Hello, I'm actor Kane Hodder, actor in the Friday the 13th films and in the upcoming indie horror film: Fear Clinic and co-founder of Hollywood Ghost Hunters.

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Edit: Thanks for a good time Reddit! I have a few appointments to make. Make sure to check out my book, Unmasked, and support the Fear Clinic IndieGoGo campaign.

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scorpion18048 karma

Can you break into my house tonight and scare the shit out of me?

KaneHodder134 karma

Yes. What is your address? Just remember you asked for this because I tend to go overboard and I may kill you.

AForExcellent39 karma

Did you have to get into a certain mindset to play jason also what was that experience like?

KaneHodder78 karma

I quite honestly, brought back memories of being bullied as a kid. That's in my book, Unmasked. I could bring back the rage of being bullied.

_vargas_28 karma

Jason Voorhees, Victor Crowley, and Leatherface have a battle royale. Who is the last man standing and why?

KaneHodder54 karma

Leatherface is gone first. Victor and Jason have huge fight. Very close match but a slight edge to Victor because he's a bit less predictable.

ryansadler25 karma

Who's your favorite horror movie villain that you haven't played? Least favorite?

KaneHodder95 karma

Favorite is Michael Meyers, I always wanted play him. I did get to play him in a short called "Driving Lessons" but not a full movie.

Least favorite is Freddy Krueger. What a hack!

krazeone23 karma

did playing jason as a character ever take a hold of you personally? You know like how jack nocholson/heath ledger with the joker? If so, whats your craziest story/moment

KaneHodder55 karma

I feel like when people say that a character takes you over it's for the benefit of the story. We're actors.

I will say that I have a built in insanity defense if I ever get arrested, however. "I couldn't help it because of all the insane characters I've played!"

treeinthewind20 karma

Do you enjoy working on stunts more than acting or acting more than stunts?

KaneHodder30 karma

I love both. I never thought I'd ever deliver a line of dialogue but I was very lucky and people had confidence in giving me a small role. I think love the character stuff with a lot of physical work. Then I've done movies that were all acting and nothing physical.

I've never taken an acting class. Everything I've learned is from watching well qualified actors doing their work. I was the stunt coordinator on the movie Monster with Charlize Theron and it was a great learning experience.

Rick_Empty20 karma

Which non-Friday project are you most proud of?

KaneHodder41 karma

I love the Hatchet movies because they are so well written. To have comedy within a violent horror film is tough. Adam Green does it so well.

Kaner8818 karma

Very big fan of your work Mr. Hodder, and I was wondering, when you were told you wouldn't be reprising your role in Freddy vs Jason, were you upset you lost out on the potential money, or were you upset you lost the character

KaneHodder47 karma

As corney as it sounds, I was devistated. I had spent 15 years playing a character that I love and poured my heart and soul into. Then I was unceremoniously booted. I was never given a reason.

Some people like to say I was asking too much money or that I was difficult to work with but that wasn't the case. I thought I was doing it up until the last minute. I even had the script and everything.

Obradbrad17 karma

Which Friday the 13th movie was your favorite to film, and how often do people recognize you?

Thank you for this opportunity by the way, I love your roles!

KaneHodder26 karma

Favorite is part 7. Jason looked the best and it had the best stunts.

Every year more and more people recognize me. A lot of times TSA people will recognize my name. It's fine. I never went into the business to be recognized but it happens so I don't mind.

Twitchris17 karma

I've met you a few times at horror conventions and love that you choke people in pictures. What's your best moment from a con?

KaneHodder46 karma

The most fun I have is meeting kids. A lot of times they aren't afraid of me at all and they give me a hard time. The choking thing has become legendary because I really choke people. I'm sure I'll regret it soon. It's happened twice now that people have gone unconscious. I'm pretty good about knowing when to let go. A guy at Rock n Shock completely collapsed. Most people don't know when they passed out. Then this year in March a guy passed out a little bit but I caught him. I've had pretty good odds because at a single convention I'll choke over 100 people and I go to 15 a year.

galaxykitten16 karma

Did you ever try to scare anyone while in your Jason costume?

KaneHodder35 karma

Many many time. Pretending to be a dummy on the set was my favorite. In the mask you couldn't tell if it was me or a dummy on the set. I'd have an accomplice bring someone over and I'd move and scare them.

Splooge_Bob16 karma

You played the best Jason in my opinion. I think it was the aggressive walking that I liked the most. I have to know what is your HONEST opinion of the Jason X movie?

KaneHodder29 karma

That was the last one I did. As a horror fan, when Jim Isaac, the director, first told me that was gonna be Jason in space. I was a little concerned to be honest. It seems like when they are out of ideas they go to space. I didn't wanna jeopordize the character just because it was in space so I justified it in my mind by maintaining the character. It was definitely the highest budget we had. I liked the kills and the look of uber-Jason.

logically14 karma

Got a favorite Jason scene?

KaneHodder35 karma

My favorite Jason scene but only because of the circumstances. From Jason Takes Manhattan, imagine being in the middle of Times Square as Jason. I never took the mask off while I was there because I didn't want to ruin the illusion.

TheNeatoBurrito14 karma

If you were a real serial killer, what would be your weapon of choice?

KaneHodder46 karma

Hmm. This is really stretching but I would probably be one that prefers to use a hammer because of the incredible mess you can make.

loshedandfound13 karma

First I would like to say you are awesome! Thank you for this fantastic moment in my life http://i.imgur.com/FREs7WJ.jpg Also, Hatchet is one of my favorite movies of all time! My question is, was filming Hatchet as much fun on the set making an amazingly over the top gore fest as I imagine it would be? It was so much fun to watch and really nailed it with the gore and humor. It is certainly something I dream of being a part of someday. Fingers crossed! :)

KaneHodder13 karma

In fact it was. It was so much fun because it was a new franchise. Working with Adam Green is so much fun. 2 and 3 were more difficult because hours in the make up chair.

BurntFlower11 karma

If you could play any character from any medium (TV, movies, theater, etc), which would you play?

KaneHodder30 karma

Frankenstein. I always dressed as him as a kid. I got to play a variation of him, Mashugana, in an Adam Green movie.

cheesaye10 karma

Do you watch breaking bad?

KaneHodder15 karma

I've just started because both of my sons watch that show and they've gotten me into it. But I'm enjoying it.

masterstick89 karma

Have you caught any ghosts?

KaneHodder19 karma

People within my group have but I have not. Everyone tells me they're scared of me. Anytime something happens when we are ghost hunting it's always when I am somewhere else. Just when I arrive it stops.

TheGuyWhoLikesPie8 karma

What's your favorite part of the job?

KaneHodder25 karma

Honestly, doing things that would normally get you arrested and having people applaud me for it. The crazier I get the happier the director is.

Pureplayer3ooo8 karma


KaneHodder17 karma

Nothing but pure fun and enjoyment. Hard work, much harder than it looks to perform in make-up like that but much fun. It felt like a character I was born to play.

Hat_On_Fire7 karma

Do you have any kids, and, if so, do you plan to do anything creative when it comes time to discuss the risks of teenage sex?

KaneHodder14 karma

Well, I do have two teenage sons but it is far too late to talk to them about that. They are 19 and 16 so they have figured that out. My older son is playing lacross and Beloit College in Wisconson he's a goalie and he is number 13. And my younger son play lacross at his high school.

bake_an_destroy7 karma

Ive seen all the friday the 13ths. Big fan of those movies, but my question is how hard is it to convince people that you really played jason?

KaneHodder39 karma

Unless they doubt it. I don't really going around saying, "I'm Jason don't fuck with me." If they bring it up then they already know who I am so I don't have to work really hard to convince anyone. If I do I just dump their body behind a warehouse somewhere.

SquiggleBiggle6 karma

Not counting movies that you have been in, what is the scariest movie you have ever seen?

KaneHodder21 karma

This is an easy answer but most people won't understand it unless they were old enough to have seen it in the theater: The Exorcist. When you saw it back in the 70's and they weren't affraid of showing things that people didn't want to even talk about. There was so much hype before they even went to the theater that you couldn't help but freak. Exorcist is still my favorite horror movie.

kelloo6 karma

What is your opinion on horror films today?

KaneHodder18 karma

I'm still a big horror fan. It goes through cycles. Once there is a horror film that is successful there are a bunch of copycats. Any horror film I watch I always find something that I like. It doesn't take a large budget if there are good ideas. I like anything where they can come up with a new type of story line is impressive to me.

DiegoVonCosmo6 karma

Who is your favorite hockey goaltender?

KaneHodder16 karma

I don't really follow the sport but I will say it is the most exciting sport to see in person. Of any sport I've seen a hockey game is the most fun.

Edit: Jim Craig from the US Olympic team because he wore a hockey mask like mine.

herebezombies5 karma

Have you ever filled in some Jason backstory in your own head? I'm curious to know if there's any exclusive Jason canon that only exists in your own head.

KaneHodder27 karma

I think that maybe the fact that I filled in something about the fact that I think Jason won't hurt animals or kids. There was something where they wanted me to kick a dog but I think Jason identifies with animals and kids. It's the adults that are assholes. I may have built up some of the backstory about that.

abc1014 karma

What is the most difficult thing about your job/roles? What is the most important characteristic in acting

KaneHodder8 karma

The most important characteristic is to be believable. You are asked to do something so foreign to your personality and make it real. So many times I would be asked to do something as Jason that was so unbelievable and I had to make it natural. I never got to use my voice or face as many actors do. Many people would overcompensate by being over the top.

skylerw3 karma

What was it like working with Danielle Harris? Also, what was it like to experience playing the killer and victim (killing yourself) in Jason Goes to Hell?

KaneHodder8 karma

Very nice. Danielle Harris is fantastic. She is one of my best friends both in film and outside. It is an honor to be her friend.

As far as Jason Goes to Hell, it was kind of my idea to be a Jason victim too. I always wanted to be a victim so now I am even though someone else had to physically do it.

LeTricolore3 karma

Any idea if the Kane character in the WWE is named after you?

KaneHodder11 karma

Well, I was once told that that was the case. Someone read an article but I have never been able to substantial the claim. Because he has the name, he wears a mask, he doesn't and he has burn scars.

[deleted]2 karma


KaneHodder9 karma

I started playing the character in part seven so Jason was known worldwide already. A different guy played the character each time before me. We screen tested a lot to make sure I was the right guy.

I knew from the beginning that it was a great honor to put that mask on. Out of all the people in the world I got to be that guy. The way it exploded was way more than I might have expected. I went to a convention and I was mobbed. At that moment I realized that it would be a life changing thing.

Joshlecky1 karma

did you ever have nightmares about jason getting you?

KaneHodder17 karma

Nah. Jason couldn't catch me. I know how to get away from that mother-fucker. I know his weaknesses

ihopeIsmell1 karma

Any tips on growing a bad ass mustache?

KaneHodder8 karma

Wow. I don't even have one right now but make it fit your personality. One of the other guys who played Jason, Ari Lehman, has a mustache that make him look like Captain Morgan but that fits his personality.

ProfThadBach-1 karma


KaneHodder9 karma

I have an energy drink called Kill. Not sure about hot sauce. Someone made a joke but it isn't mine.