Hi Reddit. I'm Tim DeLaughter singer in the band The Polyphonic Spree as well as Tripping Daisy and Preteen Zenith. Our new album, 'Yes, It's True.' was just released on August 6th and is available now at record stores and on Itunes here.

Proof via twitter: https://twitter.com/PolySpree/status/365513687303335936

Update 415PM CST: That's all we have time for today. Thank you everyone for participating. Tim will try to come back once the band hits the road next week and answer more questions. Check thepolyphonicspree.com for tour dates. Also, If you're in Dallas, a very special album release show is happening Friday night at the Granada Theater.

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lecorybusier20 karma

Tim! First of all, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for keeping on. No other music fills my spirit like yours has for nearly half my life at this point. I grew up in Arlington, and have fantastic memories of Tripping Daisy at the Galaxy Club, Bronco Bowl; bathrobes and goggles - man, just the entire scene then was amazing (funland, ufofu, tomorrow people, etc, etc).

Anyway, my question: When do we finally get to hear the Lure Tour demos?! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR 17 YEARS!

TimDeLaughter13 karma

When the Tripping Daisy box set comes out.. We are archiving now and have been. Hopefully sooner than later. Our plate be full at the moment. Thanks for the kind words!!

Frajer19 karma

If I went on stage at a Polyphonic Spree show holding a tambourine and wearing a robe how long would it take you to realize I wasn't in the band? Also are you still in touch with Annie Clark?

TimDeLaughter18 karma

Well..depends if you went to the back when i'm facing the front. I'd say you could get a little bit of spree time before I saw you. Not that you would have to leave....That would up to how well your playing that tambo. I haven't talked to Annie in awhile..

beansiej11 karma

How was your experience on Scrubs and how did that opportunity come about?

TimDeLaughter8 karma

That was for the books, it was experience for sure, everyone on set was super cool. The writer of the show is a fan of the band and he wrote that episode with us in it.

barp8 karma

Hope I'm not asking too many questions here, but I have another...

Let me preface it by saying My Umbrella in Minneapolis recently was an AWESOME surprise. Any chance that other Tripping Daisy songs might surface on the setlist in the future? Most things from Jesus Hits feels like they'd translate well--Geeareohdoubleyou in particular sticks out to me, almost feels like a Spree song already.

TimDeLaughter8 karma

I think now that I've cracked that egg of doing Tripping Daisy songs, your probably going to hear more from time to time. I agree with you about GROW!


tkdeano7 karma

Saw Tripping Daisy perform at the Music Hall in Birmingham, Alabama supporting the I Am an Elastic Firecracker days. It was an amazing show. I've been following you ever since. I even have the Bill CD with Green Tambourine on it. Two questions. (1) How is Ben feeling these days? (2) Any plans to bring the show down to the Orlando area any time soon?

TimDeLaughter7 karma

Ben is doing all he can at the moment to beat this dreadful disease. We all remain optimistic. I sure hope we get to florida soon, my mom would be happy if we did. Fingers crossed. Thanks for being with us!

p8nt_junkie6 karma

Tim, I've been a long time fan of your work. Ever since Bill was released I've been listening to y'all in one form or another. Been to many, many shows. My favorite was an all day Lakewood Theater concert (homecoming) where Brian rose up from under the stage while playing on his kit. Legendary. I still see it in my minds eye. We will be at Granada to see you guys. Love y'all! Anyway, What is your personal favorite song to perform from the new record?

TimDeLaughter3 karma

Ive got a cpl, I'd say "Popular by Design" and "Hold Yourself Up"

Thanks for being with us!!!

3choplex6 karma

Tripping Daisy was a great band. Thanks to you guys I discovered another favorite, Self, when you toured together. No question, just a generally thumbs up to you.

TimDeLaughter5 karma

Thank You! I remember Self. Great band!!

trangelica6 karma

Tim! Thanks so much for your music. Heard Running Away on the local college radio station and absolutely fell in love with your music. My question is, for the 500 special LPs of the new album, did any of the band members draw the art for them? I got number 151 and it's got a really cool Mouth on the front and a mouth and butterfly on the sides of the record.

Anyway. Thanks again!!

TimDeLaughter5 karma

Those are hand stamped by me. The are Acme rubber stamps we had made.

MarisaHalbach5 karma

Where did you and Chris Penn meet and how long have you known each other? He is so great to all the fans!

TimDeLaughter3 karma

We met at a Tripping Daisy show many years ago. We hit it off and have been friends ever since. He is a HUGE part of why we are able to do what we do. I would be lost without him. I agree with you too!!

crumb_buckets5 karma

First, I have to gush. I love your band! Thank you for what you do, and for sticking with it. Whenever you tour near me I make it a point to get to the show (and bring along a friend to share you with!) So, when the Kickstarter campaign began, there was no question that I would contribute, and I only wish I could have given more.

You can’t be sad at your show. It isn’t possible. The energy and magic is tangible. When my friend lost her father, I gave her my copy of Fragile Army. She needed some uplifting, and your music was my strategy. Love you, love you, adore you.

How does it work when you introduce a new member into the band? Is there a boot camp or induction of sorts? How many have been there since the beginning?

TimDeLaughter2 karma

Thank You for sharing. No boot camp, its rather painless just alot of rehearsing for them. I would say close to a hundred...

Bargnostroclesticles5 karma


TimDeLaughter4 karma

Thank You we will!! The people in the band are the easiest to manage, they are the least of our concerns as "needs" are concerned. The finance is always the biggest problem....

ftsullivan4 karma

I heard that a couple of the songs on Yes, It's True were written in the studio. Could you tell use which one(s) they were?

TimDeLaughter3 karma

"Heart Talk" was a completely written in the studio, even the lyrics were improvised as you hear it now. That was really the only one I believe.

airunly4 karma

Who blows up all the balloons and cleans up the confetti at every show?

TimDeLaughter2 karma

Well the last show we did balloons, was a fan who actually brought them all. He does balloon art. As far as the confetti, we try to recycle as much as possible. The rest the venue cleans it up, we have to pay a fee to blast confetti in the places...

barp4 karma

Was there a concerted effort on Yes It's True to mix it in, for lack of a better term, a more "mainstream" manner? When I listen closely I can still tell that all the instruments are in there and still seem to be arranged in a kind of typical Polyphonic Spree way, but they definitely seem to be mixed a little farther back into a more textural role than being out in front like on previous albums, with drums and lead vocals more center stage this time around, which some people might find more accessible.

Either way I think it's a cool and interesting tack on things, but definitely not what I was expecting in that respect.

TimDeLaughter7 karma

Not at all. I'm glad its translating that way though, I don't have a problem with that. I want as many people as we can get to hear The Polyphonic Spree. This is one of my favorite mixed Polyphonic Spree records to date. Thank You for being with us thru it all.

robot_cousin4 karma

Hi Tim,

Wow, this is intense, because you truly are my musical idol. I have been a Tripping Daisy fan ever since I heard 'I Got a Girl' and 'Piranha'. I fell in love with all of the rest of the tracks on '...Firecracker', and soon after sought out 'Bill' (and picked up 'Get it On' at the same place!'). 'Waited a Light Year' and 'Tragiverse' are my two all-time favourite songs ever.

My question was going to be when can we expect the TD box set to be released. Not that I'm not happy with all that is happening PZ/PS-related, but TD will always be my favourite band.

Since my question's already been answered (sort of, I know you're working on it), I guess I'll ask if there would ever be a chance to see or experience any behind the scenes stuff for Jesus Hits like the Atom Bomb/Tripping Daisy, maybe a video or photos to be included in the box set?

Also, please come to Montreal!

Thank you so much for your time. Please never stop.

EDIT: My fiancee and I are thinking about having Sonic Bloom played during our wedding in Sept. It means a lot to both of us, we love that song.

TimDeLaughter5 karma

I'm with you too about TD. Yes, we will have a full on documentary about TD. Fortunately we basically videoed TD from the beginning till the end with behind the scenes and making of records etc. Congrats on getting married! Sonic Bloom would be perfect!

artvaark4 karma

What was it like to work with Annie Clarke and what is your take on her work as St.Vincent and with David Byrne ?

TimDeLaughter5 karma

Annie was a pleasure to have around, very talented with awesome facial expressions. I'm not that familiar with her latest works but, what I've heard I liked. As far as the collaboration I'm sad to say I haven't heard any of that yet.

apollorockit4 karma

I saw y'all at Bottletree in Birmingham a year or two ago. Incredible show. Really glad I was able to make it. I guess I should ask you a question now.

What's the tiniest stage you've ever had to fit the whole group onto? I mean, the Bottletree has to be up there. That stage is tiny. And y'all made up a good portion of the allowable occupancy.

TimDeLaughter3 karma

The Bottletree is def a small one but, the smallest was in Norway in a tiny bar, we used milk crates and plywood to make the stage. It was a crazy fun night for sure. Thanks!

MarisaHalbach4 karma

Your wife, Julie, is a very admirable woman. Not only is she wife and mother of four, but she is also a band member and co-founder/co-owner/co-manager of the band. Could you take us through her roles with the band and also how she inspires and motivates you during the songwriting process?

TimDeLaughter7 karma

Well, you just stated her roles pretty accurately. As far as how she inspires and motivates me, I would say she's a real good listener and I trust her more than anyone when comes to my songwriting. She's been beside me since the beginning. She's my partner.

edasto424 karma

Tim, first off I want to say thanks for not only doing this, but for making the music you have (especially the Poly Spree stuff). It's really inspirational. Me and the gf have not missed a Chicago performance in about 7 or so years (I'm always in the front row usually next to the guy that brings his son that's in the wheelchair-which is amazing to see the music touch him). And it was fantastic to meet you and the whole band at the Xmas show

Anyway, I have a couple questions (quick ones): are you going to tour with the Xmas show again? It really helped me make my normally blasé Xmas season a little better.

Also, with the success that you guys to from your kickstarter campaign, and the fact that crowd funding is a plausible next evolutionary step in the music biz, will this be another option to help keep the Spree going for you, or will you try to go back to traditional outlets again?

TimDeLaughter3 karma

Thank You for the kind words! It all depends on the success of "Yes It's True" if we take the Holiday tour out again. Kickstarter has been an amazing experience all the way around, I can totally see us doing it again.

FranklinRULES3 karma

How many requests do you get to play someone's wedding in a year?

TimDeLaughter3 karma

I would say at least a cpl....Ha!!

AllemandsMiniscules3 karma


TimDeLaughter5 karma

Thank You!! We met thru friends of friends and so on.. It was put together rather quickly, 2 weeks later we played our first show. I knew exactly what direction the sound wanted to go, thats never been an issue. I'm very tired right now, other than that i'm great!!

wwhhiippoorrwwiill3 karma

Hello, Tim.

I just lost my job about 45 minutes ago. I'm worried about what will happen next. You have continued to record music through tragedy, struggles with record companies, lack of funds, etc. Do you have any advice for me to stay motivated on my path to find my way in the world?

Also, see you next week! Glad I bought the ticket (and the new album) before I knew I'd be unemployed!

TimDeLaughter9 karma

Your capable of anything, start thinking about what you REALLY want to do. Then go towards it!

SeanHalbach3 karma

Holiday Dream was such a timeless beautiful record that we found hard to put away when Christmas was over. I know you have said it was only Part One. When do you expect Part Two to be released?

TimDeLaughter4 karma

Thank You!! Hopefully 2014??

erisa_a3 karma

I noticed Audrey Easley wasn't present for the livestreamed UK show. Will she be joining you for the upcoming North America shows? I can roll with the changes, but Soldier Girl just is NOT the same without her!

TimDeLaughter3 karma

Audrey has been teaching, and has been really committed to building a program for these kids, which has kept her from touring with the band. She is on the new record which is great. But, i agree, Soldier Girl is not the same without my Audrey.

fightinglarrydavid3 karma

Tim, Thank you so much doing this. I am a long time fine of yours. Tripping Daisy was and still is one of my favorite bands of all time. The Bronco Bowl Show on January 6th, 1996 was such a fantastic experience for me. I have also obviously followed the Polyphonic Spree from the beginning but because of scheduling, have never had the chance to see the Spree live. That will all change tomorrow. I have no questions, just wanted to say how stoked I am to mark something off of my bucket list. Cheers and I can't wait!!

TimDeLaughter6 karma

Thank You for being with us all these years!! Enjoy the show tomorrow!!

goatsgreetings2 karma

Hello Tim! You've said in the past that the Polyphonic Spree operates on a challenging shoestring budget. Is this still the case, or has it become more comfortable in recent years as more of your tunes are picked up for use in TV, films & commercials?

TimDeLaughter3 karma

Its still a major struggle. At the end of the day we get paid like a 4 or 5 piece band, but we're like 4 bands in one. The ad's etc, help us do what we do and supports me and my family. But, in no way are we on "easy street" Ha!!!

Parger2 karma

Tim - I've said it before and I'll say it again. Simply - thank you. I hope the merchandise issue you seemed to be facing after the London Village Underground show wasn't too serious or awkward.

TimDeLaughter2 karma

We are getting it worked out. Thanks

BanoffeeJones2 karma


TimDeLaughter4 karma

Awe man.. Thanks for sharing. We'll try our best to get back over there!

Thank You!!!

Fecal_Matter2 karma

I saw you at the New Years show in Dallas a few years back. You mother in law was standing next to me with your kids and wife. At 12 you came down to give everyone a hug and I thought I would get a picture of y'all for you... but when I pulled my phone out you said to your mother in law "get ready to be on Facebook in a hour"... I was just trying to be nice... Loved the show though it was fantastically fun!

TimDeLaughter3 karma

I was referring to her, I believe. She is a Facebook fanatic, she is constantly posting and reposting any and all about the band. I'm constantly giving her a hard time about it.

Thanks for being there!

TheAdamMorrison2 karma

Thank you so much for your music. You truly broadcast aural love.

What inspires your ceaseless joy?

TimDeLaughter3 karma

I would say, not having it all the time... Life is hard, I just know, that it always gets better.

stinkymcgrunts2 karma

I was fortunate enough to catch you all in Austin last year...and even went with your flautist to grab some post-show drinks before she wandered off into the city searching for adventure. On a scale of 1-10, what is the likelihood that you'll end up in Austin for another intimate club show (not a crazy festival) to promote this new masterpiece?

TimDeLaughter3 karma

I'm not sure.... We've got The Fun Fun Fun fest coming up, so we might try to squeeze a club date then.

stinkymcgrunts2 karma

As a side note: I thought the performance at La Zona Rosa was amazing...one of the best musical experiences I've witnessed. It was like a musical, spirtual revival and the way you had the crowd get involved was gorgeous.

TimDeLaughter3 karma

Thank You!! That was a good one for sure!

JeppyBass2 karma

Hey Tim,

Been a longtime fan of your band and the amazing music you make! Something I've always been curious about, being slightly aware of the hectic world of touring with even a small band, is the sort of routine that your band goes through. What is road life like, having essentially a traveling circus sized group with you at all times?

TimDeLaughter1 karma

Its not that bad, I really miss my family at times..

Thanks for being there!

ftsullivan1 karma

Yes, It's True is such a dynamic and amazing recording, would you ever consider a 5.1 surround sound mix of it in the future? I think this album would be perfect for it.

TimDeLaughter1 karma

Sure! we'll see.............