Hey everyone. Here is the new Esquire magazine story about me (Deric Lostutter a.k.a. KYAnonymous) and written by me (John H. Richardson): http://www.esquire.com/features/i-am-anonymous-1113

We'll both be here at 12:30 (EST) to field any questions you have.

KYAnonymous proof: http://www.esquire.com/cm/esquire/images/yl/IMG_1170.JPG John H. Richardson proof: http://www.esquire.com/cm/esquire/images/xS/JohnHRichardson.jpg

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Camelotwillrise21 karma

John I think you need to start to do more research before writing a story! Like the other journalists who recently tried to downplay the rape and didn't look at all the evidence, you need to take a broader look at what is going on! Not saying KY didn't do something great but more has happened that you need to research!

johnhrichardson23 karma

I don't know what you mean exactly, but you can only ever write a piece of the larger story. Your frustration, I have shared many many times.

samehada12115 karma

What does KYAnonymous have to do with Anonymous? Is it separete or part of the same thing?

johnhrichardson6 karma

Anyone can join Anonymous or form an Anonymous group, Samehada, and many use some kind of handle like "KY." It's up to each person how he remains faithful to or deviates from the spirit of the group - there's lots of arguing on this subject, as Deric knows well.

Toyou4yu14 karma

Isn't there a ton of infighting in Anonymous about what to handle and what not. What are the two extreme ends of anonymous.

johnhrichardson-4 karma

Yes. You've seen some of that infighting on this reddit. The two extreme ends are the "moral fags" like Deric, who use Anonymous to do good - or as good as they can do within the limitations of their knowledge and personal flaws - and the nihilists who like to cause destruction. This tension exists in all groups and political parties (GOP, you hear me?) but something about the internet and anonymity seems to heighten the contrast.

masdavi8 karma

so per your article the FBI did all that for a high school web site hack . that's crazy. but at least you stood. up for sometime in a time where people look the other way and bow down and accept the wrongs ...

johnhrichardson1 karma

Actually we don't know exactly what the FBI was after yet, but I suspect it has more to do with hacking attempts by unknown persons against the Steubenville Police Department, which called the FBI. That said, the government on all levels has built a huge machine to fight against Anonymous, Wikileaks, and all such groups. If the NRA was serious about that second American revolution stuff they use to sell guns, they'd be much more concerned with protecting internet anonymity than semi-automatics.

asforus7 karma

What's the next "project" on your list to tackle?

johnhrichardson-2 karma

Deric's taking a break, but he'll get back to you soon.

Brad_Wesley4 karma

Can you do something please to screw the perpetrators of this story:


johnhrichardson10 karma

Deric might feel differently, but - outrageous as the case seems on first glance - I'd be nervous about going into it with the "screw" attitude. As my story in Esquire shows, in these emotional and fast-moving situations, mistakes can be made and people can be hurt on slim evidence or rumor. Anonymous can be a powerful force for justice, but it can be reckless too. Deric?

Camelotwillrise1 karma

It doesn't seem like Anonymous has done anything since Steubenville, why is that? Victims on twitter come to all of you daily on Twitter and yet all of you seem like all talk no action, why? Are you a one hit wonder?

kyanonymous1 karma

We have turned our attention to maryville among other things, just google anonymous to keep up. dont rely on main stream media.

Camelotwillrise-5 karma

I have and i watch you guys on twitter, to be honest i think you are all just as bad as the justice system you go after, you pick and choose who you help! There have been endless cases and victims brought to your attention and all of you do nothing!!!!!

johnhrichardson8 karma

Camelot, you're talking as if some one individual does the picking and choosing and that someone also has the time to take on "endless cases." Maybe you should take action yourself?

Camelotwillrise-11 karma

All i know is you guys like to brag about what you do more than you do anything! Some of us do take action but someone like you who has more peoples attention seems to pick and choose! you seem to spend more time talking about yourself then helping victims!

johnhrichardson12 karma

I'm not a member of Anonymous. I'm a journalist who can only work on a few things at a time, so yeah, I "pick and choose." Who doesn't? As to talking about ourselves, this is a question and answer session and we're answering questions. I don't spend a ton of time on internet forums, so I'm assuming this is the "trolling" I've heard so much about. Why so angry?

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johnhrichardson-3 karma

Maybe I should consider becoming a never-nude too ;)

johnhrichardson-2 karma

I'm taking off, but Deric will be back before too long to wrap up. Thanks for all your questions.