening for Relient K.

Couple questions:

  • What's been your favorite show? Could be show location too.
  • Who's been your favorite band to tour with? I would've loved to see you with Crash Kings, but I didn't get a chance.
  • For Stephen Christian: any plans for new stuff for Anchor and Braille?

Thanks so much for doing this, and I'm really looking forward to Devotion coming out!! I'd love to see you in concert again sometime, hopefully you'll be down in the St. Louis area! Keep the great music coming!

AnberlinMusic31 karma

Favorite show off the top of my head was a small acoustic performance at a club called 'Home" in Singapore. We had never been there and the place was over sold out. People were singing along so loud that I couldnt hear myself. To fly all the way across the world and have people sing along to your music even though its your first time is better than any drug. -s

AnberlinMusic15 karma

A&B yes. someday.

IchabodHollow7 karma

Whatever happened to the song Calm Culture Massacre during the NTFP sessions?

AnberlinMusic11 karma

Yeah, it got put down like a rabid dog. It was supposed to be a song about the current Christian culture hence CCM and it turned out poorly executed. -Stephen Christian

airlis6 karma

If you guys were to pick one song to represent Anberlin, which would it be and why?

And thanks. Your music touched me deeply. :)

AnberlinMusic16 karma

Prob Paper Thin Hymn, it has all the elements that make Anberlin, Anberlin -Stephen Christian

Nateilage6 karma

Anberlin, Im not really a fan of Christmas or Christmas music.... But I would buy your Christmas album. Can we expect one... Ever?

AnberlinMusic17 karma

Prob not. Sorry. We did put out one Christmas song about 6 years ago though! -Stephen Christian *baby please come home

thegrayman5 karma

  • Which do you prefer, cats or dogs?

  • Is it possible to get something autographed if I send it to you guys? Last time I saw you guys in NY, Stephen, you walked right by me to get to the back area. I figured you most likely wanted to be left alone, but I definitely regret not trying to get a quick picture with you.

Anyways, stay awesome!

AnberlinMusic13 karma

DOGS! You should have stopped me!!! I am never to busy for you or any of the amazing people that come to our shows! -Stephen Christian

vitaldesires5 karma

Stephen/anberlin, are these the lyrics you sang on the acoustic tour on inevitable?

you walking straight towards me you're wearing all that i see straight - you're walking straight towards me

AnberlinMusic7 karma

Yes, something like that it was improvised differently every night. I was trying to insinuate a bride walking down the isle, I feel like song is used in weddings a lot so why not indulge! -Stephen Christian

TheCheatIsGrounded5 karma

As someone mentioned below: What was the story behind "Miserable Visu (Ex Malo Bonum)"? Also, what about "(*Fin)"? I've loved both of these tracks and thought they were great finales to both Cities and New Surrender. I've always been curious as to how they came about.

AnberlinMusic5 karma

Someone I am close to is into conspiracy theories and the apocalypse. Both are intriguing to me, the song is about a daydream I had that in the midst of the chaos saving the ones I love. (TIL The red priest was actually the composer Vilvaldi's nickname, Stephens favorite composer). -Stephen Christian

mercedesbends5 karma

I don't have a question, but I just wanna say I check your FB page regularly and your music plays on my Pandora stations regularly. Thanks for the work you put in!

AnberlinMusic5 karma

I appreciate it! -Stephen Christian

symphonique4 karma

Hello Anberlin! I am so ecstatic to have this opportunity to "ask you guys anything!" I have been a huge fan since your beginnings in MySpace back in 2005, and my love for this band has only grown. I really mean it when I say you guys are my favorite band of all time! Anberlin has inspired a great positive outlook with in my life with its lyrics, especially during my lowest points. I always felt your music grasped so many emotions, and I felt as if I could strongly relate to nearly each song. Seriously, I have such chills listening to your albums! The lyrics and sound come together so well. I have seen three of your performances, and I hope you guys can do more of your Acoustic tours more often! It is such a treat! :)

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for having such an impact on my life.

My questions for you guys (perhaps as each band member):

  • Out of all the works Anberlin has done, what is a personal favorite?
  • What have been the greatest/worst concert experience?

AnberlinMusic17 karma

My personal favorite is NTFP, its not that its our best album but it is absolutely sentimental to me. Some of our best concert experiences have been: Every show in SLC, Soundwave, Parachutes, Opening up for LP in Europe, opening up for smashing pumpkins in their hometown, amongst many other things. Worst is falling flat on my face in Montreal, CA. no fun at all.

nyylaa4 karma

Would you ever tour with The Classic Crime again?

AnberlinMusic3 karma

I love those guys, perhaps! http://wth-r-u-doin-anberlin.tumblr.com/

swarles844 karma

Thanks for doing this! I've been a huge fan since I first heard you, and have seen you multiple times over the past ten years. Sadly though, have never heard time and confusion live. And desperately wish you had recorded an acoustic version.

I am getting married this saturday and we have hired a local singer/singwriter to play Time and Confusion acoustically live for our first song. (Hope this is ok with you! :)

So I guess my question is, what are you doing at 6pm this Saturday? Want to come to the philly burbs?

Also, is there a reason you don't play this often and don't have an acoustic version? Its beautiful when done acoustic.


AnberlinMusic9 karma

Congrats on the wedding! Thats awesome that time&confusion was your song, feel free to upload to Youtube I want to see! -Stephen Christian

crustyruffles4 karma

Put yourself in this position: Actor Morgan Freeman has just won an Oscar, and you're extremely happy, because you're a fan of his. Out of the blue, during his acceptance speech, he announces that you are to be kidnapped at once. At the same time he says this, three kidnapping ninjas break into your living abode and snatch you away. You wake up two days later with no memory of what happened in between time; the first thing you see is Freeman standing above you. He then tells you that you have a choice: get fucked with one of his many tools (including a hammer, sledgehammer, axe, power drill, and a Japanese buzzsaw); play a game of H-O-R-S-E with, and defeat, Shaquille O'Neal (with Shaq-Fu powers, mind you), or fight all three kidnapping ninjas in a battle to the death. Complete any of these, and you'll be free to go.

What do you do?

AnberlinMusic7 karma

Play a game of H-O-R-S-E, seems the least painful.-Stephen Christian

kakashi18144 karma

Also, what do you guys do to relax or have fun when you aren't playing music?

AnberlinMusic20 karma

I lurk reddit and post funny pictures to our band's groupme account. - Joey

EstaMuy4 karma


AnberlinMusic15 karma

overall, not a fan. albums take money to record and release. if you like a band, buy the album. don't fall into the misconception/lie that no bands see money from their album sales. if no one supports art, it will die.

LovingJuliet3 karma

I was actually listening to *fin while I stumbled upon your AMA!! Unfortunately my post will get buried beneath all the other ones because I'm a bit too late to the party, but I'd just like to say that I'm a huge fan of your music and that your music means a lot to me. Thank you guys so much! <3

AnberlinMusic7 karma

Nope, found you. Thank you. -Stephen Christian

TheStinkyRebel3 karma

You guys have been my favorite band for several years now. about 8. listened to you guys on troops to cross-country and track meets that get me pumped up. number one favorite band right ahead of paramore! this is truly my only question and be honest, where has been your guy's favorite location to play? I won't hate if you don't say omaha :)

AnberlinMusic6 karma

SLC -Stephen Christian

jamiannes3 karma

out of all your songs, which ones mean the most to each of you and why?

and I also absolutely love you guys. have seen you 11+ times and are going to your boston show on the 26th!

AnberlinMusic7 karma

i (deon) love dance, dance just because it's so fun to play live. that's really how most of my favorites are gauged.

Anberlin_3 karma

How do you feel about people pirating music?

AnberlinMusic10 karma

It is the reason I literally have a second job. -Stephen Christian

vitaldesires3 karma

Ah! Wish you were doing a VIP in Charlotte this tour. Any chance you'll hang out with the fans after/before the show? I'll buy you coffee!

AnberlinMusic4 karma

we'll be around. we usually are. coffee is always welcome!

Zeldaniac3 karma

Is there any chance of hearing more of the epic (in the literal sense of the word), post-rock vibe from (*Fin) in the future? That song is literally my favorite of all time.

AnberlinMusic7 karma

Have you heard God drugs and sex? -Stephen Christian

supercharger3 karma

Hey guys, thanks for doing this AMA. I'm the father of the father/son duo that show up at all your Connecticut shows. Just want to thank you guys for being there and doing what you do. Your music/shows have been instrumental in strengthening our father/son relationship. A wholesome activity we can both get excited about and enjoy. So, thanks again. What particular set of skills would you say you have?

AnberlinMusic4 karma

Nunchucks. -Stephen Christian


marydisagrees3 karma

No question, but along with everybody else here, I will say you guys are absolutely amazing. I've been following you since Blueprints and just can't express how much I love every single album. My brother and I have seen you guys quite a few times and I just saw you kick ass again in Boise a few days ago. The show you put on about two (three?) years ago was crazy phenomenal. Thank you for all your awesome music & talent! Seriously, you rock. Keep it up.

AnberlinMusic4 karma

I appreciate taht! -Stephen Christian

Iflosswithbarbedwire2 karma

I'm a huge fan of you guys and the Buccaneers.. I thought I'd ask you a question about them.

How do you feel about Greg Schiano? Fire him or let him stay?

AnberlinMusic4 karma

I don't love him, but I'd like to give him the rest of the year to get his crap together... But I'm pumped about Freeman being gone. Glennon 4 Life. - NY

Shaunstevens2 karma

In April of this year you played a show in Toronto at a smaller venue. For your last song you invited the crowd on stage to sing along. This was truly one of the most memorable moments of my life. How do you guys manage to always seem so down to earth?

AnberlinMusic3 karma

We have each other to put each other in our place. -Stephen Christian

WebScud2 karma

I'm a huge fan and have been following you guys since the Nintendo Fusion Tour. Over the years, I've seen you a bunch -- so much, that I stopped counting at 15. I'm excited for Boston later this month!

1.) Not really a question, but thanks for making the majority your b-sides easy to legally obtain. Sometimes it leads to buying the same album couple of times (I think I'm personally responsible for half of New Surrender's total sales), but I don't have to pay large import fees or, worse, torrent. Hopefully things like Lost Songs, New Surrender's deluxe rerelease, and Devotion will continue to be a trend.

2.) At what point in the creation process do you say this album is going to be 10 tracks or 12 tracks and these four will be b-sides. For example, "Unstable" was a very strong track, but it was exclusive to iTunes as a b-side.

3.) Along the same lines, how do you decide how many and what songs are going to be in a set? Do you find it hard to balance the songs that people expect with new material and surprises like "The Haunting"?

4.) It's been a while since you guys have done a cover song. Is that something you guys are done with? Is there a song that you'd like to cover, but haven't?

AnberlinMusic3 karma

2) we decide tracklisting once the album is all recorded and done. 3)with sets, we generally try to include as many fan favorite songs as possible. since we can't play them all due to time, we just have to vote each tour. 4) no plans for any covers right now. not opposed though.

7Redacted1 karma

I've been a huge fan since Blueprints -- and I've really appreciated how much your style has evolved over the years. This goes double for Vital, which has been my favorite album of yours yet. I feel like it is also showcases some of the most pronounced changes in your music to date; what inspired this transition? Was it a conscious decision to shift gears like this, or has your guys' sound transformed more organically?

AnberlinMusic3 karma

we basically just write what we feel at the time. if we want to change it up, we do.

its_fink1 karma

Dance, Dance, Christa Paffgen is such a damn good song. I mean, you're entire catalog is fantastic but that song... Gets me every time. You want to come to Delaware and play it for me?

AnberlinMusic4 karma

Fine. Want to buy me a plane ticket, a hotel, and give me some money so I can finally pay off my student loan? -Stephen Christian

Sideshow871 karma

Saw you guys in New Zealand in 2006 at a music festival. Something was not right with the sound and it was hard to hear the vocals but you guys still managed to put on one of the best shows I've seen. Climbing the lighting tower on the side of the stage during one song was the most memorable part of the weekend. No question, just wanted to say you guys rock!

AnberlinMusic8 karma

Thanks so much Sideshow87! Can't wait to come back!