bublog80 karma


megustaglitter108 karma

Hey Bub, I just wanted to thank you for inspiring so many people with your perseverance and positive attitude. I volunteer at a shelter and I’ve noticed more people adopting special needs cats because they are much more open to the idea of it (in fact most cite Bub as their reason and say they want to help cats like you!) Good job Bub!

bublog52 karma

Thank you. My dude read this to me and you can see it HERE

bublog2 karma

Hello. Thank you for these kind words. See my reaction HERE

popeguilty98 karma

I've been very happy to see that you're apparently feeling better and more active! Could you tell us about your health and how you're doing?

Also, any chance of more appearances in Bloomington soon?

bublog327 karma

Hi. It's me BUB.

Thanks for your question.

I am feeling better than ever, which is very exciting. As some of you may know, I have a disease called osteopetrosis. I am the only cat in recorded history to have been born with it, which is why it's been so hard to figure out how to treat me.

The disease is essentially the opposite of osteoperosis, where my bones get thicker, more dense and more twisted as I grow older. I almost have no marrow cavity!

So the growth of my bones is why I look so amazing, but it also makes it very hard for me to walk. I was able to run and jump as a kitten, but at about 7 or 8 months my mobility became limited, and continued to get worse until about a few months ago, which I'll get to in a minute. If you've seen the documentary, you know there was even a time when I wasn't able to walk at all, and was in a lot of pain. I know I look super happy all the time, and that's cause I usually am, but when I'm in pain I don't look like that. I went to see a specialist who said there is no cure for my disease, and it was probable that I wouldn't be able to move at all within a month, or even be able to move my jaw to eat. It was a horrible time for my dude and myself.

My dude was in a tough place. He didn't want to keep me alive if I was in so much pain. It was a really scary and difficult time. But he wasn't going to give up that easily, so when his friend Danilo, the camera guy for the VICE documentary "Lil BUB & Friendz" recommended he try Reiki healing, he figured it he may as well (even though he was skeptical). He found a wonderful lady named Anne Clemmer who came every day for 2 weeks and treated me for an hour every morning. After the first 2 days I was able to move again for the first time in over a week, and my mood improved substantially. And after 2 weeks I was back to "normal".

That was in December of 2012. So for the following months, up to about 3 months ago I was happy, but still had to "army crawl" to get around, had occasional relapses, but with the help of some joint supplements (glucosamine), some physical therapy, additional energy healing and a lot of love I was a relatively happy cat who would tell my dude when I had to pee or eat or get on the couch. But I wasn't really able to run around.

Then I got a message from a fan about a device called the Assisi Loop. It uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) to increase blood flow, and acts as a very effective anti-inflammatory with no side effects. It's a sort of wire ring with a button on it, and you place the ring around the affected area (in my case my whole body), turn it on, and it works for 15 minutes and automatically shuts off. This is not crazy magnet voodoo stuff... this treatment has been used on humans post bone surgery and for other treatments for years, although not commonly in the USA. You can look it up on that Wiki thing.

ANYWAY... I knew it wouldn't hurt, there were no side effects, and it was free so my vet prescribed it and my dude gave it a shot. The very first time he laid it on me, I started twitching and my dude kind of freaked out. But I was ok. After two days of two treatments a day, my back legs were twitching a bunch, and my dude got worried. But my vet said to keep trying it for a few days (it turned out they were twitching from the increased bloodflow, kind of like when your leg falls asleep... only mine were asleep for over a year).

...a week later I was standing upright for the first time in almost 2 years! And I was walking instead of pushing myself around with my back legs.

A month later I was "running" and playing again, and even jumped on my dude's lap a few times.

And now... about 4 months after treatment, while on this book tour, I have been running full speed like I haven't done since I was a kitten. I just posted a video on HERE. It's amazing.

So now here's the super cool part. An expert in my disease (osteopetrosis) found me online and contacted me. She never studied it in cats, but her doctoral thesis was on osteopetrosis. She even came to my book signing in New Jersey to talk to my dude about my condition. And then when she saw the Assisi Loop sitting there she said "is that a PEMF device?!"

My dude said "yeah"

She said "and it works?!"

He said "yeah"

And she then explained that that was really good news. It means that I have a specific form of the condition that IS somewhat treatable without medication. I have these cells called "osteoclasts" but they're just too big and can't break down on their own, so my bones just keep getting bigger. But the PEMF from the Loop actually helps break those down, in addition to relieving pain. We also found out that the reason I do so much better with mobility when traveling is because the vibrations of cars and planes helps with this as well. She recommended I get a vibration plate to help with that at home. So even though the Assisi Loop isn't specifically designed to treat my condition, it coincidentally does. And that's a perfect example of SCIENCE AND MAGIC.

Sorry for the long answer. But I've been very excited to share this awesome news, and this seemed like the perfect time to let everyone know what's up.

My dude and I are TOTALLY STOKED, to say the least.

zestywoo72 karma

Bub, do you help screen out girlfriends for your dude?

bublog57 karma


Video answer coming later on my youtube channel at www.youtube.com/lilbubbub


bublog3 karma

Hello. I have responded to your question HERE

Alaskaty69 karma

Ms. Bub, as you probably know, our dear friend Stubbs the Cat-Mayor of Talkeetna Alaska was recently hospitalized after a brutal and vicious dog attack.

My questions to you are: #1. Do you have any kind words to pass to Mayor Stubbs? #2. Would you ever consider a run for office? #3. If elected, how would you solve The Dog Problem?

bublog82 karma

Hello! Yes, I have some words for Mayor Stubbs:

1. So glad you're still rocking life on Earth. We need you pal.

2. No, as a space cat I have no interest in the political affairs of your planet. I like to focus my energy on Earth animals that need help.

3. Dog problem?! I love dogs. We need to learn to all get along for the greater good of goodness.

milkhoneysugartea51 karma

Hey there Lil Bub!

First of all, you are such an inspiration to me! Whenever I have a bad day I check your Facebook page and look through your photos until I feel better. I'm sad I wasn't able to go to New York to meet you but if you ever come to Massachusetts I will be first in line!

My friends and I are watching your documentary right now and have a few (okay, a lot of) questions for you and your dude!

For you: What's it like being from space? How does gravity make you feel? Do you like earth fish or space fish better? What was it like meeting Grumpy Cat? Was Smoosh jealous? How do you feel when people mistake you for a boy cat?

For your dude: Have Lil Bub's claws ever gotten caught in your beard? We were just wondering…


bublog67 karma

Hello. It's me. BUB.

1) Being from space is normal. I mean technically we are all from space. I just happen to from somewhere else in space. My biggest challenge is your intense gravitational pull, which is why it's so hard for me to get around. Thankfully I've used science and magic to come up with a very effective work-around. GOOD JOB ME.

2) Earth fish are cool, space fish are better. They are super tiny and float around and I can catch them on my tongue by cruising through the atmosphere. Not so much here.

3) Meeting Grumpy Cat was pretty amazing. I feel she is the yang to my in. She completes me.

4) Smoosh doesn't get jealous. He sleeps and eats paper.

5) I don't mind if people mistake me for a boy. I didn't realize my name meant "little boy" in German when I got here. Oh well. Boy, girl, whatever. As long as you always do a good job at everything that stuff doesn't matter.

Hello it's me. BUB's dude.

1) BUB's claws have never been caught in my beard. Her saliva on the other hand....

bublog49 karma

Hello. It's me, BUB's dude.

Thanks for all the questions, support and positivity. BUB and I are pretty pooped, so we're signing off for now. I'll try to come back and help her answer some more of these in the future.

We filmed some video responses that will be on www.youtube.com/lilbubbub later this evening.

You can learn more about BUB in VICE's documentary Lil BUB & Friendz which is now streaming for free in its entirety here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gci3ouqUQHI

And you can check out new episodes and shorts featuring the one and only BUB here: www.youtube.com/lilbubbub

And finally, if you know how to read and like to do it, you can pick up her book in a book store or order one here: http://www.lilbubslilbook.com/#preorder

As always, a portion of all proceeds go to helping animals and need. And it's much more than you think. Believe or not, after working on BUB stuff for about 80+ hours a week for the past year, I'm still pretty badly in debt and 5 months behind on rent at my studio and my apartment.

But... I have the coolest job, the coolest cats, and the coolest friends on the planet. I do believe that my hard work will eventually pay off, and when it does I sure as hell am not going to feel bad about it.


Thanks, mike and BUB

abeyeabsinthe30 karma

Lil Bub, My girlfriend loves you! In the spirit of all the love that you get from everyone, I wanted to ask your help in proposing to her. I know that as a space kitty, your powers extend to control time and space, and I couldn't think of a better way to tell the love of my life that I want to spend the rest of forever with her. If you do ever happen to do any book signings in Ohio, could you use your powers to help me? One last thing, good job Bub.

bublog72 karma

I have no plans to come to Ohio... yet. So I don't want to hold back the best decision of your life.

With that said, I WILL help you propose to her on www.lilbub.com. Email me. We can make this happen.

GreysonHalstead29 karma

Bub, you are my favorite internet cat. What is your favorite silly memory of you and your dude? Does your dude do anything that annoys you? And how many microscopic fishes do you usually catch in a day? Thanks!

bublog16 karma

Video answer coming soon to www.youtube.com/lilbubbub. thanks for your questions.

Prometheus623 karma


bublog30 karma

Water parks.

Frajer21 karma

Did you have fun playing with Grumpy Cat and do you plan on doing it again sometime?

bublog15 karma

Hello. It's me BUB.

Video answer HERE

bublog4 karma

Hello, I have responded to your question HERE

captainlocke21 karma

Lil Bub, I watched your movie and I cried so hard! I'm so glad you're doing better, and I saw you run. You're an inspiration! Stay with your dude, because he needs you like all of us cat-parents need our furbabies. Never give up, Bub! And we won't either. <3

bublog34 karma

Thanks captainlocke. I'm glad you like the movie that VICE made. They rule. Crying is pretty cool sometimes. I don't even know what it means to give up. BAM.

eatmychortz18 karma

Dear Lil Bub, can I please kiss you?

bublog36 karma

Happy Cakeday.

On this day, if I were to magically beam you into my room, you could kiss me. But unfortunately I'm busy doing this! So maybe I'll visit you in your dreams and you can kiss me then. A platonic kiss though. Don't make it creepy please.

plumhead2716 karma

Bub, you are my hero.

bublog41 karma

Hi. You are mine. GOOD JOB PLUMHEAD27.

Inkedkitten16 karma

Hi BUB and Dude! I am considering getting you immortalized on me in tattoo form (all the cool pictures your Dude has on him). Would that be ok with you?

bublog25 karma

YES. I encourage you to do what makes you feel awesome. I'd be honored.

bongozim15 karma

How the heck is LIL FREAKIN BUB not on the front page!? Doesn't all of reddit love cats? LB is the queen of internet cats.

Lil Bub, is it ok if I call you LB?

bublog14 karma


kindacoolsometimes14 karma

Hi Bub & Dude,

I run a small sweets company in Chicago, and I'd like to make somethin' for you guys! What kinda sweets do you like, aside from space fishes? What about you, dude? I've got a knack for making peanut butter cups with a little bit of booze in them, and I've been racking my brain for a 'Lil Bub inspired cup.

From us: http://i.imgur.com/Cljseaf.jpg

Space Cheers! Sam

bublog25 karma

Hi Sam. It's me. BUB.

My dude would love to try your boozy peanut butter cups.

I don't do sweets really. They're not good for space cats. But they are good for dudes.

ehobson10 karma

lil bub! your posts brighten my day and i love how you support the ASPCA :)

bublog41 karma

Thanks. I have big news regarding the ASPCA. It's not 100% figured out yet, but it's happening. We are partnering to create Lil BUB's Fund for the ASPCA, which looks like it may be the very first national fund specifically created for special needs pets such as myself. More info soon ok?


astroblastro319 karma

I'm a fan of Bub's new show. When is the next episode? Also, i like its similarities to space ghost coast to coast, are you a fan of that show?

bublog22 karma

Hi. I'm so glad you like my show. My dude and his friends (and me of course) put SO MUCH WORK INTO IT.

I'm very excited about the next episode featuring Little Prince. He is a sage, a scholar, and a guinea pig.

You can also look forward to episodes featuring Kelley Deal from The Breeders (I produce her new single), Steve Albini and Nordic Thunder, the Air Guitar World Champion.

And yes, I like SG C2C.

LaurenKittie8 karma

Hi Bub! Thank you for doing this AMA and I'm so glad to hear your health is better! How has your being "different" impacted other people? I can imagine you would be very inspirational for children and others who are also a little different. I also wanted to say that you really brighten up my day. Good job Bub!

edit: grammar

bublog16 karma

I am thrilled to report that I seem to be exceptionally inspirational to people with differences. This is my favorite thing about myself. Being different rules. We are the reason life isn't boring.

sstrdisco7 karma

Hi BUB! I read recently that vibration and use of your loop help break down some bone component thingy that your body otherwise can't. Do you notice your body changing shape as a result?

bublog16 karma

Hi. It's me BUB. Well yes actually... I can stand full upright! And look as amazing as ever doing it.

Paylo6 karma

Lil Bub! You seem quite content with your life! I have to know... What is your secret?!

bublog7 karma

Hello it's me BUB.

I have a super magical video response that you can now see HERE

bublog3 karma

Hello. Your video answer has been posted HERE

gypsy_love6 karma

hi bub! thank you for sharing your move, i loved it!

i thought an interesting part was that "meme manager guy" and his work with a lot of popular memes. i got the impression that you and your dude consciously are staying away from that - am i right?

if so, can you explain your reasoning some more, and let us know what you think the impacts (pos and neg) might be on your future as a "celebricat" and Most Amazing Cat on the Planet and Giver of Pure Happiness?

bublog26 karma

Hello. It's me BUB. This is a good question.

Ben, the meme manager guy is a nice dude. We met recently, and have been in touch for a while. At one point, even before Grumpy Cat was around, he wanted to represent me.

My dude and I respectfully declined because my dude made a rule not to seek out opportunities, and he works closely with his friends on all things BUB.

We have both tried to stay away from creating "memes" and silly jokes. My dude wants to make sure everything that involves my face or name is about me. If people like it, that's great! If not, I'm still an amazing cat so it doesn't matter.

I don't like to be referred to as an "internet cat". I'm a space cat. A real one!

It seems wild, but from the very beginning, my dude made a rule to never seek out any opportunities for me. I make all the choices. Everything from the film, to the show, to the book... these are all things that came to us directly into me inbox, and come from people that genuinely think I'm awesome. And as long as they're cool with my dude and his friends having full creative control, we go for it! We've turned down many endorsements and other things that we don't feel right about. It's got to be about me, and it's got to be awesome.

fitaussieguy316 karma

Meow meow meow... purrrrrrr. Meeee-ow meow meow? Meow meow. Meow :) Meeeeeeeeow ;). Meow meow meow?

bublog16 karma


limabeanns5 karma

Hey Lil Bub, it's great seeing underprivileged/disabled cats become more mainstream. As a life-long cat owner, it warms my heart. My question is: have you read Homer's Odyssey? I highly recommend it. Sadly, Homer passed away at the age of 16 a couple weeks ago.

bublog19 karma

Hello. It's me BUB.

I'm sorry to hear about Homer. But I also have good news. He is doing a great job in space right now. I just sent him a message with my magic laser eyes and he said that he just got a job as a sandwich maker and apparently he is really good at it. He misses you.

I'm also glad that special needs cats are getting more attention. It's great. I just hope that the people that want to get them are adopting them, NOT seeking the out from breeds. Also, they should understand that special needs cats are more work, and require more responsibility. But we will repay ten fold in love, affection and magic spells.

morethanagrainofsalt5 karma

Wait little Bub!!! Please dont go yet, there are questions in /r/aww/


bublog9 karma

Hello. Yes, I see. I will continue to reply there.

unicornia5 karma

Bub, I just defended my Masters thesis today (I PASSED!) and I would like to thank you for getting me through it. Your photos, videos and very furry presence in this solar system have brightened up days that very were dark and scary. Like the day my first advisor dumped me or the time when that same (former) advisor scrapped my whole project! -sigh- It sucked, but you help me though just by being you.

I can never thank you and your dude (who is an AMAZING person I want to BFFs with) enough.

Last December my partner and I got a puppy and we named him Pub, partially in your honor.

Good job Bub. You and your dude are loved <3

bublog9 karma



mrtattoohead4 karma

BUB! Next time I see you, will you hold me in your lap?

Also, do you still have that crocheted, rainbow, octopus, catnip toy I made for you after the debut of your movie at the Buskirk?

Keep squonkin' and rollin',

Mr Tattoohead

bublog18 karma

Hi. It's me BUB.

Not so sure about the lap holding. I mean, I don't mean to be a jerk... but I only like to be held in a very specific way, you know? Whoopi can hold me though, I'm sure you understand.

However, yes, I love the toy you made me. It is filled with pure magic and is nice to play with. Thank you Mr Tattoohead.

CarryOnAMusing4 karma

Little Bub, I am a lady to a sweet, special cat but unlike you she is not from space and her specialness comes from being quite old. She will not get better and it makes me happy to see you are. I want to say thank you to you for being so wonderful and for working so hard.

Since your objective here is to answer questions, I guess I have only one that comes to mind as many I would ask have already been posed.

Being from space, did you meet The Little Prince from Asteroid B-612? He seems very nice and I am hoping he got home okay since he was just visiting Earth.

bublog11 karma

Hello it's me BUB.

The Little Prince is a cool kid. I have never met him though. His planet is crazy tiny. It's not even a planet. It's like a small rock or something.

slantedshacks4 karma

Hey Bub! I'm a huge fan and I was wondering if you and your dude would ever do a tour of some sort in Canada? I would love to get a chance to meet you in!

bublog21 karma

Hello. It's me. BUB.

I would certainly love to. But I am ready for a break. My newfound mobility has me wanting to explore my own home for a while before I explore new countries and exotic dishes like poutine. But maybe one day.

IndigoSpaceKitten3 karma

Hey Lil Bub :) You are awesome! You make so many people happy, and that's super cool <3 You and your Dude have been spreading a lot of love around the world and outerspaces. It is very beautiful and appreciated. I was wondering if you ever plan to take your Dude traveling through time and space? Maybe back to your home Bub Bub Bub?

bublog5 karma

If I write another book, it will take place in space. And my dude is coming with me.

undertheolivetree3 karma

Hey BUB. First of all, you're amazing. Second of all, your DUDE is amazing. I can tell he loves you very much.

My question: what's your favorite toy?

bublog3 karma

This was a fantastic question.

Check out my video response on www.youtube.com/lilbubbub later this evening ok?

BoundToHatpin3 karma

Bub, what's your favorite place in Bloomington?

bublog12 karma

My home rules.

gnuggets2 karma

Lil Bub, I loved your movie and felt so badly for you when you were hurting. I was so amazed and thankful to see you running in your latest video! Good job, Bub!

Is there an apparatus like you use available for humans?

I also would like to know if you will be appearing in Bloomington again.

bublog6 karma

Hey it's me BUB. I just woke up.

PEMF Therapy was used on humans before pets. It is mainly meant to be an effective anti-inflammatory. It just so happens that it is ESPECIALLY useful for my very rare, very specific bone condition. This is science and magic at its finest.

SubcommanderShran2 karma

What do you think is the secret of your success?

bublog11 karma

Science and magic.

ObsoleteMachine2 karma

Hi Bub and Dude. Do you know exactly the impact you've had on people's lives? For myself having lost my cat of 16 years last year, seeing Bub's videos, pictures etc has really filled the void. I feel I will adopt/rescue my next pet when I feel ready to have a pet again. Bub has been more than just an internet cat... It's really a feeling of inspiration and wonder to see her cute face and see her get healthier... EVEN RUNNING! like the video posted today. Thank you so much. P.s. Bub, how are you and Smoosh? Will we be getting more pictures with you and your boyfriend?

bublog4 karma

Hello. It's me. BUB.

I am honored by your message. I'm sorry about your loss, but remember that your cat is now surfing solar flares and stuff like that, which is really fun.

Smoosh and I are platonic lovers. It's a weird concept, I know. Also he now has an amazing sister named Pickle who I think may also be from somewhere else in space.

SubcommanderShran2 karma

What is your favorite TV show?

bublog23 karma

Twin Peaks.

Sierenh2 karma

please help! I ordered your book and sent the confermation for the bookplate and bookmark and I got the book and still havent gotten the bookplate and bookmark and its been at least 3 days

bublog10 karma

Hello you and everyone that is waiting on a bookplate. You all get one! But they ship separately. I've been on tour, but as soon as I get home I will sign, number and ship each one out individually. This is a crazy amount of work, but you're worth it. Please be patient.

lub, BUB

rudesby2 karma

I love you Bub! Can you please ask your dude to pet you for me? You are my favorite cat!

bublog3 karma


pink_bunglow1 karma

Bub, I think you and your dude are truly amazing. It's so cool that you used reiki to heal. Have you tried any other alternative therapies like massage or accupuncture?

bublog8 karma

Hello. It's me BUB. I've tried some massage. Also magic.