I am an Executive Recruiter with over ten years of experience in the industry. Prior to that I spent a decade in two other industries at the management level so I have a combined total of over 20 years of experience as a hiring manager.

I know recruiters have done AMA's in the past but I've seen a lot of misinformation/misconceptions about recruiters (and the recruiting process) floating around Reddit, so I thought I'd answer some questions.

Before I get started, keep in mind that these are my opinions. I consider myself a subject matter expert regarding the recruiting function but your experiences may be different. I believe I can provide some information regarding best practices that are relevant across multiple industries, but again, some things may be specific to a particular industry, company, or professional. Please also keep in mind there are various types of recruiters. I am an external recruiter not a corporate recruiter. This means I work for a firm that recruits for multiple clients in multiple industries. Note that this is different from a corporate recruiter who works internally for one company and different from someone who recruits hourly or contract workers for companies.

I can provide opinions/advice/information about the following topics:

  • Resumes and communication with potential employers
  • Interview etiquette, tips/advice
  • How recruiters work, and what we do
  • Job hunting techniques

So go ahead. AMA!

EDIT: Wow, I did not expect such a huge response. There are a ton of questions. I'll do my best to get to all of them, but I may not succeed.

EDIT #2:

Okay, this blew up way too quickly! Sorry I couldn't get to all the questions, I tried my best. Luckily, it looks like other professionals stepped in to give some great advice. I received more PM's than I can count, sorry I can't help you all individually I wish I could.

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andicotsteel9 karma

My wife is trying to get back into the workforce after being out for about 10 years as a stay at home mom. She already put down on her resume that she worked at a business I ran about 5 years ago to limit the gap a bit but I am actually wondering if she needs to fudge this even more so it doesn't look like she's been out for more than a year or two. What are your thoughts?

iRecruitExecutives31 karma

You should never fudge anything. It can be considered falsification of company records and it's grounds for termination almost everywhere. I'd recommend that she is honest. There are a lot of women (and men) out there who are getting back into the workforce after a long stint as a SAHM or SAHD. Be honest. You may have to start at the bottom but you can work your way up.

5hark_Bait8 karma

What is the best way to apply to jobs across the country. Like ultimately I want to move to California, but I can't move out there till I get a job.

I feel like once employers see that I'm from the other side of the country, they immediately toss my resume into the don't hire pile.

Is there any way to express my desire to live out there in a cover letter, or is that something that I should save for the interview process?

iRecruitExecutives18 karma

You can try a cover letter but honestly, I don't think most people even read them. Your best bet is to get a PO Box there, that way it looks like you have a local address.

hero0fwar6 karma

Can you give me a job?

iRecruitExecutives11 karma

I wish I could give everyone a job!

nathantamborello2 karma

There's a joke in here somewhere methinks

iRecruitExecutives2 karma

Well, let's hear it then!

automatedalice2685 karma

How is the job market changed, due to the influence of the crisis, the last decade or so?

iRecruitExecutives13 karma

For the last 5 years or so, it has been an employer's market. It still is, to an extent. But my colleagues and I believe that the pendulum is going to swing in the other direction again over the next year or two.

Right now, unfortunately, it's still an employer's market. So tread lightly!

In my opinion some companies have unrealistic expectations because of this.

automatedalice2684 karma

Can I ask why you and your colleagues think that the situation will change over a year or two? A positive economic dynamic?

iRecruitExecutives4 karma

In some areas, yes. I'm not an economist but it looks like home values are stabilizing in some of the hardest hit markets and we're noting an increase in hiring over the last few months. Let's hope the trend continues!

Wheres_My_Shirt3 karma

How effective are ass pennies to boost your confidence in an interview?

iRecruitExecutives3 karma

Upright Citizens Brigade, representing? Not as effective as ass cantaloupes.

Scea912 karma

Do you scout universities for potential employees? If so, do you care about the GPA or is it more about recommendations?

iRecruitExecutives5 karma

I do not scout universities for potential employees. Most of the time someone coming out of college is considered entry level, unless they're graduating from Wharton with an MBA or something like that.

I fill executive level positions, generally VP level and above.

Regarding the GPA question, though, it depends on where you're applying. In my experience, larger firms seem to focus more on GPA than smaller ones. But as with everything else, it varies by industry and function.

Your GPA probably will not keep you from landing a great job, but it can keep you from landing with an elite company. Example:

You're an MBA graduate who wants to work for McKinsey or Bain. They will probably care about your GPA.

bohler732 karma

I have my first interview ever in an hour and a half. Any tips appreciated lol

iRecruitExecutives3 karma

Send me a private message, and I'll send you a link to an interview prep to review.

KKingPin1 karma

I am in college studying Hospitality, and recently did a placement in a Hotel for a year, which is part of a large 5* chain.

At the end the Hotel Manager (One down from GM) asked me to email him when I finish to get me back with the company... He was not my direct boss so he is not a work reference or anything but...

How do I go about emailing him asking for a Job and not sound like I am asking for a favor...I also finish college in two years and suspect he will have forgotten since I am from another country and cant really go back for summer jobs. Equally the only Properties they have in the UK (where I am) is hours away... I plan on relocating to London where they have Hotels after College anway is my best best to just reply like normal with the company?

iRecruitExecutives4 karma

How do you go about asking for a favor without sounding like you are asking for a favor? If you figure this one out, I think husbands and wives all over the world would like to hear it!

No, seriously. Just ask. If someone tells you to do something, do it! Stay in touch with this person. Relationships are golden. You never know which connection it will be that leads to a job.