we're the band Pepper currently on the road in support of our newly released self-titled record, and today we're in Cleveland, OH! Kaleo is Vocals/guitar, Yesod is Drums and Bret is Yesod's step brother/vocals/bass ;)

My Proof: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151983659047494&set=a.177936212493.151390.7757807493&type=1&theater

As previously mentioned, we've just released our self-titled album, our sixth overall, but first in five years. We're excited to share it with the world – you can get it on iTunes at http://smarturl.it/ipepper. Yes, that is our subtle album promo plug.

We also LOVE to take pictures of the exciting stuff happening around us all the time, so check us out on our social sites!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pepperlive

Instagram: http://instagram.com/pepperlive

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pepperlive

Official: http://pepperlive.com/

Mahalos to all that hung with us for this AMA!!!!!!! you guys were a blast hope to see you soon!!!!!! Love and Aloha!!!!!! -Pepper

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Shnacks57 karma

Hey boy, how's your chick?

pepperlive44 karma


fuckintrash18 karma

St. Pete Florida fucking loves you! Jannus loves you! Keep rockin

pepperlive17 karma

we love st pete MORE!!!!!

pepperlive15 karma

Mahalos to all that hung with us for this AMA!!!!!!! you guys were a blast hope to see you soon!!!!!! Love and Aloha!!!!!!


Swiftapple15 karma

When is the last time you guys caught some waves. I'm concerned.

pepperlive12 karma

about a month, we may go into convulsions soon!

Bullsinthebronx15 karma

Craziest tour story?

pepperlive13 karma

wrecking our van in fglorida in 2004, lucky to be alive!!!!

tommymat14 karma

What are feelings towards Tommy Bahama and his attempt to corner the market on Hawaiian Shirts?

pepperlive15 karma

he doesnt stand a chance!!!!!!

NickDangerrr11 karma

Why'd you have to sleep with my dad?!?

pepperlive3 karma

the question of a lifetime!!!!!!!!

dahooddawg11 karma

What are your guys' favorite sex positions?

All you guys rule, I have been to 15 pepper shows and counting. Much love.

pepperlive13 karma

how can you pick a favorite?! Much love and aloha for all the support!!! very grateful!!!

DieKnowSoar10 karma

Favorite unkown artist from Hawaii right now?

pepperlive14 karma

poncho man!!!!!!

Vervex10 karma

You are fantastic! Saw you a few years back in the unity tour and you were the best act that night.

Who has been your favourite act to pay alongside?

pepperlive19 karma

311 for sure!!!! but it was a real treat to tour with cypress hill for the first time summer of 2012!!!!

deeptruthmusic10 karma

Love seeing all the end of the show shots on instagram hahaha

pepperlive9 karma

they are so fun to take!!!!!!best part of the show!!!!!!

Cheea1828 karma

What's your preferd way of toking?

pepperlive16 karma

bong or wax through a power pen!!!!

sjmetalhead8 karma

I have nothing to ask I would just like to say thanks for making the music you make I think it's fucking awesome.

pepperlive10 karma

thank you, it wouldnt be possible without y'all!!!

pepperlive8 karma

so many mahalos for listening!!!

Jessegray4187 karma

What do you guys love the most about the Big Island? Or Hawai'i in particular?

pepperlive10 karma

the big island is one of the most magical places on earth!!!! 11 of the 13 climates that exist on earth on one island!!!!! the energy from the land there is indescribable!!!!!! HUGE thanks to our parents for raising us there!!!!!

JerseyEnt7 karma

You guys are awesome. My favorite song is "Zicky's Song" so fucking chill, but WHO'S ZICKY? I've always wanted to know. It's one of my #1 smoke songs.

pepperlive13 karma

he's a childhood friend who unfortunately commited suicide

Project7066 karma

What was it like knowing kids all over the world were singing and playing "Your Face" on Guitar Hero

pepperlive7 karma

a surreal blessing, very humbling!!!!

asmith11256 karma

How close of friends are you guys and the guys from the expendables? Love you both and thank you for doing this ama.

pepperlive8 karma

very good friends, for about a decade now!!!

HardFlaccid6 karma

What made you settle on the name pepper, why not something more specific like Cayenne Pepper?

Legit, you guys are great.

pepperlive8 karma

we dont wanna limit ourselves ;)

ayooooo16 karma

Aww love you guys! I remember one time I met yall at warped tour and when I told you my name was sasha, yesod was like "oh like sasha grey!?" and I was 16 at the time... "yeah!" I always remembered that but didn't get the reference untill years later... hahaha anyways...

to each of you: What is your favorite song yall have made?

pepperlive10 karma

ha! we were on a heavy entourage phase at that time. right now, its these hands!

creed-ence6 karma

Get some wine!?

pepperlive5 karma

you so nasty!!!!!!

Bebi_Primo5 karma

Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for your music. Completely revolutionized my tastes in music, as well as my approach on life. Dudes, you guys are awesome.

I guess I should ask a question?

When do you know you should stop chasing/trying for the girl? I'm at a cross-roads right now trying to figure out if I should abandon the effort or keep trying.

pepperlive13 karma

dont chase, they like the chase, just be yourself and stay cool and calm!!!!

Taking_a_Shit5 karma

Just wanted to say I love you guys. You guys are so fucking fun to see live!

pepperlive5 karma

we love you more!!!

SEBrecords5 karma

Describe your single, "Fuck Around (All Night)" in 3 words.

pepperlive5 karma

FUN TO PLAY!!!!!!!

stediaboy5 karma

I love the new album and I suggest that people hating on it should give it another try. Keep up the good work sirs.

pepperlive5 karma

thank you sir!!!!!! i find that it grows on you more every time you listen to it!!!!!

olive3385 karma

Who does all your album art? That fish/human thing is awesome!

pepperlive3 karma

Ben Brough, check him on instagram @lonelyslider

Tattooedmaiden134 karma

The last time you guys came to Santa Cruz, left a huge impact on my heart. Especially you kaleo when you signed my bandanna. Your music is a huge inspiration and slot of fun as well as laughs! But nothing compares to seeing all your sexy ness live!! Keep up the good work!!

pepperlive3 karma

much love, we'll be at the warfild in a couple weeks in SF!

Urdn0t4 karma

Thanks for keeping it humble despite the amazing music you make. You guys are awesome!

pepperlive6 karma

thank you guys for listening, true blessing!

FenderBender184 karma

I love you guys! Kona Town is one of my favorite albums, StormTrooper is great! My questions to you guys are; who/ what band is your biggest role model, and where is your favorite place to perform?

pepperlive3 karma

UB40 and its gotta be back home in hawaii!!!

ADIDAS2473 karma

Hey guys, thank you so much for being the awesome band that you are. You truly have caused such great moments in my life just for being a fan of yours and going to your shows. I probably couldn't even list all the amazing people I met and things I've expeirenced because of you.

For my questions, what in the hell would you guys each be doing if you the band didn't make it?

PS: I'd like to buy you all a beer next time your in NY!

pepperlive3 karma

we'd be waiters back in kona, exactly what we were doing when we started the band!!!! and yes please!!!

Cin311g3 karma

Do y'all ever argue while on the road?

pepperlive11 karma

ya, always about who ate the last avocado!!!!! =)

erijoyg3 karma

Who normally answers the posts on Twitter? Also, what song is your favorite out of all albums?

pepperlive7 karma

usually Bret or Me (Yee) right now, These Hands!

swornhabit13 karma

Which of your albums do you think speaks most about the band? Which do you think is the most "experimental?" Have you his been tinkering with the idea of releasing another live album?

Also thank you guys for the outstanding music, love the new stuff!

pepperlive5 karma

they all speak about where the band was at that time of making the album, they are all journal entries!!!!!! and yes, why not another live album/DVD

mahalosfromhouston3 karma

  1. Why does Brett sign as "Buster Brown?"

pepperlive6 karma

his cvhildhood nickname from his dad!!!! also the name of a hill we used to hike in waimea back home

deeptruthmusic3 karma

Lets hear the bands craziest party story

pepperlive9 karma

we would say, but we were blacked out!!!! hahahaha!

tiemydrinkingshoes3 karma

Love your music, Ive been to several of your shows, I was at your show in Delray Beach this past year. I have never seen so many people so fucked up and excited, the town clearly did not know the kind of show you guys put on, it was fan-fucking-tastic.

My question is: approximately what is the number of topless women you've seen at your shows over the years?

pepperlive4 karma

ha!!!!! a lot

killaskezo3 karma

Where you guys paid to endorse Jager or do you just have that much love for it?

pepperlive5 karma

we were sponsored by them to do a couple of their tours, know days we endorse a new company that we are actually part owners "coldcock herbal whisky" google it!!!

DiziLizi3 karma

What's your favorite songs from the new album?

pepperlive3 karma

these hands, fuck around, it was you, higher ground, undone

NotSureWhatToBe3 karma

Hey there, you guys are great! Whats the story with the music video for Fuck Around? I thought it was supposed to be done according to the casting video thing that was put up. Or am I just missing something?

That song is such a pump up song for me.

PS is it Fuck Around or is it F.K.A.R.N.D.? I've seen it both ways.

pepperlive4 karma

Fuck Around, and yes, the music vid is out!!!!!

SDbruh133 karma

Howz it! What boards are you guys shredding these days? Come back San Diego, we need more Pepper...

pepperlive3 karma

Timmy Patterson surfboards!!!!!!

h2ozo3 karma


pepperlive3 karma

much love to the louder space MASSIVE!!!

SpaceKatAdventure2 karma

kaleo-Uncle Doodie wants to know when you'll be back in honolulu!

pepperlive4 karma

Ya Uncle!!!!!!!! we'll beack back december fort shows afta christmas!!!!yeeeeeew!!!!

RunsRealFast2 karma

Great concert last night in Pittsburgh. Put on a great show. Two questions: What's your favorite song to perform? What song do you perform that gets the crowd the most amped up?

pepperlive5 karma

illuminate and prob no control or ashes

somepancakes2 karma

Yo guys, I saw you all at last years Hemp Heals fest at the festival pier in PA and it was awesome! I would have loved to see you this time around but I think the PA dates are over for this tour :(

pepperlive2 karma

ya, we played TLA a couple weeks ago :(

Luke_Atmadik2 karma

Hey guys, huge fan. Isn't Yesod from New Mexico?

I went the the Sublime with Rome concert when you guys were with them and I could have swore you said he was a fellow New Mexican

pepperlive5 karma

my mom is from there!!!!

jimmbozo2 karma

What state is your favorite to perform in? When are you coming back to south Florida? Which group haven't you played with yet, but really want to? If I sneak Kona longboard into the next show I see you at, will you chug one with me?

pepperlive3 karma

yes, arctic monkeys, back next year, they are all our fave!!!!

stucker50022 karma

Not a huge fan of reggae, island music, ect. That being said I've always thought you guys rock. Thanks!

pepperlive4 karma

You Rule!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!

kookbrutah2 karma

whos the biggest kook you know? Whens the next Colorado show? favorite place to surf other then Hawaii? chocolate or whipped cream on your punani?

pepperlive3 karma

we feel like it cause we havent surfed in so long, but Obama is kooking it pretty hard!!!! ogden theater in about a week, west samoa, whipped cream

Tattooedmaiden132 karma

Who is your favorite person in the whole entire world?

pepperlive3 karma

probably that guy who lived in a tree in humbolt for months or it might of been a girl

t_o_a_D2 karma

whats wrong with your FACE??

pepperlive3 karma

you never smile anymore!!!!!!!

Cin311g2 karma

This is not a question.... Just thought I'd share with you how much my 21 month old boy loves to jam to all y'all's music, I think his fav right now is "higher ground"... He grooves to it like my gawd, u jus gota see lol... THANKS FOR ALL Y'ALL DO ~Much LOVE

pepperlive2 karma


Eatyourkale2 karma

Are you planning on playing "Freeze" in Denver on October 8th?

pepperlive3 karma

for you yes ;)

AlceFeliz2 karma

Hi!! Tomorrow is my 21st birthday and my boyfriend is taking me to see you guys tonight in Cleveland! So so excited. I just wanted to say you guys are awesome!

Edit: Any plans to play with 311 again?

pepperlive3 karma

HAPPY BDAY!!!!! party will be extra big tonight!

ClaymoreMine2 karma


pepperlive4 karma

  1. a new beginning, the next chapter of pepper
  2. santa barbara bowl
  3. jimi hendrix, i think he would make for the best/funnest experience, and that would just be an epic photo for instagram, hahahahaha!!!

sibilith2 karma

Damn! I saw you guys in 2008 with the Offspring and 311 at Jones Beach, NY! I've been into you guys ever since.

Favorite foods?

pepperlive3 karma

Organic food and raw fish!!!!!!! thanks for listening to the music brother

Rocafella19842 karma

Chicago in 3 days where do you guys hang out out when you in town

pepperlive3 karma

CUT, Mastros, bull and bear, our friend Miles pad, god bless the bears!

albob2 karma

First of all you guys fucking rock, definitely one of my inspirations for playing guitar and making music.

I wanted to ask you where you guys get your inspiration and what does the writing process look like for you?

pepperlive2 karma

this last album was starting an idea on acoustic bringing it live electric and then back and forth till it was right!!!!!

pizz9011 karma

Ah I love you guys. Everytime I've seen you it's been an amazing show. Who have been your favorite people to tour with? It's slightly stoopid isn't?

Edit: Scratch that question although I do wanna know about SS and you guys but I got a better one:

Kaleo how good was this girls shit? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlJf-PwJj-4

P.S. Come back to philly!

pepperlive2 karma

they are on top that list for sure!!!

VoiceofSiL3nce1 karma

What is your favorite album to date?

pepperlive2 karma

of ours???? the new self titled!!!!! and as far as others maybe WEEN, chocolate and cheese!!!!

tiemydrinkingshoes1 karma

subtle promo album plug? where?

pepperlive2 karma

up top of page!!!!!!

mccrackinfool1 karma

Love you guys, Whats your favorite city to play in? I missed you guys in Philly last year and have been supper bummed out about that.

pepperlive2 karma

they are all amazing, but if theres a city near an ocean with waves we're a little biased

blindinganusofhope1 karma

Favorite place to eat in SoCal?

pepperlive3 karma

fish 101 in north county SD

hammartime161 karma

Would you guys ever be whiling to do a show in Canada? Preferably Toronto or Montreal?!

pepperlive3 karma

yes, we cant wait!!!!!!! just saw swav from ill scarlett in buffalo show!

nrodri091 karma

Great music you guys make. I got two questions.

How was is it going on tour I believe last year touring with Sublime with Rome and Cypress Hill? How coo were they?

Also, you guys should come to El Paso, TX again!

pepperlive2 karma

it was nothing short of amazing, got 2 watcg 2 favorite bands every night!!!! we will!!!!!

jj_nelly1 karma

Ayy!! Wassup guys. I must say I love all your music. And low key I've used the song Tongues multiple times to get ladies in the mood haha!!! You guys need to hit up places in LA whenever you can ill bring a bunch of fools to see you play!!!! By the way I think Bret's cousin used to coach me for water polo when I played club for Malibu sharks. At least he said he was one of your guys cousins haha I dunno if it was true!! Peace!

pepperlive2 karma

that was Dre, Brets cuz, and we're playing the avalon in hollywood on october 19th!!!

Anthoney1 karma

No question here. Just wanted to say thank you guys for rocking my faces off on multiple occasions.


pepperlive2 karma

our pleasure, more to come!!!!!

jesslynnn1 karma

I saw you guys at Webster Hall in NYC the 21st and you guys a few times before that! You guys are awesome and my by far favorite band to see live. When are you guys coming back around to NJ/NY area?? Love ya guys

pepperlive2 karma

summer prob the soonest

jimtakesthecake1 karma

love from Chicago....daaaaa bears

pepperlive2 karma

Much love Bear Down!!!!

snenifer1 karma

Steal any Segways recently? You guys killed it in New Orleans and I hope you hit the Gulf Coast again soon. Met you guys and showed you that we own everything you've released, with the new self titled being our favorite. Is there a song you refuse to play now? (we asked for Wanted but were refused ;) )

pepperlive2 karma

we're gonna have that ready for next tour, promise!!!!! good seeing you guys on here!!!!!!

MoochieHexagon1 karma

Been listening to you guys since back in the day. Brett bought me a beer when I was 17 at the troubadour haha my band in high school played all pepper songs in battle of the bands and won. 2 questions:

  1. What's band chemistry like after all these years? You guys ever scrap each other?

  2. What nationality are all you guys?

Follow me on insta! @optimuslimes

pepperlive2 karma

better than ever!!!! having more fun than ever, everything from mexican to hawaiian

VXmatt1 karma

Hope I didn't miss you! Love you guys! Any chance you will be coming to Toronto anytime in the near future?

Big fan! MAtt

pepperlive3 karma

hopefully 2014!!!!! love you more!!!!!!

cortezology1 karma

Pepper, you guys put on one of the best live shows I've ever seen in TX a few years back. What other artists would be your dream tour?

pepperlive3 karma

foo fighters!!!!! UB40!!!!!!!

erijoyg1 karma

Will you be doing any shows in March? Maybe in Texas? I've got a wedding to go to but if I got to see you guys that would make me very happy!

pepperlive2 karma

pepperlive.com stay tuned!

fromthepharcyde1 karma

you guys have a crazy positive energy, even when you're just answering these questions. keep on keeping on!!!!

pepperlive3 karma


OUT_OF_ORDER-131 karma

HI GUYS! Saw you in Vermont and actually MET you! Been following since the beginning just wanted to say thanks again! And Hope to see you on tour again! We tried to catch that beer after the show but didn't see you :D

I also needed you guys to resign (not you yee) 'Buster Brown' faded and Kaleo's smeared! :( Maybe next time you guys will do the VIP again and we can go for round 2! And grab a drink and a Toke!

pepperlive3 karma

love and aloha!!! vermont was badass!!!higher ground!!

SleepingGiant651 karma

Hey guys, just wanted to say I fucking love the new album! In fact it's playing right now on my stereo.

Ever have plans to come through Bakersfield, CA again? My sister saw you guys a few years back and says it's the best show she's ever been to.

Also, what are your favorite beers?

pepperlive6 karma

and thank you so much for oicking up the new album!!!

pepperlive4 karma

steinlager and coors light for Yee, and yes, we should be around after the first of the year, might be fresno though

killaskezo1 karma

What happened to Law Records?

pepperlive3 karma

what you mean????? the new album was released on LAW as a partnership with LAW records and were gearing up a 7" vinyl split with the mad caddies, alive and well my friend!!

deeptruthmusic1 karma

how did you come up with the band name!?

pepperlive3 karma

SNL skit from early 90's with kevin nealon and Kirstie Alley

killaskezo1 karma

It was something to do with an SNL skit

pepperlive3 karma


lasthorizon251 karma

can you say something real nice-like to me in your smooth raspy voice?

pepperlive2 karma

have a groovy day ;)

Turtlegalore1 karma

Is is it true that you guys and jack mellow man Johnson do not get along?

pepperlive5 karma

not a single bit we're huge fans of Jack!!!! and what hes all about with the environment etc!!!!!

ArcticSpyder0 karma

Still butthole surfing?

pepperlive3 karma

only when we hang with paul leary!!!!!