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My ex had Lyme. This completely explains how her eye looked. Her memory was absolutely awful. She'd always make plans to come over, and then just completely forget to do so. Or we'd make plans for me to go over there and I'd show up and get a "What are you doing here?"

Has this affected you in a relationship aspect at all, if you are in one/was in one? I'm so sorry to hear about this, but Hyde Park is awesome! I wish you the absolute best!

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Ah poor girl! Yeah my eyes are pretty funky sometimes. I've been dating the same awesome guy since I was 17 and I'm very lucky because he's extremely supportive. His uncle also had the disease so he's pretty understanding. It's been about a year since I could really go out anywhere and he can't really cook me dinner like he would like to but other than that we are good! A bit tough now cause he's in another province for school (as I should be as well) but were working on it. Thank you so much! You're right, Hyde park rocks and is so beautiful!

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Have you tried Cannabis to relieve your symptoms? If you got the time and are open minded, look into a cannabis oil treatment. EDIT: Wow! So many people afraid of cannabis that they have to downvote me? It's not like I'm saying to get HOOKED on it!

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I can't say I have but you're totally right that it helps many greatly! If you're interested in some alt treatments I took low dose naltrexone for a while and it was amazing. Really great for relieving pain as well!

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And yet this is the same kind of healthcare Obama and his puppets are trying to implement in America.

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I really want to make sure with this post that Canada's health care doesn't come off as bad. It really is amazing and I've met some incredible Doctors who have done everything they can. Just like with everything in life, there are always imperfect blips and I just found the one in Canada :).