So, Super Smash Bros. Melee has been out since 2001, the first tournament was in 2002. Went quickly from a rookie, to best in the WC, to best in the US to best in the world. Cemented that with a tournament that nearly didn't happen, EVO 2013.

I'm here to answer questions, but if you want to know more about the scene, you can always check out /r/smashbros, Also, much love to the crew of Melee It On Me, a SSBM-centric podcast about the egame, the community, the events.

I'll be answering questions starting around Noon PST.



Proof of winning EVO2013:

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Gooeybanana16 karma

So, it's quite obvious the baby will be a Smash pro, we don't need to discuss this.

The real question is, are you going to force him/her to play a certain top tier character, or would you be fine with them being a Roy main?

TheMofo69182 karma

M: "Son, why can't you just main a good character like Fox? Is this how I raised you?"

Jr: "Roy is art, dad. You just don't understand."

M: "What's to understand? How do you expect to support a family when you have no KO moves? And no recovery options??"

Jr: "I'm considered the best Roy in the world right now. Can't you just be proud of me?"

M: "It's very difficult for me to be proud of you when you come home and tell me you didn't even make it out of pools. Don't you see that you're wasting your life away?"

Jr: "Look, dad. I can't be you, no matter how much you want me to be. I hope one day you'll learn to accept me for the low-tier main that I am."

M: "This is just a phase-- I just hope you come to your senses before it's too late. Someday you're going to get JV 5-stocked by a campy Sheik and be left out on the streets. Do you really want to have to money match casuals in order to survive?"

Jr: "I hate you dad. I hate you."

M: "Wait, son, don't say -- I didn't mean -- I love you!"

But Junior had already slammed the door.

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MIOMmang06 karma

LMAOOOO. he can play whoever he want =]. When his roy loses to my fox hell wanna switch

AceDudeyeah7 karma

Whenever you take off your shirt and toss it into the crowd after a win, how many girls do you have to kick out the next morning?

MIOMmang014 karma

0 cause my gf would stab me LMAOOO

DarcDarcGoose7 karma

Will u go out with me?

MIOMmang05 karma

if u pay

locaux5 karma

How does the crowd affect the way you play?

MIOMmang02 karma

it used to. I would always try to go for dumb cool stuff to try and please them but not anymore. I love the crowd and when they cheer for me it makes me wanna play amazing.. DONT WANNA LET TEH FANS DOWN DUDE

Free_Joty3 karma

How do you feel about falcon punch?

MIOMmang04 karma

its amazing

MIOMmang04 karma

its amazing

tighemyshoe3 karma

If you could give any character a boost to make them top tier, who would you pick, and what would you change?

MIOMmang05 karma

mario.. just make his limbs a little bigger . and give him a better grab and hed put top 10 for sure

tyler2k3 karma

During Evo, my friend got shit faced at the bar and I guess you and a couple other guys were shooting the shit. I don't remember if people were talking SC or what, this is what I remember from my friend's story, but he ended up slightly insulting smash. IIRC the conversation went like:

"I play smash"

"Oh, are you any good?"

"I'm on in the best in the world," before you won

"Oh shit, really? Well then good luck man"

He comes back, tells us the story how he met Mang0 and was cheesing hard. Finals day rolls around, starts telling everyone sitting around us he met you, crazy cheers for you in the finals. Once you win, he just goes nuts.

"I met that dude at the bar and now he's the champ!"

It was fucking hilarious. Oh well, no real question, just remembering a story of my friend meeting the future world champ SSB in a bar.

MIOMmang07 karma

LMAOOO i love a good ol mango story

trahh3 karma

Are you comparably good at any other game to melee? I know u play cs and league but idk if u suck :D

if you do suck would u be good if u put the time like u put into melee? or is melee just ur jam

MIOMmang05 karma

Well i never put in melee time to any other game but any game ive ever in my life tried to get good at i got good at.. IF you have the get good mindset and you know the dedication it takes to be amazing at something you can do anything

Frigez2 karma

What is your expectations on the new smash? Will you buy a Wii U for it? or a 3DS?

MIOMmang01 karma


boezou2 karma

I've seen you falcon ditto S2J, could you beat Hax in a Falcon ditto?

MIOMmang07 karma

yeah absolutely

amplifierworship2 karma

Would you rather fight thirty Pichu-sized Giga Bowsers or one Giga Bowser-sized Pichu?

Real question: what are your thoughts on the Canadian Smash scene and who do you think are the best players in Canada? How do you think the Toronto, MTL and BC scenes stack up compared to the US?

MIOMmang04 karma

Unknown is prob ur best player but i feel like canada is pretty far behind in the metagame. USA USA

sh3ik4h2 karma

Woud you have any advices to practice techskill consistently against CPUs (I'm an ultra low lvl player) ?

Also, how was it to win EVO after wrecking out the loser bracket ?

MIOMmang04 karma

Just try working and getting ur tek skill to the point where its crispy clean consistent. Wavedash waveland on platforms, just do a little bit of everything and figure out what ur struggling on and practice dat

WaywardWarsaw2 karma

What's your personal take on the smash boards tier list for melee? Is anyone out of place?

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C_Coolidge2 karma

Do you plan to check out SSB4 when it releases, or are you just going to stick with Melee?

MIOMmang02 karma

I mean i dont plan on buying it.. Ill just let the other guys waste their money and tell me its bad.. and play some melee =]

SavageMongolian2 karma

What is your biggest regret?

MIOMmang01 karma

just wish i didnt retire for those 2 years and kept winning

choptimusgrime2 karma

what's your favorite dipping sauce?

MIOMmang01 karma

hot sauce always

nirvanaclockwork2 karma

Whennnnn are Lucky, Alex, and you finally coming out with your new combo video?

MIOMmang01 karma

eventually ;)

SteroidSandwich2 karma

How many hours have you put into Melee now?

MIOMmang07 karma

itd be way 2 hard to try and calculate it.. Just know its a ridic amount

mydatewithgus2 karma

Also, you should teach the world how to moonwalk with spacies. :'(

MIOMmang05 karma

Do people really not know how? ill explain it on a stream sometime eventually