I am an entrepreneur, a creator and an artist. I have been around and seen many things...

I am supporting my good friend Dan Levy in a project called "I'm Scared" a short stop motion piece from the artist Greg "Craola" Simkins...



THIS is the Morgan Freeman I remember

Headed out to get some food, will try to get back and get to everyone's questions when I can

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KilowogTrout26 karma

What was it like working with DOOM?

PercyCarey33 karma

It's always been a great experience we have always learned together. It's always a great experience when you work with your brother.

stayorleaveme22 karma

so apparently you studied law in jail so that you could appeal and lessen your sentence...had you ever had any experience with law before that?

PercyCarey26 karma

Slightly, my mother always made sure I had some knowledge but never to that degree. More things that pertained to the constitution and not getting out of jail.. LOL.

iwantedyourname6 karma

What's the most useful thing you figured out?

PercyCarey22 karma

When there's war there's opportunity.

iwantedyourname7 karma

Thanks for the response man! Can I ask a few more questions? What's you're all time favorite beat?

PercyCarey14 karma

"Impeach the president"

ourworldsend21 karma

Grimm, hypothetically speaking from your past. If you had NOT been behind bars for the time/reasons that you were. What do you think would be different in your life to this present day? Granted you were still making music prior to that time obviously. However, do you think The Downfall of Ibliys or Digital Tears would have ever been created; or even a thought without your experience behind bars? The knowledge & exposure you must have gained through your experience in jail must have been a remarkable impact on your life today. Very curious as to how you would see the future of yourself without that.

PercyCarey31 karma

To be honest, if I wasn't behind bars it's a possibility that I would have been killed or murdered or murdered someone. I was going down a bad path and I feel like everything worked out for the best. Down fall would have been much better if I had more time with it. Digital tears would have never been made, I made it in solitary confinement inside prison. There's nowhere else it could have been made. It made me a much wiser person and rehabilitation is only effective if you're willing.

ourworldsend14 karma

word, thanks for the honesty in your reply brotha. I was hoping I didn't cross any unmarked line. It's really cool you're doing this Q&A for your people who care, and also surely curious. your last sentence is exactly true too. Only ones mind has the power to effectively make their own decisions, & better themselves if they have to. Glad to hear you're doing well & still making music for us all; through the thick and thin.... "All Hail Grimm!"

PercyCarey21 karma

Peace and you didn't cross any unmarked lines. Thank you, I appreciate your support and love.

Russianbud12 karma

You're one of the only artists i've seen make a 3 disk album and i really respect that. But did you feel like any of the tracks on "american hunger" were filler that you wouldn't have added on a single disk album?

PercyCarey28 karma

In my opinion there is absolutely no fillers but thats for the listeners to decide.

Yes, I am the 1st artist to create a 3 disc album and rightfully should be in the Guinness book of world records.

emperorthump10 karma

What are rodan and megalon up to? Are they still making music? Also spiega. I hope that all the monstas are still at it.

PercyCarey13 karma

I don't have any affiliation with them. I'm taking M.I.C. in a new direction.

dargex10 karma

Hi! I'm listening Story and wanted to thank you for putting together such a unique and insightful EP. The tracks on movies especially were thought provoking.

Obviously your experiences have shaped who you are as an artist; do you think there's a special creativity that comes from refusing to follow all the rules?

PercyCarey15 karma

YES! You might not be appreciated short term but long term others will benefit from the path you have chosen to take.

gnapm10 karma

Why did you decide to record 'The Downfall of Ibliys: A Ghetto Opera' while out on 24 hour bail facing life in prison? What was the experience like?

PercyCarey22 karma

At the time it seems like I'd have 15 to life and no guarantee I'd ever be home. The experience making the album was stressful b/c I didn't know if was the last thing I would ever do. My experience in prison was very enlightening I got to sit with some brilliant people who made bad choices.

SergeantMajorGandhi9 karma

  • What do you think of the current state of hip-hop and the new sound the genre is moving toward? It seems like even the underground artists are adopting a more electronic or 'trap' sound. Are there any new artists that you listen to regularly that you really like?

  • What did you think of Kendrick calling himself the king of New York?

  • Are you working on any new music at the moment?

  • How did you get involved with this new stop motion project?

Thanks for stopping by, this is a rare opportunity for the fans! I will be bumping American Hunger til the day I die.

PercyCarey30 karma

The current state of hip-hop is not in my sight, I'm too busy trying to keep up with myself. The choice of weapon an artist uses be it electronic, acoustic or other as long as the outcome of the product is good and quality.

Kendrick... I don't think about but ask me again in 20 years.

Yep, new Album dropping in OCT. "Good Morning Veitnam II the Golden Triangle"

PercyCarey17 karma

Mr.Dan Levy and I've always wanted to be involved in Stop-motion and it's great to watch something so great elevate. People should get involved with this project, it's the reason I'm here today. Creative people doing amazing things.

PLEASE support this project.

Puddingdude8 karma

How did you experience Morgan Freeman as neighbour?

PercyCarey20 karma

At the time I didn't value the experience as I would today. Morgan Freeman was a good man from what I remember as well as his daughter. This was all along time ago though.

The-RZA8 karma

What do you think of Doom sending impostors to shows to perform?

What do you think of Odd Future and Earl's new album?

PercyCarey18 karma

That's up to DOOM's supporters, me I would have to show up it's not an option I have.

I don't think b/c I don't listen but I wish them all the best!

Swiftt7 karma

hi Grimm! I highly enjoyed both Scars And Memories and American Hunger, so keep creating great music :) my question would be what are you most proud of in your life? you've overcome a lot and your dedication is shown both in your music and from interviews.

PercyCarey16 karma

Getting my education. It's something I 'duct for too long as a young person.

PercyCarey12 karma

Also talking to children in Chicago about violence and education.


you the man B, Earth is that shit. "

"What you call earth, I call hell's equator".

PercyCarey12 karma

Thank you.

theguhnslinger6 karma

SOrry for the bullshit question here. But what are your thoughts on Kendrick Lamar's verse on Control? and the ripple effect it's currently creating in hiphop?

PercyCarey19 karma

Ask me twenty years from now... I think thats when it will matter.


Who is your biggest musical inspiration and why?

Also, you're welcome over in /r/hiphopheads anytime. I'm sure there would be more spark for you there.

PercyCarey16 karma

Mozart b/c he has 600 compositions and I aim to break that record!!!

sleepinsane6 karma

Much love to you Percy. My boyfriend picked up a signed copy of Scars & Memories in Pacific Beach at Access, almost fainted when he saw it.

PercyCarey15 karma

Thank you! Try to not pass out ;)

steadymobbin6 karma

Hey Percy! Saw your tweet about how you were doing and ama so I had to stop by. Not much I have to ask, but I do want to say that I am a huge fan of your graphic novel Sentences. Wish you had continued down that career a little more. I also really appreciate the music you've made, in particular of course with MF DOOM. Looking forward to Good Morning Vietnam II.

PercyCarey15 karma

Thank you. I actually am still on that path, we're releasing new content daily @ USA Today online. Search Arch Enemy entertainment in the "life" section of USA today. As for the writing.. I have announcements coming up that will pertain to my follow up after "Sentences"

Again thank you for the Love and Support!!

theguhnslinger5 karma

Are you going to be working on new albums or mixtapes coming up soon?

And also who are the hiphop youngbloods you would like to work with? Who are you vibing the most to?

PercyCarey8 karma

The new album "Good Morning Vietnam II the Golden Triangle" drops in OCT.

"Phee the Emcee" is a young artist I would like to work with in the hip hop genre.

astarvingartistt5 karma

Mf Grimm! thank you for doing this ama Huge fan just wanted to ask how long after your incident did you write Scars and Memories. Its such a deeply profound song that evokes the strongest emotions I have ever felt in a hip hop song. Thank you for sharing your eloquently spoken stories with the world.

PercyCarey16 karma

I wrote it as soon as I came out of the coma, I started right out of the gate at Lenox hill hospital. I came out of the coma, got to the hospital and got to work. My hands weren't working so great so it was no easy task.

Great question, thank you!


Where did the MF come from in your name, any relation's to DOOM's? (Metal Fingers)

I know bout the history between you guys, I just never learned the MF basis.

PercyCarey15 karma

My MF stands for multiple things, first and foremost Manhattan's Finest, Multiple Frequencies, and MotherFucking Grimm ;)

EdwardtheSpiff5 karma

What do you draw upon for musical/lyrical inspiration?

PercyCarey12 karma

Musically I look towards Amadeus, Willie the lion Smith. Lyrically I like the tUNE-Yards right now. I don't listen to other MC's it's a conflict of interest. I do my best to remain original.

ShootUpPot5 karma

Any tips for an aspiring young entrepreneur?

PercyCarey16 karma

I would have to say surround yourself with proper council but always make yourself the final decision maker b/c you're the one who has to live with it.

theguhnslinger3 karma

Where can I pick up Sentences? I don't wanna buy thru amazon or anything, do you have a site I can pick it up from?

PercyCarey8 karma

At the moment you're going to have to go to your local comic book store but unfortunately it's out of print. A comic book store called "Melt Down Comics" in LA will order it for you. Or just ask in your fav comic shop!


Toward the end of an interview back in 2006, you showed the interviewer the "new trick" of how you could stand and that you expected to be able to walk again eventually. How have you progressed?

Also, thank you for your music. You and DOOM are all I listen to while in the pottery lab; it's the only music I've found to really inspire me.

PercyCarey21 karma

Thank you, since 2006 I have regained all sensation, some mobility and it's much better than it was but there's still room for improvement and I believe I will be walking in the future but no matter what Life is Beautiful.

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