My short bio: To celebrate the opening of our second residency at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas now though Oct 6th, we're doing our very first reddit AMA! We'll begin answering questions here at 3PM EST/12PM PST! Submit your questions NOW!


Check out highlights from opening night here: Motley Crue Invites You to an Evening in Hell

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EDIT: THANK YOU to all the fans for your questions! We've gotta go get ready for the show tonight! Hope to see you all in Vegas!!

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acScience266 karma

Would you mind if I started an all Jewish Mötley Crüe cover band called Mötley Jëw?

MotleyCrueOfficial341 karma

Tommy: Fucking awesome.

Mick: On Family Guy they had the Jew Man Group, why not!

jaggazz226 karma

How do we know this is actually the band answering questions and not your PR guys?

MotleyCrueOfficial592 karma

Fuck you! Go fuck yourself!

Polonius_N_Drag44 karma

A PR guy would never say that to the fan base. Best proof ever.

sldorange9174 karma

motley crue's would

MotleyCrueOfficial331 karma

Fuck you too.

Plastic_orchids172 karma

Just had to let you know, my cousin walked down the aisle at her wedding to Home Sweet Home. The organist never showed and that's all anyone knew how to play on piano! Also, holy shit I love you guys!

edit* spelling

MotleyCrueOfficial138 karma

That's awesome!

r_antrobus123 karma

Can you guys out-coke Charlie Sheen?

MotleyCrueOfficial251 karma

We like Charlie.

StickleyMan115 karma

I just wanted to say thank you from 14-year old me for the video for Girls, Girls, Girls. I must have killed hundreds of millions of hand babies while watching that video. I would sit, sweatpants at my ankles, lotion at my side, MuchMusic on the TV. Maybe if I was lucky I'd get a glimpse of Erica Ehm. But if I was REALLY lucky, that video came on. It was like winning the pubescent lottery. That would be the highlight of my week. With good reason. Thank you. Thank you so very much. You shaped my formative years in a very real way. Thank you.

MotleyCrueOfficial112 karma

Hope you used some lotion buddy...should've been making a baby batter cake.

ktmcp114 karma

What's the most memorable fan you have ever encountered?

MotleyCrueOfficial310 karma

One of the in-stores we did...there was a group of girls that were so smart, they figured out how to take the distributor cap off of our van so that we couldn't go anywhere. They wanted some time, they got it.

alecia79109 karma

I just wanted to say thank you to Nikki Sixx for your books and forming Sixx a.m. Because of your courage and inspiring stories you have encouraged me and assisted in my one and a half year sobriety from heroin. To get an acknowledgement from you would be a dream come true! ♥

MotleyCrueOfficial96 karma


MotleyCrueOfficial86 karma

Thank you!

Dogpool101 karma

"Kickstart My Heart" kicks ass.

MotleyCrueOfficial76 karma

We agree. :)


What's the story behind the umlauts? And hey, you didn't put them in your title! Mötley Crüe!

MotleyCrueOfficial113 karma


the_grifter166 karma

Would you consider having your last show at the Whiskey?

MotleyCrueOfficial138 karma

Not a bad idea. Only if we could blow it up.

MotleyCrueOfficial21 karma

Mick: If we can blow it up.

E-Pirate62 karma

what was the gnarliest thing you've seen a girl do?

MotleyCrueOfficial197 karma

Tommy: Be quiet. Mick: The 14 inch brautwurst I saw a girl swallow without breaking it.

MotleyCrueOfficial161 karma

Tommy: Fuck! Was I not in the room for that?

MotleyCrueOfficial176 karma

Mick: You guys were probably cooking up shit in the ashtray in the other room.

mmofan47 karma

I just wanted to say thank you. You guys were a big part of my teen years, and if it weren't for you I wouldn't have started playing guitar, gotten into music, met the people that I had, and become a composer.

All I wanted to be when I was 15 was Motley Crue.

MotleyCrueOfficial30 karma

Thank you for being a fan!

traininvainlive47 karma

you guys fucking suck

MotleyCrueOfficial116 karma

Fuck you too.

TedChin60446 karma

Congrats on the second residency @The Joint!! Will be in Vegas in October to get a piece done at Vince Neil Ink. Are there any tattoos that you got while out on the road that you absolutely hate?

MotleyCrueOfficial125 karma

Mick: Ahhh...there's my regret. I have a tramp stamp.

Thehealeroftri46 karma

What's your favorite city to play in and why?

What's your least favorite city to play in and why?

MotleyCrueOfficial63 karma

That's probably the hardest question we ever get because each city has it's own personality. As for our least favorite, we haven't played it yet.

cravyvv43 karma

Hey Guys, Is it true that The Dirt is/was going to be made into a movie....holy shit! Cheers.

MotleyCrueOfficial65 karma

Working on it!

pizzapringles36 karma

I'm a huge fan! I saw you guys in LA with KISS and I was so excited when you guys came out! That was one of the best concerts I've been too! Can you guys do a shout out to my mom? She's a huge fan too! :)

MotleyCrueOfficial87 karma

Does your mom look like the devil? Didn't we meet her in '83?

Deacon777734 karma

For Nikki! I'm a big Thunderbird fan, what are the differences between them and your new Schecter models? You, Mick, Tommy, and Vince are my heroes, thank you for everything you've done!

MotleyCrueOfficial57 karma

I have loved the Thunderbird since I was a kid and they've had challenges sonically. It's been tough to get them up to par sound wise. With Schechter I wanted to make a bass that was up to the sound I wanted. Anytime one band member's instrument sounds better, the band sounds better.

MotleyCrueOfficial35 karma

I'm extremely happy with the new bass sounds and looks.

Stereohead10129 karma

How has the Los Angeles night life scene and music scene changed from the 80's till now?

MotleyCrueOfficial80 karma

There's nothing left.

ProsperC26 karma

Did you guys ever expect to become as big as you are now?

MotleyCrueOfficial82 karma

Nikki: No. We expected to become smaller.

ajsndjsandj26 karma

What's the craziest thing that ever happened on tour, that hasn't been told 100 times by now?

MotleyCrueOfficial91 karma

Nikki and Tommy cooking freebase with used ashtrays somewhere in Canada...

icxcnika24 karma

What is your opinion on the sexualization/objectification of women in modern society?

MotleyCrueOfficial30 karma

Please refer to the lyrics on 10 Seconds of Love

Danger_Zon321 karma


MotleyCrueOfficial57 karma

For Mick, it's George Clinton.

Master513jpc18 karma

What was your favorite song you've ever written?

MotleyCrueOfficial31 karma

Nikki: I've been digging some of the early stuff...Livewire. Mick: Primal Scream Tommy: I agree.

screwthebankiworkfor16 karma

If you were to secretly perform as a Motley Crüe cover band, what would your name be?

MotleyCrueOfficial25 karma

Motley Crue Jr.

Dar_Dan_Ira_N16 karma

How did you like the first Intimate Evening in Hell here ? I loved it but like to hear how you liked it ? In your was... ? Looking forward ALL the other Intimate Evenings cause I'll be here... =)

MotleyCrueOfficial33 karma

Nikki: I had a blast. Anytime there's that much volume and fire, I'm happy. Looking at Tommy's fear of fireballs was pretty crazy. This was the first time I've seen a little bit of "Oh SHIT!" in his eyes.

MLeibovitz12 karma


MotleyCrueOfficial49 karma

Nikki: I regret getting penicillin shots and drinking whiskey right afterward. It never worked.

ragxdoll12 karma

not a question but a thank you. My boyfriend is a major Motley Crue fan for years, on our first year anniversary I took him to see you guys and we had one of our best date. 8 years later we are still rocking to the crue on every roadtrip, a tradition for us. :)

MotleyCrueOfficial15 karma

Fucking awesome.

bionicnipple12 karma

Hey guys, what's your best backstage moment?

MotleyCrueOfficial32 karma

Nikki: You know what's more interesting than this question? There's a meth lab out of the back of van behind the hotel.

MotleyCrueOfficial38 karma

Tommy: What side of the hotel are you on?

1Kinsley10 karma

I have to say that my favorite song performed live is Primal Scream. That song is so raw. I Love it!!

MotleyCrueOfficial18 karma

Tommy -- Love playing this song live! One of my favorites.

MotleyCrueOfficial16 karma

Mick -- Me too.

bitojava10 karma

What is your advice to aspiring musicians?

MotleyCrueOfficial31 karma


highideas9 karma


MotleyCrueOfficial21 karma

Be ready for lots of heat. Happy Birthday.

Third_Nature7 karma

Can I bake you guys a cake?

MotleyCrueOfficial24 karma

Would it be an evil cake?

LegendaryPooper5 karma

I know you guys have seen a lot over the years. My question is: What is the craziest/weirdest/most awesome event that you can remember? Our virgin ears can handle it.

MotleyCrueOfficial15 karma

Mick Mars running through the halls naked...or was that Tommy?

BadArmor4 karma

When was the moment you guys realized you finally made it big?

MotleyCrueOfficial21 karma

Nikki: Last week. Mick: The first million that someone ripped off...that's when I knew.

MotleyCrueOfficial4 karma

Nikki -- Last week.

MotleyCrueOfficial4 karma

Mick -- The first time someone stole $1Million from me.

ICWenner3 karma

What is your craziest story?

MotleyCrueOfficial8 karma