It's Mick Jones and Paul Simonon from The Clash. We are in NYC for our new Sound System box set release and wanted to chat with you at Reddit. Ask us almost anything.

I have someone typing out these responses to help save time. We will be reading and choosing the ones we want to answer, and the responses are 100% our words.

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Thank you Reddit, see you next time: (video)

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TheClashUK1338 karma

Did you know in cyberspace that no one can hear you scream? - Mick

samantario596 karma

Can you give me a quote for my paper on punk rock for my uni English paper? Love from Richmond, VA

TheClashUK1062 karma

Number one rule of punk there are no rules - Paul

Number two you can do it yourself - Mick

dsleinen459 karma

Hey Clash. You got to let me know, should i stay or should i go?!?

TheClashUK726 karma

Decisions, decisions. - Mick

Indecisions, indecisions - Paul

Frajer266 karma

What's your favorite story/anecdote about Joe Strummer?

TheClashUK549 karma

I love about Joe about saving a guy drowning. Around the time we started hanging out together. That's just how he was. - Mick

We used to write, after the Clash, he used to come up to London and my place. Get a couple bottles of wine and we would lie on either side and spin music through the night. One of us one would fall asleep and the record was still spinning and the empty bottles of wine. Nice shared moments of shared music and just listening to music. We were listening to Lee Hazelwood, Reggae stuff, latin stuff... all sorts of stuff - Paul

Salacious-239 karma

Who is your favorite modern band or artist?

What genres do you really like beyond your own (rap, country, jazz, etc.)?

TheClashUK378 karma

Needs 20 years to find that one - Mick

I like the Yea Yea Girls, a genre of French girl singers from the 60s. Surf music, I discovered a female surf. The Honeys. They were produced by Brian Wilson. Bollywood film music from the 60s. Spaggheti westerns.

twinkyhouse220 karma

Were you contacted at all in the use of "London Calling" to showcase the 2012 Olympics/ involved in the decision of it's use? What are your opinions on the use of such striking lyrics being used as a jingle?

TheClashUK289 karma

We saw this thing in the paper, Thames if ever broke, central London would be under water. That was like the things in the song.

We did the video by the river, one of our road crew, he got annoyed about something, started throwing out stuff into the Thames. Probably still down there. In years to come, they are going to send divers for it.

Many years later, we were giving a demonstrations like the Tupac, but we saw Rodney Dangerfield, it was amazing. You couldn't tell. It was on a screen and you could interact it. We needed a camera, we needed it to do it on a boat. If we got an award it would be a hollogrammy! wink

TheClashUK216 karma

Thank you everyone!

packos130174 karma

What is your proudest achievement? Related or not to your music careers.

TheClashUK405 karma

I won ten pounds at an english school contest. - Paul

1 width swimming contest. - Mick

reeferkieffer157 karma

How did you meet Damon Albarn? And how did you end up playing in Gorillaz?

TheClashUK209 karma

In early 90s, we met Damon years ago when Blur was just starting. We were at a party, he was just there. Joe's wedding reception, Chrissy Hines was there with Damon, he orchestrated a group hug. I remember Damon was part of that group hug. We had never met him.

Paul had worked with Damon, it was a bit out of the blue.

I got a phone call, Damon was in the studio working on some ideas. He felt there was something missing. Somehow he came up with with my name. We arranged to meet. Maybe doing some music, let's see how this goes. Then we are on tour, to doing more stuff. Mick came in for the Gorillaz and doing the tour.

felix23137 karma

Firstly, let me thank you for your wonderfull music, made a huge impact on my life. I would like to ask Paul- Which bass line of the Clash is your favourite?

TheClashUK195 karma

That's a tough one - Paul

Rebel Waltz - Mick

cheezboiga130 karma

I created my user name after the best lyric from The Magnificent Seven.


TheClashUK119 karma

Are you in Brooklyn?

Gay4Moleman111 karma

Do you still think rocking the Casbah is the right move?

TheClashUK155 karma


PaddyWhacked99 karma

Tell us a dirty joke.....

TheClashUK384 karma

What did the big chimney say to the little chimney?

You are too young to smoke.

The-Reverend-JT89 karma

Wow! Thanks for doing this!

What do you think of the evolution of punk music over the last 30ish years? Are there any modern bands you are personal fans of?

TheClashUK222 karma

We came from punk, but we weren't restrained by it. The spirit has continued and you can see it in more forms of music. Not just the punk strain. The parallel is rap in America. More about community, it was everybody. Block parties.

We followed music where it took us. Joe's lyrics, the tune was there. Just by him writing, everything comes from nothing. It's a show about nothing. Haha

TheClashUK113 karma

I like Fabian Delph - Paul

I love how great Shuggie Otis is - Mick

Habeas88 karma

Was it harder to sing and play about problems and poverty in the working class once you guys had achieved massive fame?

TheClashUK161 karma

When you get like money and a big house, it does seem difficult. So don't get any of those things and you should be alright.

It depends on your viewpoint and what you have to say about your environment. After a while we can sing about being on support, but something that we had shared.

It was only a certain amount of stories you can sing about. It's the way you tell them. The stories the remain the same, it's the human experience.

thataintforkids84 karma

Thank you for taking the time to do this!

What was the biggest sacrifice becoming such known musicians, and what made it all worth it\was it worth it?

TheClashUK145 karma

We look as it as a pleasure. I had to give up football. Choice was football or music. I had to give it up to be serious of music. I used to collect footballers autograph. Paul still plays.

My team is QPR, it came in later after the punk stuff.

rish23483 karma

What is your most memorable show or live performance?

TheClashUK260 karma

Hamburg. The 2nd time we played, the audience were frozen the entire show. THe reason was because surrounding them was police with sub machine guns around the audience. Suddenly a human pyramid was created, guys that had come off a British Navy ship. To come see us. Cheering sailors and then the frozen crowd.

The Beatles played there too, John Lennon used to wear a toilet seat around him in performances.

hulkrules2208580 karma

If you had to pick the most influential punk band besides yourselves, who would it be?

TheClashUK171 karma

The Slits, The Sex Pistols

billyshears0678 karma

Big fan, I'd love seeing any or all of these answered:

1) How'd you guys get into reggae?

2) What were your favorite records when you were starting out/just getting into music?

3) What do you think of bands like U2, Rage Against the Machine, and Pearl Jam who were clearly influenced by you?

4) Did you have band meetings where you guys explicitly said to each other what kind of message you wanted to get across, or even just the fact that you wanted to be a socially/politically conscious band?

TheClashUK109 karma

1) I think it was around us all the time where we grew up. It was a regular thing that we heard it all the time. London is such a mixed city and now in the world. Over 300 languages spoken. All types of music was around us. Their 7"s came out so basic, when they came to the UK, they added string arrangement and making it pop. One of things we did as well - Mick 2) Ramones, Patti Smith - Horses

bsievers78 karma

What is the most embarrassing record you own?

TheClashUK139 karma

Pinky and Perky, It's a kids TV show. Two little pigs that dance. Film of them driving through the streets up to the BBC. It's a little model toy, the guy open the gates.

channelclicker58 karma

If The Clash were able to put on one last show tomorrow, what song would close the set? Encore?

TheClashUK93 karma

To end... hmmmmm Damage Line.

peterthefallenangel52 karma

Enjoying Sound System. Can there be any other unreleased Clash material? Thanks for being heroes.

TheClashUK327 karma

The answer is no. We were gonna release an illuminated pamphlet.

We could do a Clash Lego building set.

GodTheAbortionist46 karma

My dad and I are huge fans.

What was the inspiration for London Calling? There are so many different songs that fit together so well. Was there a unifying theme?

TheClashUK73 karma

We were definitely playing the music we liked. Pleasing ourselves and hoping other people liked it. Group unity. - Mick

Habeas45 karma

Paul, your artwork is great stuff, as well as your bass playing. Which do you feel more comfortable doing?

TheClashUK97 karma

Art is your own. It's night and day. It's not a shared experience.

DKNextor44 karma

The Clash had quite a musical evolution over the course of the band's life. Do you guys have a favorite period or album? How about one that was just "Meh, I'll do this because the other guys want to."

TheClashUK66 karma

We had never made an album before. The first part.

Record companies is all sped up, it's one single. Now in those days they would nurture you.

rassbaba140 karma

Who's initial Idea was it to do the the dub versions of bankrobber, armagideon time and crooked beat?

TheClashUK74 karma

It was a Jamaican idea. It was was just a 12" and then the other side was a dub.

zipperhead197136 karma

Who came up with the idea for the song Radio Clash and why

TheClashUK82 karma

Maybe the idea was like going radio to the world at the time. It might be connected partly to London, where we had pirate broadcasts, about communication. The tradition of pirate radio with ships before. Regulations. So many radio stations, the ideal of being a pirate and being connected to the community.

Rap was just starting, graffiti art, breakdancing. An entertainment news service.

DPG012429 karma

Who are your favorite football (soccer) teams?

TheClashUK75 karma

When I was a kid growing up, I was into Hot Spurs, I got into too much trouble with the street culture at the time. I was sent to live with my dad, basically it was a roundabout way, I was enforced to review my life. It was taken over by my father, I was let off into another path.

Joe's favorite team was Chelsea. Topper's was too.

TheClashUK55 karma

QPR - Mick

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TheClashUK22 karma

Paul - A tip on a horserace.

Mick - Put your sweaty suit outside the shower, it will steam it. That's a motown tip.