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DaytonaStub12 karma

Ever work the events in florida?

HumanityisScrewed13 karma

No I have not. I stayed within my state.

illimitable111 karma

Is more of the money in dancing, or in sex for money off-stage? How many of your colleagues did other sorts of sex work?

HumanityisScrewed12 karma

Depends on the girl, I saw some dirty girls make so much money. Then I saw DESPEARATE dirty girls do it for practically nothing in hopes he will come back and spend more money on her or tip her after the "dance". Girls make more money in the private dances (usually $20) and the VIP rooms (averaging $100+ depending on how long). Girls don't make money dancing on stage really at all. Some girls will meet customers at hotels, heard of these things many of times, but as far as street walking, none that I know of. They definitely make more money taking the customer out of the club. Which is illegal and absolutely not okay with management. They will be fired if this is found out.

41ste3 karma

What's your oddest habit/secret?

Also, list the top 10 traits your perfect man would have...?

Edit: "ayyyyyyyyyyyy gurrrlllllllllll"

HumanityisScrewed2 karma

My oddest habit / secret? Im not sure, i can get back to you in a minute on that.

1: Intelligent 2: Gamer 3: Has to love Star Wars 4: Handsome 5: Would court me 6: Well dressed, suited up. 7: Has to have good computer knowledge 8: Teeth! NICE TEETH. 9: Good Hygeine 10: Respects what I did and why.

RedSweaterWeather3 karma

How did you go about getting a job there? Like, did you just walk in and ask for an application or did you have a connection?

HumanityisScrewed3 karma

I had a connection, but you can just walk in and apply. It's a lot easier than it seems.

scag3152 karma

Would they let guys in wearing sweat pants or gym shorts thereby essentially skipping paying extra for an old fashioned when a lap dance would do the trick for them?

HumanityisScrewed3 karma

absolutely not, we have a dress code. Use it. Plus why would you want to anyways, Im going after the guy in nice shoes, not the one in slippers and pajama pants.