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threeseashells22 karma

David Wilson RB#2

Did I make a boo-boo?

1befun22 karma

You're loving life now after the Brown injury. I've moved Wilson up to top 15 at RB

spockblocks21 karma

do you watch the league?

1befun29 karma

Yes -- big fan. So is my wife

HarmsWay8814 karma

Do you like Peyton or Brady this year?

1befun19 karma

The supporting cast makes this a decisive vote for Peyton

Napoleann10 karma

On a team like the Patriots that likes to spread the ball around, is there much value in Kenbrell Thompkins? Should I play him over Greg Olsen for my W/T?

1befun7 karma

Week 1, I'd take a watch and see approach w/ Thompkins. I agree that the spread it around approach is a bit worrisome for Thompkins value. See how he does out of the gates before using him over Olsen.

p5draheim7 karma

My strategy this year has been against most peoples advice, I have been drafting WR's early and trying to pick up some undervalued RB's with great upside in rounds 4, 5, 6....which RB's in those rounds should I be focusing on....thanks guys

1befun7 karma

I think DeAngelo Williams reaches 200 carries this year -- look back at the two seasons in which he reached that total, and you can see he's been a good fantasy ride when that's happened. Like Gio Bernard a lot (admit that watching his quicks on Hard Knocks definitely helps sell him), Also think Montee Ball is going to rise to the top in DEN and have a very good year

The_Tic-Tac_Kid5 karma

What are your thoughts on Welker? How well do you think he's going to do with Manning on the Broncos?

1befun9 karma

Just no way he doesn't see a downturn in his numbers. Peyton likes throwing to the slot, but Welker will be lucky to get even 5 TDs alongside DT and Decker. I have him as a borderline top 25 WR

1befun3 karma

Good morning all -- bring fantasy football draft weekend coming up -- mine is on Monday - golf first, then draft with all my old friends -- best day of the year. Alright, let's dive in to some questions

karlhungus253 karma

I own Andre Brown. Wait out and see projected return date or drop to pick up free agents like B. Brown, B. Pierce, C. Michael or R. Helu as handcuff to A. Morris whom I own.

1befun6 karma

I'd drop him -- doubt he'll be back before Nov. - I'd probably go Pierce as my pickup replacement

springek2 karma

Do you think EJ Manuel will make a fantasy impact this year? I grabbed him as a 3rd QB in a 2 QB league.

1befun1 karma

Worth a flyer because of his dual-threat ability.

BenROFLisberger2 karma

Hey guys! Quick question about WR2s. I've got both Dwayne Bowe and Cecil Shorts. Who would you go with week 1, and who do you see having a better year overall? (0.5 PPR league btw) Thanks!

1befun5 karma

I'd go Bowe -- they are facing each other, but I'd rather go against the Jags secondary. And I'll take Bowe for the season, too. Andy Reid likes to throw a lot.

pnoozi2 karma

What do you think about Russell Wilson this year? Can he score over 300 pts in standard scoring? Him or Cam Newton?

1befun5 karma

Russell was the No. 1 fantasy QB in the 2nd half of '12, after Seattle opened up the playbook, add some read-options wrinkles, etc. So, I think Wilson definitely has top 6 QB upside. But Cam has been a top 4 QB in each of his first two seasons, and I think he's more bankable (because of the longer track record)

forza121 karma

hey guys...I'm in a 16 team ppr league with Romo, Roddy White, Sanders, Spiller, Witten, and Gore in my flex. Where do you think I can improve? Thanks

1befun2 karma

I'd feel better with an upgrade over Sanders at WR2, but in 16 team leagues, hard not to have a spot where you are thin.

andycheng351 karma

Jermaine Gresham and Tavon Austin for Torrey Smith. Is that a good trade for both teams?

1befun2 karma

Well, in a 12-team league, Gresham probably doesn't get drafted -- so, becomes Torrey Smith for Austin, which favors the Smith side of the deal

blueborders1 karma

How do you feel about having an auction instead of a traditional round by round draft?

1befun1 karma

I prefer traditional, to be honest. I like the certainty that comes with traditional. I do enjoy auctions, but they can be so frustrating -- and time-consuming. I like to have one auction each year, but have all the others be traditional

johnnynopants1 karma

Sproles or Lacy in my RB#2 spot. Im in a .5PPR 12 man league. Also Stevie Johnson, DeShawn Jackson and Rueben Randle , which 2 do I Start?

1befun1 karma

Lacy goes vs. 49ers in Week 1 -- go Sproles. And go D-Jax and S. Johnson - Bills may have Tuel at QB, but at least you know he'll be throwing often against the Pats.

tfish131 karma

LaMichael James! Any reason to have him around in a 12 team standard league? Would replacing him for someone like Roy Helu or Daniel Thomas or some other handcuff seem like a step up?

You guys do great work! Thanks for all the great articles on Yahoo.

1befun1 karma

I wouldn't waste my time. They are a power run team at heart, so Gore's not giving up his workload - and Kendall Hunter is still likely to be Gore's backup. James offers a change-of-pace look, but he won't get enough consistent touches to be worth it in a 12-teamer

jnaylor071 karma

how excited would you be about tavon austin in a league that rewards 1 pt for 20 return yds, non PPR? WR2, WR3? flex depending on matchup?

1befun1 karma

Remember, kickoff returns are becoming almost non-existent with the rule changes. So, return yards become less of a big deal now. I'd probably put him in WR3 class -- but I'm excited to see him in action and see how the Rams use him. Has explosive potential

Mattoz611 karma

Fearless Forecast for Lacy now that Dujuan is gone?

1befun1 karma

950 rush yards, 200 receiving yards, 10 TDs

jbrpanthers1 karma

is having sproles and bush at RB and David wilson at flex enough to overcome having t. smith and welker at WR in 12 team ppr. I have bradshaw and deangelo on the bench, should I deal for WR?

1befun1 karma

Yeah, that's a great group of PPR RBs. Maybe try to deal Bradshaw and Welker as a package for a WR upgrade. I like DeAngelo a lot and I don't think people will offer you what he's going to be worth, so keep him for your bench

eenis811 karma

Who should I start in Week 1? QB: Ryan or Romo; Flex: Lamar Miller, Erick Decker, or Cecil Shorts?

1befun1 karma

Give me Ryan in a likely high scoring affair vs. New Orleans -- follow the Vegas O/U number. And give me Miller in the flex

Duse221 karma

Picking at the horn. David Wilson?

1befun1 karma

That's still a little too rich for my blood. I think he's a mid-to-late 2nd rounder now

bnadz1 karma

When do you guys think gronk will be back?

1befun1 karma

They cleared him for practice, and it sounds like he could be back after missing 2-3 games - I'd say that sitting for the entire month of Sept. would be the worst-case scenario

stochev1 karma

thanks for the chat guys. I'm in a 12 team PPR league. Which of these trade scenarios should I take 1) my Chris Givens+B.Pierce for Josh Gordon+F.Jackson (handcuff for my Spiller) 2) my Ivory+Broyles for DeSean Jackson+J.Rodgers (handcuff for SJax) 3) Lamar Miller for Amendola 4) stay put.

QB) C. Kaepernick || C. Palmer WR) V. Jackson, C. Shorts, C. Givens || G. Jennings, E. Sanders, R. Broyles RB) C.J. Spiller, S. Jackson || C. Ivory, B. Pierce, M. Tolbert TE) J. Graham FLEX) Lamar Miller DEF) San Francisco D) NaVorro Bowman K) Stephen Gostowski

1befun1 karma

I like giving up Ivory and Broyles -- I'm not too high on either - for D-Jax and Jaquizz

fhatthewuckk1 karma

If you are in the bottom of the 1st round, which player would you hope to drop to you?

1befun2 karma

LeSean McCoy -- he sometimes falls to the late 1st/early 2nd, and I think he's a fantastic value at that point.

Flawed_Poet1 karma

what's the status right now of Matt Forte and possibly getting RZ/GL work? I realize there are semantics wrapped up in that, so I guess I mean more towards the 5 yard line and such. Do you see Bush coming in automatically or does Forte get a crack at some?

tmurray6196 karma

I am not a "yahoo fantasy football expert" but I have heard that Forte is getting a shot at the goal line carries. There is nothing that I have heard to indicate that he is not going to be given a huge work load, catching passes, running in the red zone and running/catching at the goal line. This makes it tougher for opponents to determine what the Bears are doing offensively, b/c Forte is not just in on passing downs.

1befun3 karma

Nice answer tmurray -- I'd basically agree with you