Hi Reddit! We just released our new album "hawaiii" which we're really excited about. You can listen to it for free on our soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/saidthewhale/sets/hawaiii) and you can buy it on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/hawaiii/id690743018

We're currently in our tour van driving from Philadelphia to Providence, RI for the last few dates of our American tour. Hopefully the reception holds up. We should be at a hotel soon.

Proof: https://twitter.com/saidthewhale/status/383365920711639040

EDIT: Thanks for your questions everyone! This was fun. Hope to see you somewhere on the road, tour dates up at http://www.saidthewhale.com/tour-dates

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kirkofdoom41 karma

A) There are "Tyler songs" and "Ben songs" (and the odd "Spenny song") but why not more "Tyler & Ben songs"? Like Love is Art/Sleep Through Fire, arguable the best STW song.

2) How is Resolutions going to work live? Please tell me one of you is going to do Shad's part. Ben, or Jacelyn maybe?

IV) Seriously, what did the whale say? So, what are your thoughts on the Polaris Prize? ; )

saidthewhaleband23 karma

A) We both write from a VERY personal place, so writing together has just never happened. Love is Art/Sleep Through Fire was written separately actually - we just put the two songs together. B) Will be practicing in front of the mirror for months. Will try. IV) Aidan Knight was snubbed.

BicycleCrasher36 karma

I remember finding you guys on iTunes when looking at some Hey Rosetta in 2008. Listened to a couple tracks and immediately bought the Howe Sounds/Taking Abalonia album. It became the soundtrack of my life for the next 2 years. It wasn't until late 2009 when a co-worker recognized my jams blaring at work, and she threw me a copy of Islands Disappear. Next soundtrack.

And so it went. Then when the New Brighton EP was about to drop, Spring of 2011, and you guys did a tour stop at Emo's in Austin, TX. I started talking to Tyler, he asked me where I was from, and I told him I drove from my college town, College Station. He thought it was super cool that I drove that far to come see them on a Tuesday night. He told me they couldn't sell the New Bright EP in Canada yet, but it was cool to sell them in the States, but he wouldn't let me pay for the CD. He gave it to me. Some weird locals started that night, but We Are The City opened for these guys. Those guys were the shit, and when the concert was ending with Goodnight, Moon (easily the best way to end a concert ever), these skinny bearded Canadians joined these other whale-y Canadians and everybody was just going crazy. The crowd was pretty chill though.

After giving me the EP, Tyler introduced me to Ben, with whom I talked about Dr Pepper, because they had gone through Waco, home of Dr Pepper.

Skip ahead to Spring of 2013. I email Tyler and see if he wants to swing through Bryan, TX and play a house show. He says he'll talk to people about it.

I get nothing for weeks.

Then, a couple weeks before one of the possible dates, I get an email from Tyler. He says they're game, and "what was the date for the house show again?" I tells him when it is, and we're all-go.

Day of house show (greatest day ever) -

They pull up with their van and trailor. I meet Tyler, Jayce, Ben, Spencer, Nathan, their manager, who's name escapes me (I feel bad because I've gotten drunk with the man), and another guy that was touring with the band. We get everything set up and run a sound check. Tyler looks over and asks, "Lincoln, is there a song that we have to play or you'll kill yourself?"

"Government Heart". Didn't drop a beat.

I'm running around making sure my home-stereo-turned-live-PA was working, which it wasn't. I had the beat the shit out of it to get it to stop hissing.

Tyler calls out and says they can't play Government Heart during the show, but they'll play it right now.


Said the Whale was playing my favorite song for me in my backyard. Just me. Talk about a badass moment.

We go through the concert, which was awesome, I buy some vinyl and get signatures, and Tyler and Jayce leave, because they're tired. Spence, Ben, and Nathan stayed and we partied all night. The guys even met my neighbors.

Called them a cab, and got them to their hotel.

No real question here, just wanted to say hi to you guys.

saidthewhaleband21 karma

true story.

immorta117 karma

Jaycelyn will you marry me?

goalieca14 karma

Get in line!

saidthewhaleband43 karma

it stretches around the block.

shawnisnumber116 karma

What do you guys like doing when you aren't busy with band stuff?

saidthewhaleband24 karma

Fishing! (duh?) -BW

scottshott16 karma

Why did you choose to put three 'I's in "Hawaiii" ?

saidthewhaleband154 karma

hawaiii not?

ajedwards3713 karma

Hello Whales!

First of all I would like to congratulate you all on your new album - it's certainly a banger. I have loved watching your band evolve from album to album and song to song.

I am an urban planning university student in Ontario, and I've been asked to write a paper about a Canadian band and how place is present in their work. I not only chose you because I'm in love with your music, but also because your lyrics so eloquently paint a picture of your love for your city. Your songs False Creek Change, The Banks of the English Bay, Big Wave Goodbye, and many others are so beautifully written. I would love to hear your opinions about Vancouver's direction from the whale's mouth - so to speak. Many of your songs talk about saying goodbye and are nostalgic in a sense; is this because you don't like the direction Vancouver has taken? Do you think the city has oppressed the fisherman lifestyle?

saidthewhaleband12 karma

Heavy question! Vancouver has definitely changed a lot, and those songs represent the nostalgia I feel for the way things used to be...but at the same time, Vancouver is doing a great job at being a modern and sustainable city, I think it should be applauded for that. Like any other growing city, change is inevitable. It's still our home! -BW/TB

smckenzie232 karma

You should write a song about bike lanes. :)

saidthewhaleband3 karma

its called "2010" from our album Little Mountain.

Maryjane4206913 karma

I love Canada.

That is all.

saidthewhaleband24 karma

but the beer is so abundant and cheap in America!

unicornzombiez13 karma

Hi! I'll be seeing you guys live in December for the 7th time in Vancouver and I'm so excited, thank you for all the great music and keep doing what you're doing.

Enough fangirling, questions! Who is each of your biggest musical inspiration? What is your favourite thing do to in Vancouver when you're here?

saidthewhaleband8 karma

Holy shit, that's a lot of times. Thank YOU. Our musical inspirations vary so much from member to member...which is why I think our music can be such a diverse palette.

When we're in Vancouver I think we're all usually just so happy to be home, that we just stay home. Ha.

rickdesmond12 karma

What are your favourite unsigned bands/solo artists in Vancouver?

saidthewhaleband11 karma

That list is SO long and Im afraid if I start typing names I'll leave someone out and regret it later. Vancouver has a great scene in a lot of different genres.

reginula12 karma

Is it tough for Jaycelyn to live with 4 guys while on tour? did she become one of the guys?

P.S. Come to Mexico sometime!

saidthewhaleband16 karma

I have an older brother and have always been surrounded by guys. They've become my brothers and we have a ton of fun. -JB

puapl10 karma

Do you think you guys have strayed far away from your first album or more specifically "Camilo"? I think you have, but I'm not really sure if it's pure maturity in the way you're writing and performing your songs, or if you've decided to make music in a different way.

saidthewhaleband11 karma

We've always just written what came naturally, and it's always seemed to result in a fairly mixed bag of songs. A lot of people tend to focus on whichever songs of ours get played on the radio, but I think our sound is a lot more than that. Lots of my favs of ours are deep cuts!

bobdisgea9 karma

Hi guys!

I have a few questions that have been bugging me for a while. I had planned to ask them in Atlanta but I didn't end up making it. My friend Brad said you remembered me by name(or at least Ben did) and I know I won't ever stop loving you guys. Hopefully you guys can come back to Florida next year and enjoy our summer :P

  1. Is willow about the character from buffy? If not who is it about?

  2. When will jayclelynn do lead vocals on a track?

  3. When will Nathan?

  4. Why was weight of the season chosen for hawaiii?

  5. When will new merch be online?

saidthewhaleband11 karma

If Willow wasn't about Buffy The Vampire Slayer before, it sure is now!

thebchristensen8 karma

Hey guys! Boring business-related question here; at what point did you guys decide to bring other people on board the whale (i.e. manager, agents, label, etc.), and what brought you to that decision? And what brought you and Parkside together? He seems like the coolest cat!

saidthewhaleband9 karma

Most managers and agents want to see that you can do everything yourself before they will have any interest in working with you. We started out doing it all ourselves, and got a break when Perez Hilton blogged about us - that was enough to generate a bit of industry interest which we capitalized on. I (Tyler) met Parkside through a company I was working with at the time called Frontside Group, which is a music promotion firm I worked with at the time.

shotgun_jim7 karma

1) One of your tweets mentioned some AFRICAMZUNGUVIBRATIONS. Did I miss this on hawaiii?

2) While you guys have certainly changed a lot from Howe Sounds/Taking Abalonia, you still have that classic Said the Whale sound that I love listening to. On your previous albums, I've really enjoyed what I've deemed to be Canadian Folk music (This City's a Mess, Black Day in December, Out on the Shield, Big Sky, MN, etc). I really love the stories that get told in those songs, but hawaiii didn't really include anything like that. So! What kind of things inspired you guys to write hawaiii, and how were those things a bit different than previous albums?

3) How hard does a guy have to party in the front row of your show in Saskatoon in order for you guys to collectively say, "This guy needs to be partying just as hard up on the stage for one song"?

4) Will you pay the money I'm going to have to owe my landlord due to noise complaints from listening to Helpless Son too loudly when the vinyl arrives?

Loved the album and looking forward to seeing you in November.

saidthewhaleband9 karma

1) I think those vibrations were referring to the song 'Barbara-Ann' which is on the I Love You EP. 2) There are stories being told on hawaiii, but they are more personal this time around. Inspiration is hard to come by, but when it hits, you roll with it. This time it was a lot of internal stuff that bubbled up. So we went with it. 3) I guess we'll find out this November? 4) Only if you'll pay the money I'll owe my landlord because most people illegally download music these days...

shotgun_jim3 karma

I think the fact that I'm waiting for a pre-ordered vinyl says I'm doing my part!

saidthewhaleband9 karma

hell yea you are. love you.

Rob_Saget7 karma

  • What is one band you're wanting to tour with that you have yet to do so?
  • What has been your most surreal moment on stage?
  • I host a podcast that has musicians (Andrew WK, Bryan Beller, etc) come on a nerd out with us. Would you be interested in being a guest to talk audio?

Thanks for this AMA and look forward to your responses!

saidthewhaleband10 karma

1) Fleet Foxes 2) we all have different answers. Spenny says playing with Blue Rodeo. Ben says playing Canucks intermission. Nathan says "being handed 8 shots on stage on my birthday"...cant argue with that! 3) sure! email us

experimentalelevator7 karma

Yesterday, I was asked how many times I have seen you guys this year, I said 3, soon to be more and everyone was surprised. How hard is it touring so much and constantly being away from home?

saidthewhaleband15 karma

Its fucking hard. But these dudes and girl that I'm having dinner with right now make it so, so much easier. Love em all. -TB

baileyp737 karma

hiii I really love your band and can't wait for the Ontario shows in November! Anyways I've got two questions for you today:

  1. I really love playing your stuff on guitar and for the most part I can figure it out by ear or by watching live performances on youtube but there's always some stuff I can't figure out. Would you guys ever be willing to post guitar tabs for your songs or do some video tutorials?

  2. This one is for Tyler... Are you busy on June 19th? Will you go to prom with me ;)

saidthewhaleband13 karma

YES I will go to prom with you.

baileyp736 karma

Awesomeness! I'm gonna hold you to that, mmkay? I hope it won't be too much trouble for you to come all the way to Toronto ;) Also, I appreciate your answer even more because now my friend owes me $50 and he'll owe me $500 if you actually show up, no pressure though :)

saidthewhaleband10 karma

split the $500 with me?

Helotron30006 karma

Hello! In some of your earlier songs you can sometimes hear a bit of despair in regards to what Vancouver, and perhaps BC in general have become. Do you miss the Vancouver that had a much smaller percentage of yuppies and businessmen as much as I do? Do you think the keystone pipeline project will actually happen and how do you feel about how our government has been handling the negotiations for us BC residents.
Also, I saw you guys open for Plants and Animals at Sugar nightclub in Vic a few years back and you have absolutely stolen my heart. As someone who grew up in the Lower Mainland I really appreciate your take on west coast music. I grew up on the beach and camping around the province, and it makes me feel like I'm home! I think my favourite songs are BC Orienteering and a Cold Night Close to the End. Granted I have not heard the new album yet so maybe there is something new....

saidthewhaleband4 karma

Vancouver is our home and we will always love it. Change is inevitable. The pipeline debate is one that's easy to get very upset about - we are a nature-loving group, but also recognize that we live in a resource-based country. There is no easy answer.

uzi10805 karma

It seems like with each new album, as your sound evolves, the artistic difference between "Tyler" songs and "Ben" songs widens. Is this a source of tension at all, or do you enjoy the evolution process?

saidthewhaleband5 karma

I think thats what makes our band be our band. No tension.

hknapp775 karma


saidthewhaleband5 karma

That sure is a school that people can learn at!

Kingofchem5 karma

Can you guys pleas please PLEASE release Father? It's absolutely one of my favourite songs by you guys! I'm dying to hear a recorded version. It's so good

saidthewhaleband7 karma

Nice find!! We recorded that song with Phil Ek last summer, not sure when we'll release it, but we will at some point...

Djdecontrolled5 karma

1) If I were to move to Vancouver for film school, what would be some must see's/do's? 2) What's the meaning behind "I Could Smoke"? 3) What made you choose to put "Weight of the Season" on hawaiii? I was so ecstatic when I saw it in the song list.

Love, The Strong Swimmers kid from Colorado Springs <3

saidthewhaleband9 karma

1) Become a full-blown sushi addict 2) its about being 28 years old and still living most of my life in a van playing shows in small bars, while watching my friends at home settle into real careers, getting engaged, pregnant, etc... Aging without maturity I suppose. Not that I'd have it any other way - I love what I do, but its a strange life that requires constant reflection. 3) That song has always been one of my favourites, so I demanded we re-record it for the album so more people could hear it. Working with Aidan on that song was amazing too. -TB

ChangSublime5 karma


saidthewhaleband2 karma

hard to choose. Depends on our mood!

RyanGee5 karma

Cannot WAIT to see you guys in Fredericton. But I've been dying to know, what are the best road snacks that you guys have found in your travels?

And as an islander, I have to ask, favorite thing to do on PEI?

Much love guys!

saidthewhaleband6 karma


RyanGee3 karma

Had to google that jazz, it looks like the promise land.

saidthewhaleband4 karma

it'll change your life

soboleski4 karma

First off - you guys rock! Second - your songs vary in sound quite a bit from slow harmonies (Islands Disappear), to catchier pop-ier ones (Camilo), and more rocking ones (I love you), do you have more fun making and performing any style in particular?

saidthewhaleband6 karma

The most fun part about this band is the variation

superhero_zero4 karma

  1. Love your guys' stuff! Favourite food joint in Vancouver to go to as a band? Or separately, whichever.

  2. Do you/would you do weddings?

saidthewhaleband9 karma

  1. I have a sushi place that I'll never reveal.
  2. Sounds awkward!

Bayleafqween4 karma

What are some of the most interesting people you've encountered on your tour?

saidthewhaleband26 karma

We met a guy at Waffle House the other day, he was a drifter who introduced himself as Trainwreck...

patmon4 karma

you guys are awesome! saw you at squamish fest this summer! who would you have wanted to win the polaris prize this year??

saidthewhaleband8 karma

Godspeed got a great conversation going, so I think it worked out great!

lime98tiger4 karma

What is your guys relationship with the kids in the music video for loveless? I was always curious about that.

saidthewhaleband11 karma

I teach the girl piano, and the boy is her friend from school -JB

V-Lasher3 karma

how do you guys feel about the influence of drugs in music?

saidthewhaleband11 karma

Does ritalin count?

mistakenistaken3 karma

Hey Said the Whale!

You guys played in Victoria with Tokyo Police Club a few years ago. I waited and waited to get a t-shirt signed for me and a friend of mine – who couldn’t come because she was underage. I was thrilled when every one of you came out to see me. You were all so friendly and welcoming and you each took the time to write or draw on our shirts. That meant a lot to me!

I don’t have a question. I just wanted to send love from Victoria.

saidthewhaleband3 karma

We're announcing a show in Victoria very soon!

malheureusement3 karma

We Are The City, Aidan Knight, and you guys all seem to be close and always promoting each other. How did these friendships come about? And any more collaborations with either of these bands going to happen? :)

saidthewhaleband2 karma

You meet a lot of people when you play in a band, and we met all those guys the same way as always, by playing shows together. We've become great friends. Collabs can always happen!

maybe_sparrow3 karma

No question, just want to let you know that the "backwards" set you played at Breakout West in Kelowna a few years ago was probably my favourite concert experience of all time - especially right at the end when, for the "sound check", you got the entire audience to be quiet then played an acoustic version of "Curse of the Currents" to finish the night. Thinking about it still gives me goosebumps.

Also, thanks for the random texts sometimes. You guys are all kinds of amazing!

saidthewhaleband4 karma

.night funny a was that oh ahaH

DerekVl3 karma

Why's Jaycelyn such a babe?

saidthewhaleband25 karma

Its just a question that I still dont have the answer for...

Liights3 karma

Hey guys! I don't have a question, but I'd like to apologize on behalf of my highschool. Back in 2011 someone organized for you to play at our highschool during lunch hour. I thought you guys did awesome, but we were a super shitty crowd who were really ungrateful that you guys came and did a free show for us. Anyways, stay awesome and I hope your experience at my school wasn't too awful! You guys rock.

saidthewhaleband2 karma

we had a great time playing at all those schools, no need to apologize :)

philmatt243 karma

What's it gonna take to get the STW acoustic/introspective breakdown show? I'm talking Curse of the Currents, Strong Swimmers (well, all of Bear Bones), Elkhorn, Holly, Black Day, Cold Night, Little Bird, Big Wave, Lover/Friend, Seasons, The Weight of the Season. This needs to happen.

saidthewhaleband5 karma

love it!

RinkenRoo2 karma

1) How do you choose bands to open for you when you do headlining tours? Do you usually just pick bands whom you're close with?

2) Do you ever choose bands local to the area to open for you?

(side-note, Hawaiii is amazing, I can't even chose a favourite song from it. Everything is so great, congratulations!)

saidthewhaleband3 karma

We choose the bands we're the most excited about at the time! 2) we sometimes choose local bands, but prefer to choose one band to open the entire tour rather than a different band each night.

StellaMarabeau2 karma

Hey there, You guys are such an inspiration and I truly admire your work!I practically listen to you everday and I'm curious to know if you ever have considered working with new talent and doing collaborations, with aspiring artists like myself.

saidthewhaleband2 karma

Thank you! We're always open to everything.

slipperysalami2 karma


saidthewhaleband3 karma

Acknowledged. So glad you exist.

rorydaniel2 karma

Thanks for the AMA! What music are you guys listening to right now?

saidthewhaleband10 karma

Wilco is playing at this pub we're eating at right this second.

alocacoc42 karma

First off, so excited that you guys are a part of the reddit world now :) When you play at the Brass Taps in Guelph will you let me buy you a round of drinks? Seriously, it's on my bucket list to have a drink with you guys. My favourite band + my favourite city, I gotta celebrate!

P.s. Hawaii is an amazing album just like all your others. Thanks for being awesome.

saidthewhaleband2 karma

See you at the bar!

therealfan2 karma

Thoughts on Pemberton Festival having a rival in summer 2014? I would love to see you guys on the bill. Your new album is just fantastic! Love all your stuff and you put on a mean live show. Keep rocking it.

saidthewhaleband2 karma

Sounds like a traffic jam!

linden122 karma


saidthewhaleband3 karma

It's a metaphor for a lost love.

danrduff2 karma

what's your own personal favourite off the new album?

saidthewhaleband2 karma

What's yours?

jeneigh2 karma

One of my favorite songs of yours is Camilo. So I'll ask you guys, what is the coolest magic trick you've ever seen?

saidthewhaleband12 karma

The one where our gear magically disappeared from our trailer in Sacramento...

chipsnz2 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA! :D I saw you guys in Bristol last summer and I can say that it was amazing, you guys are the only ones among my favourite bands that i've seen live, plus I only started listening to your music maybe a month before I got to see you play :D

Have you guys considered doing a tour of Australia/New Zealand at all?

Hellwyrm2 karma

STW needs an Australia/New Zealand tour. (I need it)

saidthewhaleband4 karma


kimmieschneider2 karma

What did you think of Albuquerque, NM? I live here and usually I hate it.

saidthewhaleband7 karma

I have never seen hydraulics on a car in real life, and the night we played there I saw 5 cars with hydraulics. Amazing. Also, breaking bad, etc etc.

Mountainman322 karma

Hi Whales! Question for Tyler and Nathan! Both you guys seem to have gotten so lean these past few years! What's your secret? and also! Tyler, where do you buy your clothes? You have great style

saidthewhaleband2 karma

dairy queen blizzards, all day every day. As for clothes...thanks! I hate shopping, but get lots of help from my girlfriend.

tessiec2 karma

How do you guys pick the artist and style for your album art? Is that an emotional choice you guys decide on as a band to fit your musical aesthetic, or more the record label's side of things?

saidthewhaleband2 karma

We decide on all album art. In the past, Andy Dixon has designed our album art, but the hawaiii cover was a photo that we found on Tumblr. Andy did the layout though.

dckx1232 karma

Hi guys! Is it true that you and Hey Ocean! chose your names together to fit and form a sentence? As in, "'Hey ocean!' said the whale"? Or is that just a fanciful bit of Vancouver band lore?

Keep up the good work! Islands Disappear is one of my favourite albums to which to listen :)

saidthewhaleband3 karma

Not true at all! I heard that one a few weeks ago for the first time. Just a coincidence, I think.

ValyrianIce2 karma

Whoa, hey Jaycelyn, Nathan, Ben, Tyler, and Spencer. On the day of your album drop I had a bit of a breakdown and ended up in a hospital for a week. While I was there, my dad bought Hawaiii for me so I got to listen to it. How many entries did you get for the karaoke contest? Mine was the one with the pink hair. I've kind of shaved it off since then though haha. I can't stop thinking about the whole contest. It's got me buzzing for some reason. Anyway I've known about your band for only a year and a few months. I have to say, you're one of my very favourite groups. I don't really have any questions, sorry!! Just these uh. Paragraphs. I always like asking this question: what's your favourite indie band of the moment? Who do you really love that could use a signal boost? I can't wait to see you in Ottawa. I have my ticket. I'd like to make something for everyone in the band...what would you like? Cookies? Home-knit hats? Anyway, love you all. Have a great night. Enjoy the tour.

saidthewhaleband3 karma

The contest is still running, your entry was great! Hope you're feeling better now <3

implosionatic2 karma

I know you guys are not planning on comming to South America anytime soon, so if I fly there and get to see a show, do I get autographs and pictures with each and every one of you?

saidthewhaleband3 karma


LuminousFaery2 karma

How did it begin? Are any of you long-time buddies?

saidthewhaleband4 karma

Tyler here - myself, Ben and Spencer all went to the same highschool. Ben and I started out making weird music in my basement, and eventually I dropped out of school so we could make a proper album (Taking Abalonia). Spencer joined right after that and the rest is history...

Chai_Ito2 karma

First of all, thanks for all the amazing music. I'm looking forward to delving into hawaiii and finding out more of what The Whale Said.

Two questions

  1. Is there any genre that you admire/draw influence from that people might not necessarily expect? If it's a sound that's really disparate from your indie rock groove, do you ever think about trying to dabble in it for fun?
  2. Robin Williams did an AMA yesterday and had this to say about Canada: "You are the kindest country in the world. You are like a really nice apartment over a meth lab." (link) Do you agree with this sentiment? I imagine you see a lot of your friendlyish neighbors to the south on tours, and would be able to comment on this.

Thanks for the AMA!

Edited to put that third I in hawaiii. Sneaky, sneaky title.

saidthewhaleband4 karma

  1. We all enjoy a VAST array of different music, and I think some of those different styles definitely make their way into our music...jazz, folk, electronic, etc.
  2. I saw that AMA, it was amazing. We've had nothing but great experiences in the US, so I think he was being a bit dramatic when he said that maybe. But it was funny nonetheless.

Frozoned2 karma

Whats your guys most favorite food on the road? This is a question for everyone!

saidthewhaleband5 karma

Thai food is the one thing we can ALWAYS agree on.

Seansav2 karma

Hey guys! First of all, thanks for being so active with all the social media you guys do. It really helps to set you guys apart from other bands.

What is Black Day in December about? I remember it was said at a concert but I have poor memory.

What is the best way to go about getting anything signed at a concert(like a CD or something)?

I work in a post office and get regularly bored. What's an address that I can send post cards to?

saidthewhaleband3 karma

Black Day in December is about a big wind storm that hit Vancouver in 2007 (or 2006?) and blew over 10,000 trees in Stanley Park -BW

Wylde_Guitarist2 karma

Hey! Just wanted to say my girlfriend and I saw you guys open for Stars in Saskatoon earlier this year and it was great! We bought the tickets just to see you guys. Also when we were at the bar after your set Tyler walked up to order drinks. I told my girlfriend to say hi but she was way too nervous. So this is me saying hi for her! :)

Ok question! Being a Canadian band from Vancouver how does it feel branching out and playing venues all over then coming home and playing local? I'm sure there's a noticeable difference but it still must be fun playing for new audiences.

P.S. Please do a tour with The Zolas. I love you both and it would sexually satisfy me to see you on the same bill.

saidthewhaleband2 karma

Always say hi! We're friendly. We like the challenge of playing for audiences who dont know us, but we like the energy of hometown shows. Both are great :)

epileptrick2 karma

How drunk did you get the night you sent snapchats of your new album to random people from twitter?

saidthewhaleband18 karma

We were with Hollerado in a hotel room, you do the math!

BaronMcLaughlin2 karma

Hey Said The Whale!

I was at your concert in Grand Rapids, Michigan last month.

There was not a very large crowd and while i felt the show was amazing and gave a more personal experience with the band. I was wondering if shows with a very small turn out tend to be disheartening?

p.s. I didn't get Jacelyn, Spencers, and Nathans autographs last show, so i expect one next time you are in Michigan.

saidthewhaleband3 karma

They can be tough sometimes, but there's always a redeeming quality about the small shows. A weird guy dancing in the front, or a kind word after the show that helps us remember why we're doing this. Thanks for being there by the way! Grand Rapids was really pretty.

feltyZ2 karma

What's the story behind "We Are 1980"? That's my favorite song you guys have put out

saidthewhaleband2 karma

That song is about the irony of smart phones that imitate old technologies

chelseabuhler2 karma

Hey guys, I remember when you were playing in Penticton, BC over at Voodoo's and my friend and I were sitting in the very front and I couldn't help but notice that Tyler had his pocket stick out and all I really wanted to do was stick my hand in his pocket (OCD much?). I also remember that when you guys starting singing "Goodnight Moon" that you waited to restart the song so that way the coloured lights synced up with the words.

Just my 2 cents, I have no questions. I love everything about you guys.

saidthewhaleband10 karma

We just spent like 5 minutes asking eachother "What's a pocket stick??"

uofcmountains2 karma

I've seen a ton of your shows and you pretty consistently seem to play Goodnight Moon (which is a personal favourite, so please don't stop!)

If you could only play one song live for the rest of your careers, what would it be?

saidthewhaleband2 karma

that would be a death sentence!

GGLannister2 karma

Thanks for coming to Yellowknife and playing Folk on the Rocks the summer before last. I have such respect for big bands who come play shows there because its a festival that is close to my heart. You guys were incredible, not just artists but you embodied the folk festival vibe.

saidthewhaleband3 karma

Yellowknife was INCREDIBLE

mymaniamakesmefunny2 karma

Why didn't your band like the pic I both tagged and hash tag you guys in. It was a hand drawn little pic for you and hey ocean. Neither of you liked it.


saidthewhaleband3 karma

We're liking it now.

unicornzombiez2 karma

Is Said the Ale truly the best beer around? I hear rumours it is.

saidthewhaleband3 karma

OH man, yes.

counting21002 karma

My friends and I went out to the park yesterday and filmed our "I Love You" kareoke video, and ended up scaring many a couples with the "OOOOOWEEEOOOOWEEEEOOOOO"s

Thank you guys for an amazing song, see you on November 25!

(also how do you guys get ideas for your songs??)

saidthewhaleband2 karma

haha amazing.

oddriceballs2 karma

Saw you guys in Toronto about 2 years ago with Tokyo Police Club and Born Ruffians, I was already a fan before and that show was absolutely amazing... Can we do it again?

saidthewhaleband2 karma


jeryarr2 karma

Hey folks!

Tyler - I am always jealous of your white v-neck shirts. Where do you get them from? (also, why do you hate playing Howe Sounds?)

Ben - What is your favourite steak condiment (there is only one right answer).

Spencer - Who would win in an arm wrestle, you or Aidan Knight?

Jaycelyn - When you come to Winnipeg, can you bring some of that delicious baking to share?

Nathan - If I asked you to sign a copy of Howe Sounds/Taking Abalonia, how would you make the old bassist look like you (presumably with sharpie marker)

saidthewhaleband7 karma

TB - American Apparel. I dont hate playing that song, I just prefer the newer ones so much better!

BW - Worcestershire sauce ;)

SS - Aidan Knight, no contest.

JB - Can I borrow your oven?

NS - massive penis

philmatt242 karma

For everyone: Which Ninja Turtle is your favorite?

saidthewhaleband3 karma

An impossible question. Each turtle possesses a different desireable trait, which is why they are the perfect team.

kevinwillis22912 karma

My girlfriend and I really love all your music. To get to my question though, your song "Barbara-Ann" has recently disappeared from Spotify and iTunes! It had become one of my new favorite STW songs, so any idea why it's been removed?

saidthewhaleband2 karma

That song is still up under the I Love You EP!


I've seen you guys perform about a dozen times, the majority of those on accident (you guys happening to be playing at a bar or event I'm at). How do you guys keep such a prolific gigging schedule?

saidthewhaleband3 karma

its not easy. A lot of phoning home. But it seems to be one of the only ways we can make lasting fans. We meet a lot of people at our shows, and actually start relationships with them. We have strong bonds with a lot of our fans as a result of the amount of touring we do.

smckenzie232 karma

Hey, I have a question. I heard somewhere that the lyrics of "I Love You" were based on a true story of one of you finding out you had siblings you didn't know about. True? It is a great song, but some pretty dark lyrics. I love the juxtaposition and the song is fantastic. But, if it were about me I'm not sure what I'd think. Can you confirm and give some background on what went into the songwriting?

saidthewhaleband3 karma

True. Tyler here. It's about learning I had a half-brother and half-sister when I was 7 years old or so. It's not that I didn't know they existed, its just that we never really had a relationship until then. All the stuff at the end of the song is NOT meant to paint them in a bad light - they're great people and I love them - that was more for example's sake. The song is just really about unconditional love for family members despite whatever shortcomings they may have.

Hellwyrm1 karma

I LOVE YOU GUYS! Do you guys transcribe your songs? I really wanna learn Plans for the Future and Wanting like Veruca.

I also wanted to say that the Islands Disappear lyric sheet gave me incredible closure, and additionally blew my mind. You weren't saying que Sera.

saidthewhaleband3 karma

Or was it that we couldn't get permission to quote the Doris Day song?

Albertcore1 karma

what are your favorite bands right now?

saidthewhaleband3 karma

The Dirty Nil from Hamilton, ON

pokemaster691 karma

How was working with Aidan Knight?

saidthewhaleband2 karma

We love him dearly, he's the best! Working with him was so easy. He's so good at music and has so many great ideas.

baileyp731 karma

so I posted a question earlier but I just thought of a new one... What was the inspiration behind the Jesse, AR music video? And also, was it terrifying to shoot it with all the fireworks on the drums and in your hands and such?

saidthewhaleband2 karma

I think that was the last video we shot for the Little Mountain series actually... and yes, that was terrifying. But really fun too, we love blowing shit up. The idea was from the brains of the brilliant Amazing Factory Productions.

BlueFetus1 karma

Hey guys! I just moved out to Vancouver from Saskatchewan and am in heaven with all the local breweries and varieties of beer. What are your favourite local beers?

saidthewhaleband3 karma

33 acres

redsKitchen1 karma

Let's drink after your upcoming Vancouver show!

saidthewhaleband2 karma

Yes, lets!

krustywazoo1 karma

Hey! Loving Hawaiii.

1) Who are your musical influences?

2) What kind of music/bands are you guys into? What are your favourite albums of this year?

3) Will you guys come back to Newfoundland? I couldn't make it to your show in Corner Brook.

saidthewhaleband2 karma

1) eachother, friends in bands in Canada, our families, loved ones... 2) Really digging the new King Krule 3) Nov 7 in St. Johns!

BreadMakesYou_Fat1 karma

What was your favorite or most exciting thing about making your newest album, "Hawaiii"?

saidthewhaleband2 karma

it was really amazing to record the album in short bursts rather than a big long session with 15 songs in it. It allowed us to focus on each song in a way that we've never got to before.

rigelstpierre1 karma

Hey guys! Rigel here from San Diego! Just wanted to say the new record is really great! What has your favorite place to eat in the states been so far?

saidthewhaleband3 karma

Dude there was this taco stand in San Diego called Vallarta Tacos that blew our mindsssss

JDGcamo1 karma

Not a question but just wanted to give yall some love on behalf of Vernon Oak. Had a blast at The Masquerade in Atl :)

saidthewhaleband2 karma

great time! Thanks for having us on the show and congrats on the CD release!

MoreThanOnce1 karma

When I was in high school, I gave my girlfriend a mix cd that had "Goodnight Moon" on it, after I heard it on the CBC. Now, 6 years later, the song wakes her up. We're seeing you guys in Kingston in November! So thanks for making awesome music.

What is the inspiration for the Christmas albums? They're great for listening to about halfway through December when I'm absolutely sick of hearing the same 5 songs in every store in town.

saidthewhaleband2 karma

Christmas = SO MANY FEELS x stressful family dinners / alcohol = inspiration

ddawgz1 karma

You guys to me have always been the ideal Canadian indie band, how does it feel to be on the rise and slowly becoming a major band in the music scene?

2) what inspired the name "Said the Whale"?

saidthewhaleband3 karma

We don't feel like we're a major band, but thanks for saying so!

IsaacRendell1 karma

Ben, I see from Intstagram that you like fishing. As an avid fisherman/songwriter myself, how has that influenced your work?

saidthewhaleband3 karma

Its a great time to be alone and reflect on the finer things in life. Also, judging by the amount of fish I've caught, I won't be quitting music any time soon...-BW

WarChangesSometimes1 karma

Hey there Said the Whale! My first song I ever heard from you guys was "Camilo the Magician" and that was at least 3 or 4 years ago. Ever since then, I've been hooked. I have a few questions:

1) What do you think of other local bands like Hey Ocean! and The Zolas? Have you had a chance to play with them and what are they like?

2) What album do you guys personally like the best? I really enjoy Islands Disappear but everything you guys make is awesome.

3) When are you coming back to Vancouver for a concert? I was hoping that you guys would be able to play at the 125th anniversary of Stanley Park since you're from Vancouver and all...

Also my friends and I are really big fans of yours (she's been begging me to get her Hawaiii haha) and I hope you guys keep rocking on. Cheers!

saidthewhaleband2 karma

1) We are great friend with them all and love them to bits! 2) hawaiii is our favorite album, hands down. 3) Dec 28!

mcnemesis1 karma

Hey Said The Whale! I'm a big fan but you're biggest fan is my BFFL Brad who has not only met you but managed to interview you when he worked at CIVL radio out at UFV! Anywho on my question

1- You guys did a listening party for Little Mountain. I loved every minute of it especially because I got to ask you questions there after...will you be doing the same for your new album? Or was that a one time deal?

2 - Pemberton Festival was just announced! Are you hoping to perform ? If not do you think you'll try and go?

3- They are making a Jurassic Park 4, titled Jurassic World...how do we feel about this?

Looking forward to your answers! See you at the end of December hopefully! //

saidthewhaleband2 karma

1) not sure! It was really fun though. Maybe we will... 2) Summer festivals rule, hopefully we get to play it! 3) FML

saidthewhale641 karma

Hey guys, I wanted to thank you for the inspiration for my username! What was the inspiration for your new album? I've noticed it'sgone in a bit of a different direction from your older ones

saidthewhaleband3 karma

I think hawaiii sort of sums up the full spectrum of what we're capable of as a band. There were no rules when we started making the record, we just let every song take us where it would take us.

BeautifulLittleWords1 karma

Hey guys! Just wanted to express my gratitude for your collective existence. I have been a fan of yours for a few years now, however I have never seen you live, because whenever you come to where I live (Northern Ontario) the show is 19+. But now that I am of age, I am eagerly awaiting your next visit!

For my question: The sound on your new album hawaiii seems to feel a bit more upbeat than your previous ones. What influenced your style on this album, and how would you say that your sound has changed between albums? How have you grown (in terms of style and as a band) over the years?

I look forward to hearing what's next from you guys and wish you all the best! :)

saidthewhaleband3 karma

Thank you for the kind words!

I think hawaiii is simultaneously more upbeat, but also more mellow and depressing. Does that make sense? People tend to focus on the upbeat tracks, but forget that there are very mellow songs like Weight of the Season, Helpless Son, resolutions, More than this...etc.

yukonblonde1 karma

Did Tyler write the song Nerve by Half Moon Run?

saidthewhaleband2 karma

I love Jeff Innes.

billmeister1231 karma

Hey guys! Loved your music ever since the first time i heard Plans for the Future during the winter of 2010, anyway on to my question!

When writing / creating songs, do you try to go for a certain feel with the track, like, for example on Black Day in December it has that cold wintery vibe, i don't know how to explain it but i hope this makes sense.

Keep doing what you are doing! :)

saidthewhaleband2 karma

For sure - each song has its own feel to it, and when we record its our job to best capture that feel. Glad you're feeling it.

sighilikepie1 karma

when will the hawaiii vinyl be shipping out to people that preordered them? im asking on behalf of my girlfriend who might be one of your biggest fans!

saidthewhaleband2 karma

Im told first week of October. Thanks for being patient, sorry for the delay!

digital-import1 karma


saidthewhaleband2 karma

looking forward to that show, sorry you can't make it! We haven't heard of Gentleman Hall before, but stoked to see them!

lulzaugusto1 karma

When are you guys coming to Brazil?

saidthewhaleband2 karma

I wish. If you ever see any cheap flights, please let us know.

kaitmae211 karma

SO much love you guys. I'm proud that you're spreading the Canadian joy around. Hawaiii is incredible. Keep on doing what you're doing, because you're freaking good at it. Smile creators. Love you! HOPEFULLY see you soon, if you're missing some Northern Ontario love in your life, stop right on in.

saidthewhaleband3 karma


SilverScythe31 karma

My sister is a big fan!

Can you guys give her a shout out?

saidthewhaleband6 karma

sup girl

VanRolly1 karma

Hey fellow Vancouverites!

Love seeing you play whenever you roll back into town - hoping to make it to the Commodore Ballroom show later this year. Which leads me to my question:

What venue is your favourite to play? And where would you truly love to play that you haven't had the chance to yet? Why?

Thanks for sharing your music, the Canadian flavour to a lot of your songs, and for being so damn friendly whenever I've bumped into one of you here in Vancouver!

saidthewhaleband3 karma

The Commodore is right up there with our fav places to play! Coachella would be a place we WANT to play...

asegal1361 karma

Hey Whales, thanks for doing this AMA! I’ve been a fan of you guys (and girl) since I saw the video for Camilo on the Wedge (back when Much Music still played music videos). I picked up Hawaiii yesterday and listened to it in preparation for this AMA. It’s very enjoyable and I found Mother, I love You, Willow and I Could Smoke to be standout tracks. I guess I should ask a few questions:

  1. A couple of years back, you sent out some Christmas cards and I was lucky enough to get one (thanks!). However, I’m actually Jewish and you never sent me a Hanukah card… How could you be so INSENSITIVE?!?

  2. I’m sure you’ve explained your band name somewhere else before, but if you don’t mind doing it again, where does it come from? And what’s with the influx of water related indie rock band names in Canada (You guys, Islands, Hey Ocean! Great Lake Swimmers)?

saidthewhaleband2 karma

  1. That sounds like entrapment to me. Not falling for it ;)
  2. Just a brainstorm! Had no idea there were so many nautical band names at the time.

dsouzar1 karma

Do people recognize you wherever you go? If so, what does it feel like? If not, do you wish they would ?

saidthewhaleband3 karma

I heard Dallas Green recently coined the term being "Rockognized". That VERY rarely happens to us.