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saiaf184 karma

Genuine question. Do you believe in God?

ScribbleScribe438 karma

Heck no. Atheist here.

Rayadropsun69 karma

First of all, congratulations on going to college! It's amazing that you have overcome so much and your parents must be so proud. What is the hardest thing about your situation that you have to deal with daily? And what are your hobbies and interests?

ScribbleScribe272 karma

You know. I don't feel I have overcome anything. I've just done the things that everyone else has done. I can hear people speak very well with my hearing aides, so I feel I have had an advantage in learning language over the Deaf students I've been around. So it's really a no-brainer that I'd be capable of going to college.

What's the hardest thing? The hardest thing for me for years was the loneliness. It's hard for me to make friends because the first thing people do when they look at you is to identify you by your face. And, mine is different so people tend to be intimidated by me and keep away from me.

Lukehimself16 karma

I hope it's not a too silly question, but.. Do you have a tongue?

I've read all the questions and answers and must say that I really admire how strong and confident you are going through all this. I guess the problem with "normal" people is just that we don't know that defects like that even exist, and so we are curious and stare...

ScribbleScribe16 karma

No I do not. I have been told i have a very small tongue but I have never seen it so I assume I don't have one.

raverriku9 karma

How do you fold sheets?

ScribbleScribe34 karma

You make a big square a smaller square.

way_fairer7 karma

[Serious] Have you ever performed oral sex? How did it go?

ScribbleScribe1 karma

This is not a question I wish to answer in public when I am being very open with my identity.

tvjust3 karma

you don't happen to go to RIT do you ? it's NTID

ScribbleScribe2 karma

Nope. Gallaudetian here.

perche-11 karma

How much time do you spend wondering "why me"?

ScribbleScribe36 karma

None. I just exist, like everyone else.

Of course occasionally I wish I was a princess from a royal family and had my own helipad...but, beggars can't be choosers.