skkew26 karma

i've been waiting for this day all day.

i'm the mod of the one and only online community of /r/boniver, i talked to thomas a few months ago i'm so happy you guys are doing this. thanks. AND I LOVE DARK CLOCK! i have so many questions.

are guys bringing repave to europe this year?
what is Ticonderoga (Comrade)? why the sea theme for this second album? (i noticed a few references)

ps.:i feel like one of those fangirls inside

justinvolcanochoir14 karma

DARK CLOCK, yes. All buy that album now.

Ticonderoga is a band that is now defunct that lived in Raleigh when I was there. They might have been the best that never was. I still listen to thier two hard to find albums most months...

Nautical and Open ocean became themes very naturally, without guide and before we knew it, we knew it.

mfahy22 karma

Justin, how does it feel to play with a band you have admired? Also, are there any other bands or performers that you want to play/jam with?

justinvolcanochoir40 karma

Well, my level of appreciation for Collections of Colonies of Bees back in 2004, was at a higher level than admiration. It was of NEED. But NOW, we are in a BAND together, so the respect becomes actual love and deep connectivity. These are the guys that I want to play with.

dannyfieser19 karma

Will you just acknowledge my existence?

tomvolcanochoir30 karma

You are important (this isn't Justin though, so maybe you're not).

justinvolcanochoir24 karma


wendigo-go18 karma

What are your favorite Wisconsin beers?

Could you talk about the Volcano Choir live setup?

justinvolcanochoir17 karma

TOM - tell em about our setup! hahaha... its real extensive!

tomvolcanochoir12 karma

See the above paragraph bro! I extended it! But yeah, it's been a ton of work...

justinvolcanochoir7 karma


maryi978916 karma

Hi Justin!

As a fellow Eau Claire native, the most important question of all:

Toppers, Pizza del Re, or Sammys?

justinvolcanochoir21 karma

del Re + Sammys

hotdogwhistle16 karma

what deck size is your mower? i have a smaller property but, like you, enjoy the yard for a variety of reasons. Do you like to mow?

jonvolcanochoir37 karma

Standard mower. Takes me about 1.5 hours to complete the full yard. Last year, listened exclusively to Earl Sweatshirt while mowing. I like mowing.

hotdogwhistle7 karma

the whole year you listened to earl sweatshirt while mowing? thats dedication. i always listen to bob dylan's song "born in time" on repeat. "i took you in and i got what i deserved" really sums up how i feel about my lawn.

justinvolcanochoir25 karma

Deeply into listenining to only Gucci Mangzzz whilst mowing. Large JD mower. 1.5 hours for yard, yah.

ilmat1k14 karma

Milwaukee native here. Love All Tiny Creatures, Death Blues, Altos, Bon Iver, Shouting Matches, so on and so on. When all of you come together, it's like magic!

  1. When producing new music, do you all try to break out of your respective styles and experiment or does the collection of all your styles comprise the music?
  2. Where would you say the most inspiring place in Wisconsin is?

Looking forward to seeing you at the Pabst in a few weeks!

justinvolcanochoir15 karma

yep. we just ... GO. we dont have the added need to edit ourselves or be apart of some kind of fashion or trend... we care about expression, our expression to be exact.

whitepangolin13 karma

Just a quick question regarding Unmap. How did the collaboration/remix of Woods into "Still" come about?

justinvolcanochoir23 karma

like any of the songs off unmap, it was about us experimenting with anything we had laying around. I sent that to those guys WAY WAY earlier than it ever came out as it came out on Blood Bank EP... It was our version.

dannyboytoon11 karma

Hi guys. Love the new album. Just one question:

1) Dancepack is brilliant and I can't stop listening to it, but I can't work out exactly what it's about - so can you enlighten me?

Justin is now in a band where he won't be called their name (seen people shouting 'we love you bon' in Manchester), I don't think people will call you 'Volcano Choir' any time soon!

justinvolcanochoir14 karma

its about problems. a guy who has problems.

Phunkopotamus10 karma

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

justinvolcanochoir31 karma

John Denver and The Muppets: A Christmas Together


Steve Reich: Music for 18 Musicians

KingRodgers6 karma


justinvolcanochoir10 karma


sweetas31410 karma

Hey guys! Just wanted to say that I'm extremely excited for you all to come play at UW Eau Claire on October 19! How special is it to come back and play shows at your alma matter/in your home state?

tomvolcanochoir12 karma

It means a lot to me. Although I didn't attend UW EC, my wife did, and it's actually how I met Brad / Phil / Joey / Justin and all the EC guys when I was living there for a couple of years.

justinvolcanochoir6 karma

Tom introduced the music of CoCoB to us in EC... changed our life's trajectory in a very serious way!

thieflikeme8 karma

Hi guys, big fans of both Pele/Collections of Colonies of Bees and Bon Iver.

What is the writing process like for Volcano Choir? How does the dynamic of your band change when Justin is thrown in the mix?

justinvolcanochoir15 karma

well, this VC band, is no longer bon iver meets cocob. its just a band now. of new people. we all play in MANY more projects than these mentioned projects... so its not really me being added to an already mixed thing. Not everyone plays together in the other projects with each other either.

FreakyStyley87 karma

What is the origin of the name 'Volcano Choir'? Is there some special meaning to it? Love the new album!

justinvolcanochoir15 karma

its a real turkey-bag-long of a story!!!!

schweitz7 karma

Directed to Justin: HI! Enormous fan, I saw Bon Iver in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and it was the greatest concert of my life. I play Wash, Hinnom, and Perth on Piano whenever I see one in the room.

As a young musician, seeing you reach such huge success at your age gives me hope towards achieving my wildest dreams of becoming a musician. The music of Bon Iver has inspired me beyond measure. Putting a band together is extremely difficult, and I can't even imagine making music in the way that Unmap was made.

MY QUESTION: Do you have any advice for a young singer-songwriter? Also, your work on Kanye's past two albums is absolutely gorgeous.

justinvolcanochoir22 karma

dont be something be you

replieswith5 karma

Hey Justin, just picked up "Repave" from the record store down the street on clear vinyl. Sounding spectacular as usual!

How would you describe April Base?

And also, you've said that Eau Claire lacks in terms of music venues, like many other small to medium towns across the country, IMO. What have you found to be effective in fostering a healthy, creative, supportive local music scene?

justinvolcanochoir9 karma

to answer your last question... we need a venue that has amazing sound and a good stage. THAT is the only thing that fosters better music, is giving the music an actual platform.

justinvolcanochoir6 karma

its a co-op for recording artists.

we need a venue bad. for all ages. with amazing sound. were working on it for EC... promise

pebbles8375 karma

-Do you guys get recognized on the streets or are you able to go out pretty easily?

-Is touring actually fun? Or do you get sick of being on the road and miss the lovely state of Wisconsin?

Also please come to Pittsburgh so I can swoon to your sweet, sweet sounds.

justinvolcanochoir18 karma

if i go out in the streets, its mayhem everywhere I go. J/k

Hound-5 karma

What are your stances on over-production? Does the quote "don't lose the plot" have any relation to over-production? Also I know this is really random but I wanted to know if Justin liked Led Zeppelin, Muse, and Radiohead?

chrisvolcanochoir12 karma

"Don't Lose the Plot" is a note that (I'm pretty sure) was left by our brothers in Field Report after recording there last fall/winter. It just kind of resonated with everyone. . .everyone in VC as well as all those who record at Aprilbase. It has less to do with over-production, and more to do with maintaining focus on what matters: friends, creativity.

chrisvolcanochoir11 karma

Also, I adore Led Zeppelin (I'll let J speak for himself). . .Houses of the Holy is my fave. . .stem to stern. Used to be III. . .but I switched ~ a decade ago. Still love "Out on the Tiles" tho. . .

justinvolcanochoir15 karma

H of the H is the best Zep record.

justinvolcanochoir9 karma

this is correct.

tomvolcanochoir9 karma

I'm way into over-production.

tomvolcanochoir7 karma

As long as it sounds good in the end, why not pile 6 different basses / synth basses on top of each other in unison? Sounds like fun to me...

justinvolcanochoir6 karma

tom - shhhhhhh

tomvolcanochoir7 karma

Ha, it's true man! I understand that the "trend" now is like the Daft Punk press release, but if people really believe that album wasn't spit shined / layered / edited and picked over like hell, they are kidding themselves man... It's just what you do. Why wouldn't you?

justinvolcanochoir4 karma

i think yer great

ZSaintJames5 karma

Do you think that music is more powerful to the musician, as it's being created and explored, or the the listener, as it's being received and interpreted?

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to do this. The new record is wonderful.

jonvolcanochoir13 karma

Equal power, ideally.

justinvolcanochoir10 karma

yeup. circuitry.

orangesteelibeams4 karma

How much collaboration goes into your videos? Does the director listen to the music and come up with his/her own interpretation, or is there more input from everyone in the band? ... also, LEDs in the forest FTW!

jonvolcanochoir7 karma

We fully trust Mitchi to do his thing.

justinvolcanochoir4 karma

yah, he is our visual context

hamlete4 karma

  1. What are you guys currently listening to?
  2. In your opinion, what is the best song you have recorded together as Volcano Choir?

tomvolcanochoir9 karma

My favorite song on Repave is "Almanac", because I think it represents what everyone in the band does well, in almost perfect balance.

justinvolcanochoir3 karma

hard to disagree here

jonvolcanochoir6 karma

  1. Lots of 78s.
  2. Define 'Best.'

justinvolcanochoir7 karma

a mix i made of my favorite little dragon songs and james blake songs... new neko case is amazing gucci mane : free gucci mad decent mixtape future's album

gerardoglez4 karma

Hey, I am a long time fan. Just wanted to ask you: What got you together? How did Justin and Collection of Colonies of Bees merged into one of the best bands ever made? And why is Unmap so diifferent from Repave and other albums like Bon Iver. Thanks!

justinvolcanochoir6 karma

thank you we are so blessed to be with each other

TurboShorts4 karma

I can't even believe you guys are playing with my friends' band Adelyn Rose in October!

Have you guys listened to them and what do you think?

Also, would you want to float down the Chippewa sometime?

justinvolcanochoir9 karma

i know Addie and Leo well. Im real excited!

AThilgers4 karma

I had the pleasure of seeing your first US show at the cedar cultural center in Minneapolis, and it was an amazing experience to say the least.

How has the experience of the band changed since releasing 'Unmap' to where you are all at now? And what does this record mean to all of you?

Cant wait to see you all in October

justinvolcanochoir7 karma

repaving COMES from unmapping and it makes so much sense... as we grow together ... these metaphors.

richardborcsik4 karma

First off, thank you guys! Your music is amazing. I only found you guys a few days ago and I what can I say, love at first listen!
I'm a huge Bon Iver fan, and thanks to this playlist of yours I fell in love with Collection Of Colonies Of Bees too. So yeah thank you all for being awesome!

Now for my question (that at least a hundred redditors will ask):

Do you have plans to tour in Europe too? I (and countless of other people fans) would love to see you live, but you're too far. And if you're here don't skip Hungary either; we love you here too! I volunteer to show you guys around :D (or at least Austria, or Slovakia, as those are not that far)

justinvolcanochoir6 karma

not on the books yet, but were working through when it could happen

thetazmonkey4 karma

Hey guys. I'd just like to say I'm absolutely blown away by how amazing Repave is: you must all be extremely proud of the end result.

I have two questions if that's alright.

  1. Was it a very conscious effort to merge the sonic experimentation shown on Unmap with more of a "straightforward" songwriting style, or was it more of a natural progression in your opinion?

  2. More for Justin: how do you feel you approached your vocals on this album? I mean more in terms of using the extent of your vocal range and your falsetto. Did you consciously think to write melodies using your chest voice or your falsetto more in your opinion?

PS: Please come to the UK soon. Oh, and Bon Iver's set at Latitude last year was the best show I've ever seen, so thankyou Justin.

justinvolcanochoir6 karma

we dont think about it too hard. we just react and express.

nyius3 karma

On a more serious note, I would love to buy you guys a beer this Sunday in Toronto. :)

justinvolcanochoir14 karma

only if you tell us where they will be showing the Packers game

mjh427773 karma

What are the best bar/pubs to hang out and see good local music in eau claire??

justinvolcanochoir8 karma

clancy's, joynt, GI

jaguarsharks3 karma

What should I eat for dinner this evening?

justinvolcanochoir6 karma


i_can_make_a_mess3 karma

Hey, thanks for doing this AMA my question is What is the most fond musical memory from your guy's childhood ?

justinvolcanochoir4 karma

driving home from my grandmother's burial with my brother and sister listening to "That's The Way That The World Goes Round" by John Prine... thats the one that comes to me.

Stily3 karma

Justin, I'm wondering what is the plan for Bon Iver in the future ? And also are you guys ever going to visit Norway ?

justinvolcanochoir20 karma

no plans, not sure what I or the world needs from that perspective anymore. We'll see. VC is where my heart is at these days.

SkipTheYouth3 karma

  1. Are there any plans to bring VC tour to the UK?
  2. You've said that Alaskans is a lynchpin of the record - can you give any insight into the writing process for the track and why the Bukowski quote at you used at the end was included?

Thanks very much, Repave is incredible.

justinvolcanochoir4 karma

the qoute just came to me one night as something that should be there. i have no idea why. it just .... IS. it just explains alot and the album wouldn't be complete without it.

the song was recorded as is and I wrote to it over the course of months and singing improvisation over it and kneading it and kneading it .

pebbles8373 karma

Do you find it annoying when people unknowingly refer to VC as Bon Iver? Or do you just understand that people get confused and embrace their affection?

justinvolcanochoir12 karma

it just simply isn't true. if i spent time hating the things that were said that weren't true... id be real upset all the time

MouthfulofDiamonds3 karma

Hey guys! no question, just immense appreciation for your craft. Keep it up Jon, Chris, Matt, Dan, Justin and Tom! See you in Burlington!!

jonvolcanochoir5 karma

Yes! Love Burlington. So glad we're getting there.

justinvolcanochoir8 karma

Sam Amidon is on the show too, im so very excited!

jparamch3 karma

  1. Are butter burgers as good and as nasty as they look?
  2. I love the growth from Unmap to Repave - And love the similarities with the videos for Island, IS and Byegone - is this pulsing light trend something you plan to keep doing?

justinvolcanochoir3 karma

if we can get money to pay Mitchi to make videos for everysong, we'll do it

that_dude_bro3 karma

Justin do you ever feel fatigued doing so many projects at once? The other guys, will there ever be another Pele album?

jonvolcanochoir12 karma

Pele is dead. Long live Pele.

justinvolcanochoir5 karma



Hey guys, thanks for doing this AMA! I've been loving Repave ever since it's been streaming! I have a million questions so just answer which ever you like! Are you guys consider touring the west at all? Specifically Vancouver Canada ;) also would you say that CoCoB has transformed into VC, or is it possible that you guys release more as CoCoB in the distant future? How did the writing process differ on this album compared to Unmap?

One silly question... What are all of your favorite tv shows?

What artists would you say have influenced both the band collectively and also yourselves individually? What albums can you not get enough of at the moment?

Justin I just wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of every single one of your projects, they never cease to surprise me and blow me away. For Emma got me through a lot of hard times. I'm really glad that you're respecting Bon Iver for what it is and letting it take it's course, rather than just trying to pump out albums because it's popular.

How do you go about writing your lyrics? Before Bon Iver you had more traditional style lyrics where as after they became more cryptic and poetic. Do you always know what they mean, or are they more often abstract?

Thanks again for all of your contributions to music and doing this AMA!

justinvolcanochoir11 karma

i find more meaning when using the subconscious as the vehicle, every time.

colorfulworld3 karma

According to their website, they'll be playing at the Commodore January 24th!


This just made my day!! ..Unless they respond to me ;)

justinvolcanochoir5 karma

we'll be there!

modesthouse2 karma

what was it like to record with Kanye?

justinvolcanochoir14 karma