Hi everyone!

My name is Joveth Gonzalez and I’m the community strategist for 2K Marin. With me today, I have creative director Morgan Gray, lead narrative designer Erik Caponi, lead UI artist Pat Guarino, and senior product manager Nik Karlsson.

We’re all here to answer any questions about The Bureau’s development, marketing strategy (including our live action trailers for the game: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmAxB8FR-F8qfgAocYOjm-TUpE9NVR6hX ), or anything else that you can think of! We’ll be here for an hour, but we’ll see if we can answer more Qs throughout the day.

Let’s get started!

Proof: http://imgur.com/hntnIRD

Edit: And we're done! Thanks for all of your questions! We'll be checking and responding throughout the day, so keep your questions coming and we'll do our best to answer them!

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FiveDollarHoller10 karma

I'm a big fan of the XCOM series, Enemy Unknown was outstanding. My questions:

1) Will you be releasing a Steam Demo of Declassified for people to try out the new mechanics?

2) Is there any movement on the next title yet? Recognizing Declassified was willing to break the XCOM mold, will XCOM ever come out with a co-op version? What ideas (rough/preliminary as they may be) are you all tossing around?


tazzgonzo12 karma

1) No steam demo unfortunately, but pre-order to get all those XCOM games for free!

2) Well, we are currently working away at DLC and as for the next XCOM title in general...you'll have to keep an eye out for more info ;)

Auyx4 karma

Hi, Just a quick thanks as I won a copy of the game from your recent competition on the EU website. Looking forward to getting my first taste of Xcom.

tazzgonzo2 karma

awesome! Congrats and enjoy!

PlentyOfMoxie3 karma

Are you hiring? Because i do anything. A-NY-THING.

tazzgonzo8 karma

a New York thing? Sweet. Get us bagels.

SLProtoman1 karma

What were the most difficult hurdles you guys faced when changing the game from its very first iteration to its current form? And were you guys surprised by the differing public opinions on the game's first form as a FPS?

tazzgonzo1 karma

I believe the guys have answered both these questions on other threads here :)

Shoemakerleve91 karma

Where did you get the information leading up to you producing the game. E.g. How do you know that the information is mostly accurate?

tazzgonzo1 karma

Which information are you referring to? The 60s setting? The government info?

makoslayer0 karma

Would you rather fight 10 horse sized spiders or 1000 spider sized horses?

tazzgonzo3 karma

holy crap 10 horse sized spiders would be terrifying. Let's go with 1000 spider sized horses please.