Hi, I make "Joe Goes" on YouTube, and we just put out episodes in Finland and Sweden. You can check them out at http://YouTube.com/BadgeofShame

EDIT: I've been answering questions for 90 minutes, but they aren't showing up! I don't know what the fuck is going on. Screengrabs at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.640484802658038.1073741828.171188979587625&type=1

PROOF: https://twitter.com/BadgeofShame/status/376763121253101568

EDIT: I am so bummed out. I thought anyone could do an AMA. If I start another account to answer questions, they're just going to shadow-ban that too. Just go to the Badge of Shame FB page and ask me stuff. Reddit doesn't want me here for some reason. I give up.

EDIT: Okay, so I guess the comments are visible now. Not sure why this got so screwed up. I tried to answer some more. Maybe after Breaking Bad and Dexter I"ll come back and answer a couple more...if not, farewell! And thank you for the support!

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GamerGurl69104 karma

Did you have sex with Tanya?

BadgeofShame73 karma

Did Fëanor get back the Silmarils?

aidsbrain33 karma

Hi Joe! I'm the guy that treated you to snus when you visited Stockholm. Just wanted to say that it was great to meet you and Matt and that the videos from your trip turned out great!

BadgeofShame41 karma

Thank you!!! We had a blast - I actually liked snus a lot.

Russ3ll33 karma

Did you ever get beat up doing a Joe Goes?

BadgeofShame79 karma

No. I think you have me confused with a boxer. Happens all the time. (It's the biceps!)

For real though, people don't get mad. I have a pretty sense of how far to push it. It's all meant in fun - I don't try piss people off.

MOOttenani21 karma

Finally I can confess my love for you, Joe. Will you marry me?! (22/F, will let you kiss my cheek all day)

BadgeofShame86 karma

You had me at 22/F

taxidriverswe21 karma

Admit it, you really do love Surströmming now that you've tried it, right?

BadgeofShame50 karma


Azn1719 karma

What was the reason you started "Joe Goes"?

BadgeofShame42 karma

I was working a shitty telemarketing job and wanted to make something again.

I started out making man on the street vids for Current TV, and that was my job for three years, and it was awesome. Then they changed the network to be like MSNBC and cut all the comedy shows. So I was unemployed for a while and moved to LA and realized nobody was going to give me a TV show again. So I went to YouTube.

And I lasted at the telemarketing job for like two weeks, lol.

The_Magnificent19 karma

Screw Reddit for shadowbanning your account. :(

BadgeofShame15 karma

Yeah I don't get it. I'm answering stuff now but who knows if you'll see it.

sephsta18 karma

Hi Joe, Do you have any plans to come to the UK soon? You have a huge amount of fans that'd love to meet you!

BadgeofShame22 karma

Didn't I ruin international relations enough the first time?

I'd love to go back. London is awesome. I did study abroad there.

We made episodes in London, Dublin, Glasgow and Amsterdam a few years ago. That was a vacation I turned into work, though, which is why they were so short.

krossos17 karma

Will you ever visit Germany?

BadgeofShame78 karma

That would be fun. I want to walk around Berlin, point at random buildings, and say TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!!

zBro15 karma

You met my godfather at the sauna. The guy who didn't know what is a boner... :D

BadgeofShame28 karma

Haha really? That guy was awesome

Belgskuh15 karma

Did you pay tanya tate to be in your vids?

BadgeofShame53 karma

In kisses!

what_did_you_eat13 karma

What did you have to eat today?

BadgeofShame74 karma

Tanya Tate

inb4shitstorm12 karma

I remember seeing your channel with 200 subscribers and wondering why the fuck you didn't have more. Easily the funniest on Youtube!Glad to see you doing well :)

Also, if you get to choose one Wu Tang Clan member to have on your side in a brawl, who would it be?

BadgeofShame42 karma

Wow, thanks!

I'd pick Method Man, because he'll sew your asshole closed, and just keep feeding you, and feeding you, and feeding you...

thegreatestalexander11 karma

Hey Joe!

What's the story of the Eat Randy video? Who came up with the premise, how'd you get to know Julian Smith, what was it like being covered in a five course meal?

Also, next year you should do a huge Joe Goes series on Burning Man.

Fuck Tanya Tate for me.


BadgeofShame21 karma

Oh god, that shoot was a nightmare! It was freezing cold that night, and I was lying half-naked on a table, covered in cold salad dressing and cold BBQ sauce. We did take after take after take and in between every take the crew had to bring over the electric heaters b/c I was just shaking. Julian's gf was like, "you can't keep doing this to him!"

I have no regrets though, b/c I love that video. It's so twisted and funny. I think it's up there with MALK as one of Julian's best.

I first met Julian in 2009. We were both cast as hosts on the cheesy clip show "Smash Cuts." After the show ended, we kept in touch. He's a really nice guy.

And guess what? We shot just something together yesterday, and I got revenge! This time he was lying on a table half-naked covered in salad dressing and BBQ Sauce. It's going to be in my music video "I GOT 200,000 SUBS"

MegaAlbus19 karma

Hello Joe!

What would you say is the biggest difference between how people reacts to your interviews in USA vs. Finland/Sweden?

BadgeofShame49 karma

People in the USA shoot you.

Nighthunter_Nox9 karma

Sweden or Finland?

BadgeofShame41 karma


drkabob9 karma


BadgeofShame31 karma

I have a earpiece that is connected to Robert Smigel, so he tells me what to say.


ModieJullen9 karma

Which video did you have the most fun making? and which video was the most awkward to make?

BadgeofShame39 karma

Edwardian Ball was so much fucking fun. Matt (my cameraguy) and I just hung out there for hours after we were done filming.

Renn Faire was also really fun, because everyone we interviewed played along. Those Pirates and the Belles of Bedlam were hilarious.

The most awkward video was probably Joe vs Overly Attached Girlfriend. It was like the Awkward Avengers meeting up.

Samjey8 karma

Would you go to real sauna again?

BadgeofShame29 karma

Depends on what you mean by real sauna - I liked Sauna Arla a lot, but I couldn't breathe in the trailer sauna! When he put the water on the rocks, I felt like I was going to die. Not used to that heat. Basically what I'm saying is I'm a pussy. A huge pussy.

pikaKipz8 karma

You were at DreamHack in 2013, any chance you will visit Norway for The Gathering in 2014?

BadgeofShame22 karma

I don't know what that is. Is that The Gathering of the Juggalos? Norway likes ICP? I've lost all respect for you.

Morganium8 karma

Will you keep adding to the 'goodbye' bit at the end of videos?

BadgeofShame25 karma

I don't know - Japanese Guy and DreamHack Girl are tough to beat! Her byte still cracks me up

Jaakkoc8 karma

Do you get a fuckload of youtube money?

BadgeofShame92 karma

No. If you look at the ad revenue after taxes and expenses and consider how much time it takes to make a video, working at Taco Bell would be more rewarding. (Also you'd get those delicious Fiery Doritos® Locos Tacos!)

This comment is sponsored by Fiery Doritos® Locos Taco. Taste the fire!

ryanokyeah7 karma

Is making online content enough for you to make a nice living?

It seems like you have a modest/small amount of subscribers despite the fact you are quite funny and deserving of more.

BadgeofShame55 karma

No, I work a full-time job. My only time to make videos is on the weeknights and weekends. It's really hard to keep going sometimes. My girlfriend Rihanna is always complaining there isn't enough time for sex.

oskar3677 karma

What was your favourite/worst part about Sweden?

BadgeofShame39 karma

Favorite part - hot blond girls

Worst part - surströmming

If a hot blond girl was covered in surströmming, I would have mixed emotions.

meeelting7 karma


BadgeofShame9 karma


dooditzmike6 karma


Whose your favorite Wu-Tang member?

Whats your favorite Wu-Tang song?

If you ever did join the Wu-Tang Clan, what would be your Wu-Tang Clan name?

BadgeofShame13 karma

Ghostface Killah

4th Chamber

Ol' Dirty Bino

MinecraftLTU6 karma

What other series will you be starting?

BadgeofShame29 karma

"Joe Blows." It's a whole new direction.

I have one series idea that's going to start in November. It's still improvised interviews, but it's a concept that's easier to produce. If it works we'll keep doing it.

fair_citizen5 karma

Do you like interviewing non-English speakers? Actually I think its more fun. hah

BadgeofShame26 karma

No, not really. It's good for a line or two, but if they can't understand what I'm saying, there's no real reaction.

gapmunky4 karma

Will you come to ireland again?

BadgeofShame8 karma

I'd like to. Dublin is awesome.

bassagent4 karma

Would you come to Estonia?

BadgeofShame30 karma

We actually were in Tallinn for a couple hours on the way home, because we had to take a really roundabout way back to LA from Helsinki.

Matt (my cameraguy) asked the cab driver what there is to visit to Estonia. He said "nothing, don't come here...why are you here?" lol

IAmInterneting4 karma

Joe what happens when I die?

BadgeofShame11 karma

You get shadowbanned by Reddit.

draggles4 karma

Where did the opportunity to write for Ray William Johnson come about? Were you guys good friends pre-Joe Goes?

BadgeofShame15 karma

Blackmail. I have some pictures of Ray with certain farm animals that you would not believe.

No, it was just, Julian just called me up one day, and asked if I wanted to write for Ray. It turned out Ray had left Maker, and Julian was producing his show. And Julian knew I wrote for clip shows.

So I watched some episodes of =3 (hadn't seen it before!) and said yeah. And it's been working out - I've been writing for =3 since last November. I like working with Ray - he's a very funny, driven guy. He knows exactly what his voice is.

Still might leak those photos one day though.

Kauppaneuvos4 karma


BadgeofShame5 karma

And thank you for scarring me for life. I'm in therapy now.

Biscuit894 karma

Did you recently have a guest appearance in a Wienerschnitzel commercial? Please confirm this.

BadgeofShame8 karma


JojjeG3 karma

Favorite Wu-tang clan song?

BadgeofShame5 karma

4th Chamber, Triumph, One, Reunited, Guillotine, Shadowboxin...

tylerxedge3 karma

Not a question, but dude you make me laugh out loud. While I'm alone, in my room....

Anyway you're awesome

BadgeofShame14 karma

Classic Tyler

CoachCougar3 karma

What's been your favorite reaction from someone you've interviewed?

BadgeofShame20 karma


Matafoqana3 karma

Hello Joe, awesome to see you make an AMA! Firstly I just want to say I really enjoy your YouTube videos because they can be reeeeally awkward to sit through, but that's what I like about it and you're pretty good at improvising stuff on the spot, hence Bino White ;D haha..

well I also have a question. MAking these youtube videos are that all you're doing as a job, or do you also do some other stuff - or do you want to do something else in the (near) future?

whatever you do good luck and good success with it all! :)

BadgeofShame12 karma

Hi. Making YouTube videos is not my job, unfortunately. I have a full-time job as a writer/post producer on a Tru TV clip show, Top 20 Funniest. So I only have time for YT vids on the weeknights and weekends.

I want "Joe Goes" to become a TV show, ideally.

Eloquium2 karma

How tall are you?

BadgeofShame9 karma


flo0d2 karma

Hi Joe! I've watched every one of your videos! I've always wondered...

1: How do you ask someone if you can interview them/ how do you introduce yourself?

2: how quickly can you tell what kind of person someone is/ if they have a sense of humour?

BadgeofShame3 karma

  1. We just ask if we can interview them about ______ for a Web series called Joe Goes, where we do fun interviews with people. It's pretty honest; we're not Borat-ing people.

  2. Very quickly. From their first response. Even just by looking at them, we can usually tell.

Sgt-Waffles2 karma


BadgeofShame9 karma

I'm just used to it by now. I've been making man on the street videos since the early 1960's.

As far as approaching people, at conventions and events it's super easy. Everyone there is loitering. Trying to get people off the street, it's hard and can be really miserable sometimes. Everyone's on their way somewhere. (That's why the "Joe Knows" series is pretty much retired.)

vanilla-thrilla2 karma

Hi Joe, love your videos! Quick two question I saw you on an episode of Reviews on The Run probably about a year ago, how did that opportunity come about and did you do more segments I missed? Do you know the crew on that show or was that something you applied for?

BadgeofShame2 karma

They were looking for a new host, and a mutual friend introduced me to their crew. So I was a host for a few months...then they gave me TWO THUMBS DOWN

LePuffy2 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA Joe! My friends and I LOVE badge of shame. My question is, how do you afford traveling to all of the places that you do?

BadgeofShame5 karma

Thanks! I can't afford trips - the Finland / Sweden trips were crowd-funded, and the Japan ones were sponsored

AlistamisenKarri2 karma

Why did you stop using "the heckler guy"?

BadgeofShame7 karma

Because half my subscribers hate him, lol. But he'll have a cameo in an upcoming video.

nohonomo2 karma

How often are you interviewing high?

BadgeofShame12 karma

Never. I only work sober.

Dinosha1 karma

Joe do you know who Soul Khan is, if so what do you think of him?

BadgeofShame1 karma

He's a battle rapper, right? That's pretty much all I know.

GeauxSteve11 karma

Hey Joe! Big fan here! I started watching your Joe Goes stuff and love it. I also love watching your freestyle rap battles. Are you going to be doing those more and posting them?

What was it like being on Beauty and the Geek? Was it a good experience? Could you tell us a bit behind it?

Do you get recognized a lot in public?

How did you come up with sneaking a kiss from all the girls in your videos?


BadgeofShame3 karma

  • the rap battle is on hiatus, if it comes back, sure.

  • eh. eh. no.

  • i get recognized sometimes in the US - in Finland and Sweden, i'm practically Justin Bieber!

  • i don't know. it just happened that once in Anime Expo...and i decided to bring it back now and then

RandomVoices1 karma

Could you release all footage of the beautiful girl @Dreamhack?

The girl who löves badge of shame.

Edit: If you deleted his account, Fuck You.

BadgeofShame2 karma

I won't release all the footage, but you'll see some more of her. I'm going to put out deleted scenes in October.

csingel1 karma

Hey Joe! Who's the coolest roommate you've ever had??

BadgeofShame3 karma

Jimmy Morgan