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RaptorHobo1638 karma

Thanks for being the woman who showed me that science wasn't just for boys.

In fact, I think one of the greatest gifts of the X-Files is that the lead male character is irrational and nonsensical. It has been done since, especially in the genre, but it was the first show I saw that challenged those roles.

So, no questions, just plain old thanks from a long time fan and (now) woman of science.

PS: Thanks for having Alvin Law on the show. He's from my hometown and a huge inspiration PPS: Thanks for Califonication, Mr. Duchovny. I love that show.

EDIT: Thanks for the Gold!

gilliananderson1905 karma

There's a lot of women who have come to me and told me they have gone into some form of science because of Scully, which I think is really cool. Thank you.

68024986 karma

Are you believers? (In UFOs, aliens, etc)

gilliananderson1935 karma

It wouldn't surprise me. It's just the fact of it. The Universe is bigger than big.

josephgordonreddit892 karma

If you guys could switch bodies for a week, what would you do?

gilliananderson3080 karma

I would masturbate in a red speedo.

ozziesoftballs805 karma

Hi Gillian and David. This question is for Gillian - Thank you for being such a strong woman for us ladies everywhere on and off the screen. What's it like to be held to such an honor from when you were so young and essentially right off the bat? Would you prefer it the way it is or a different way? Thank you again!

gilliananderson944 karma

Well first of all, thank you very much. That is not something I think about on a regular basis, but I think that the fact that there are people who aspire to be strong women, with integrity around the world, inspires me.

paulcosca779 karma

Hello David and Gillian, thank you for doing an AMA!

I think The X-Files is one of the most influental shows ever, and has really paved the way for a lot of great shows after it.

My question is, was there ever a plot line that came out of the writers room that made you stop and say "Seriously?"

DavidDuchovny_1329 karma

Some of the one-offs. Like the killer cats episodes. Todos los Bichos. They were domesticated killer cats.

gilliananderson1674 karma

So there's a scene where Scully is attacked by a killer cat. So they had made up a cat on a stick that had moveable arms and legs, but I'm allergic to cats, so they made it out of rabbit fur instead. The fur kept coming off and sticking to my lipstick, and I was peeing my pants laughing. So we were either cutting because I couldn't keep a straight face, or we had to keep re-applying my lipstick because the fur kept sticking to my face.

awgl672 karma

Gillian, you voiced a wolf in one of my favorite movies, Princess Mononoke. Can you talk about how that was? I really enjoy Miyazaki films, so just curious.

PS David, I love the way you say "muthafucka" in Californication.

gilliananderson1054 karma

I love Miyazaki films too! The original voice in the original Japanese version of the film was played by a famous Japanese transvestite, so as you can imagine they had a very deep voice. I tried to emulate that voice, miserably. So I always feel like I failed.

BucketHelmet647 karma

Are you aware of this intersection in the capitol of Canada named after your characters?: here

What does it feel like knowing someone in a high enough position to decide on names for streets was a big enough fan to go with those names?

I mean those poor people now have to explain that, "yes... Mulder and Scully is the intersection I live at." whether they're fans or not.

DavidDuchovny_1217 karma

No! That's the only time Mulder and Scully officially intersected!

gilliananderson1043 karma

No, William...

shastatex1625 karma

What episodes of the X-Files should I show my friend to get him into the show?

How was it writing for the show after acting on it for a while?

David, how was it working with David Lynch on Twin Peaks?

DavidDuchovny_1438 karma

You'd have to watch the pilot even though the clothes and hair are so bad.

gilliananderson1394 karma

it's so true, forgive the clothes and the hair.

chickadee1594 karma

Who/what was your favorite "monster of the week"? Love you guys!

DavidDuchovny_1741 karma

my favorite would be Flukeman because Darinn Morgan was in the suit, one of our great writers. And I had never met him, and I never did meet him, because he was in the suit and it took so much time in makeup. So when we did that show, I never actually saw Darin's face. A couple of months later I was on a flight from Vancouver to LA and a guy sat next to me and started asking me a bunch of inane questions. I thought "Oh my god, I have 3 hours to sit next to this guy." And I was despairing. ANd then he handed me a book and said "will you sign it to my nemesis?" and I said "what do you mean" and he said "I'm Darin Morgan, I'm Flukeman."

gilliananderson1928 karma

My favorite Monster of the week used to be, well I would normally answer that it would be Tooms. But on the first episode that we shot, Tooms 1, It was my birthday when we were shooting it. I turned 25. And Doug offered me a birthday present. To come to my hotel room. And I did not take him up on it. And I'm very grateful now that I did not take him up on it.

JeMappelleRaven555 karma

(for both of you) Of everyone you've worked with, who is most likely an alien/working for a shadow government organization?

[also, I'm a tremendous fan. You two are gorgeous and you're absolutely legendary in X-Files, and still brilliant beyond. Thanks so much for doing this, hugs hugs hugs.]

gilliananderson816 karma

Brian Thompson.

everdeer539 karma

Don't you guys think Queequeg deserved better?

DavidDuchovny_744 karma


gilliananderson1343 karma

No. That dog killed people with its farts and it deserved to die a nasty death in the mouth of that alligator or whatever it was. Ugh. I had to shampoo it, or walk away every few seconds, because these puffs of nastiness kept happening.

StarFist512 karma

What are your drinks of choice/brands at a bar?

gilliananderson1534 karma

Coca-Cola straight up.

noobswontknowthis506 karma

Holy shit, I don't normally care about AMAs but you two are pretty important in my life. No question but posting in case you need any more validation of how amazing and relevant you are to people. X

gilliananderson526 karma

Wow, thank you.

brittyn462 karma

Have your children watched The X-Files? If yes, what do they think of it?

DavidDuchovny_911 karma

My son has watched a couple a few years ago, and it scared him. They don't generally like to watch, they're not fans, it's weird for them to watch their parents. He does like to play the X-files Pinball machine.

gilliananderson947 karma

My daughter asked me if she could borrow some DVDs and I dug them out, and then she asked me which ones she should watch, I think we watched a few of them together a few years ago. It occurred to me that there will be a point when my boys will find out about the show, they are 7 and 5, and it will be so much fun to share it with them.

raidmyminibar407 karma

Who amongst the both of you, should I have with me to have a better chance of surviving a zombie/alien apocalypse?

gilliananderson967 karma

David, definitely. No, you would. I just saw World War Z. You'd win, I'd die in a second.

HunterHunted391 karma

Hi Gillian and David, I'm pretty fucking excited to get this opportunity to communicate with you both! Goes without saying that I'm a massive fan of the two of you and a lot of the work you've done, but the character portrayals of yours closest to my heart will always be as Mulder and Scully. Feel free to answer as many or as few questions as you'd like!

  • I'm currently re-watching the whole series with my girlfriend (who is also a huge fan) and just recently I was curious to know if the two of you have any favourite episodes of the X-Files that you remember particularly fondly?

  • Considering the massive success of the X-Files and the hardcore fandom surrounding the show, do you ever feel as though it over-shadows your efforts in other projects and does this bother you?

  • Gillian, did you eat that cricket in the episode Humbug?

  • Is Mitch Pileggi just a giant cuddly teddy bear in real life?

  • In your own opinion, did Mulder and Scully have a hidden sexual relationship during the series? Actually this question isn't optional.

Thanks a lot for everything. Best of wishes to the two of you in your professional and your private lives. And if you're ever in Sweden, let me buy you a drink! PS. Gillian, you (and a little Kate Winslet in Titanic) are the main reason why I'm so fond of redheads; and as not to be sexist, I've got a total man crush on you as well David!

DavidDuchovny_625 karma

Gillian loves Bad Blood. I do like Post-Modern Prometheus, we all love Jose Chung, we love Small Potatoes, we love all the funny ones, we're easy that way.

gilliananderson689 karma

And David loves everything he directed. THAT WAS A JOKE. Everything Chris directed. Triangle turned out so good.

DavidDuchovny_553 karma

I don't feel that it overshadows my work. I'm sure Gillian doesn't feel that way either.

DavidDuchovny_793 karma

Yes, Gillian really ate that cricket in Humbug.

Mitch Pileggi a giant cuddly teddybear? Mitch Pileggi...we love Mitch. However in a couple of episodes, he tucked his sweater in his jeans. And we'll never forgive him for that. Just cuz he was in really good shape and he wanted to show it. That was in 1893.

gilliananderson681 karma

In response to your last question: well yes of course they did.

gilliananderson361 karma

Not at all.

JoelPilgrim285 karma

Hi Gillian and David!

Quick and dirty question: who was the guest star on the X-Files who most blew you away with their performance and made you say "wow."?

gilliananderson685 karma

Brad Dourif as Luther Lee Boggs.

masterofpuppies220 karma

Hello! What are your top three music albums?

gilliananderson1006 karma

I still really like Jeff Buckley's Grace album. Fleetwood Mac's Rumors. I don't know which Radiohead album is my favorite, probably OK Computer.

marznix195 karma

hey david and gillian, what was the most embarrassing moment each of you had on set? xxxxx

DavidDuchovny_381 karma

Well I think I told this story at Comic-Con but we were shooting an episode in LA, we were shooting Arcadia, and so they were flushing all of their garbage psychic and otherwise, and there was this monster that was made out of all of that. And we had a bit of a crowd watching, just because we weren't locked up in a McMansion, and I hadn't seen the monster, and I shot my reactions of being terrified first and girding myself to battle it, and then the poor guy came out in the monster suit, and Michael Watkins had the best line because I said "That's not a scary looking monster" and he said "He looks like the guy who fucked Mrs. Butterworth." Mrs. Butterworth is a maple-syrup bottle. That was embarrassing for me to react in front of spectators at nothing as if I was terrified.

gilliananderson609 karma

I can think of plenty outside of the show. In retrospect, embarrassing was my pastel purplish pantsuits, they weren't even natural, like Lycra. Or the fact that we materialized the cell phones out of midair because they wouldn't have fit in our pockets. Or where would we get the giant flashlights from?

Kilahbeez185 karma

What are your favourite pizza toppings?

DavidDuchovny_502 karma

You know, I know it shouldn't be, but I think pineapple is ok. At first I thought I didn't want any topping on my pizza, but now, pineapple is not bad.

gilliananderson434 karma

There was a pizza they used to order late at night on the X-files that all they used to order was extra garlic, extra olives, extra anchovies. SO many people wanted it.

DavidDuchovny_418 karma

Remember when we got on a green apple and tuna kick?

gilliananderson416 karma

It's very good for you.

Praestigium121 karma

This is quite the coincidence; when the X-Files first aired I must have been just about 8 or 9 and I remember my older cousins forcing me to watch some of the more frightening episodes which ended up frightening the bejeebees out of me.

Only a month ago did I begin watching the series in an attempt to get over my slightly traumatic first experience. I'm currently nearing the end of Season 4 and I'm totally hooked!

My question is: Looking back at the series, are there any adjustments to the characters or the plot that either of you would have liked to change or add?

gilliananderson492 karma

I wish that the lap dances I used to do as Scully in David's trailer could have been filmed.

TXBHO105 karma

Since vince Gilligan did a lot of writing for x files I'm wondering if you guys have watched breaking bad? if so how did you feel about it?

DavidDuchovny_189 karma

I didn't watch Breaking Bad, but I will and I want to. LOVE Vince, Love what he did on the X-files.

gilliananderson178 karma

Sam here, I am looking forward to seeing it. Everybody I know watches it.

AbandonedBrain105 karma

Hello, Gillian and David. My question for you is: Do either of you still keep in touch with any of the producer/writers from X-Files - Carter, Spotnitz, Gilligan, Morgan/Wong, et al? Any chance of working with one or more of them outside of an XF project? Sorry, that was TWO questions.

DavidDuchovny_228 karma

I'm in touch with Chris and Howard Gordon I see occasionally. Maybe Bowman, he calls every now and then, he works on "Castle."

gilliananderson402 karma

I talk to Kim Manners sometimes in my sleep.

NotAsMe65 karma

David and Gillian! It's fun just typing your names haha.. I've been an admirer of you both since 02'. I know it's totally not original to say and you may be sick to death of hearing it, but you two are awesome!! It's a wondrously/mysteriously/magically fascinating treat watching you together onscreen (I can't pick just one adjective, sorry). You compliment each other soo very well. It's kinda funny how some fans lovingly refer to your pairing as 'life-ruiners'. I think It's because you've set the bar so high. And I wanted to thank you both for doing so. My question is, do you watch each other's work? Gillian have you seen Goats? David, seen The Fall?

gilliananderson108 karma

I have seen the animal Goats in Africa! What's goats?

doctordanascully44 karma

Hello! This is for both of you: what is a question you wish an interviewer would ask you, and what is your answer to that question?

Thank you so much for doing this AMA. I'm a huge fan of both of you. The X-Files ties with a few other shows as my favorite TV show of all time, and I love your other work too (movies, TV, etc.).

gilliananderson112 karma

I can think of more answers for questions that I wish they wouldn't ask.

jessiloveswho5 karma

Okay, I've asked Benedict Cumberbatch this, but he had already answered someone else who got to the question before me, so here it is.

Are you feeling the love tonight?

DavidDuchovny_14 karma

Like right now, or later on?

gilliananderson18 karma

Yes, we are feeling the love.