Hi Redditors, I am Sasha Cohen, 2x Olympian and World Figure Skating medalist. I enjoyed being part of the Olympic Winter Games in Torino and Salt Lake City, as well as competing internationally in the World Figure Skating Championships.

Off the ice, I’ve been an actress and the founder of Snoxx, snap button socks. Currently, I am a student at Columbia University. You can also find me for appearances on http://www.thuzio.com. Ask me anything!

Proof: https://twitter.com/SashaCohenNYC/statuses/367674881036402689

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Frajer3046 karma

How many people have confused you and the guy who did Borat?

sashacohenusa2445 karma

I get that a lot! I make restaurant reservations and get mixed up with Borat all the time. But in person, no mix-up

UnderstandingPrimus1040 karma

Sorry for this being off topic, but you were great in Blades of Glory. What was it like hanging out with Will Ferrell?

sashacohenusa1368 karma

It was an incredible experience, surreal, and the film actually captures the quirks of figure skating that is actually true. Will Ferrell is really a nice, genuine person, and appreciative of figure skaters.

okiedokie17650 karma

Given skating's reputation with sexuality, what do you make of the situation going on in Russia right now with gay rights? How do you think the sport will respond given its popularity there?

sashacohenusa1416 karma

I honestly think that social issues should really not be a part of the Games. People should have their rights to be who they want to be and love who they want to love.

The Olympics is about showing what you've done with your life, your dream as an athlete and sharing that with the World. The choices that are being made right now with the Sochi games are really sad and disrespectful to the athletes.

We're all athletes, there should be no one who has to hide who they are. It's kind of unfortunate that it's popped up now and I hope it gets resolved so all athletes regardless of sexual orientation feel welcomed at the Games.

MarkoSeke555 karma

What would Brian Boitano do?

sashacohenusa775 karma

If he were here right now?

creepingjeff476 karma

This is a totally off topic question, who is your favorite Ranger of all time?

sashacohenusa791 karma

I would have to say Lundqvist...I've met him and he seemed like a nice person.

Lorenzo_Canyon432 karma

Is the bottom of the skate like, razor thin? If so, have you ever been cut by it? Ive always wondered that about ice skates.

sashacohenusa948 karma

Yes, someone landed a double axel on my leg, and I had 21 stitches

sashacohenusa399 karma

Thank you so much and for asking so many thought provoking questions. I really appreciate the support. Enjoy the rest of your summers!

ItsDJ377 karma

If I scrolled through Sasha Cohen's iPod, I would find...

sashacohenusa710 karma

everything...Led Zeppelin, Robin Thicke, Etta James, Michael Jackson, Glenn Miller, Eminem...I like to keep it fresh, something for every mood

FireOpal281 karma

This will probably get buried, but you and I went to elementary school together in Pasadena!

sashacohenusa257 karma

long time ago!

Peirol245 karma

What are you up to these days and your plans after you graduate? Btw how was japan and what's with the game show?

sashacohenusa332 karma

Japan was amazing...love Tokyo. Was there for 30 hours. Game show is airing in Sept. Basically had to balance on a stand the size of a coaster, 20 ft in the air, and the stand get smaller and smaller.

G0ldenBanana239 karma

Whats it like staying in the Olympic village?

sashacohenusa457 karma

The Olympic Village is incredible. Every country. Every sport. Housed under one roof. Although we're all different between sports and language, there's this shared mission of purpose. We just get each other. We all spend our whole lives doing sport with the hopes of getting to this point. We also really wait once every four years, unlike basketball and football, to showcase what we can really do.

davidfoxman239 karma


sashacohenusa343 karma

Depending on my class schedule...4-5x a week, when school rolls around 2x a week

elwray1989228 karma

Do you still get carded?

sashacohenusa480 karma

Always! Do you know I'm almost 29?

hey_dipshits203 karma

Can you still get your ankles above your head?

sashacohenusa322 karma

Yes. That is something I can still do ... surprisingly.

UnethicalVT196 karma

Is rampant sex at the Olympics fact or media driven fantasy?

sashacohenusa318 karma

There are different Olympic experiences for different athletes.

I wouldn't know because the ladies figure skating event is near the end of the games, so my experience is different from an athlete who would compete early on and have their competition over with during the first week.

eggshi144 karma

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

sashacohenusa314 karma

Probably Gossip Girl. I absolutely love that show. When I moved to New York and it was on, I liked a lot of the same places. There are things that I could relate too.

sceddit114 karma

Did you march in both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies at the Olympics? Did you prefer one over the other -- and why? (I know that all athletes are entitled to participate in both, but some skip one or the other for various reasons.)

sashacohenusa234 karma

I preferred the Opening just because there's so much anticipation. There's just so much energy and there are just so many hopes ... so many dreams .. so much promise. It was my favorite event at the Olympics.

captainfraturday105 karma

Hi! Big fan here! As well as aspiring figure skater, any tips/suggestions to improving in competitions?

sashacohenusa172 karma

It all happens in practice, need to prepare yourself to do it everyday, even if you're tired or not feeling well. Practice translates to competitions.

I_CAPE_RUNTS105 karma

what is your workout/nutrition routine when you aren't training?

sashacohenusa151 karma

A very specific and healthy diet...lean protein, vegetables, minimal food intake and heavy exercise. Running, Yoga, Soul Cycle, and heavy core workouts.

IAK2899 karma


sashacohenusa196 karma

Gymnastics, what these gymnasts do are mind boggling. It takes so much strength and balance. They put their bodies through the ringer.

WillFerrelsNuts97 karma

How did you come up with the idea for Snoxx?

sashacohenusa190 karma

I was up late with a friend of mind. I was frustrated with doing laundry with socks that didn't match, and there is something that needs to be done about it. Socks that snap together! Everyone loses their socks.

GuruOfReason87 karma

What are you studying, and what interests you beside figure skating?

sashacohenusa175 karma

I am competing my core requirements, I'm likely to declare a major in political science. Columbia has a great liberal arts program that gives me a good foundation.

alloftheproblems72 karma

How do you keep from getting extremely dizzy when doing spins?

sashacohenusa150 karma

stay centered, stay in one place...as soon as you start traveling and creating distance, then you will feel dizzy.

tucson_lepton60 karma

What is your favorite figure skating trick? It can be the one you find most aesthetically pleasing, the one you are best at, or anything else - I don't want to restrict you.

sashacohenusa86 karma

spins...the wide spin

MissJBoo56 karma

What do you do for fun?

sashacohenusa131 karma

I really enjoy yoga, running, taking weekend trips into nature and good friends. Right now, my puppy takes a lot of my spare time.

bronwynsings55 karma

Hi Sasha! I am a HUGE fan! What was your favorite program ever and your favorite time competiting it? Thanks so much :)

sashacohenusa103 karma

My Olympic short program in 2006 is one of my favorites. That event was pretty much the pinnacle of my skating career and I'll always remember it fondly.

Skittl132155 karma

Can you wear the Snoxx in skates, or do the buttons get in the way?

sashacohenusa91 karma

I've never tried! I wear Snoxx around the house and to work out. Need to wear tights for ice/figure skating.

RancidPickle54 karma

whats the meanest thing you've ever heard a skater say to another skater?

sashacohenusa86 karma

I feel like I try to block negative energy and let that go.

Off the top of my head, I would just say that skaters get very possessive and territorial. If you happen to get in their way, they aren't afraid to lash out and get their space back.

okiedokie1751 karma

Do you have fond memories of your 2006 free skate because it won you a medal, or not so well because of how it began? It was a beautiful program with amazing music.

sashacohenusa73 karma

Romeo and Juliet was the program that I did for my long at the Olympics and it really was a labor of love. Even though it wasn't the magical Olympic program that I wanted, I found some strength deep inside that I didn't have and that taught me a lot.

I realize that it has really served me well in my life's transition and helped me to fight back when things aren't going perfectly.

JustCallMeDave49 karma

Hi Sasha. Do you ever go down to Wollman Rink and show off just for fun? I would!

sashacohenusa68 karma

I actually skated at Wollman quite a bit this fall when Hurricane Sandy took out Chelsea Piers. It's a beautiful rink.

lolgrim46 karma

Hi Sasha! Thanks for talking to us!

What's it like being a world-renowned Olympian attending college? Do people recognize you right away in class?

sashacohenusa98 karma

No! I'm under the radar at school. I was before their time, as I'm a bit older. It's a good experience for me, because I can blend in at school.

Akylees44 karma

Hi. What made you choose Columbia university?

sashacohenusa68 karma

I love NYC! I wanted to be in a mature college situation, they have a GS program that is great, and I can pursue business opportunities while studying and going to school as well.

daherold37 karma

What other sports besides figure skating do you like to watch and/or play?

sashacohenusa79 karma

I like to play soccer. I like to play my own made up form of rugby. What I love most is to dance.

claustrophobicdragon34 karma

If you were not a figure skater, what career path would you have gone on?

sashacohenusa59 karma

Very interesting question!

I always imagined myself as a trauma surgeon or a litigator, or maybe even a philosopher.

LeBron6TheKing32 karma

What are some things you had to give up or not be able to participate in because you were training for the olympics? Any regrets?

sashacohenusa87 karma

I have no regrets because it was what I was driven to do. I sacrificed school, going to college at the traditional time, hanging out with friends. Really a lot of the experiences that one experiences from age 7-25. But these experiences have shaped me as well. I'm kind of doing things in reverse.

sk8gr819232 karma

How much do off-ice workouts play into your training ...and would you ever consider teaching classes?

sashacohenusa46 karma

I think off-ice is incredibly important to skating. Yoga is a part of my regiment, as is jogging and pilates. I also have come up over the years with a tailored warmup and cool down that's helpful to skating that incorporates all of these. I have actually have taught a few classes and seminars that teach skaters to prepare. It's also something I can do through Thuzio. (www.thuzio.com)

Skittl132130 karma

Who are your favorite current skaters?

sashacohenusa60 karma

I'd have to say Evan Lysacek is probably my favorite skater. I've known him since I was 12 years old. His determination and work ethic really show you that it isn't always the most talented person, but the person most willing to take it home.

2012ctsv28 karma

How tall are you? What size are your skates?

sashacohenusa63 karma

I am 5'2" and my shoe size is a size 5.

Brendozer25 karma

Two part question: What sport, when combined with figure skating, would make it more exciting? And would you consider taking up fencing?

sashacohenusa52 karma

I would love to fence! I think fencing is such a beautiful sport with such a wonderful history. I don't think it would be a good idea to hand me any equipment though because of the liability.

tasty_tantalizer25 karma

Can you play hockey?

sashacohenusa78 karma

I can skate better than a hockey player, but I have no stick-puck coordination.

JJKeys25 karma

Anything at all?...

What's your favourite type of breakfast cereal?

sashacohenusa66 karma

Kashi go lean with almond milk

rm-rfstar24 karma

So proud of you and THANK YOU for all of your hard work!

Who are your role models? What inspires you?

sashacohenusa52 karma

Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Robinson is very inspiring. I always admire athletes that deal with something other than just their sport and represent something bigger. Definitely Jackie Robinson.

hal900524 karma

What is your favorite restaurant in NYC?

sashacohenusa41 karma

That's tricky because I always love trying new places. I have some go-to's that are fantastic like the Pearl Oyster Bar and Meatball Shop.

habsmike22 karma

Hi Sasha thanks for doing this. What was the first moment when you realized that you wanted to skate for a living?

sashacohenusa39 karma

I think when I was probably 11 or 12 years old and I did my first show. I went and then watched my favorite skaters on Champions on Ice and Stars on Ice and that's when I realized that people do this for work ... performing. I said 'you know what, this could be a career opportunity.'

elizabethavery13 karma

What was the most difficult time in your competitive career, 2002-06, and why?

sashacohenusa22 karma

You'd be surprised. I actually think it was when I tried to come back at 25 and make the 2010 Olympic team. Between the injuries and the time off ... You don't have that young, athletic enthusiasm that you have in the beginning.

kimberlion12 karma

Hi Sasha, Can you explain how figure skating training has shaped your body's anatomy differently than say training for any other sport?

sashacohenusa17 karma

If you stop moving and start sitting, your body changes a lot. That's for sure. It's why I'm a very active person, always running, or skipping, or taking some type of class. Sure, my body is different now than it was at 18 or 19, but skating built up an amazing cardio capacity and is amazing for balance, flexibility.

noodulz11 karma

I was a freshmen at Aliso Niguel High when you were a senior. Did you ever attend class? Did you have a social life (assuming you had a rigorous training schedule) in your high school days? Now that I'm looking back at it I don't think I ever saw you on campus.

sashacohenusa16 karma

Honestly I just took one class at Aliso Niguel and really focused on training, doing most of my classes in a private school. It was really for the experience. I wanted to go through what my peers were going through.

kelloo11 karma

What are the relationships between figure skaters like? Are there big rivalries?

sashacohenusa19 karma

There will always be a very intense competitive nature within the sport because we sacrifice and dedicate our lives to this passion called figure skating. We want to do our best and we want to be our best. That's always part of the sport when you are competing at a very high level.

ankisethgallant10 karma

You mentioned running as a hobby. Have you ever competed in any races? What are your personal bests for distances?

sashacohenusa18 karma

I run for fun, not in a race. I don't go very fast. I'll jog for 45 minutes to an hour just to get the heart rate up and to be outside.

verynicegirl9 karma

Hi Sasha! How do you balance school and your career? Ivy League schools are hard, man.

sashacohenusa15 karma

It is really difficult. Some semesters, I do part-time to go on tour. School is my passion right now. I also take the summer programs which helps. Columbia's student body is so bright and competitive, and it's a wonderful environment to learn in.


What's Scott Hamilton like in real life?

sashacohenusa10 karma

Scott Hamilton is a wonderful person, limitless energy, positive and empowered attitude. He's inspiring person to a lot of people around the world. I've been so lucky to work with him and get to know him as a person.

dafukisdat8 karma


sashacohenusa17 karma

I think this transition that I'm undertaking at the moment. Moving across the country. Going to school. Learning to cultivate a new interest and building another career. There's just a lot of unknown. Things that I've never done that I'm not good at yet. New people. New places. I think that's a big one.

DrSharpmd4 karma

Why do you go by Sasha? Alexandra is a beautiful name!

sashacohenusa8 karma

At school, I generally go by Alex. Sasha is just the Russian nickname for all Alexandra or Alexander's, so it is a heritage thing.

CleverFox_094 karma

Hi Sasha, love how they named the "I" spin after you. What changes (if any) do you think can be made to competition rules to make figure skating more exciting?

sashacohenusa7 karma

I think it is very exciting. You lose a lot of it on TV. When you see it live, you have a different appreciation for the speed, height, athleticism and power. I think it's a really incredible sport.

KeviMac2 karma

What is it that you do in order to calm your nerves when going to do a routine in front of thousands of people?

sashacohenusa4 karma

You really have to keep it simple. You have to focus on your breathing. Focus on your training. Trust your body and don't let the outside distractions take over.

LeeBollinger2 karma

What's your favorite near-Columbia hangout?

sashacohenusa4 karma

Milano's Market, I get lunch there quite often.

koske142 karma

I play hockey, so I can relate to figure skating...Do you have bad knees?

sashacohenusa4 karma

I think you know that it's just part of the sport.

We totally beat up our bodies for two decades and the effects will be there. It is part of my life and I've learned to manage it. Things like swimming, yoga and pilates help me with that.

i_am_zorgath2 karma

How close is your experience with Olympic figure skating to the movie Blades of Glory?

Seriously though, congratulations. What does your training schedule look like when you are gearing up for a competition? I remember the days of college swimming and that was intense enough. I couldn't imagine training on the Olympic level.

sashacohenusa4 karma

My daily training schedule would start with 30 minutes of running to warm up, some pilates, stretching and core training

Then I'd skate for 90 minutes, take a break, skate for another 90 minutes, cool down, go to the gym and do circuit training or sprints and then some physical therapy.

Then, it could be a number of things like talking about music or costumes.

Doomy222 karma

How often are you recognized on the street?

sashacohenusa4 karma

Not often. If maybe I go to a Rangers game, it will happen more often, but if I'm just going out like anyone else, not that much.

[deleted]1 karma


sashacohenusa2 karma

Not at the moment...I cannot sing